E-commerce Platform Development

by ketan patel

Back in the year, 1971, students studying in the institutes such as Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology experimented about selling Cannabis online. At that time, it was a new kind of dealing in that era. Not as a controversy, but, it was seen as “the seminal act of e-commerce”. It led to the development of e-commerce concept and starting from that day, e-commerce developed as one of the most preferred shopping platforms by people across the globe.

Electronic commerce, relates to trading facilitation for every stakeholder through an online network, which is commonly the internet. An e-commerce development service plays a significant role in trading. Of course, commerce is a vast area that needs greatest skills of business persons in addition to the immense experience. But, when it comes to the development of the platform, where e-commerce can be done, a great expertise in the development of software and application using several programming languages is required.

At present, an e-commerce development service needs to be capable of developing the e-commerce platform that can be accessed through any of the devices and through any of the software or applications. Commonly, an e-commerce development service prefers to have open source platform for the purpose.

Below are the trending open source e-commerce platforms.

  • WooCommerce & WP e-commerce: Both, WooCommerce and WP e-commerce are plugins that can convert a WordPress site into an e-commerce store. One need not to change a WordPress website entirely to have and customize into an e-commerce store. Due to the popularity of WordPress in the recent past and, the rise of e-commerce stores as new marketplace collectively led to the usage of both of the WordPress plugins.
  • Drupal Commerce: It is e-commerce app and built on Drupal CMS that allows the addition of third-party app extensions.
  • Magento: Magento is another free, one of the most popular sources, and entirely a different version of e-commerce itself.
  • PrestaShop: PrestaShop is written in PHP and based on designing the templates. It is also one of the most popular platforms among e-commerce development service for e-commerce.
  • OpenCart: Like PHP, OpenCart is also written in PHP and known for its maximum number of payment gateways integration.
  • Spree Commerce: As mentioned, it is among the open sources. This e-commerce solution is based on Ruby on Rails. It is translated into more than 30 languages.

Now, if we look at an e-commerce development service, there can be listed as many options for e-commerce development that started with a simple idea, open sources are fits into a category that provides trading solutions to merchants to fill their utmost needs.

WooCommerce Myths

by ketan patel

Comparing Prestashop and WooCommerce, primary difference identified is CMS. Prestashop does not require one. It is due to this reason, WooCommerce had 2.3 million downloads in just two years, whereas, PrestaShop could only manage to have downloaded 3.4 million in seven years. As a significant advantage, a WooCommerce development Service should consider few points to have an advantage over other platforms in the market. Well, these are just listed below.

As a basic for WooCommerce Development, the development service needs to know just two things. First, it is a shopping cart plugin, but not, a platform. Simply put, it is just a plugin that can be installed to an existing theme to get developed into a platform. Nowadays, there are plenty of sources that determine WooCommerce plugin as an online platform, which is mistakenly a myth in the e-commerce market among owners. Thus, to have WooCommerce plugin installed, there must be a WordPress theme, which has evolved as a kind of content management system. Now, if one have a WordPress site and wants to install WooCommerce, then it is absolutely fine, and can be achieved with an ease. In case, one doesn’t have a WordPress site and wants to install WooCommerce functionality into it, then, it’s not worth transferring the whole site to a WordPress platform.

Shopify, Magento, and Volusion are some of the leading e-commerce solutions. Websites on such platforms have extensions that are needed to be bought in premium versions. As an analogy, if WooCommerce can be considered as an iOS, then Magento or PrestaShop can be considered as Android. The analogy is based on customization functionality at the backend. WooCommerce plugin is entirely free to download. To install extensions on the platform, the WordPress site needs to be the configuration in addition to SSL and hosting package. At present, WooCommerce development service provides these two pieces of advice to their clients.

WeDoWebApps is an organization having dedicated WordPress developers, capable enough to have any sort of customization, and know to play with all the extensions. The organization mainly faces these two issues many times with their clients. As a leading WooCommerce service, the organization provide its best efforts to its clients and thus, maintained an edge over the generic equivalents in the market.

WooCommerce: The next e-commerce milestone

by ketan patel

Mike Jolley and James Koster were hired by WooThemes to develop WooCommerce plugin during the year 2011. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin designed for every sized merchant using WordPress. Due to its simplicity and user-friendly features, WooCommerce became one of the most popular plugins for e-commerce stores based on WordPress. Soon, within the three years of its development, a total of 381,187 sites were registered having the plugin installed at the WordPress based websites leading to the glorification of WooCommerce, and the expansion is still in progress. Similar to the plugin, WooCommerce development services by third parties have also raised along with popularity and business. Wedowebapps has its own WooCommerce division dedicated to the plugin development and customization according to its clients. The WooCommerce development service at Wedowebapps has become one of the reliable services provided by the company because of its employees’ unique customization techniques, and a great customer assistance.

The features of WooCommerce plugin development should take the consideration of the below features:

Extension of the application
The developed WooCommerce plugin must have extensions of the application or the WordPress site according to the user. First, the WooCommerce extensions were released by WooThemes, and it gained popularity too. For a WooCommerce development service, it is the basic requirement that it should be able to provide unique functionalities WooCommerce extension, and make the work easy for merchants.

Supporting and adding new features
WooCommerce plugin must be able to support or add new features in the previous versions of the theme or plugin that needs to be developed. In this way, WooCommerce development service of am organization provides a competitive advantage in comparison to the other services in the same business.

Reducing size of the application
One of the most required qualities of WooCommerce plugin is the reduction in size of the application. The plugins can be installed anytime after the installation of the application. Since many applications require a lot of space, WooCommerce development services provide extensions to the clients instead of providing inbuilt features within the application

Separate Source code
The WooCommerce development service must provide separate source code for the plugin. The reason for providing separate source code is to enable the compatibility options of the plugin with every application versions. It generalizes the usage of the plugin and therefore, it can be capitalized by WooCommerce development services.

With all of the above specifications, WooCommerce has become one of the most preferred plugins by the merchants, and continuous development in the related field with rising competition for every stakeholder. The pace at which it is getting developed will make the e-commerce industry very flexible and expand the dimensions of commerce in the future.

Playing with WordPress Codex and Resources

by ketan patel

The reason that WordPress is getting popular among a web designer, developer and a WordPress development company is the accessibility of resources available online and the fact that anyone can rely on the resources. The resources are very helpful and should be bookmarked irrespective of the size of the developer.

In this article, we look at Codex.
Codex is an online documentation or it can be regarded as the online wiki, and is located on WordPress.org. WordPress describes it as an “encyclopedia of WordPress knowledge” for a WordPress development company. It can be visited through the below link.


As it is a wiki-based website, therefore, anyone can edit, make changes and add original content to it. Serving as a base for many articles and tutorials at the WordPress.org, Codex has been extremely useful at a collective level and, is available in many languages for providing a better support. If the desired language is not readily available, then it can be translated into the one on visiting the below link.


While using the Codex, the most common method is to search the Codex by using the search box in the header. It works on the same criteria of keyword and thus, the appropriate article can be found using the Codex. One can also navigate through the quick index for an easy reference and go through the lesson of the desired need. Additionally, the glossary terms are another useful tool for a WordPress development company employee.

Reference of functions
The Codex has all the WordPress functions described and this is what makes it most popular. With each Codex article or tutorial, a reference page is linked and helps in functions. One of the biggest challenges of providing different functions for different APIs is also taken care by Codex, as with each individual Functional Reference page the corresponding WordPress API function is also available. It makes it easy for a WordPress development company. Also, since it is an ongoing project and Codex is still in the phase of development, there might be some of the topics, where function reference is not available. While, all the official function reference can be browsed through the below link.


It seems perfect to develop a WordPress website using the Codex, but it has been into a controversy over the accuracy level of the articles. The articles were reported to plague the freshness of the Codex articles. It is a community project and depends not on a particular individual or a WordPress development company, but it need an approach to widen the scope of the Codex and WordPress, and this is how Wedowebapps is a major contributor to the Codex.