Bootstrap Development Supremacy

by ketan patel

Bootstrap is a renowned front end development framework in recent times. the reason of its supremacy are the advantages of Bootstrap from the perspective of users as well as developers. Seeking users requirements, this post contains the choices of providing best user interface. From the perspective of developers, Bootstrap can be regarded as the simplest and quickest framework for achieving high-end functionalities by the developers, which are mentioned in the post.

Bootstrap framework provides least number of files for accustomed CSS development as well as plain CSS files as well. Any developer can easily get the zipped files from the Bootstrap website and can use in head of HTML files. Whole framework can be accessed by the developers and and can use pre-defined Bootstrap classes. In addition to it, Bootstrap provides the option for the developers with better flexibility. As mentioned it is a CSS framework, the framework has pre-defined classes for layout using its several CSS components, grid systems and Javascript functions.

Making the web applications responsive is one of the recent challenges in applications and websites development. Notably, in order to provide the best user interface and flow of the application developed, responsiveness of the websites matters most. With Bootstrap, as the framework has 12 grid system, all the development can be done without emphasizing on the responsiveness. The framework takes care of responsiveness having such number of grids. At present, there are a number of devices available having different sizes and resolutions. The application developed fits with the resolution because of the grid system in Bootstrap.

Bootstrap has comprehensive list of functionalities that can be developed as well as components. Components such as navigation bars, drop down menus, progress bars, labels, alerts, etc. are included in the framework that any developer need not to develop from the scratch. Also, the framework takes care of the cross browser as well as cross platforms compatibility.

Javascript libraries are easily leveraged having multiple pre-developed plugins having several functionalities. All these libraries can be easily customized as per the needs of the user according to the workflow of the business. A Bootstrap Development Company strives to provide B2B as well as B2C solutions in minimal time due to the pre-defined functionalities.

In addition to all the above listed advantages, the Bootstrap developers receive updates about the platform, tools and are provided the latest technology according to the developing market. The Bootstrap development community has always maintained to provide all of the developers assistance for best utility the platform. As it has better cross-platform as well as cross-browser compatibility, Bootstrap has become a consistent framework from the perspective of desired outcomes.

Telerik Advantages in Mobile Applications

by ketan patel

A continuous debate over Native and Hybrid application platforms between many companies that develop mobile applications application,consumers and application owners have strives to result utter solutions as a conclusion. Developing mobile applications on a Native as well as Hybrid platform has its own advantages as well as limitations. Notably, the concept of Native and Hybrid platforms initiated from the fact that none of both the platforms (Android and iOS), are similar in terms of incorporating functionalities and therefore, not everything can be achieved commonly by having developed an application for both the platforms.

Telerik was founded in the year 2002 in Bulgaria by four graduates from two universities. Since at that time, Microsoft was one of the best and most advanced organization, several other organizations followed its footsteps. Microsoft provided their services on .Net frameworks, which they allowed to be used by other organizations as well. This framework was used to develop software as well as websites. At that time, several diverse platforms were introduced by numerous companies that are specific or either open sources, Telerik provided a cross platform for software as well as application development. Gaining the specification in its tasks, the company established its market value due to some of the reasons discussed below.

During initial days of Telerik’s establishment, the company offered outsourcing of the software development, which shifted towards development of software development tools. As one of its initial products, Telerik released RAD (Rapid Applications Development) editor. This was a platform for developing dynamic web pages with a quick turnaround time. Having established software tools development with .NET framework, the company later on released Telerik Mobile division that supported Native platforms for development of mobile applications for Android as well as iOS. At the moment, Telerik provides several .NET technologies such as ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, AJAX, Silverlight, and WPF.

Now, Telerik Mobile relates to developing the app in cross platforms to develop Native apps. Having hybrid platforms that are very specific to the mobile device as well as operating system, there has been a debate over developing hybrid and native applications. It would be valid to state that both, native and hybrid platforms both have their own advantages. As a firm, any of the company that works using the Telerik Mobile application development tool, the applications can be built for both the platforms and in minimal time. Considerably, there are many reasons for using the native application platform for a better productivity. Firstly, both Android as well as iOS platform is entirely different to each other in terms of development as well as in terms of designing. Certain features that can be achieved in Android can not be attained in iOS application development, being iOS not a open source platform. Thus, in every application that is built with native platform provides flexibility to the developer incorporate only such functionalities in the app, that are common for both and therefore, without wasting any time, developers can result into an app that provide exactly same functionalities to every platform. As a Telerik mobile application development company, we strive to develop applications for every platform.