Future of android app development in modern era

by ketan patel

As time elapse the world is becoming smaller and compact. Who was knowing in 90’s that the communication gape will reduce and would be in palms on people. I clearly remember the time when the more and source of communication where so limited that people where facing lots of problems, communication within the same town was like to travel from one town to another but thanks to technology and IT revolution which has taken this would in to there hand and provided with such a marvelous gift.

People are becoming techno savvy and making good use of technology. It’s just a decade ago the smart phone where introduce and you can visualize the jump the technology has made. Initially Apple has introduce the IOS and the world was gone mad with the new device and operating system. The popularity was tremendous but yet limited due to complex structure and pricey feature only limited edition of people were able to use it. But within the short time the giant company Google introduce a free and open source system Android which changed the world again. Normal people there after able to use all features of smart phone and have various options to select from with new devices. Slowly the market of app development started growing and within few years there were thousands of apps introduced in Google Market place offering various options and generous to choose. Google Android were the first to start the feature of introducing free apps to users and that was the main key point of there success. At the current date there are 80% of apps in Google market place free of use and any user can download easily from store. This revolution also gave birth and boost to Android app development and the demand of Android developer increased gradually. Being an open source platform the source and APi’s for learning this platform were easy available and after all it was the product of Google so there were no limitation to find any solution of the issue within the platform. As day passed new apps with high end features and unity were introduced. As it was an open source platform Google is also smart enough and found way to earn from this freebie platform by introducing paid marketing in app store. Just like Youtube being a freebie is a very popular platform for users and Google of course to earn revenues, same way Google Play store became the 2nd platform for company which was generating good revenues in-spite of open source.

First the scenario was 70% of the market cap was with Apple due to their popularity but now that percentage has been reduce and Google has taken up it up to 60% market cap and taken a lead. Android app development is a wide market for users and developers too as there are lots of opportunities which developer can built without any limitations and for the right developer Sky is the limit. WeDoWebApps is a company offering services into Mobile app development and offer end to end services to their end clients with ongoing maintenance and support. The plus point for developer who are interested to make their career in Android Development is they can easily find materials, articles, videos and all possible material which is essential for any learner or expert to get deep into this field and get something out of it. It is a boom to software industry and I am sure that in coming years probably in next 4 – 5 years I am very much sure that the speed which the company is moving it will surely take lead the rivals and no other company in coming future is capable to get lead or compete this revolution and take over. As a company Google has very good hold in the I.T and web market and there fore the Android is surely a blessing to normal users who are not feeling to pay heavy prices on devices and downloading paid apps but are looking to user the same features with less price enabled devices and free apps. This way I am very much sure in next decade the Android app market will grow more and more introducing new features and making life of normal human being very compatible and easy.

Magento Web Development Company

by ketan patel

At present, nearly 40% of the internet market is the flooded with the e-commerce websites. All the e-commerce website are not the same in term of their functionalities and features according to a specific user workflow as well as the technical functionalities at the backend. Magento, WordPress (WooCommerce plugin), Bigcommerce, Shopify, Opencart etc., are some examples of platforms that provide the base for creating the e-commerce web store.

Many big companies having large stores such as Nike and Samsung have their stores on Magento platform. The main reason for having stores on the platform is to have diversified customization options according to the platform default features and functionalities allowed. Magento is the only platform that allows the admin simple customization at the backend by the admin in the files to achieve simple functionalities.

Regards developing the platform, Magento custom development need little efforts by the developer but having little complex procedure. While creating the store, the developer, and the business personnel need to have the better understanding about the products. Creating a Magento store is all about knowing about the products. Generally, Magento is used when there are a larger number of products on the website. It is obvious having a large number of products is associated with the more and diversified customers as well as the orders. There might be cases having customers on the website that make wholesale purchases from the site. This can relate to as many as scenarios in the website and so, will need heavy customization in the files.

Either Magento or custom PHP will solve the purpose of having such kind of orders. In the case of Magento, there will still be possibilities of having an organized code if scope relating the development is known to the developer prior initiating the development of the platform over the platform. Regards the developing the custom functionalities and features to be created on the platform, though any kind of functionality created in the site could be achieved, but it can also be a tedious task for the developer if there arise case of changing the script created.

Generally, in all such cases, the developer must know the products, product categories, sub-categories and all the relating attributes according to the types of products. It should be a finalized script relating developing the store. The list can be either in the simple format of just the values as well as details of the variants or can be in the form of a .csv file. The CSV file needs to be finalized and created the script. Once the script is created, one can simply product attributes first and can check the sample CSV file imported in the site. Further, once the products’ attributes are imported then all the products can be imported to the site, no matter, where the images, products, customers, and orders are stored relating the web store.

All these customization needs by a Magento web development company developing the Magento platform precisely, having all the roadmap decided prior beginning the website. The script created is the only factor that needs to have accuracy else if attributes or CSV format is changed at the later stages, then one will have to re-work on the script over and again.