Convert Telerik Mobile App to PhoneGap Mobile App

Convert Telerik Mobile App to PhoneGap Mobile App

by Peggy
Telerik Platform will withdraw its support from the applications in May 2018. Hence, the present users of Telerik will require moving on to some other platform. This present comprehensive article on, Convert Telerik Mobile App to PhoneGap Mobile App relates to the conversion procedure in depth. Going through this step by step procedure, one can easily understand How to convert Telerik to PhoneGap Platform.

Telerik to PhoneGap Mobile App Conversion – Easy procedure explained

Here is an in-depth procedure for quickly converting a Telerik to PhoneGap Mobile application. With the use of our Phonegap Mobile Application Development services these simple steps, it would be a lot convenient for us integrating the Telerik services into a PhoneGap app.

System Requirements

While beginning with the conversion procedure, we would require an active account on the Telerik Platform. However, all the features aren’t available in the trial account. Thus, if one wants to access all the features, they would need a licensed version of the report. There is also a necessity of Telerik App Builder for running the application.

Configuration of Elements

Using the Run in Telerik Platform, one has to set up the friends on the platform. This will create a platform application on which you can work with the App Builder. It automatically generates all the necessary data, files and various other sources of essential content. For viewing the source code of the app, one can use the Code tab.

Enabling the Analytics

Activating the Analytics option, one can get the data from a third-party source. After activating the Analytics option, one also has to enable the Automatic exceptions tracking and Automatic app feature tracking. However, you would require a physical device, as this option doesn’t operate on the App Builder.

Social Media LogIn

Activating the Social Media integration with the Telerik Portal, it becomes a lot easier for the user to carry out the demonstration on social media. For integrating, the users have to navigate the social media platform they want to integrate and check it in the user’s tab.

Registration with ADFS

With the use of Active Directory Federation Services, the user can easily integrate the application. Checking the Active Directory box, the user has to fill up the metadata URL of ADFS, with that as that of their server’s. But, you will require HTTPS server only while carrying out this procedure.

Enabling the Feedback

Visiting the application, one can activate the Feedback tab. After that, go to the project navigator and click on the Plugin tab. Locate the Telerik Feedback App Plug-In and click on the configuration variables. Now, enter the API Key in the text box. This will create the application. For effectively converting the Telerik to PhoneGap Mobile app, we have explained every critical consideration in our present blog on, Convert Telerik Mobile App to PhoneGap Mobile App. It will provide all the necessary guidelines and points that you need to keep in mind for the same of Phonegap Mobile Application Development.  
Convert Telerik Mobile App to Xamarin Mobile App

Convert Telerik Mobile App to Xamarin Mobile App

by Matt
With the recent announcement a few days back, the Telerik Platform is retiring. This is a sudden blow to many users worldwide. Although it is supporting the platform until May 2018, this blog on Convert Telerik Mobile App to Xamarin Mobile App will demonstrate the Telerik to Xamarin conversion procedure in depth. It consists of the conversion procedure of each platform.

Telerik to Xamarin Conversion – Some Important Considerations

Utilizing the Xamarin UI offers us a lot of benefits. It is an extremely versatile platform that delivers us a better performance on any operating system one is using it on.

Mobile Versions

However, before beginning with the installation of Xamarin on mobile phones, there is the utmost necessity of determining which platforms will it obtain support. For Android, it requires a version higher than 4.0.3. In the case of iOS, it requires a version higher than 7.0. Additionally, for Windows, it supports the platforms above 8.

Requirements for the System

There are some system requirements for carrying out the proper conversion procedure of Telerik. First of all, one requires Windows 8.1 or Higher for begin with converting the application. Whereas, if one wants to develop the Universal Windows Platform, then it requires Windows 10. There is also a requirement of Visual Studio 2013 to 2017 along with an installer for Xamarin Mobile Application Development.

Procedure for Windows

Here is the process of Telerik to Xamarin conversion on Windows:
  1. Using the Xamarin.Forms App
Adding up the components, one needs to create a new app. Using the Project Wizard, one needs to create the project considering all the setup requirements.
  1. Getting the SDK Version
Update the Xamarin Forms package. After that, update the NuGet Packages.
  1. Adding references to Telerik
With the use of Telerik NuGet Package Server, one needs updating to the latest available version of Xamarin.
  1. Registering the Renderers
Now, in the last step, the user needs to register the renderers. There are plenty of options available to him to choose from.

Procedure for Mac

Here is the process of Xamarin conversion on Mac:
  1. Using the Xamarin.Forms App
Opening the Xamarin Studion, create a New Solution for the Xamarin Forms app. Keep following the wizards as per their occurrence, until an application is created.
  1. Getting the SDK Version
Update the Xamarin Forms package to the latest available version. Next, restore the NuGet packages.
  1. Adding references to Telerik
Using the Telerik NuGet Packet Server, update to the latest version of the software. However, this process can also be done manually by adding the required assemblies. There are various types of meetings available for the same.
  1. Registering the Renderers
In this concluding step, the user needs registering the renderers which control the app. With this compilation on Convert Telerik Mobile App to Xamarin Mobile App, we have given an overview of how easily you can convert Telerik to Xamarin platform services like Xamarin Mobile Application Development. Considering all the available necessary points and steps, this blog will prove to be a perfect guideline for you.