Magento Development Company

Magento Development Company

by Matt
With an increased demand for Magento platform in Ecommerce store development, there is also an increase in the service providers for Magento development. WeDoWebApps is a Magento development company which is providing different services of Magento platform.

WeDoWebApps’s key deliverables as a Magento Development Company

Value for Money

Our main aim while developing any project is to offer our client the full return of the money they are investing in. A project that you will finalize during the discussion with our consultants, we discuss it and develop it in such a way that you get maximum return on investment. Our team of developers stick entirely to the guidelines as well as deadlines. Thus, always providing you with precise solutions to all your queries.

Working in different Domain

WeDoWebApps takes pride in having expertise in working in different kind of domains. This has made us familiar with the needs and requirements of a particular area and delivering the same to our new clients. During the discussion of the project, our consultants will give their input and suggestions. Hence, resulting in the user-friendly website, that will attract several visitors.

Account Manager

We are also facilitating the clients with a dedicated account manager. Using the account manager, the client can raise any of their queries, or the issues they are facing. This will initiate better maintenance, support and project execution.


WeDoWebApps is a Magento development company having a partnership and long-term accreditations with Magento and Google. Having Magento certified developers and consultant, the team has sufficient resources making flawless and reliable stores. Such certification indicates the versatility and standards of projects which we undertake in our office. We always aim in delivery best to our clients.

Verified Customer Reviews

Before buying any product from an online retailer, the user looks for the customer review. A verified customer review is an essential parameter for online shopping. Considering this point, We also provide the services integrating the verified customer reviews from the real buyers. This increases the level of trust in the mind of a buyer while purchasing any product from your online store.

Compatible Websites

We create compatible websites that will function correctly across all the platforms one is accessing them from. Irrespective of the size of the device; it’s a type and operating system, the website will optimize itself accordingly. In this way, it will provide a better user experience while accessing the site. Hence, browsing and exploring out of a million products will be extremely comfortable and user-friendly.

Standard Product Development Lifecycle

While developing a project, we emphasize on following the standard product development lifecycle. This makes us deliver the optimum solutions at each stage. Following the step by step procedure of development, we often show it to the client and take their feedback. Making the necessary changes as per their recommendations, we assure on delivering it right on time.  
Magento Development Agency

Magento Development Agency

by Pratik
In this continuously transforming world, the introduction of Magento Ecommerce development was a revolutionary step. Since its inception in 2008 till now, around 25% of the all shopping website operates on this open-source Ecommerce platform. WeDoWebApps is providing the services of Magento development agency to various esteemed clients. Have a glance at the services we are providing in this segment:

Services of WeDoWebApps as Magento Development Agency

Magento Hosting

With the proper hosting service provider, the website functions correctly across all the devices. Therefore, we make use of a well-efficient hosting system. As a result, there wouldn’t be any glitches or breakdowns of the system in case there is high traffic on the website.

Speed Optimization

Optimizing the speed of the website is utmost necessary. Users fade away from the site, which takes too much time for loading the webpage. Hence, as a Magento Development Agency, we make sure to optimize the website speed. This makes the webpage to load quicker, saving the time from the user’s end.

Upgrading Features

The Magento platform is going through a continuous transformation. Thus, there is a frequent inclusion of features and tools. We keep in touch with the latest technology and time to time, update our clients with additional features. In this manner, we keep them updated and install all the essential tools.


Either due to technical upgradations or presence of bugs in the system, we often require carrying out troubleshooting of the website. This will prevent the problems occurring on the Magento website and ensures its well-efficient functioning. These are the services one avails when there are any issues on the site. WeDoWebApps is providing 24*7 support to the clients so that all the errors can be tracked and solved within no time.

Store Maintenance

Maintaining the Ecommerce store and making it attractive is very much necessary for the retailers. We have well-efficient designers who create the store appear fascinating and eye-catching. People get attracted to such products and purchase them quickly. We integrate all the necessary features in the store and provides a better shopping experience to them on all grounds.

Website Updating

With the change in time, there is often a requirement of updating the information on the website. We provide the services of website updating according to the business needs. With the change in time, one requires updating the products, content, features, sections, tabs and a lot more. Website updating is a key to cope up with the ever-changing world. Hence, it features the essential services of a Magento Development agency.

Migration to Magento

Often there is a requirement of fetching the data from one platform and converting it to the another. We have expert developers who are familiar with the efficient tools for converting the data from PSD to Magento and a lot more.

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Magento Agency in London

Magento Agency in London

by Pratik
Magento is an extremely versatile platform for Ecommerce development. These days, when the whole world is getting online, having an online store will surely give a boost to sales. WeDoWebApps offers the services of Magento development London which is well-efficient in the development of an Ecommerce store using Magento platform.

Perks of using Magento Ecommerce for your website

Advanced SEO

Carrying out the SEO of the website with the help of Magento is a simple procedure with Magento. It is a pre-requisite for every online store to rank higher on the various search engines. Magento consists of an inbuilt feature that will take your products on the first page of search engines. It offers us with the tasks such as URL optimization, Keyword optimization, adjusting the sitemap, alt attributes in the images, snippet editor and a lot more.

Availability of Extensions and Plugins

With Magento, there are plenty of options available with regards to adding extensions and plugins to the website. These tools extend the functionality of the given platform and allow users to carry out various tasks. In this manner, the site becomes user-friendly and will become popular in no time.


Magento follows a customer-centric approach. In this ever-changing world of consumer behaviour, Magento thrives on making a business a brand. If a brand succeeds in making the things possible for their user base, it is because of the support Magento facilitates to them.

Different Editions

While developing a project on Magento, there are two different editions available with the user. i.e. Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. The community edition is for the people who wish to explore a few features of Magento. On the other hand, the enterprise edition is complete access to all the features that Magento offers.

Simple Integration

Perhaps, the best part about Magento is its simple integration procedure. It is having a partnership with many software providers and third-party applications. Due to this, there is maximum availability of options for Payment Gateways, E-mail service providers, Social Media Platforms and a lot more.

Our Expertise as Magento Agency London

  • Developing a project with WeDoWebApps is extremely simple. It begins with a discussion with our consultation team. They listen carefully to your requirements and ideas, give their feedback on it and input their suggestions. Furthermore, our team also explains the possibilities one can have with Magento.
  • Once we get the confirmation from your side, the development of the project start, we take care of the complete product development lifecycle and complete it as per the clientele requirement. Completing the project on time, and delivering within the deadline is our central significance.
  • After the delivery of the project, we as a Magento Agency London always continue the support to them. We inform about the technical upgradations, maintenance and inclusion of new tools. In this way, we keep your website updated with the latest features.
Magento Agency

Magento Agency

by Daniel
When it comes to an Ecommerce store, Magento is a choice for 1/4th of the retailers. With this comprehensive popularity gaining platform, WeDoWebApps is offering the services of a Magento Agency for a long time duration. This signifies the expertise our developers are having while creating a project on Magento. Here is a glance at the services WeDoWebApps is facilitating to the clients:

Our services as Magento Agency

Magento Extension Development

Developers at WeDoWebApps create excellent plugins and extensions which extend the functionality of any given website. It allows the users with functions such as installation, downloading and uploading the data on the site. Additionally, integrating the platform with third-party applications, sharing the content of the website on different websites becomes possible.

Magento Store Design & Development

While designing the Ecommerce store, we take care that it appears eye-catching and attractive. Properly arranging the products in the store, our designers edit them develop correctly for gaining the maximum attention from the user’s end. We take care of displaying all the content correctly while designing the store. Hence, making things easier for the user while shopping from the website.

Magento Theme Development & Customization

The theme of the Magento website makes a significant impact on its appearance. With extensive options available among the themes and templates, we also develop custom themes as per the client’s requirement. We also customize them according to website design for creating an attractive platform.

Marketing of the Website

WeDoWebApps also provides the services of marketing of the website. It is necessary to make the site reach the target audience. With the use of multiple marketing strategies and various tools, we make sure that the website becomes popular and gives maximum ROI to the retailer.

Support and Maintenance

The Magento platform requires full-time support for the proper functioning. Moreover, it also requires regular maintenance to remove the glitches and errors occurring in the system. WeDoWebApps provide 24*7 support and maintenance of the website. So, any error occurring in the system can be resolved within no time.

PSD to Magento

Often there is a requirement of converting the Photoshop Document to the Magento Platform. WeDoWebApps, as a Magento Agency is having a team of expert technicians who handle this task of conversion with ease. As a result, preparing the content for the website will become a simple task.

Magento Integration

There are different types of integrations options available with Magento. It includes payment integration, theme integration and a lot more. WeDoWebApps, being a Magento Agency, is having an excellent on-hand experience with such integration phases. This will create a platform with luxurious features and many things to do.

Magento App Development

The mobile application makes browsing easier for users who are accessing it from a handheld device. We create applications with phenomenal user experience. This not only increases the user’s convenience while shopping but also allows the online retailer to send notifications and offers to them.  
Custom Magento Web Development

Custom Magento Web Development

by Alice
Empowering over 200 thousand Ecommerce stores worldwide, Magento is a suitable platform for custom ecommerce solutions. WeDoWebApps is a Custom Magento Web Development Company providing end to end solutions in this segment. At present, almost 25% online retailers are utilizing the services of Magento. This makes it a suitable choice for the online enterprises.

Custom Magento Web Development Services

Shopping Cart Development

On an Ecommerce website, having a shopping cart makes the things easier for the consumer. We create a shopping cart with a better user interface that makes adding the products to it extremely easier.

Establishment of a Secure Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is a system for the transactions to be made to the website. It includes the input of sensitive data such as credit card information, CVV and pin. Hence, ensuring the security of this data is utmost necessary. WeDoWebApps encrypts the payment gateway with a security system. Therefore, the user wouldn't need to worry while making any transaction.

Magento Installation and Configuration

We also provide the service of installing the Magento platform and its complete configuration. There are proficient developers in our team, which can handle the projects with an ease.

Landing Page Design and Customization

Having an attractive Landing page is a boon as per the marketing perspectives. Our team consists of efficient designers which place the objects at the right place. This will make the marketing strategy for the website extremely easier and the sales will increase at a rapid rate.

Why WeDoWebApps for Custom Magento Web Development?


The Magento Developers at WeDoWebApps are well-experienced in handling the client's projects. Right beginning with the theme development till it's integration into the Content Management System (CMS), they will handle the task with complete efficiency.

Programmers with Zend Certification

We take pride in our team constituting of the programmers well versed with the Zend Framework. They are familiar with the product development lifecycle and aware of the various efficient tools and techniques of custom Magento web development.

All-time Support

We take care of the glitches and errors occurring on the website. Under such circumstances, our team of technical experts is always available for the rescue 24*7. You just need to get in touch with them and they will provide the solutions to all your problems.

Competitive Pricing Models

All of the above, the pricing models at WeDoWebApps are kept at a competitive level. We value the money you are incurring on a project. Our sole mission is to provide you with the full return on investment (ROI) which you will make in the project. Additionally, the post-delivery services are also done at a nominal charge.

On-Time Maintenance

Due to technical upgradations, one often requires updating the website. Apart from that, for the well efficient functioning of the website, it is necessary to carry out its maintenance at regular intervals. WeDoWebApps offers the services of on-time maintenance and regular upgradation of the platform as soon as the latest technology arrives.
Bespoke Web Design in London

Bespoke Web Design in London

by Peggy
We are justifying each website, whether small or large, requires practical development skills. WeDoWebApps is a service provider facilitating Bespoke Web design London. With our team of expert designers, we create excellent platforms, whether it is a small business or a tremendous ecommerce website. It is an era of Smartphones, where numerous people access the web through their handheld devices. We take pride in carving out attractive web solutions meeting the requirements of every business. While obtaining a website through a handheld device, it is necessary to check the responsiveness. The website we design optimizes itself as per the dimension and size of the equipment and gives a pixel-perfect experience.

Are you looking for ideas to increase, Our attractive Bespoke Web Design London Services is Handy for you…

While designing the website, our developers enforce on the various screen sizes. Therefore, the client coming through any given platform wouldn’t face any difficulty in going through the different sections and tabs of the website. This would offer them with a pleasant experience while availing the various features and functions of a site. Designers at WeDoWebApps also take care of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aspects of the website. We immensely pride in creating web pages having a higher position on various search engines. It will take less time to load the site on the device, making the browsing experience better on all the grounds. The team of dedicated coders coding the style sheet makes it sure that the website is optimized correctly. In this way, it will change the website layout from a full view of a single column view. It depends on the type and size of the device; the user is accessing the website from. While using a mobile, it will display a single column view. In the case of a tablet, it will show more columns. When it comes to website traffic, the website design makes a significant impact on the users. Therefore, as a Bespoke Web Design London service provider, we make it as attractive and catchy as possible. This assures that each section and corner of the website will gain attention from the users. The methodology we follow is simple, clean and bright. And while doing all this, we assure the on-time delivery of the project to our clients because your plans are our plans!

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App Development Companies in London

App Development Companies in London

by Daniel
A mobile application is an active mode to stay in touch with the user base. It is an era where there are plenty of mobile apps available in the Play store. WeDoWebApps is among the leading App development companies London, creating highly versatile apps as per clientele requirement. Just discuss your ideas with us; we can create unmatched quality apps which will rule on the App Store.

Industry Centric App Development

Shopping Applications

With an increase in the E-commerce market, many shops went online. In this trend, having a mobile app increases the sales of goods and make your business reach, every corner in the world. WeDoWebApps create apps having a secure payment gateway with a robust data security system. This makes the transactions safer and smoother.

Consumer Applications

The primary significance of the consumer apps is the vital information which they provide to the consumers. Developers at WeDoWebApps create apps with a better UI/UX design that makes the app easily accessible. As a result, the app will quickly gain popularity.

Enterprise Applications

Using the Enterprise Applications, handling the day to day chores of an organization turns extremely simple. We create enterprise apps with all the necessary features to provide effective enterprise solutions.

Social Networking Applications

Networking is an excellent medium for increasing one’s circle. It can help the organizations in client acquisition, talent acquisition and additionally a relevant audience for their business. WeDoWebApps creates easy to access social networking apps which functions correctly across all the platforms.

Why App Development with WeDoWebApps?

Ample Experience in Development

Our developers have a long-term experience in the app development environment. This makes us stand out among the various app development companies in London. With our vast experience, we understand the clientele requirements and deliver them with the kind of app they wish for.

Scalable Applications

We create incredibly scalable apps offering a seamless transition. With such apps, one can keep pace with the prevailing market circumstances and get optimum solutions.

Streamline Marketing of Apps

WeDoWebApps, with its vast expertise as app development companies London, offers to Streamline marketing of apps. Hence, the application will be as per the App store configurations making it widely accessible on them. With such an end to end solutions, we provide proven results across all the domains.

Responsive Support

When developing an app with WeDoWebApps, one doesn’t need worrying in urgent circumstances. In case of any crash, bugs, our expert team of analysts and project managers is readily available for solving the situation. You can easily reach out to our team, and they will address the issues your app is facing.

Updating and Maintenance

We take pride as app development companies London in offering the services of regular updating and maintenance of the apps we create. We will carry out the support of the apps to fix the issues and bugs existing in the app. Thus, ensuring the efficient functioning of the apps every time.  
App Developers in London

App Developers in London

by Nikki
Developing an app for providing various services and information is among the recently increasing trends. It is a more durable medium to stay in touch with potential consumers. WeDoWebApps is a such Mobile App Development Company consisting of best app developers London. When it comes to app development, there are a variety of segments to focus on. Beneath given is a list of such parts in detail.

iOS Development

The versatile operating system of Apple, iOS is prevalent. While designing the App for iOS, the iOS App Programmers of WeDoWebApps focuses on the codes and standards as decided by Apple. We have a better track record in creating unmatched quality iOS applications. This makes integrating the applications into the App Store ease. We follow a better procedure using the agile methodologies to ensure the apps are easy to access from all the devices such as iPhone, iPad. This will help in your business growth to a large extent.

Android App Development

When 2/3rd of smartphone owners of the World are using the Android OS, it is a prerequisite to keep them forefront. There are plenty of purposes for which one can build an android app. Right beginning from the discussion until the delivery of the App, we take care of the deadlines and meet them at the exact time. We are having a well-efficient team of app developers London who are having a right hand in the mobile development. They are well-versed in creating real-time mobile applications with extensive use of technology, for serving the commercial as well as personal purpose.

Windows App Development

Using the Windows app, one can get the desktop experience on their handheld device. There are a notable amount of smartphone users who use windows platform. WeDoWebApps has a right hand on the Windows mobile app development that makes it deliver excellent quality apps to the clients. Our versatile Windows app developers London understands the requirement of the clients. And with the use of cutting-edge technology, they accomplish the projects closest to their condition.

Cross-Platform Development

The Cross-Platform app development has its significance in mobile app development. Developers at WeDoWebApps provide ultimate solutions for creating applications with a proper user interface. We develop applications that will provide the similar experience irrespective of the device and operating system you’re accessing it from. We also provide the services of integrating the applications with different GPS software, Social Media Platforms, Camera, Contacts and a lot more. Hence, making the application delivering a better user experience while accessing it. Here are some segments in which WeDoWebApps has expertise in developing the apps:
  • Communication Apps
  • Social Media Apps
  • Ecommerce Apps
  • Business Apps
  • Management Apps
  • News Apps
  • Health & Fitness Apps
  • Lifestyle Apps
  • Travel Apps
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Video Browsing Apps
  • Music Apps
  • Education Apps