Mobile Development in London

Mobile Development in London

by Pratik
Are you looking for a Mobile App? WeDoWebApps features among the leading Mobile Development London companies because of the attractive and user-friendly apps we create for the business owners. Below enlisted are some of the best features and services we provide to our diverse client base.

Why choose WeDoWebApps for Mobile Development London?

UI/UX Design

The mobile applications we create have a better user interface. Hence, it will be effortless for users to access the various functions of the applications. Apart from that, we also take care while designing mobile apps. Such apps will have a better UX design. This enhances the user’s experience while using the app. 

Easier Navigation

As a leading mobile development company, we load the app with plenty of features. However, we don’t compromise on the navigational aspects. Therefore, the navigations and tabs loaded in the apps will be easily accessible with the touch input. The users will be easily able to go through tabs and sections and avail whatever functions he wishes to.

Store Compatible Apps

While designing the mobile apps, we make it utmost sure that the applications are compatible with the standards of the Google Play store as well as the Apple App Store. As a result, the app will get listed in these stores very quickly. Getting listing on the store will make the app easily discoverable through search engines. Additionally, it will also make it easier for the users to find your application from the store itself.

Rich Features

WeDoWebApps is well known for creating mobile applications with rich features. Integrating all the necessary features as per the notion of the business, we make it utmost sure that it doesn’t overload the app. A massive size app generally slows down your device. Hence, we take a note of it while developing an app.

Cross-Platform App Development

With our cross-platform app development compatibilities, our efficient developers create beautiful and highly compatible apps. Such apps will be easily accessible irrespective of the device, platform, or operating system it is accessed from. It will also shorten the development time that we’d spend on developing different apps for different platforms.

Want us to create an attractive app for you? Get our quote for Mobile development London right now!

Mobile App Development in London

Mobile App Development in London

by Pratik
In this post, we will brief you about the Mobile App Development London, and what all services we are providing for the same. By definition, a mobile app is an application or software which is built to run on a mobile device.  

Things included in a Mobile App Development London from WeDoWebApps

Eye-Catchy Designing

This is something which usually comes after essential must-haves, but we made it list on the top. The point is, competition is high, and if you wish to make a difference and get yourself recognized – you need to work hard on the designing of the application.

User Interface and overall working

An interface is the application screen that you work on while running the app. A mobile app developer must understand its importance and how to make it work for the users. The design should be creative, as well as easy to understand. If the right balance of creativity and clear-design is not maintained, it could create a problem for you. Therefore, could you keep it simple, yet make it stand out?  

Web Designing and Development also matters.

Now, most of you guys may believe that Mobile App Development does not need any Web Development. It was a pretty different picture then, but things have changed now. To have a reliable and active website, could be a plus to your application. This helps in building trust between people, be it, investors or users.

Should be Unique yet Definite with the purpose

This is something that you must never skip on. Maintaining a unique identity is necessary, but make sure that you are clear about your service and the ultimate goal.

How WeDoWebApps is working exceptionally for Mobile App Development London

It’s indeed challenging, so we are!

User Interface Design as well as UX design

Both the terms, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), differ significantly. UI is more about how the application looks, whereas UX relates to ease of handling and user accessibility. Both the features equally require your attention and working.

Be aware of all the latest technologies.

We got an expert team at WeDoWebApps, who will make sure that you are updated with the latest ongoing support and other system upgrades.

Personalize the app in your way

You are customizing your application in the way you want as per your need is essential. Our team will help you make the app work clearly, in a way that reflects your objectives. The design should match with the purpose, along with the accurate design flow after that comes personalization, which helps make a unique identity.

Online Support

We have got a 24*7 online support, where you can ask out any queries which you have relating to the mobile app development, and other related work. Write to us to get in touch with us. We would love to help you out with your issues, help in making a better Digital World!  
WordPress Website Development

WordPress Website Development

by Pratik
We are going to talk about WordPress Website Development and how you have to get started. It is one of the best web hosting platforms that are currently adopted by most of the firms. Establishing robust online support has become mandatory for a business. The reason behind this is the feasibility and ease of approach. You can reach out to your potential customers and clients with proper website design and management.

What is CMS – Content Management System? Should I be bothered by it?

As simple as the full form goes, it is a feature of a website that allows you to make changes, report, distribute, and edit the content on the site. Content Management System makes the website more advanced to the users. It mainly allows users to make a change or edit the content online. You could create reports or contribute to the site. This brings the website closer to the user and more interactive. All the modern websites follow the CMS technique, and more than a 30% share of it is under WordPress already.

Step by Step Guide to WordPress Website Development Process

Before we get started with the WordPress account creation, there are some steps that you need to follow beforehand. This includes the selection of the platform on which you are going to work upon, followed by the domain name registration.

#1 Selection of the platform that you are going to work on.

There are different website building platforms available online, but among all of them, WordPress stands out. Even Joomla is the right choice, but looking at the performance and reviews, WordPress will remain the best. This is the thing that will design the main framework of the website and its working. A significant benefit of using WordPress is, you need not require any coding skills to get things working. Joomla does need a bit of coding stuff, but WordPress makes it easy for you.

#2 Domain name

The second step we got is the Domain name selection. Choose an appropriate name for your websites like, and a hosting service for connecting your website to the Internet. This one may take a while, so keep it slow and read all the details carefully.

#3 Real WordPress Website process begins here

Now, its time to connect the hosting with the WordPress account. For this, you need to first Login to your Hosting account. After that, go to the Control Panel option. There you will find WordPress, go for it. Select the particular domain which you want for your account, and proceed. Then, you will get the Install Now button. Click on that right away. That’s it! Now, you could access your newly created WordPress website. The process doesn’t end here. Instead, it all starts here! After the website is all set, there comes your theme selection and other work related to the plug-in installation and their working. We are into WordPress Website Development Services, too, so you could check out more info about this on our Home Page.  
WordPress Web Development Services

WordPress Web Development Services

by Pratik
WordPress is the ultimate choice you can make for your business, the widely accepted platform for web hosting and development. It is all famous for its easy to use functionalities and the full range of features that keep updating according to time.

Has WordPress anything to do with Web Development?

Of course, Yes. When we say Web Development, then it starts with a basic framework or a design. WordPress helps you with that and guides you through different templates you can select as per your design requirement. Another is that you need to dig in-depth about your service or the concept on which your product is based. Let us check the definition of Web Development- It is a task, a considerable task that includes different segments. That’s a lot of work! To build a quality website, you can take around one year to do so. Using WordPress Web Development Services, you can get started with web hosting and web designing work. 

WeDoWebApps for improving your WordPress Web Development Services

Make your WordPress game stronger with our expert team at WeDoWebApps. The following are the services we are providing.

Optimize the website in the correct way

We like to keep our clients aware of every segment of online marketing. Here we are giving out WordPress Web Development Services but still focus on giving you additional support for optimizing the web services. Optimizing the website means making the website ranked higher in the search engine results. This is what SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of rules and techniques adapted to make the website reach more audience, and also helps build up the rank in the Google results. Keeping your website optimized is a good practice, and a mandatory thing if you want to build up your online space. 

Learning the importance of WordPress

This points to web development. If you don’t respect WordPress, you will get similar results out of it. You need to study about WordPress and all the other features included in it. This is only possible if you consider it essential for your business. With continuous WordPress Development, you could get many opportunities relating to work, and also get a chance to learn about the current online trends.

WordPress Plug-in Introduction & their Use

Plugins are those additional tools that make the website more functional and make it more responsive. You will get more than 49000 plugins, each of them unique in their concept and use. As soon as you get started on WordPress, you could search for a plugin and install them. Just activate the plugin, and TA-DA, you are done with it! Plugins make the website more apparent to the users and give a better understanding of their WordPress Web Development Services. WeDoWebApps focus on this detail and ensures that you get the best outcome.

Latest Updates that you must know! 

Technology keeps on changing, and it demands that you build a healthy and active system. For this, you have to read more and be updated with the latest technology stuff. We do the research and provide you with solutions based on the current trends and techniques.  
WordPress Web Development Company

WordPress Web Development Company

by Pratik
This is why people these days go for WordPress without a single thought. It is a software which is written in PHP and helps you with designing awesome websites. WeDoWebApps provides the services of WordPress Web Development Company to various clients.

Why should you opt for WordPress, especially for a business purpose?

Easy & Reliable

It’s easy because all users with a little or high experience can use WordPress. There are many customization and tools which help you in managing your content very quickly. While it’s reliable as it is built on powerful language and strict coding like the PHP, SQL, JavaScript.

Most giant CMS Market Share Holder!

CMS stands for Content Management System, and you will be proud to be that WordPress shares about more than 30% of the total website space. WordPress itself does almost 30% of the online web hosting. This makes it the largest CMS holder.

Open Source including many free features

WordPress is an open-source platform, and this allows you to work on software for free. You get the resources for website building along with many other amazing features on it.

Simple to understand for both developers as well as beginners

This is the main advantage of all, and that is easy to use and handle. WordPress does not require the user to know the technical details or much coding thing. It can work equally for both beginners as well as high-end developers. 

Feasible for all startups

Again with the easy to use platform WordPress, you could promote your business. This is the same reason why all significant startups go for this.

WeDoWebApps solutions for WordPress Web Development Company

Installation and Configuring process

Our team will assist you with the installation process, along with other configuring work. This may take a while, and meanwhile, you could focus on other company details. WeDoWebbApps offers domain support too.

Making your Website more User-Responsive

This is one of the essential requirements of today’s time. The Website demands to be more user responsive. Here the web design should be done to make the website dynamic according to your need. The web page will also adjust the page size and dimension as per the device you are using.

Web Template selection

As a WordPress Web Development Company, we will assist you and help you choose the right web template for your business. The web needs changes as per the business field you are dealing with. We try to analyze this point and work towards making your website look just the way you wanted it to be.

Get your Website Customized in the way you like

Customizing comes at a later stage of a web developer. But we make sure that you get all the customization support wherein we try out different web layout. Even adding a new look to your Website has never been so easy before. Get the Website just the way you want it to be with WordPress!  
WordPress Agency in London

WordPress Agency in London

by Pratik
WordPress is a popular open-source platform that works for web designing and web hosting services. Different concepts come under this platform, and you must know if you wish to make an online presence.

WeDoWebApps Services for the WordPress Agency London

Ease out the process, and increase the efficiency

Our team will try their best to make WordPress work easy for you. WordPress is a web hosting platform where they allow business people, whereas regular bloggers to post their content. So, it is a huge competition out there already! WeDoWebApps will help you start from the basics itself.

Client satisfaction is a mandatory thing for us.

Not many of the WordPress Agency consider the satisfaction, though, but we sure do. Be assured to get complete support for all your queries regarding online marketing and business. 

Clear and transparent functioning

We got nothing to hide from you. Also, WeDoWebApps always believe in keeping all the works clear to the clients. We inevitably follow that and will continue to do so. There won’t be any detail hidden from you about your project.

Bringing up novel ideas instead of following the crowd

Giving a new dimension and turns is what we work for. Taking inspiration from others is good, but working just like others is not. This is why we keep on testing different formulas and try to get things working innovatively. It is essential if you want your brand to stand apart from others.

Continuous Support and Online Maintenance

You will realize the need for Maintenance with the help of the WordPress Agency London and its servicesMaintenance. WeDoWebApps has a technical support team that offers all the help and other maintenance help you need. Anyway, why do you need tech support?

To make your system more reliable.

Yes, it makes your website more accurate and bug-free. This is only possible if you carry out regular system updates and proper Maintenance. Our team offers this basic service of WordPress Agency London in a very systematic way.

Maintain the Speed for you

Is your website taking more loading time than usual? This is again a sign of less web maintenance. Check it out once with our technical team and fix out on the issues present. This will eventually speed up the website and make the interaction fun for the users.

Tips for better partnership and support

There are some aspects of WordPress which work hand in hand. Only if you are aware of such supports, you could run a smooth website. We have a special core team at WeDoWebApps, who are into research for such stuff. Get to experience and have hands-on learning about upcoming supports on WordPress.

Being Pro-active towards all system issues

We don’t like doing the last-minute run for any issue or system failure. You must be pro-active and take the necessary steps to avoid any issues in the future. This can come as a savior in case you are dealing with lots of user data.