Best Mobile App Development for Your Business

Best Mobile App Development for Your Business

by Matt
While you must have heard about some of the best mobile app development company and how they had made the world blow up their mind, with insane, out of the world ideas, it is always easier said than done, without comprehending all the hardships and late-night hours that one needs to put gain such tremendous success. But, do you know that out of all the start-ups, only 56% of them manage to survive until the first five years of their businesses. That is why it is essential to cater to the ideas that are going to create the very foundation of your online business and help you survive in this competitive market. The idea behind the article is to make you aware of all the ideas that have been tried and tested, which you can implement on your mobile app development.

How to Make the Perfect Mobile App

If you are thinking about app development for start-ups, here are some of the points that you can consider before getting started with making one:
  • Make sure to define your target audience and stick to one single niche
  • Create thorough research of the market to understand what is trending
  • Once you are done with an app idea, make sure to review similar apps from your competitors
  • Please make a list of all the factors that played into their success and failure
  • Don’t just think about copying their ideas. If possible, add some of your unique thoughts to it
  • Once you have published your app, create a buzz around it so to make them a hit

Ideas to Use for Mobile App Development

Finally, the moment has arrived for which we all have been waiting for. Before you go to hire mobile app developers, here is a list of some mobile app development ideas that one should consider: VR-Enabled AppsThere is no point in arguing that Virtual Reality is the future, and everyone is looking forward to it. With the help of your VR application, you can always create unimaginable objects appear in front of your eyes. And the best thing of all, VR is not only just constricted to the gaming world. With over 171 million users worldwide, you are presented with a plethora of options using the VR technologies. Further including, VR is being incorporated with several other techniques, including IoT, for extensive growth.
  1. Creating Chatbots
With each passing year, more mobile app development companies are using chatbots as a standalone application. So what exactly is a chatbot? This is an AI-powered tool that can offer us a human-like customer care services without the need for an actual human being. Looking at it in this way, there is an excellent potential for chatbots that we can ever comprehend. Even if you take a closer look at the web applications, you will find that none is being used with a chatbot. This indeed indicated that chatbots are our foreseeable future, and the more quickly we can adopt, the merrier.
  1. Healthcare Apps
As the old saying goes by, if health is lost, then everything is lost. Using the same ideology, the maximum number of people are joining the healthcare industry of mobile app development to get their share of the spotlight. Truth to be told, there is not a single day we can get past without needing to check our calories consumed, or the footsteps we took. Telemedicine applications are also becoming a huge deal among people. If you prefer to choose the healthcare industry, the possibilities are endless.
  1. E-Commerce Apps
You might think that only e-commerce websites are a success, but do you know that customers order more than eight times using the native mobile app against the website counterpart? Now, one might argue that the idea of an e-commerce application might be old, and several people have tested. Just a quick reminder: Only sites like Amazona and Shopify have managed to withstand the competitive market. This gives us the idea that with unique thoughts, everyone can succeed in the business of e-commerce.
  1. AR Apps
Just like their VR counterparts, Augmented Reality has also become a huge deal. Starting from the fun-loving Face App to incorporating AR with e-commerce, several use cases revolve around AR. Now, getting started with your mobile app development, you can always create games and entertaining applications that people will eventually like or something entirely out of the box. It all comes down to your choice.
  1. Food Delivery App
Creating applications to buy groceries or order food from the restaurant is not something new. But, with ample imagination, you can always turn around the table and create an app that is great on its own. But, while the market might seem oversaturated, but the majority of the market tends to target audiences at a macro level. Leveraging the same, you can target the local market and make a name out for yourself.
  1. Blockchain Apps
This is a market that needs to be working. With the blockchain technology is still at its initial stage, there is a lot of room for growth. Now, if you want to create an application that supports the blockchain technology, then my friend you are done for the future.

Wrapping Up

Through our concluding words, we wanted to convey that several app development companies are coming up with their bizarre ideas of how to take the lead on the market. With the list of our mobile app development ideas, you can always choose what suits you right and get started with it. All the purposes that we have shared today are just the tip of the iceberg. You can always explore several other domains and heck even cross bread the ideas to make your very own. So, without any further due, optimize your concept so that you can generate the highest revenue you.    
Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends That will Dominate 2020

Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends That will Dominate 2020

by Nikki
The mobile app development industry is growing at a faster pace. Increasing consumer demands, technological advancements, and an extensive range of other factors have an immediate impact on mobile app trends. Being up to date with the latest trends is the most crucial aspect of success in this sector. Today, every mobile app development company needs to stay one step ahead of new trends to assist their clients better. The same goes for producers and content creators those willing to take their brands to the next level with mobile development.

Are you combat-ready for the mobile app development advances this year?

Well, here, below-mentioned are the most expected trends that will dominate the market tremendously in 2020:

App for foldable devices-

It seems that after two decades, we've come across flip phones. Phones have evolved over the last decade. Touch screen displays with one or no buttons have attained success in the dynamic market. However, from the past few years, rumors about the foldable device's comeback are paving its way. 2019 marked the release of foldable tools like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Motorola Razr, and the new Huawei Mate X. Developers and content creators need to consider these devices when creating or updating an app from an app development perspective. The concept is that an app should seamlessly settle its display as the screen folds or unfolds.

Internet of Things (IoT) app integration-

The rise of mobile penetration across a wide range of sectors has produced endless opportunities for IoT. People have become accustomed to using technology to enhance their everyday life. The IoT represents the growing network of devices connected to the Internet, rendering automated control to consumers and convenience. Smart home technology is an excellent example of the growth in IoT and mobile app development. Mobile apps can be used to improve the thermostat in a house from a remote location, connect to home security systems, lock or unlock a front door.

5G Technology-

The launch of 5G will have a significant impact on the app development trends 2020. This technology will transform the way apps are used and created for developers, creators, and resellers. Here's a quick overview of the expected growth of 5G smartphone connections over the next four years. The chart shows that approx 15 times more users will have a 5G connection than in 2019. For the mobile app development industry, it will become vital to improve the app's speed and efficiency in the long run.

Beacon Technology-

A broad range of industries has adopted beacon technology. From retail to healthcare and hospitality, beacons can add superior functionality to almost any mobile app. Here's an illustration of how beacons run with mobile apps. Let's say you're a mobile app reseller that develops apps for retailers. Your clients can install tags in their store that connect with a user's smartphone through Bluetooth only if the app is installed in their device. When a user passes by a beacon, they can be immediately notified about a sale or special offers on products in that particular store.

Mobile Commerce-

No app trend list is complete without adding mobile commerce, which has been ruling the market since 2018 and will continue to do so. Today, every business is leveraging mobile apps to enhance their overall ROI. From established retailers to individual bloggers and personal brands, they have potential opportunities to unlock in this space. It is one of the top-notch pitches among development companies because today, a new eCommerce app is launched by businesses every day.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-

Artificial intelligence and machine learning both entered mobile app development years ago. But we've only just started our journey with the usage of these advanced technologies. When we see the term AI, virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa strike our minds. However, the use of this technology goes far and beyond when it comes to app development. Top features of AI that you can implement in your mobile app:
  • Face detection
  • Speech recognition
  • Image recognition
  • Predictive maintenance

Augmented Reality (AR)-

Augmented reality will keep blooming in 2020, and mobile app developers can use this fantastic technology for several users. One such example is Pokemon Go, which paved the way for AR a few years back, and since then, it is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Even L'Oreal Paris uses the AR technology for its mobile app, Style My Hair.


Chatbots have been around for years, but its popularity boomed the market recently. It has evolved with time, and the demand among customers has increased concerning Chatbots. It has become a new standard of customer service. As we know that AI drives chatbots, and so their responses are becoming more like humans. This will continue to be a trend in the app market this year as well.

Mobile wallets-

We've already discussed shopping apps in 2020, but the way people are making payments is also evolving. Mobile wallets like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are trending like anything and are expected to grow faster. Therefore, it should be added to the app trend list as it will soon be integrated with every app for easing the payment process.

Predictive Analytics-

By leveraging technology for AI, machine learning, data mining, and modeling, predictive analytics can anticipate events using data. Tech companies have been using predictive analytics for years now. A simple instance is Netflix. The platform offers TV shows and movie suggestions based on what users have earlier watched. In 2020, predictive analytics will be executed on a more mainstream level, for a broad range of mobile apps.

Premium app security-

Everyone is susceptive to cybercrime. From single content creators to multi-billion dollar companies, nobody is safe. Malware attacks intended to harm mobile devices increased by 54%, and more than 60% of fraud dawns from mobile devices. From an app development viewpoint, you can't bear to take any alternatives when it comes to app security. If you're an app reseller, protection needs to be the priority for your clients as well. Developers will begin implementing features like Sign in With Apple to mobile apps.

Cloud computing integration-

Cloud technology is not different; it hasn't penetrated the mobile app industry to its full potential yet. Cloud computing has an array of possibilities for mobile development, which will be utilized in 2020. Cloud storage technology can enhance the performance of mobile apps at the user's end. Apps can store data and manage multiple tasks on the cloud rather than just storing users' data. It is a cost-effective solution development solution that simplifies the process, as well.

Instant Apps-

A few years ago, Android launched Instant Apps. But we're going to witness an upsurge in usage and development in 2020. Android Studio allows developers to create instant app experiences to promote their app discovery. Users can try the app without installing it by clicking on the "try now" button.

On-demand Mobile Apps-

On-demand mobile app development is trending higher in 2020. Apps like Uber and Airbnb have bestowed how apps are thriving apps in this space. Here are some cases of how apps can change the on-demand industry:
  • Doctors on-demand
  • Laundry service
  • Pet care
  • Food delivery
  • House cleaning

Development for Wearable Device-

Wearable technology has been trending for the past so many years. This isn't certainly a breakthrough in the market. We've noticed smartwatches, fitness bands, and trackers for a while now. But wearable devices have not reached their full potential. In 2020, more mobile apps will be executed with wearables in mind. Users will be prepared to download tens of thousands of apps straight from their wrist.


Mobile app development is continually shifting. If you're developing apps today by utilizing information from two or three years ago, you won't be able to stay competitive. You need to keep up-to-date about the trends in the market, and these 15 trends will help you out. What do you think about which direction will hit the 2020 market? Let us know in the comment section below.    
Why businesses should have responsive web design- A complete guide!

Why businesses should have responsive web design- A complete guide!

by Mike
Many businesses believe that the digital marketing trend has been a blessing for many enterprises, spending a fortune on getting conversions and engagements online. But now these companies are encountering a new challenge, which is creating a compatible website design across a host of devices. Let’s face it! The age of the desktop as the sole Internet factor is long gone. People now mainly use mobile phones with iOS, Android, and other operating systems. Then there are tablets, Kindles, laptops, iPads, netbooks, etc. And at the essence of it, all extended the use of these devices in accessing the Internet for various purposes. Although it seems like a colossal task, websites have to be created compatible with all these devices. Resolutions and graphics need to be adjusted to fit the screen of any equipment and provide the user with the best website experience. This is where responsive web design comes into play.

What do you mean by Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design reacts to the users’ device and provides a positive viewing and browsing experience. The website adjusts itself in terms of size and resolution based on the method that you’re using. So if you’re using a cell phone, you’ll be viewing the mobile-friendly version of the site where the content and images are resized to suit the smaller screen. This is what makes responsive web design the most resilient of all. Google has started giving more preference to mobile-friendly websites in its search results algorithm, which draws attention to the use of responsive website design. Earlier, developers used to create separate sites for desktops and mobile application, when mobile phones weren’t common materials. However, this wasn’t a very positive approach. It sent maintenance costs through the cover, not to mention the annoyance of controlling various websites and managing the SEO for each of them. Ethan Marquette is recognized for inventing the term ‘responsive web design’ and describing it. So, how to use it? This type of web design runs on the following three primary principles.
  • Flexible Grids:This technique makes use of ‘relevant sizing’ to resize the content and fit seamlessly to the screen. It makes use of CSS and percentages, preferably than pixels for images.
  • Media Queries:Media queries let the website to identify your device and implement the page on to the screen. The page adapts as the screen size changes or the screen is extended.
  • Flexible Media:This feature makes use of scaling or CSS overflow to have images load uniquely depending on the screen size.
A responsive web design stops blurring or pixelation of images, the undesired struggles of having to scroll around the screen for reading or viewing the site, and content scattering over the page. In short, it modifies the screen size and changes itself accordingly.

Responsive Website Themes from WordPress

You may be speculating that a web design like this needs a lot of coding and development. But thankfully, to make things easier, you hire web design developers or choose WordPress. This framework has created several responsive website themes to simplify the workload of businesses and developers.

Free Responsive Theme

The name of this theme explains it all in terms of what it is regarding. The Responsive theme utilizes flexible grids to adjust the website layout depending on the screen size. The principal purpose of this theme is to make your website responsive to various devices. It has a very flexible layout that doesn’t lose its impact, even on a smaller screen. And it cost nothing!

Responsive Pro Theme

This is the premium version of the Responsive theme that contributes more features and customization options. This theme enables you to personalize the widgets and menus, add various call-to-action buttons, change the layout, offers numerous color schemes, typographies, fonts, and a lot more. The Responsive Pro theme is quite easy to use.

Responsive Business Theme

Responsive Business is the minor theme of the free Responsive theme. According to its name, it is quite apparent that the Responsive Business theme is for business and professional websites, besides creative business types. It has several features that improve the appearance and functionality of a website, besides remaining 100% responsive.

Responsive Blog Theme

This is another minor theme of the free Responsive theme meant for bloggers or blogging websites. The Responsive Blog theme gives several blog templates with different features to update and personalize the website’s look and functionality. Its responsiveness feature enables blogs to be presented on many devices without seeming skewed.

How to Create a Responsive Website?

Creating a website that is 100% responsive isn’t a huge task these days because nearly everyone out there is performing it. However, if you already own a website, you must investigate whether it is responsive. Making your website responsive comes with its set of dos and don’ts that must be understood. There are many web design testing tools accessible on the Internet for testing the responsiveness of your website. You can check all features and demands regarding the responsiveness of your site applying these tools. You can Hire a Responsive Web Design Company that can accomplish the process on your behalf at economical prices.


In a nutshell, responsive website design is fundamentally important in today’s dynamic market. It is hugely important for increasing your customer base online. If you’re looking for a reliable, responsive web design company, then your search ends here! Contact our team of experts today to get the best responsive design for your business website.
4 Top Reasons to optimize images for your WordPress website

4 Top Reasons to optimize images for your WordPress website

by Tarun
Creating websites has become a lot easier with WordPress, which runs almost 35% of the internet. As a Content Management System (CMS) service, WordPress has been a disruptive leader. Meanwhile, developing a website, the visual aspect of your web development, is essential to the UX (user experience). Image optimization for WordPress websites helps in enhancing this visual aspect for better UX and higher traffic. Advertising your content on the website needs a visual attraction. If you are developing an e-commerce WordPress website, you need to have product images that can keep your customers engaged and involved in the online shopping experience. Photographs are the most popular elements in WordPress, and many businesses, especially e-commerce business owners, look for WordPress image optimization. A WordPress development company offers web development services like conversion of PSD to WordPress to businesses, where PSD stands for Photoshop Document and is an image file. Therefore, image optimization for WordPress is quintessential to your WordPress website development, and there is no denying that. So, why would you need image optimization on WordPress? Loading Time: Who would like a slow website? Maybe someone from those cabinet type desktops? No, they hated it! As a business, developing a website that remains slow can kill your business. Slow loading times are the moments when a visitor will leave your site. Even slow landing pages or web pages can increase your website bounce rates. Slow loading times are due to large-sized images that take time to load on your landing page or other web pages. This issue can be solved through WordPress image optimization through appropriate usage of image optimization WordPress plugins. Resolutions: Think of your images as being blurry or unclear for the audience to view. This happens when you don’t resolve your image resolution issues according to the screen size it is exposed to. A standard laptop or desktop would need 100 PPI (pixel per inch) or DPI (dots per inch) images. As you can see, there is no need to provide a 300 DPI image. For web pages, the standard resolution for an image display is 70-72 PPI. If you still want that eye-catching resolution, you can go up to 100 PPI. But going for an image of 300 DOI will only slow down your web pages. Manipulating the images: What are the standard image file formats developers use to manipulate image size? It’s JPEG, GIF, and PNG. They can compress images with low bytes and reduce the size of the file. Further, manipulation can be done by reducing the overhead of metadata stored with the pictures, reducing the size of images. Synchronous Loading: Your web pages often synchronously load HTML, CSS, and images altogether, creating a high render time and slowing the page loading. You can fix this issue by using a WordPress plugin or load them asynchronously after the synchronous loading or rendering of HTML and CSS. You may use Javascript to load these images conditionally below the fold to help your website visitors scroll down to relevant sections of the page. If the above options are technically tricky for you, then here are some WordPress plugins that can help you with your quest on; How do you optimize images? Imagify Image Optimizer: This WordPress image optimization plugin can automatically optimize your images that are uploaded on the WordPress website. It reduces the size of images to optimize it for your website. It offers three levels of image optimizations and converts your image files into WebP files. It will help you optimize the size of your image files to up to 25 M.B. sizes with a total of 250 images per month. It offers paid plans which you need to upgrade after your limit is over, which in case of WordPress gets over fast as WordPress itself adds images with each image you upload. Smush: An all-in-one solution to your image optimization on WordPress. Smush is the most popular WordPress plugin for image optimization, as it’s easy and hassle-free. You can do image compression, lazy loading, optimize 50 images at once through bulk smushing, and many more image optimizations. There are more than a million installments with images optimized in the number of billions. It processes PNGs, JPEGs, and GIFs on its servers, and these superfast servers help freeing-up resources and keep your servers less overloaded. There is no limit to the number of images you can optimize through the free version though there is a limit with a maximum file size of 5MB for smushing. EWWW Image Optimizer: Optimize your current image files and the once already uploaded on your website automatically with an EWWW image optimizer. It helps faster load your WordPress websites with the conversion of the image files into formats with the lowest possible file size. It is a free WordPress image optimization plugin that can be used with your servers. If you can’t access the exec() function on your servers, this may cost you some money with the usage of EWWW I.O. APIs. Cropping Up: WordPress web development has gained popularity among businesses from different domains, and there is no doubt that by hiring WordPress developers, you can undoubtedly create highly responsive and interactive websites. Image optimization can help developers keep sites responsive across screen orientations. If you are looking to develop a WordPress website with a mobile-first approach, you will need a WordPress web development company that can optimize your images for better UX and higher rankings.  
Top 10 features that you should include in your Android app

Top 10 features that you should include in your Android app

by Daniel

It's the mobile-first age, and businesses are making the most of it through mobile applications. There are two significant drivers to the mobile application market – Android and iOS.

Android app development has gained much traction due to its freemium model of revenue. Here, mobile applications are free to install and even use some of its features. However, for advanced features, you need to pay to the app owners.

app development

  1. This has completely revolutionized the app market, and now businesses are looking to unravel the possibility of higher revenues through Android app development. Total mobile application downloads reached 205 million in 2018, and Android remains a leader in the number of installs. Android apps are based on their native environments and have features that create an excellent Android experience. So, if you are wondering how you can create an excellent Android experience with your Android apps? Here is the answer to it. We are going to explore some features that can provide an enhanced Android experience to your users.

    Interactive UI:

 Interactive UI

The user interface is like a doorway to your Android application, and keeping it interactive can undoubtedly enhance the overall experience of the Android app. If so, consider hiring an excellent UI designer when you are looking to hire the android developer for your Android app development.

A highly interactive UI culminates in the delay in response from the apps and makes the system provide real-time data to the users with higher responsiveness. Developers can leverage the app's microarchitectures to create several interactive features, which can be included in the Android app.

Social Login:

Sign Up days are gone. Users like to log in and try your app instantly. So, why delay a user's journey towards your landing pages? Add a social login feature to your Android app.

There are many app creators and businesses that have started to include this feature in their Android apps. To add to this feature, you should hire an android mobile application development company that can add this feature in compliance with data regulations.

Social Login can help you verify your users quickly and keep app interactions faster without the need for extensive sign-ups and sign-ins through inputs from the users.

Enterprise Mode:

Today, every other enterprise is looking to integrate business processes into mobile applications, and adding an enterprise mode to your Android app can enhance business communications, automate business processes and offer end-to-end business solutions.

With enterprise mode, you can help businesses improve their CRM through the state of the art chat apps that are interactive. The android platform provides excellent options for interactive features for better enterprise applications.

Minimalistic Approach:

Why do you need a minimalistic approach? Compactness provides more opportunities. You can introduce good content, CTAs, or any other relevant feature for the saved space. Most importantly, its the age of new-age technologies like the Internet of Things. IoT-based devices are compact and need apps that have a minimalistic approach.

More businesses are now looking to hire android app developers for IoT-based Android application development. The minimalistic approach also helps the compatibility of these apps with firmware and hardware development in IoT devices.

Customer Feedback:

The addition of the customer feedback input feature is a must in any mobile app. Today, the market is review-based, and every customer wants to check reviews before planning a weekend movie or buying a pair of socks. For e-commerce, customer reviews are an essential part of their apps.

Many e-commerce giants have exploited the Android platform and rendered high-end android apps for their e-commerce businesses. Take an example of the Walmart App; it is a web-app designed with a mobile-first approach. Still, later Walmart developed a full-fledge Android mobile app to capitalize on the Android native platform features.

Offline Mode:

If it is feasible to add an offline mode to your Android app, it can be great, as specific demographics have lower networks or no network support. This mode can help your Android apps reach more consumers.


Enable multi-language support for your apps for native language experience. Many countries in the world have English as a secondary language, which can be leveraged through multi-language support. To add this feature to your Android app, you need to hire a dedicated android app development team. Professional and skilled developers can help you with this feature.

Dark Mode: 

The dark mode is one such UI feature that has been officially added as the main feature by many mobile OS and even Android apps now. But, many such apps do not support the dark mode offered by mobile OS. The dark style features help in battery optimization and create a visual aspect that is easy on the user's eye. So, why not enhance the UX of your Android app through Dark Mode.

One-Touch feature:

The one-touch feature explores one-handed mobile usage and full-screen mode support. iPhones have been supporting full-screen modes for many years now with a utility tool feature that includes many functional virtual buttons.

You can create such full-screen support for Android apps through android app developers, that can utilize UI/UX design for the feature.

Social Media Integration:

Add social buttons to your Android apps to enables social sharing of content on your android app. This helps your business with higher traffic and better user engagements. Social sharing can also attract new users for your android apps.


Android apps are known to be free to use, with excellent and easy user interface and unique features that are simplified. With these features, as discussed above, Android apps become more attractive for users to use.

If you are a business looking to enter a new market or an established brand looking to go mobile, choose the best android application development company and make your dreams come true through an Android app.

Why should you consider Shopify for your eCommerce website?

Why should you consider Shopify for your eCommerce website?

by Peggy
eCommerce Websites empower your business to have an excellent customer base. They grant an opportunity to the customers to conveniently deal online with handy devices. The traditional way of making eCommerce portals has been restored with the advanced cart generating software. These online development applications come with different features as well as properties. Reduced development effort, time, physical server cost, and staff cost are some of their benefits. Among the several e-commerce platforms available, Shopify is the first name most company recalls when it comes to designing high-performing eCommerce websites. Undeniably, Shopify is famous globally, but here are the few important reasons that prove these words correct.

What Shopify exactly means?

Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform comprising everything you need or look for your eCommerce store comprehensively. It is a secure eCommerce software that works as a perfect package for your eCommerce website. It enables you to create different pages with an inbuilt online editor quickly, trade-in multiple places with local language support integration, and customize online stores. This platform controls over 500,000 businesses in 175 countries. It is a one-stop destination for eCommerce merchants who like to leverage their online store. There is a myriad of purposes why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform.
  1. Hosted solution
If you’re beginning your online business, web hosting can be a real hurdle. Hosting a shopping cart requires some technical support and sufficient time, which startups can’t afford. However, Shopify is a cloud-based platform that offers a hosted solution where you don’t have to worry about servers or databases. You can access your store from anyplace with admin login details & an internet connection. The most significant thing is it assists you in handling payment gateway, which makes your work seamless and seamless. You can hire Shopify developers to accomplish the task for you.
  1. Inbuilt Marketing Tools
Shopify incorporates built-in marketing tools that reduce the costs of a startup. It lets you add the Meta titles, page title, unique URLs, make pages visible & invisible, Meta description, and redirect pages whenever required. It also empowers you to optimize the store as per your preference. Furthermore, it integrates into Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, the most popular social media platforms that pave the way to raise product promotions.
  1. Excellent Technical Support
You will need some technical assistance while operating an online store with an eCommerce shopping cart. Shopify offers 24/7 technical support. Hence, you can contact customer care whenever any issues arise. They will either direct you on live chats, or the Shopify developer will pick your call.
  1. Speed & Security
Speed is an essential factor for the success of an eCommerce site as it serves to excite your sales. The faster your web pages load, the more your site maintains the users. Shopify also extends the best service in terms of security as well as integration amongst the payment providers. With a built-in speed checker, it allows the users to perform payments seamlessly.
  1. Reduces Errors & Data Duplicity Problems
In the matter of inserting information in multiple fields and forms, the manual data entry introduces the chance of errors and duplications. Furthermore, issues arise when the errors are not accurately tracked. Shopify comes with automated solutions to analyze the data entry process and eliminate data duplicity.
  1. Advanced Functionality
Shopify provides advanced functionality with a plugin/application style platform that allows you to download, install, and modify the site. Besides the features to improve sales and social media promotion, it also contributes to inventory management, business reporting, and accounting. It also has the benefit of setting email autoresponder integrations that can help you to automate as well as run your company on autopilot.
  1. Own Payment Gateway
Maintaining an efficient payment process is an indispensable step for the eCommerce store to get paid by customers. Shopify offers a variety of payment methods. Besides being integrated with lots of payment gateways, it provides its own as well. Its payment gateway gives no transaction fees and cheaper credit card fees.
  1. 14-Days Free Trial
If you want to experiment with the features of Shopify, you can practice its free trial pack. All you need to do is create an account by providing a few contact details and respond a few questions about your enterprise. After creating the account, you will get a 14-days free trial where you can examine all the features of Shopify. This trial gives you the flexibility to add the product, change storefront design, create product variations, create collections and link them, language support, Store setup, etc. The only action that is limited in free trial is proclaiming your domain live, but Shopify gives its default primary area, that is, “”
  1. Visually Appealing Online Store
Shopify is furnished with an array of professional templates, which empowers you to create a unique as well as visually appealing online stores. It covers a variety of themes, but it is not restricted to the online theme editor. Shopify developers and designers can develop the Shopify themes narrowly with Theme kit.

Why should you hire Shopify Developers?

Building a successful online store is supported by the ease of browsing and last appearance. Still, it requires constant support from the developer to make the store more accessible and driving among its competitors day by day. A logical approach is to opt for the Shopify Development Company if you are seeking assistance for developing an online store. We at WeDoWebApps offer highly qualified and experienced developers for your business. Contact us now and know more.
How Can the Best Android Development Company Make Use of On-Demand Mobile Apps?

How Can the Best Android Development Company Make Use of On-Demand Mobile Apps?

by Matt
  Do you know that the on-demand business is going to have a capitalization of $335 Billion by the end of 2025? All the best android application development companies are looking forward to such an opportunity to create their online presence and make a name out for themselves. The idea behind the article is to make you aware of the opportunities and the benefits you can reap by having your on-demand service app out there.

What Exactly is On-Demand Service Apps?

On-demand, as the name suggests, is all about providing a particular service on the go. Companies tend to provide services within the user’s mobile phone. Most of the time, these apps are based on the web so that users can open them directly to the websites. The service provider's job is to collect the order and process them to meet the customer’s requirements. While the business structure might be pretty dull at times, it is with the sheer imagination that one can excel with the same.

Major On-Demand Services Niche

When it comes to on-demand services, there is a variety of options to choose from. Down below is a list of all the on-demand services that the best android app development company can develop: Food Delivery If you think that Zomato and Swiggy are the only leading food delivery on-demand services in town, then you are undoubtedly wrong. Food delivery can be categorized into different aspects, whether it be delivering groceries or hot cooked food. Getting your table booked into the nearby restaurant can also be considered as an on-demand service where to put forward the convenience of not waiting in lines.


Healthcare is yet another industry that has seen its fair share of rising within the on-demand services. Whether it be the delivery of pharmacy or a start-up serving in-house calls, the opportunity is enormous within the healthcare sector. Getting your appointment done or collecting pathological samples, there is a wide variety of healthcare segment to explore using the on-demand applications.

Retail Industry

Do you know that 80% of the entire population is into the possession of a smartphone, which gives us an advantage over any other traditional marketing strategy? With the arrival of on-demand applications, the retail industry has deemed to be the most profitable. Instead of pairing up with any other e-commerce, it is far better to have your use so that the customer can make an order to receive them according to your time frame. With that, almost 51% of all retailers can provide same-day delivery.

Booking Rides

After Uber was initially launched, it took the market by surprise. After their initial success, several other ride-sharing apps joined the market and even managed to receive customers. One might also argue that the wave of booking rides on-demand service is long gone, but you can always customize your service according to your interest. You can provide the same function within the locality. It all comes down to your preference and how you want to get along with your service.

Beauty Service

Looking forward to the luxury segment, beautifying oneself is gaining popularity with every single year. With people seeking different ways to pamper themselves, on-demand beauty services are making beauty treatments accessible and more comfortable than ever before. Providing a far better client-customer experience, creating an app providing beauty services is worth giving a shot.

Advantages of On-Demand Apps

While explaining the variety of ideas to play around with on-demand applications, here are some of the same benefits that can help you grow your business to the next level.

Easier Booking

On-demand apps make it far easier to book your service or a product like never before. And above all, it creates a win-win situation for both the service provider and the customer.

Better Customer Support

You can always provide your customers with better support. By handling customers on your own, you can cater to the service according to their likings.

Secured Payment

With the flexibility to receive payments directly from your customers, you can provide a secured payment to them too.

Final Takeaway

Before wrapping up, it is essential to understand that the on-demand economy is increasing like never before. With mobiles being the most accessible and convenient booking device, all the B2C are targeting the mobile platform for further sales. So, it all comes down to your creativity and which on-demand service you want to go for. If you're going to excel as the best android development company, you need to provide the service that none has ever thought of.  
Top 6 Trends the Best Application Development Company Should Look for in 2020

Top 6 Trends the Best Application Development Company Should Look for in 2020

by Alice
There is no arguing that the smartphone has become an integral part of our lives. All the best application development companies are looking forward to new opportunities and how they can be deemed useful for their app development. Neither less to say, according to some statistics, the money application industry is going to generate a revenue of $581.9 Billion. With that being said, there is a tremendous potential within the app market that every other development company needs to venture around. The idea behind this technical blog is to make you aware of all the current trends that are worth looking for.

Best Mobile Application Trends in 2020

Down below is a list of all the mobile app development ideas that are worth noting for your next big mobile application: Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning and ML are the perfect examples of a booming industry that has taken back the market by awe. According to some predictions, Artificial Intelligence will become a $191 Billion industry by the end of 2024. Keeping that in mind, all the major companies are shifting their frameworks to incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within their systems. One of the most significant examples of AI and ML with the mobile app is their combination of IoT. With just the tap of a finger, you can now easily control home appliances, devices, and even automobiles.

Blockchain Technology

Let us make this clear as soon as possible, blockchain technology is not meant for cryptocurrency along. So, moving beyond all these IT buzzwords, it is very to have a clear understanding of what exactly is a blockchain. Further, including blockchain has already started to make their way into the mobile app development. One of the most significant advantages of blockchain is being a decentralized database; a single authority is never controlling it. Further down the line, the error made through blockchain is always traceable, and it is entirely secure from some of the standard data breaches.

Internet of Things

There is no arguing that IoT is the new future, and there is no point in stopping it from happening. Looking at the broader picture, IoT enables us to control everything that is being connected over the internet. In this way, it can help us in several instances whether we have forgotten to lock the door or want to change the temperature of the light. That being said, if you are thinking about building an IoT mobile app, the best-case scenario is to promote a product that does long with it.

Instant Mobile Application

Are you looking forward to targeting the audience who are always curious about their RAM and ROM management and how the app size matter? Instant applications are relatively smaller in format, yet providing all the necessary functionalities without installing the form in the first place. The biggest USP of instant mobile apps is to make you try the application without downloading them. That being said, the instant apps help you to have a taste of the entire use. Once you like the app, you are good to download it. As of 2020, instant apps will be the breeding ground for most app marketing.

Beacon Technology

Have you ever heard of the beacon technology? If not, it is one of the most anticipated technologies which can help you to search for your preferred products, their costs, and several other specifications. Beacon makes use of the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signal and helps connect within the beacon zone for further instructions for the user. Looking at the marketing aspect, Beacon looks promising, and it can be utilized by several industries like hotels, healthcare, and museums.

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices such as fitness bands and smartwatches are gradually the new trends within the market. Keeping that in mind, there is no point in waiting to make awesome apps for these devices. Wearables have entirely changed how we interact with our tools. The majority of us use wearables to look for notifications instead of looking into mobile phones. This gives us an idea of which apps are going to be installed within these devices and work according to that.

Final Thoughts

This is the best time to venture into the vast domain of ideas for mobile app development. With all the purposes mentioned above, you can always get a standstill in this competitive market and make a name out for yourself. That being said, every other mobile application has its own set of pros and cons. Now, if you are willing to implement the same, you are bound to succeed in 2020.  
Top 6 Questions You Must Ask While Hiring an iOS Developer

Top 6 Questions You Must Ask While Hiring an iOS Developer

by Jose
While android might have been the most popular mobile operating system in the world, but that doesn’t justify that the majority of the app developers are looking forward to taking control over the same market. Among all the best iOS development companies, their priority is always towards developing a highly superior application for Apple’s devices.  Therefore, it is very important to find the right iOS developer or development firm, who can work with the same frequency as yourself. The sole idea behind this article is to make you aware of the questions that you need to ask before finalizing a deal with the best iOS app developers. In this way, you can always build an app that truly justifies your business. 

Growing Demand for iOS Applications

Do you know that mobile skills are in the most in-demand among all the businesses in the IT industry? With 84% of the entire world population on the mobile platform, the mobile application industry has reached to a total valuation of $99 Billion as of 2019. With that being said, it is a clear indication that the iOS applications are growing in demand every single year, and it is the best time than ever to get your hands on the app platform.  Questions that Needs to be Asked Before you Hire iOS App Development Company As mentioned earlier, down below is a list of all the questions whose answers you need to properly seek before hiring the best iOS app development company

1) Duration of their Business

That being said, before you go any deeper into asking anything about iOS app development, make sure that you ask them about their professional duration with the same career. This is where the common phrase, experience matters come into play. If you can get your hands around the developer who is experienced, you can surely reap some benefits out of them. That being said, experienced developers are always easy to work around. 

2) Ask for their Technical Expertise

If you want to create a quality iOS application, make sure to understand that they come with a plethora of technicalities that hardly any novice will ever understand. iOS is, by far, one of the most widely used and robust mobile operating systems. The developer you shall be hiring should have the technical expertise that is to be required for creating your application. For example, there are several instances where the app needs to be location-based, health-centric, or even have in-app purchases. 

3) Client References

In this competitive world, everyone is looking forward to generating lead without the thought of even providing quality services. There shall be several instances where the developer might show you the ownership of an application that wasn’t even developed by them in the first place. Under such circumstances, ask them to provide you with their client’s reference just to be fair and square with the hiring procedure. 

4) Making the best Use of Apple’s API

Your iOS app developer should always be accustomed to using Apple’s API. By today’s standard, it has become pretty obvious that the developer is aware of using advanced features for the development of the application. Above all, they should have a clear understanding of how to develop using the HealthKit, SiriKit, iMessage Apps, CallKit, and so on. 

5) Are they aware of Apple’s App Store Guidelines

Apple has always been known to be pretty hectic to work with, given all of its terms, conditions, and general guidelines. So, before choosing your app developer, make sure that they know their way around Apple’s approval on the application. Even Apple’s API has its own set of roles. So, makes sure that your developer understands the legal aspect of developing an iOS application too. This is because there is no greater regret than spending all of your money while getting zero returns from them. 

6) Ask their way Around Monetizing 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to earning money and generating revenue from your iOS app. Bearing that in mind, your developer should know their ways around monetizing features. Now, there are mainly two ways to monetize your app. You can either opt for the pay-per-download mode or just go with the free option and generate revenue from displaying ads and introducing subscription programs. 

Wrapping Up

Keeping the above questions in mind, of you want to hire the best iOS app developers, you need to make sure whether they are cut out for the job description or not. Unless you are getting a satisfactory reply to all the asked questions, don’t rush with the hiring. It is very important to get the developer who can resonate with you so that you don’t have to deal with the end-user complaints regarding your application. Once you get everything right, your success is inevitable. Afterall, your success will always cater more revenue while generating leads for your company.