Full stack developers vs specialized developers: Who suits your business best?

Full stack developers vs specialized developers: Who suits your business best?

by Matt

The debate between hiring full-stack developers or specialized developers is the most common question asked in the industry. For any scale of business, hiring either of the two has its pros and cons. Both the developers specialize in a unique set of skills which helps in performing various tasks. However, to utilize their skills effectively, the business requirement also plays an important role in deciding which of the two developers need to be hired. Before we delve deeper to find out who’s the right bet and for which business, let’s first understand the difference between a full stack developer and a specialized developer and their skillsets. If you're off the point of view that specialized developers can be easily replaced by a team of full-stack developers, you might want to read on and get another perspective on the matter. 

What is a Full-stack developer and a specialized developer?

There are two sides to any application designing- front end and back end development. Front end development includes all the visual aspects of the application or a website with which a user interacts, for eg, the design, colour palette, drop down menus etc. Back end development on the other side is as the name suggests wherein the developer oversees everything which is not visible to the user, for eg, the data, plugins, components etc. A back end developer builds the wireframe which powers the whole application. A full-stack developer specializes in both front end and back end development whereas a specialized developer has the expertise to manage a single domain. 

Benefits of a full stack developer

Full-stack developers are multi-skilled in various languages and technologies and are also responsible to implement multiple frameworks, libraries and tools. These all-rounder developers are equipped to handle software testing. Apart from handling both the aspects, front end and back end, a full stack developer also interacts with the client to showcase the project and clear doubts if any. The pay scale of a full stack developer is higher than a specialized developer. Looking at the evolving technology and businesses progressing, full-stack developers are quite in demand. 

Since full-stack developers handle every aspect of the application, they prove to be economical if compared to a specialized developer. They are also equipped to fix issues which might crop up in any segment of designing or modification. Full-stack developers act as a one-point contact with the client for managing all the tasks, therefore saving a lot of time and achieving results faster. They are also equipped to carry out the entire task all by themselves since they have such a varied experience. 

Drawbacks of a Full Stack Developer

Full-stack developers have an understanding of the overall application from point A to point B however if a given task requires expertise in a particular field, full-stack developers might not have complete knowledge. Moreover, these multi-skilled developers are quite in demand, therefore, have high attrition rates. Being in demand also means that companies who are looking at hiring dedicated developers might face a challenge getting the right resource. 

Benefits of a specialized developer

A specialized developer has in-depth knowledge and expertise in one particular domain. Companies hire dedicated resource to oversee a specific task which can vary from domain-related modifications, design, framework tasks, database management etc. Since they specialize in particular fields, they keep themselves updated with the latest upgrades and advances which in turn also equips them to solve issues easily and deliver a superior result. Hiring dedicated developers for particular tasks is easier since there a pool of talent available, unlike full-stack developers. 

Drawbacks of a specialized developer

Due to their specialization, developers depend on other team members to complete the tasks which sometimes result in delays. Moreover, the skills for a particular domain come at a certain price for which companies who hire dedicated resource have to pay an additional amount. Companies can hire two to three full stack developers in place of a specialized developer however the latter and their skillset are still relevant to the ongoing trends. 

Full-stack developer vs Specialized developer: Whom to choose for your business?

  • Having understood the roles and skillsets of the two developers, we now come to the most important question- who is an ideal developer for your business. The answer to the question is not a one-worded answer since the roles and the business requirements also need to be taken into consideration.    
  • Full-stack developers are equipped to handle the complete project, right from its scratch till its final release. Hiring full-stack developers make sense if it’s a small scale business and the company is working on a low budget.
  • Hiring these developers is a cost-effective solution because there are fewer developers which need to be hired and who can manage an array of tasks whereas multiple specialized developers will be needed to complete an array of tasks as per the speciality.
  • Developers are ideal if the project is less complicated with clear functionality, easy implementation and doesn’t require detailed knowledge on a particular domain. It will be easier for the developer also to manage the entire task and deliver the project within given timelines.
  • Full-stack developers do justice to projects which are running against a tight deadline. With their expertise of starting everything from scratch, full-stack developers are enabled to work within tight deadlines since there is less coordination between teams and the developer is a one-point contact with the client for smoother communication. 

Specialized developers, on the other hand, suit large projects which can be divided into smaller projects as per the specialization. Moreover, if the project is complex in nature and is a compilation of several tasks, specialized developers are a perfect choice for the job since they can solve real-time problems easily. Lastly, every project needs to pass the quality parameter for which a specialized developer is ideal since he will be able to dedicate his time and energy into one task only. 

Hiring a full stack developer or a specialized developer wholly depends on the requirements of your business. If you have budget constraints and are pushed against a tight deadline, then a full stack developer is the right choice. However, if there is a specific task which needs to be completed and is complex in nature, a specialized developer would be of assistance. 

Why do businesses prefer WooCommerce to run their online store?

Why do businesses prefer WooCommerce to run their online store?

by Tarun

While most businesses are shifting online and several are being launched, eCommerce business owners have an array of choices to opt for the right platform. However, online stores which have been running successfully for the past few years vouch for WooCommerce for being the best. Online merchants and developers who have worked extensively on the platform are aware of its advantages. However, for those who are building everything from scratch could use some concise information from the following article to help you make the right decision.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin that enables online merchants to build their eCommerce websites. WordPress is a content management system, whereas WooCommerce is a plugin built for WordPress. Through a WooCommerce online store, eCommerce business owners can manage their store in a more flexible manner. If we look at the numbers, at least five million stores use WooCommerce for the daily operations, making it one of the best platforms which give any business a steady foundation.

Let’s look at the various reasons which make WooCommerce one of the superior platforms.  

Free to use

The word free will attract anyone’s attention, especially if you are building a website from scratch. This makes it an ideal choice for big and small business owners who can leverage their capabilities without spending much. However, the base framework is free to use and if the owner or the developer opts for additional plugins and add ons, that might come at a different cost. While opting for the platform, keep a reserve for additional costs which you might need when your business starts growing and you require plugins and extensions to enhance your WooCommerce online store.

User and Customer-friendly

WooCommerce has been designed keeping in mind business owners who have very little knowledge or skills for setting up a website. This is another advantage of WooCommerce which attracts small scale merchants who run their business with a small team. With the majority of websites being powered by WooCommerce proves that the platform is not only easy for the store owner but is also pleasing to the consumer. The user-friendly platform has a very straightforward approach for setting up a website which can be done without any professional expertise. However, if you feel the need for an expert to handle the job then let experts from WooCommerce development services assist you with the overall setup.

Customizable and Scalable

WooCommerce allows online entrepreneurs to manage their website on the basis of their business needs. With hundreds of free and paid extensions ranging from payment gateways, reporting, accounting, business owners can add these extensions for additional functionality depending on how and when they need them.  

Powerful Analytics

WooCommerce has an in-built analytical system that helps in providing clear statistics of various aspects related to your online business. The more you understand how your business functions, the easier it is to manage it well and take necessary actions. The intuitive interface gives a complete analysis of your customer shopping patterns and how it’s affecting the business. Google Analytics is another preferred extension amongst many others, which can be easily integrated in case an in-depth analysis is required.


The built-in SEO functions help search engines discover your website with ease. However, there are basic steps which can be taken to make your website gain more visibility in search results. Relevant and unique descriptions, alt tags, meta tags need to be added with well-researched keywords in order to gain on search rankings and have your website feature on the topmost spot.  

Superior Content Management System

WooCommerce is based on WordPress which is a content management system. Being powered itself by one of the best Content Management System, WooCommerce exceeds expectations with regards to the content. WooCommerce comes with an array of content management options which assist in building the ranks of your website through SEO optimization and also assists in several marketing activities. Content can be effectively optimized for search engines through blogs, product descriptions, landing pages etc.

Its Sales Oriented

WooCommerce offers a complete eCommerce solution which covers all the important aspects of the business. From SEO to Marketing to customer satisfaction, WooCommerce combines and presents all functionalities which a retailer would benefit from. WooCommerce gives the flexibility to choose from an array of themes or build a customized theme to match the overall design of your brand. Moreover, the retailer can control refunds, orders, stocks and a lot more through the dashboard. The platform also gives you access to over 100 payment gateways that can be incorporated with the store. If this seems like a daunting task, then hire WooCommerce developer to help set up the website along with other functionalities.

Marketing Engagements

Marketing helps in increasing the visibility of the brand through various strategies. Any business would be incomplete without marketing. Therefore in order to boost sales on your website or particular products, WooCommerce allows the online owner to run various promotions thus increasing the overall sales. The WooCommerce features allow the online retailer to run campaigns, promotions, etc to attract a wider audience.


The open-source platform is designed to offer a secure environment both to the consumer and also to the online merchant. WooCommerce eliminates all vulnerable loopholes to present a highly secure online store. The security measures of the platform make it easier for consumers to share personal details along with financial details without having to worry about any data hack or infringement.


WooCommerce is one of the widely used platforms by big and small businesses for the simple fact that it caters to the needs of eCommerce business owners. It offers several features, easy customization, user-friendly framework, built-in tools, which make it easier for owners to set up the online site and start focusing on growing the online business. If you wish to completely concentrate on the growth of your business, leave the technicalities for companies offering WooCommerce development services or else hire WooCommerce developer to build an interactive and powerful online store.

When does your business website need a redesign?

When does your business website need a redesign?

by Jose

Your website is essentially the hallmark of your business and therefore requires utmost attention, dedication, and investment. Redesigning your website can have huge benefits for your business, although it is not as simple as it sounds. The redesign includes not only the complete design of the site but also minor changes to the features that can help improve the user experience.

No site is perfect and therefore no continuous improvement is required. You need to regularly evaluate the performance of your website and identify weak areas. No matter how big a business, a boring online presence can be a barrier to acquiring more customers.

If your website is not attractive and changing for your business, consider that your website needs a redesign. There are some points you can check:

Your site looks outdated

Flash animations, looping gifs, not responsive, high bounce rates, no list search results, customizable metal navigation bars, and JavaScript that preload. If it’s a layout template, you simply were given randomly, then your website shouting loudly for a redesign. Every year, Internet standards and trends in the field of web design change.

Your contestants are cutting

While your competitors are making an investment to improve their website, this is probably the right time to step up. Determine your business needs, and how your website can help you achieve it, how to make it more attractive.

Redesign your website in terms of visibility, usability, and SEO, talk to WEDOWEBAPPS, a professional website design company that can help you move forward.

Your communication with your website is complicated

This is essential to how your target audience views your brand online. You do not want to exit the mark. You want your website to convey a clear message and impressions to your customer. A trend in either the services or product business states that before purchasing any product/service, users are likely to visit your site and see you there first. A better online website has a positive impact on your customer, which helps you grow your business. Now make sure that your website is up-to-date with the latest technology and has enough information to deal with customers.

Your site's site customers do not become subscribers

If your website is fresh and sends a clear message to your customer, it will appear on the organic search result. As a resultant visitor becomes your customer, according to the trends on an average user, do not spend more than 30 seconds on any website. If your business website is attractive and responsive to increases the chances of more than 50% more quickly than other visitors become your customers.

What’s Next

A great website can accommodate various screen sizes and resolutions, but now more websites than ever are transitioning to cellular priority mode. Everyone is now a part of the online world.

There are many reasons to check if your website needs a redesign.

At WEDOWEBAPPS, we not only help customers build their web presence from scratch, but we actively assist businesses to update and refresh their current websites with modern web and proven strategies that not only make improvements, but provides real commercial results!

Contact us now and let us begin your digital refresh today!

Magento Developer Hourly Rate: How much does it cost to hire a Magento developer?

Magento Developer Hourly Rate: How much does it cost to hire a Magento developer?

by Tarun

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that enables businesses to develop eCommerce driven stores and control features of the online website ranging from the design, appearance, content, and other functionalities. The platform offers a complete e-commerce solution right from designing and customizing the store to marketing it. Platforms like Magento are quite complex for a layman and need in-depth technical knowledge. Even if you consider yourself to be a tech geek, the platform demands a lot of time, commitment, and proper coding to master the functionalities. Therefore to run your business well, you need to hire Magento developers who are skilled in the particular field and who can develop the website, enhance the overall features, optimize, and much more.

How does Magento empower your business?

Magento comes with a range of features that are useful for small medium enterprises to large marketplaces. If you’re launching your website on a small scale and after a few years you foresee your business growing into a complex web service, you can still operate your website without changing the platform. Magento offers an array of scalable solutions, suiting every business be it big or small. Moreover, the platform assists in creating an online store as unique as the product with a variety of plugins themes to uplift the look and feel. The platform can be used for B2B and B2C projects which means irrespective of the size of the company or the variety of products you are selling, Magento can boost your sales as well as ensure that your customers are going through the website with ease, thus ensuring complete guest experience. Over the years, Magento has been fuelling businesses making it the most used platform for e-commerce websites. The platform comes with its own set of benefits including the open-source technology which assists with flexible and scalable solutions, access to a wide range of layouts and plugins, the ability to offer discounts and promotion offers, and many other features.

Why do you need a Magento Developer?

Magento developers specialize in operating the platform and come with extensive knowledge who can assist in improvising the website appearance, carrying out basic tasks, and managing back end issues and complications. In an era, where everything is driven by technology, most of the businesses are taking the online route which means be it a small business or a large scale selling website, all are benefitting from the various tools of technology streamlining the trade. If you want to build your online presence for your business, it’s good to consider an expert who will guide you through the various factors of building an e-commerce store and also manage it well.

Types of Magento Developers

Before you hire Magento developers, it’s best to analyze you’re requirements and narrow down on the best talent. Magento developers can be categorized as per two groups- front end developers and back end developers. The front end developer is responsible for the appearance of the website. He builds Magento templates to ensure that the customer likes what he sees and the experience is not hampered in any way. Whereas a back end developer leads an analytical role that consists of writing codes, implementing extensions, and creating customized modules to ensure everything on the website functions perfectly. The platform offers flexible solutions and technical aspects, therefore the developer should have the expertise to access, operate, and execute essential tasks on the online store. Before you hire Magento developers, ensure they are updated with the latest technologies introduced by the platform to effectively carry out the visual enhances, improvised interface, and backend operations. Front end developers must be well acquainted with programming languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript whereas back end developers should have mastered languages like Java, Ruby, Python, Go, and PHP. Another factor to pay attention to is the Magento certifications undertaken by the developer. These certifications include:

  • Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist
  • Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer
  • Magento 2 Certified Professional Front End Developer
  • Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Plus
  • Magento 2 Certified Professional Cloud Developer
  • Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer

Before hiring a developer, one needs to evaluate the overall work profile. If it’s a small store that is more of a start-up, a developer would be able to manage it with ease, however, if it’s a well-established e-commerce store, you would want to second guess on hiring an agency instead. Even though the website is built for very limited products, one can choose between hiring a full-time developer or a part-time developer. Though this option gives you leverage on the total cost, it somehow affects the process and quality of work. A full-time developer will be more focussed on the tasks rather than a part-time developer who has other tasks in hand to complete. A full-time developer will be more accessible as compared to a part-time developer.

What is the hourly rate to hire Magento Developers?

Moving on to the salary aspect of a Magento developer, the cost to hire Magento developers depends on the skills, experience, qualifications, and various other factors. The most common way to pay for the services of Magento Developer is by the hour in which the developer manages the front end, back end tasks and also oversee if the website needs any technical improvisations. The hourly cost depends from country to country and the work profile. The hourly rate of a Magento developer in the U.S ranges between $150- $250 an hour whereas in the UK the hourly rate ranges from £30 to £46. The cheapest hourly rate can be found in Southeast Asia ranging between $15- $30. Though the Magento developer is important in maintaining the overall look and feel of the website, the hourly rate also impacts the total cost to build an e-commerce website. If your business does hire Magento developers, the team would be responsible for the web design, integrations with CRMs, ERPs, shopping cart integrations, payment systems, etc. If the website demands any specific customizations, the developer needs to assist in designing and development. The ongoing maintenance and support, store audits, and the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 are also included in the working hours.

How Do You Allocate The Resources For App Development In Android?

How Do You Allocate The Resources For App Development In Android?

by Matt

With the recent boom in the mobile industry, today it’s common to see people walking around with a smartphone or two juggling between work, life, and other interests. Though it’s the application on which the smartphone runs and makes it ‘smart’, it’s also the array of apps that make it interesting for the user. With millions of apps out there and quite a few on your handheld devices, have you ever stopped to wonder the technology behind it which makes it to work so efficiently?

Android and iOS are two popular platforms on which apps are based on. Having their own unique identities, both platforms are complex however they give way to a huge world on limitless possibilities.

In the past half-century, countless technological advances have made way into our daily lives. One example is the handheld device and the various functionalities it performs. Phones are no longer the devices that were used to make a call or send a message. These smartphones house the best apps that equip us to take pictures, send emails, play games, and much more. Not only the phones, but we also have an array of gizmos that work on the same functionality. The comfort of having any time access is the outcome of numerous developers and programmers who are busy designing and building apps for Android and iOS platforms. Ever wondered how these apps work, what’s the technology behind it, how are they designed?

What is Resource Allocation?

If we talk about designing an application on Android, it’s not easy to get through without an android application development company assisting you with it. With its complex nature, it has quite a few features to work with. One such feature is resource allocation for app development services for android. Let’s first understand what resource allocation means. It is the process of assigning your resources to your team members and ensuring that the resources are used strategically and efficiently. The resources are based on the need of the project, the expertise of the team member, and the time period of the project. Generally, a project manager oversees the allocation of the resources while following an allocation strategy which is put together after understanding the scope of the project, timelines, deliverables, and requirements. If the project is a complex website, then the best resources from the programming language department, design department, etc need to be allocated to ensure high deliverability. Resources need to be balanced well. Overutilization of resources can lead to an increase in expenditure and underutilization of the resources can hamper the project.

Challenges faced during resource allocation

Many challenges are faced by project managers during the process of resource allocation in an android application development company. Here the experience and the expertise of a project manager counts since many uncertainties follow once a project starts. How you minimize the risks, increase productivity, and get the work done is how experienced you are in handling various situations. Many times there are changes in client demands, trying to prepone the deadline, changes in the requirement, etc. Secondly changing the availability of resources is another concern. As project managers, they need to have solutions for various circumstances. If you have a project deadline coming up and few team members are unavailable, you are left with limited options. Either to get your remaining team members to fill in for them which means you’re cutting down on quality or else you have to hire a freelancer which would be a time-consuming process, having to make him/ her understand the project and carry on from where the work was left off. While allocating resources it’s better to have a checklist ready and have a more streamlined approach while working on the project. While assigning the resources, it’s better to know your team well and their capabilities. Secondly, there needs to be a balance between underutilization and overutilization of resources at an android application development company.

How are resources allocated?

Having understood what is resource allocation, its challenges, and a few useful tips, the next question is how resources are allocated for app development in Android.

Project and team knowledge: First off, the more information you have, the better. Define your scope of work for the project and put together an allocation strategy highlighting the requirements and the deliverables. This will further assist in assigning the right team members for the project and will give clarity on the roles, tasks, etc.

Uncertainties and back up plans: Be it personal or professional life, back up plans are important. If Plan A is not going as per strategy, it’s best to move to Plan B. There might be a sudden change in the scope of work or a timeline change, back up plans are something which will always help you sail through. In an android application development company, there are various apps that are being worked upon, therefore it’s necessary to be well-aware of the latest developments. If project managers can proactively assess the risks that might come up, it can be tackled with ease if the problem does arise.  

Track your project: It’s always better to be updated on the latest development of the project. It will give you an overview of where the project stands in terms of the timelines if the resources allocated are being used well, does a resource need to be re-allocated or is the resource being underutilized and can be shifted to another project. All these questions will help you navigate through the timelines and complete the project without any unnecessary hiccups.

Analyze the project upon completion: Lastly, take learnings from what could have been better after the completion of your project. Review the resources which were allocated, their strengths and weaknesses, utilization rate, delivery timelines, etc. The project manager and the android application development company will benefit immensely from the upcoming projects.


Summing it all up, the project is as good as the resources allocated and the allocation strategy. The project will run smoothly if the project manager keeps an eye out for sudden challenges and is experienced enough to have the resources allocated as per the scope of the project and the strength of the resources. With so many updates in the languages, frameworks, etc, Android application development companies have to stay updated with the trends and best practices.