3 Reasons WordPress is the Right Choice for Your Startup Website

3 Reasons WordPress is the Right Choice for Your Startup Website

by Peggy

Gone are the days when WordPress was meant to be just for blogging. Now it is much more than that and hence, in demand too. WordPress is contemplated as one of the most sought-after platforms to build a business website, and there are reasons for the same. The first one is, it is easier to avail WordPress website development services than earlier, and second, it has quite a few benefits you cannot count on your fingertips. That is why, according to a recent Forbes article, WordPress powers 35.7% of the web now.

WordPress can be the right choice if you are simply a blogger or want to build a business. This article will further help you to know and understand why availing of WordPress website development services is the best decision you should ever make. 

1. WordPress trends

Every platform would often update functionalities, plugins, features, and themes while offering its services for business start-ups. WordPress has shown how you can build a powerful yet stunning website at a nominal time. It surely has made significant changes to take over the competition and to impress users. Here are some of the trends (get ready for an advanced future!) you must follow:

- Motion UI 

You would be aware of UI - User Interface but Motion User Interface. With the web flooding with these many sites, it is imperative to grab users' attention and make them stick around. With the help of Motion UI, you can add transitions or animated segments to web design for better engagement of the users. It is not about making a site extra fancy, but it also helps direct visitors to the site. Motion UI displays signs like what to do and where to go. For example, a moving list of the products or services so that you can pick one easily or horizontally moving FAQ or categories. 

- Chatbot 

One of the ideal ways for users to be in touch with the business is by integrating chatbot on your WordPress site. According to a myth, customers want to talk to a human rather than a robot (which is a chatbot!). However, a recent survey states that most users do not care if it is a human or a robot as long as they acquire the help they need. 

Chatbots are popular for the convenience they provide to the customers, and WordPress has a number of chatbot plugins that are easy to implement. Current chatbots will be transformed to be more advanced in the near future, which will help a business to understand complicated queries and conversations. Ultimately, it would help a business grow by providing quick responses and solutions to its customers' problems. 

- A speaking website

As the fame of voice-enabled devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and the recently launched Apple HomePod mini has risen, it won't be surprising if you see talking websites as well. Voice-activated websites will be a new trend at the end of 2020 or in 2021. Hence, one can use the voice to search rather than to type or click. It would not just help websites to draw more visitors but also to rank higher in Google voice search.

2. WordPress to build business

We live in an era where people believe in a business's existence only if they can find a website for it. Hence, for every business, the first and foremost thing to have is a website; and what is the better option than WordPress? No, we are not talking about those self-made websites. We are talking about full-fledged custom WordPress development services that create a magnificent website, leaving an impact on visitors. WordPress is practically the best platform to build your start-up website.

- Simple to use

Unlike the alternatives, using WordPress is more about smooth-sailing, which can be noticed right after its installation. It is undoubtedly an overwhelming feeling to see a website dashboard rich with colors, features, and facilities; however, you would shortly find your way around as you initiate. The backend dashboard permits you to make the required changes as per your interest. It could range from changing the comment settings to creating new posts or pages. Moreover, you would get plenty of online video tutorials if you ever get stuck while exploring the website; that's the power of WordPress popularity. 

- Safe and secure

Cyber-security is a rising concern, and every business owner would want the website safe from threats. WordPress has never failed to provide safer use, which is why multiple companies and big business names are using the platform. Our team is always looking for a website's vulnerable parts and is capable of building a robust website of your dream. Also, team WordPress covers minor updates and keeps looking for security ambiguity to protect your site from any threats you are unaware of.

- SEO friendly

Well, which website does not need that? WordPress is built in a way that makes it quite SEO (Search engine optimization) friendly. The platform manages a plethora of SEO functions and is easily adaptable to plugins like Yoast SEO to help you further. Nevertheless, the way you treat your website is also responsible for your website's ranking and well-doing. You can always ask for custom WordPress development services to have the desired website. It will substantially support CMS (Content management system) and hence the SEO, which we would discuss further in the article.

3. WordPress is the best CMS

One of the most fundamental reasons for WordPress's popularity is its versatility and adaptability for content management. Hence, our developers can create a fully functioning site for any industry and with as many categories as you want. WordPress will be the wise choice if you wish your website to rank sooner than your competitors, as it is an ideal CMS for SEO. 

- Built-in SEO boosts

Elaborating on the point discussed above, most of the traffic comes from various search engines. These search engines are highly capable of bringing thousands of visitors to your website if your page is ranking. Search engines like Google have certain parameters that help a website rank, and WordPress handles these parameters quite impressively. In fact, it takes care of several important elements to support on-page optimization, such as Perfect HTML markup, Permalinks (yes, you have a choice to get rid of those ugly looking web addresses!), image optimization, proficient content creation, and much more. 

- Ample themes and plugins

WordPress is a kind of platform where developers can experiment with new things in order to meet clientèle demand. WordPress has an abundance of themes, and yet our developers are coming up with new ones every day. These themes can be chosen as per one's interests and requirements; it could be anything from blogging to business or eCommerce.

WordPress offers plugins for all your needs, along with attractive themes, and that is why it is highly demanded among business start-ups. If you want a website with great features or want to increase your existing WordPress website's performance, our developers can assist you in reaching your success goals.

The real advantage of these plugins is, you can deactivate or disable them anytime you think they are unnecessary. Nevertheless, the augmented functionalities of themes and plugins add up to search engine optimization, user-interface, dynamic layouts, and smooth loading on any device. 

- Mobile optimization

Smartphones are handy and fast to use, and hence, any website that is easy to open on a computer must load as quickly on the phone too. WordPress has some built-in functionalities and competent themes, which makes the website mobile-ready right from the beginning. Whether it is about image scaling or graphics, WordPress's responsive themes would make everything natural and smooth on a mobile device. Regardless of screen size, it is beneficial to both, the user and the owner as it can be accessed from any device. Also, for ranking criteria, Google prioritizes mobile user experience. So, if you are keen on your website to show up in mobile search results, you must consider WordPress.

- Image optimization is simple and effective

Images are crucial for any website content or blog. It separates content, making it more interesting and readable. It is not just about capturing a reader's attention; images are remarkably imperative for SEO as well. WordPress lets you create an alter text for the image; thus, you can put keywords in the image description. If the image ranks, so do the content and, ultimately, the website. You can always decide the size of the image that does not slow down the page's loading speed.

Bottom line:Once started as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved so much since its inception. The points mentioned above have truly and exceptionally worked wonders for many start-ups as well as existing businesses. If you want to start or expand your business or just want to rank the website higher, you should avail of our WordPress CMS development services as soon as possible. WordPress community keeps growing due to its users' success ratio, and it will get even better in the future. Be a part of it with our assistance and watch your business thrive.

Hiring a WordPress Development Company? Here’s your ultimate guide

Hiring a WordPress Development Company? Here’s your ultimate guide

by Jose

Hiring a WordPress Development Company? Here’s your ultimate guide

As the craze of working out everything through the Internet increased, business enterprises, regardless of their size and location, have wanted to be there. It is easy to reach out to a broader market through the online business for which one needs a website or an application. Well, the application comes later in the list, though. Rare are the people who have not heard about WordPress. It has been dominating the industry for a decade now after its establishment in 2003. Startup businesses are more inclined towards using WordPress as their business site rather than other platforms in the competition.

You might think, oh, it's WordPress and easy to commence blogging on it. Truth to be told, it is so much more than that. Following are the names of the industry WordPress has been serving:

  • Blogs
  • Online shops and eCommerce platform
  • Brand website
  • Corporate website
  • Digital media publishers
  • Portfolio
  • SaaS solutions
  • Podcasting
  • Online communities

The concern is, when you need a website that is fully functioning, loaded with all the necessary features and attractive themes; What to do? The answer is simple: Contact one of the WordPress development companies. Here is the catch: why do you need developers? Or how to know the company you have chosen is the right one? These questions are complicated but reasonable. However, the answers are pretty straightforward; read ahead to learn more:

Why do you need to hire developers?

Anything related to technology keeps evolving, and WordPress is no exception. Experts know how to keep their knowledge updated and walk with the vogue. It is one of the fundamental reasons you need developers to create a stunning website. Other causes are as below:

To get a kind of a website that works smoothly to draw customers

How many times has it happened with you that you opened a website, scrolled down a bit, and then exited? Because it happens many times due to multiple reasons, such as: if the website is taking too much time to load or images are taking longer to appear. If the design or theme is not captivating, the fonts are too big or too small, or the website lacks a good layout.

Developers can offer you the quality your business website needs. Although WordPress gives steps or guidelines to set up a website, there are plenty of technical terms and little details only developers can understand. Thus, to get a smooth working website, you need a team of WordPress developers.

You can have a customized website that matched your business requirements

A potential platform like WordPress has got enough number of themes and plugins to escalate traffic. Nonetheless, a developer can create new plugins or themes to match your business's unique requirements. Such customization helps your website work with better functionalities for branding and marketing purposes. SEO or social media sharing, customized websites are plus for any business; it is also about the look and the feel of the website, making it suitable to meet business goals.

To avail excellent support and maintenance

Developing a website could be a one-time task but maintaining it is not. If it is not well-maintained and look after well, chances are your hard work and investment go vain. Our team of developers takes full responsibility even after proving your desired outcome. Quality maintenance makes sure your site works seamlessly and protects it from all the risks as well as malware threats. It also helps users for a safer transaction, which creates an impressive stature in the market.

To ensure the website's SEO friendliness

It is the most important thing to have for any business website in this competitive environment. In order to boost ranking, a website must be SEO friendly to fetch prospective customers. A developer knows how to put crucial meta tags on web pages and uses proper tools to improve loading speed, effortless movements, and accurate performance. The best thing is, a developer knows how to install the best SEO plugins to boost ranking in the search engine. He can work on the images and scripts being used in the search engine for maximum optimization. A WordPress theme is the backbone of any website, and a developer knows which one is right for your business utility.

All in one, when you have a one on one conversation with a developer, he understands what and how exactly you want your website to be. It's the right way to have a WordPress site with all the required measures.

How to pick a WordPress web development company?

Being the supreme CMS in the tech world, WordPress is a highly demanding platform for small or big businesses or for simply blogging and making a portfolio. You absolutely do not have to prepare a questionnaire, but you should have a sound idea about if a company offers exactly what you need. With umpteen number of WordPress development agencies in the pool, it becomes a bit difficult to choose the right one. But, it's not that difficult with the guidelines given below:

Experience and background knowledge

A company might be new in the industry, but people working in it might not be. Choose an agency with developers having sufficient knowledge and experience for creating a website. Ensure that developers are well trained and know all the tricks for technical integration, making an effective WordPress website. A company should meet technical competence with required skill sets. The team should know how to host a website and how to optimize, including social platforms on the website. If they are aware or possess the knowledge of WPCS - WordPress Coding Standards, it is a plus point for you.

The best thing to do is to go through their portfolio and customers' testimonials. It gives you an impression of their work and expertise. You can also find out about similar projects completed in the past or recently completed projects with trending features.


As the platform itself is a cost-effective tool, the design and development should be too. Before you spend money, know the worth. Whether you are just an individual seeking help or an organization, there is nothing wrong with talking about the pay. As long as you are getting what you need within your budget, stick to it. However, it is all right to be a little generous if the team is quite advanced with years of experience and offers solutions best in the industry. The right company with your choice of payment structure is not a myth; it exists. So make a way through communication, trust your instincts, and follow your heart to get the desired outcome.

Strategic management

One of the most imperative things a WordPress development agency can commit to is the timeline. A company lacking strategic management can cause a delay in delivering the project. Explain to the team what you want, give them some time to figure out the deadline. Ask them if they can understand and demonstrate what you want from them. Without a solid plan, creative ideas, and time management, everything is a waste. If you are getting all three along with an explanation of how they will achieve your desired task, go on; shake hands with such a custom WordPress development company.

Maintenance and security

Your website needs support and maintenance post-development. Make sure in advance that the company provides user support once the web development is over. You would always need it to save the website from hacking threats, technical glitches. Small or big, you would not want to lose any tiny piece of data as it took your time, efforts, and money. You need to know whether this maintenance would be free of cost or chargeable? If free, for how long? Etc. Some companies have plans about how frequently they can help you with updates or for necessary alterations.

The other crucial thing is website security, and you must ask about how the risk of hackers of scams can be eliminated or reduced. WordPress is an open-source CMS, and hence it is essential to put security measures for website safeguard. Also, ask the agency if they can assist with additional security or with security plugins. The earlier you ask, the better the performance of your website.

In the end, choose a company that has a reputation in the community. Their relationship with their clients says a lot about their work ethics, presentation, and trust they have formed in the industry. The company should firmly believe in customer satisfaction when it comes to delivering the desired outcomes. We, at WeDoWebApps, have learned a long way about our customer needs and are determined to cater our services to an extensive range of clients from various industries 

What Makes Magento Better Than Other Ecommerce Platforms?

What Makes Magento Better Than Other Ecommerce Platforms?

by Pratik

Ecommerce is here to stay! In fact, Ecommerce is the future of trade. 

It's time to make peace with the fact that ecommerce is not going anywhere. Unlike the seasonal trends, ecommerce introduced tremendous changes in commerce and will continue doing the same. Even people have the belief that ecommerce will ruin the traditional market completely! 

On the other hand, some people consider technology as an aid to the practice of traditional commerce and leveraging its benefits to scale their business globally.

Every day more and more businesses are coming online, and customers are coming on board due to the wide variety of goods that they get. The spread of pandemic has contributed even more to this.

Why Is Magento Everyone's Favorite? 

Your ecommerce store is a virtual brick and mortar store for you to market and sell your offerings. You might own a service-based business or product based, but you want the best possible solution to get you an online store, and Magento grabs top rank in the same. Here are the reasons that make Magento the most preferable ecommerce shopping cart software. 

Stability & Compatibility 

Even when Magento is open-source software, it is stable enough to hold with the updates. Be it the security updates or the software updates, the community cares checking for the effect of implementation on the third-party plugins that offer integration along with the Magento store. 

There are free themes as well as paid themes available for your ecommerce store, you can count on the ones that implement your business idea at its best. All Magento themes are designed to be responsive across all platforms and show well across different screen sizes. This minimizes the worries of Magento developers for web optimization and enhances the user experience on any device they like to explore your website from. 


Most if not all businesses have different seasons in which they sell heavily. You might be getting 100 orders/hour, and you know it's the season, so you start implementing your marketing strategies, and you see in the coming week that you get 1000 orders/hour. The demand can increase anytime, and your ecommerce platform must be ready for it. Not every customer will be crazy enough to try buying again if your website fails for the first time unless you turn to a renowned brand. Scalability comes handy with Magento, as it is capable of handling more than 80, 000 orders per hour. You can imagine how profitable Magento Development can be for your ecommerce business. 


You think of the functionality you feel like adding, and Magento developers can implement the same for you. From the basic to advanced filters, hundreds of attributes you like to highlight at your store to ease every customer's journey and offer as much as product information as possible can be updated. It's your store, and it's your choice whether you like to add a hundred products, thousand or ten thousand, Magento is ready to have your products managed across categories. You can have that mega menu on your store for easy navigation through different product categories. Magento supports multi-language and multi-currency features that let you sell in different countries and offer a seamless experience in every demography. 


Magento is determined to offer the top-notch security for your ecommerce store. Though it's open-source, the updates whenever they are implemented will never impact the other plugins you have installed to support your business. Earlier, the security of your store was taken care of by the Enhanced Magento Security Scan tool, which is soon going to be replaced by the new Magento Quality Patch tool. The latest policy updates are scheduled for Quarter 1 of 2021, which is intended to ease the implementation and planning of your Magento store. The latest & actively supported Magento version, Magento 2.3.6 is slated with the security line changes and quality updates latest in October 2020. Now, Magento will be releasing quarterly security patches for stringent security updates. 

Can I develop my Magento store on my own? 

Now that's where you will be stuck and bump your head on the wall for zillions of times to get into the codes. Magento is a shopping cart software exclusively designed for developers to ease the development of ecommerce stores. To take your business to the next level & add the wealth of features, you will need constant support. Whether you want an online store or native mobile app, ecommerce development services can design either of them as per your choice.
Join hands with WeDoWebApps to get your custom ecommerce store developed. To discuss more your business, write to us at [email protected].