8 apps that can help developers achieve more.

by WeDoWebApps

Most developers know the tedious job of coding that makes them work hard and often they don’t get enough time to learn new skills or enhance their technical know-how. About 31% of the developers have spent from five to nine years of writing code. So, you see time management is an important aspect of a developer’s life.

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Whether you are a business or a developer, time management can always help you complete your projects faster and upskill your developers. Here, we will discover some apps that can help developers to manage time, code faster and achieve more with each project.

  • Proto.io:Proto.io

This is a prototyping app for developers and application development firm. It helps the integration of technical and non-technical stakeholders. Its interface facilitates rapid prototyping, user testing and develops applications from design, wireframe to completely functional apps.

It provides a flexible tool that keeps every key stakeholder on the same page and enables you to mockup a usable prototype. It helps you manage time with a traditional workflow that bifurcates design and development activities. You can always leverage modern workflow with rapid coding. With Proto.io, building apps, conducting user testing and designing the entire app becomes really easy.

  • Stack Exchange:

How about a tool that can help you solve real-world problems with coding and programming? The answer is simple, its “Stack Exchange”, It is a community-based resource with over 11 million members to answer every problem you might have with a Stack overflow.

Stack Exchange

If you consider all the apps for developer that can answer questions regarding their coding problems, then this is the penultimate resource for you.

  • Online GDB:

online gdb

It is a browser-based compiler that helps developers that also works as an interpreter and debugger for apps. It supports many programming languages like Swift, objective-c, C#, python, ruby and javascript. It can reduce overhead on the IDE(Integrated development environment) with short snippet codes.

It provides testing codes and is also considered an excellent platform for practicing new programming languages.

  • Regex 101:

Regex 101

This app helps developers create, debug and test expressions in python, PCRE, Golang, and PHP. You can paste any text and it automatically matches the text, based on the user-defined regex

It matches the text rapidly with a dynamic explanation of what the regex expression is all about and what it is doing? It also points out any error that you are performing during the typing of text. 

  • JSON Schema Validator:

JSON Schema Validator

JSON Schema is a type of vocabulary that helps validate JSON documents and this app helps you achieve that with minimum fuss. It helps you describe your current data formats. It provides clear human and machine-readable documentation. 

It helps an app development firm validate data for automated testing and also the data received from the client. It provides a large number of pre-existing schemas. JSON can be validated against these schemas. It helps you debug problems of non-parsing JSON files.

  • GitHub:

An online web service allowing access to millions of git repositories. As a developer, GitHub is almost like a bible. If you look at all the apps for developers, there is no tool as close to GitHub as it provides issue tracking, project releases, wikis, and other important project boards.


GitHub also provides, basic website hosting and blogging facilities for all the expert developers and programmers.

  • Font Awesome:

App icons are the identification that helps users relate to it. An application development firm knows the importance of a great icon for an app. Font Awesome has a collection of over 1500 icons to choose from for all your apps, brands and products.

Font AwesomeYou can quickly add icons in, an app for different action buttons, menus, navigation bars and other sections of the app for prototyping purposes.

  • Udacity: 

Udacity is the ultimate resource for all your skill learning needs. Udacity is a massive open online course based app for developers that provide several online programming and coding courses. It provides two types of courses-Nanodegree and Nonodegree Plus.


For developers, other tools and apps discussed above can help them code faster, this one help you learn the skills needed to code and program apps.


With the majority of the app market getting saturated over similar apps and copies of successful apps, it is quite needful for an application development firm to upskill their developers and create unique apps with high end features different from competitors.

Most importantly, these apps and websites help developers to find time to learn new programming languages. They can also find time to engage themself in higher organizational activities. With faster coding, prototyping and testing integrations, not only the developers but, many app development companies can complete their projects faster for any last-minute adjustments and feedback integrations before the app goes live.

It can certainly help them reduce bugs, crashes, and errors on an application that goes live.