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.net MVC Development Company

MVC or Model, View and Controller is one of patterns of developing Web applications. It is one of three ASP.NET programming models. This framework is used for building web applications using a MVC design.

MVC consists of following three parts namely:

  • Model: It represents the core for maintaining data. It is lowest level pattern and known as business layer. It is part of application which handles the logic and responds to the requests requested by the view and responds to instructions received from controller.
  • View: It is responsible for displaying data to the user and it is also as display layer. They are created from the model and are script based systems that are similar to JSP, PHP and ASP.
  • Controller: It handles the input and manages the interactions between View and Model and is known as input control. Controllers read data from views, control user input and send it to model. It basically performs interactions on model objects and receives the inputs, validates it and performs operations that modified the state of the view
Model View Controller

MVC isolates the application logic from UI while controller accepts all requests for the application and later works with model to prepare data which will are needed by the view. View uses data that is prepared by Controller to generate final output and helps you managing complex applications as we can focus on one aspect at time. For example, we can focus on the view without depending on the logic. Relatively it's easier to test any application. It also simplifies the process of group development. Different developers can work on different parts of MVC in a parallel manner.

At WeDoWebApps we follow MVC Model for all our applications which means best results are yield for your applications .

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