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6 Jul, 2022 | Website Design Company

Impressive Web Design: 6 Elements of a Result Oriented Website

Impressive Web Design: 6 Elements of a Result Oriented Website
Alex is looking for a  website design company and quickly does a google search to see what comes up on the internet. One of the searches on the internet catches his eye, and he instantly clicks on it.  But when he arrives on the page, he is confronted with a loud and over-bright color palette, so much text, and an extremely high turnaround time. Pushed back by the website's garish design, he quickly leaves the website.  The above example illustrates that the website's design is the first thing visitors notice while visiting the website. If a person visits your website and encounters a flashy website, they will quickly be repelled and hit the back button. The visitor won't stick to your website for a longer time to buy from you.  Within 5 seconds of visiting your website, can a visitor identify what you do? Is your website easy to navigate? Is the website layout easy to understand? Does your website have a minimal color palette? If your answer to any of the above questions is no, then you need to take a step towards modifying your website design either by hiring a website developer or an expert team of developers from a web development company But no need to worry. You can take specific steps or Hire a website design company to improve your website's user experience. Below you can see a few web design tips that will set a standard for your website, and people would love to make a purchase from your storefront. 

6 Stellar Tips for Web Design to Inspire your Website

Website Design Services Outdated and Gaudy websites won't win anymore. No visitor would trust an obsolete website; even big brands keep modifying and updating their website to please their customers. Therefore constantly modifying and revamping your design and content is a key to making potential relationships with the consumers. Below are some inspiring tips that help you to craft beautiful and modern designs for your website.

1. A Powerful Yet Limited Color Palette

It might sound fundamental, but the color scheme and choice of colors play a crucial role when it comes to developing a website that impresses your website visitors. A strong color palette would put the contrast between everything, and your business would protrude. There are several companies that have both primary and secondary colors on their website design; they have the flexibility to work on creating new designs for their websites.  However, keeping so many colors on your website is also visually distracting. Therefore, people choose to keep two or at most three colors on their website. For instance, if you look at big brands' websites, you won't find more than two colors - one background color and one contrasting color. Simplifying the color scheme makes it easier for the customers to focus. Therefore, choosing minimal color palettes when you plan to develop or revamp a website is always good. 

2. White Spaces Makes a Clean Design

Things uploaded on your website should have a space to breathe. If there are a lot of things uploaded on your website, it would be challenging for the visitor to direct the attention to what is required. White spaces act as a buffer between two elements on your page and give the elements room to breathe. Plenty of white spaces goes along with the modern website design trends. Additionally, plenty of white spaces gives an attractive look to your website and leaves a strong impression on the consumer within 5 seconds. These days, people are more attracted to a more minimalistic design; therefore, keeping enough white spaces on your website helps visitors easily navigate what they are hunting for. 

3. Website Responsivity

According to the statistics in Hubspot, approximately 48% of the website visitors are from a mobile or a tablet. And around 93% of the people leave the website because it does not show up properly on their devices. As a result, website sales drop. Therefore, to survive in the technically growing industry, you need to have a website optimized for all the devices people use across the globe. This is known as a responsive design in technical language.  To achieve a highly responsive website design, you need to have a well-structured website that is made considering different devices be it a mobile, tablet, or laptop. Hiring a web design company can be a great option as the designers and developers there are experts in developing well-structured responsive designs. Read also about 7 Best Practices for Responsive Business Website Development Services

4. Simplified Navigation

A famous study at Harvard Business Review (HBR) says that more isn't always better. To prove this point, they did an experiment known as Jam Study. At a Grocery Store at a local market, consumers were presented with 24 jams to sample in one day. The greater display on the first day attracted 60% of the consumers, but the vendor could make 3% of sales. On the second day, a smaller collection of jams attracted 40% of the consumers, but 30% of those made a purchase.  The same is the case with websites. The more options your website's menu will have, the more difficult it would be for the visitors to hunt for what they want. By limiting the choices in the menu, conversions would be 10 times higher. 

5. User-friendly Landing Pages

According to some studies, landing pages have more conversion rate than homepages. In order to have more conversions on your website, design your website in such a way that when someone is looking for some information about a product, they land directly on the page dedicated to that subject.  But the question is How to Build a Great Landing Page?
  • Build Actionable Headlines
  • Good Call to actions
  • Scannable Pages
  • Path to conversion should be made simpler
  • Create Tailored Content 
  • Engage with the conversions

6. Relevant and Informative Content

No matter your website's design, features, and functionalities, you would probably lose conversions if you do not add relevant and informative content to your website. The phrase "Content is King" is valid for the website designers, owners and the audiences as well. This is the reality of websites. Explain to your consumers the benefits they will get from using your product, include customer reviews, the organization's achievements, and history. This will build up trust in your consumers. These third-party or consumer endorsements are a great way to hugely boost your business.  Many store owners make one common mistake: they forget to consistently update their relevant content on the website. If good information is missing or buried on the website, visitors won't find your product/service useful. Think of a website that has all the relevant information that you searched for. Wouldn't it be easy for you to hunt what you are looking for? Therefore, updating the website content, excluding complex jargon, and using a conversational tone are good practices of a great website design.

Bottom Line

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is clear and concise messaging important in website design?

Clear and concise messaging is important in website design because it helps users quickly understand what the website is about and what it offers, and it can also help improve search engine optimization (SEO) by using relevant keywords and phrases.

How can a website design be visually appealing?

A website design can be visually appealing by using high-quality images and graphics, a balanced color scheme, and a consistent design style throughout the website.

How can a website design ensure fast load speed?

A website design can ensure fast load speed by optimizing image and video sizes, minimizing HTTP requests, and using a content delivery network (CDN) to serve website content from a server closest to the user's location.

Why is mobile responsiveness important in website design?

Mobile responsiveness is important in website design because more than half of website traffic comes from mobile devices, and a mobile-responsive design ensures that the website is accessible and usable on different screen sizes and devices.

How can a business measure the effectiveness of their website design?

A business can measure the effectiveness of their website design by monitoring key performance indicators such as website traffic, bounce rates, user engagement and conversion rates, and website speed and performance metrics.

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