Understanding Android App Development Company in 7 Minutes

Understanding Android App Development Company in 7 Minutes

by Peter

Are we all set to experience a breakthrough in the field of Android app development services – let’s explore what Wedowebapps has to offer as an Android app development company?

Raising the bar with state-of-the-art, customized, enhanced, innovative services and getting result-driven output is now a practical option. So it is finally here: an Android app development company that is in more than many ways different than others. With a clean focus on Android enabled apps to strengthen its brand presence in the Google play store using digital products that expand and is built for scale.

This is an absolute surprise.  I promise you,  in the next  7 minutes read-yes you read that right. We at Wedowebaps don't just build Android apps, we bring you seamless and unlimited digital experiences.

For all android developers and android app development company, we are an Android app development brand backed by years of cumulative expertise aiming to anchor long-term relationship with our business clients. This will happen when we can share a wide range of services such as the interface designs, re-engineering, data shifting or migration, and the design process we use the best practices honed over many years. We do offer cross-platform technologies if on-demand and have won many challenging projects with the most intuitive applications used for businesses dealing with mobile-first.

Being an Android app development company, we aim to offer the most extensive product range and design processes. Our team of industry's best experts builds Android apps with effective delivery, trusted measures, top quality app designing standards, and unique app idea.

Let's surge ahead to understand the important segments of an Android application


App Development journey

Most of our clients choose us as their preferred Android app development company because of the years of trust commitment and best practices that we at Wedoapps have been showcasing over the years. We are adept with smart technologies such as Xamarin, PhoneGap, React Native, and even Flutter.

Android app development is one of the leading and most popular operating system has raised a havoc storm. We help you surge ahead on your journey fulfilling all your company's application specifications.

Clear agile execution

Our team of Android app development team ensures every step of development adheres to a clear agile check at every step. Our stringent process right from the conceptualization, inception through to creating the Android app is built on the current and projected period plan so that the agile process flow is strongly backed by the real-time decision and concrete product planning.

Decent ROI

Whether it is budget or timeline –perhaps our Android app development team brings in cumulative years of experience and understands the UI/UX specs, and tends to leverage maximum so,  you have a decent bottom mile and sentential ROI

Solutions Now & beyond

Our internal team provides Android app development all-around support and service that offers our clients a galaxy of options right from the ideation, analysis, building solution architecture, application, assistance, and maintenance.

Effortless user – experience

The path from idea followed by testing and app launch is constantly monitored, audited, and developed. The offerings evolve with the continuous involvement of both clients to obtain 100% results and targeted goals. We guarantee absolute glitch-free product with the seamless experience that Wedowebaps is known for.

360 Vibrant-All collected Apps

Developers at Wedowebapps are proficient in Android app development since they are highly skilled and deliver high end,rich-feature enabled Android app development services.

Vibrant and real-time feel

Being a preferred android app development company, we build the most appealing Android apps with designs that speak for themselves. Experience the seamless switching between the pages and let the user a wholesome collective experience.

Pocket friendly – customized solutions

Our team at Wedowebapps offers the most cost-effective Android app development paired with high-performing output, easy navigations, and more. Our expert team is well equipped to develop and build complete customized Android apps that are fully functional with simple navigation and smart user-friendly interfaces.

Known for being a responsible and preferred Android app development company, we at wedowebapps assist businesses from all market segments and offer services that are secure, inventive, trusted, and showcased with scalable apps. Our applications are in sync with the specifications briefed and match the business requirement perfectly.

Wedowebaps offers its client consultation services, wherein one can discuss at length the project and share/exchange important insights. The highly qualified and well-experienced team of expert's checks the app (if existing) and shares their excellent guidance so the app in a discussion can get a facelift and improve in functionality. Our team consisting of developers, designers, project managers offers the right solution in the most customized way.

Over the years, our team has gain proficiency in the following:

  • Offering complete consultation for Android app development
  • Single platform distribution
  • Heightened user-experience
  • Superb app functionalities
  • Clear Navigation
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • 5 Star performance

If you are looking for UX.UI developers? We assure you to deliver the most innovative, appealing, and smart navigation enabled app that will offer you a solution for all. We as well suggest our client share the requirement, and we assure to deliver the most creative solution based app for your business. Our responsiveness, upgrades, maintenance, and migrations are well-acknowledged and appreciated by al.

Along with this, we support and assist with the upgrading process, our definite process UX/UI components of an app to experience an enhanced look, feel, responsiveness,  and experience.

Let's take your business to the next level – trust us to trust the most searched and committed Android app Development Company.

Importance of Colour in New App Design

Importance of Colour in New App Design

by Matt

Did you know that the choice of colors may decide the success of a Mobile Application?

Human minds are very responsive to colors. Everything that we see around us has a specific colour and our brain behaviour is accustomed to associate with the colors all around us, both men made and natural. We can say that the colour of an object has a psychological impact on our minds. When it comes to modern-day mobile phone Applications/ Apps, it's no different. Years of trend analysis and case studies of successful mobile apps have shown that the colour theme had played a vital role in its appeal and popularity. The reason why mobile App companies are so selective and cautious about choosing the right colour scheme or App Colours is, to enhance its aesthetic appeal, create an impression in the minds of a user, entice curiosity & express its nature and utility.  

The success of an app depends on its user experience, which involves, Its appearance & colour scheme (App Colours ), easy downloading procedure, lightweight (occupy less memory space), easy, utility & easy manoeuvring abilities. What first attracts is the look and feel of the application and its simple yet distinct design. The app developers have to be very precise about the use of colors from the colour palette, have to be extremely careful, not to deviate from the theme applicable and the appropriate colour that matches the theme. The developers also have to keep in mind the utility of the App being developed, its nature of utility shall decide which App colour theme is applicable. The developers should also know which gender/sex will be subscribing to the application the most (men/women). We all know very well that men and women have a different perspective in terms of colour preferences. Hence if the App is meant to attract more ladies, the App colour theme can hover around more feminine colors & if the App is meant to attract more male audiences, it would be using more macho & manly colors. 

However, the general trend analysis and various studies have revealed that a majority of the successful Mobile phone Application would like to keep it simple yet appealing. The range of colors used by a vast majority of App hovers around the few primary colour options: Red, Blue, Black, and Yellow & Green.

Some of the prominent examples of few successful apps and their choice of colour are:

Facebook - Blue

Instagram – Orange & Yellow

WhatsApp – Green

Skype – Deep Blue

YouTube – Red

Uber – Black

Netflix – Red & Black

Twitter – Sky blue  

For example, if an experienced designer is developing a Social media App, they will tend to use a more bright and vivid colour theme. On the contrary, if the App is about wellness, lifestyle, and fitness, travel, the App colors used will be different, and it will be more subtle, soothing, and natural. If the App represents luxury items & consumer goods and services, it might use a gold / black theme to give it a premium feel. If the App is meant for education and schools, the App colour and theme will be more appealing to children's minds. If the app is meant for medicine or hospitals or anything about medical science, the colour theme will be white or blue. Red is a common colour used in App colors for Food & beverage Apps. An intelligent designer would know exactly where and how to use the right colors so that the user has a clear understanding of the actual utility/purpose of the application.

Years of research have shown a pattern of consumer behaviour that establishes the fact that about 92.6% of App users decide their subscription / purchase by the visual appearance of the App. A vast majority, (almost two-third) of the mobile App consumers may not decide to proceed with the purchases if the App does not suit their favourable colour preferences.

The survey also revealed several interesting facts about the association of colors and consumer decision making

Blue – 28% believe that it resembles trust and a sense of security

And 43% believe that it resembles reliability

Red – 76% believe that it resembles Speed

Yellow & Orange – 26% believe that it resembles Affordability, Fun, and entertainment

Black – 43% believe that it resembles luxury and premium, high end.

Black, Blue & Grey - 26%, 23 % and 26% respectively

Green – It resembles Nature & health

The experienced designers use these behavioural trends of the consumers to decide on the perfect colour scheme used while developing a Mobile Application. We have to accept and be aware of the fact that the consumers out there, Love Colour, connect with Colours, Their perceptions and decision making are to a great extent ruled by their choice, it the colors that differentiate between a quality mobile App and an average one.

Among various theories of consumer behaviour and taking into consideration years of experience in the successful development of Mobile Apps, it has been noticed that the Apps using very few & simple colour palette are the most popular. For example Monochromatic colour theme. It is a kind of colour scheme where the primary focus is on a single colour and then uses its various variants, lighter tones, and shades.

Over a long period, the App designers and developers have been referring to the colour wheel that works as a visual templet. This helps the designers to identify the colors that need to be included in the new App.

The Colour Wheel helps understand the colour scheme much better. While using a Monochromatic colour scheme, the colour wheel helps to select from the various shades of a single colour. Apart from the trendy Monochromatic theme, there are many instances where a multi-colour scheme is preferred by the users and the clients.

Here we have another example of Colour wheels that helps to select various combinations of the colour scheme. Depending on the nature of the App, the Multi-colour theme works great and carries great aesthetic value.

However, the bottom line remains the utility and efficiency of the Application, the purpose of the app, and its capacity to fulfil the expectations of the consumer. It should do its job what it is meant to for, to avoid uninstallation.

How Do You Allocate The Resources For App Development In Android?

How Do You Allocate The Resources For App Development In Android?

by Matt

With the recent boom in the mobile industry, today it’s common to see people walking around with a smartphone or two juggling between work, life, and other interests. Though it’s the application on which the smartphone runs and makes it ‘smart’, it’s also the array of apps that make it interesting for the user. With millions of apps out there and quite a few on your handheld devices, have you ever stopped to wonder the technology behind it which makes it to work so efficiently?

Android and iOS are two popular platforms on which apps are based on. Having their own unique identities, both platforms are complex however they give way to a huge world on limitless possibilities.

In the past half-century, countless technological advances have made way into our daily lives. One example is the handheld device and the various functionalities it performs. Phones are no longer the devices that were used to make a call or send a message. These smartphones house the best apps that equip us to take pictures, send emails, play games, and much more. Not only the phones, but we also have an array of gizmos that work on the same functionality. The comfort of having any time access is the outcome of numerous developers and programmers who are busy designing and building apps for Android and iOS platforms. Ever wondered how these apps work, what’s the technology behind it, how are they designed?

What is Resource Allocation?

If we talk about designing an application on Android, it’s not easy to get through without an android application development company assisting you with it. With its complex nature, it has quite a few features to work with. One such feature is resource allocation for app development services for android. Let’s first understand what resource allocation means. It is the process of assigning your resources to your team members and ensuring that the resources are used strategically and efficiently. The resources are based on the need of the project, the expertise of the team member, and the time period of the project. Generally, a project manager oversees the allocation of the resources while following an allocation strategy which is put together after understanding the scope of the project, timelines, deliverables, and requirements. If the project is a complex website, then the best resources from the programming language department, design department, etc need to be allocated to ensure high deliverability. Resources need to be balanced well. Overutilization of resources can lead to an increase in expenditure and underutilization of the resources can hamper the project.

Challenges faced during resource allocation

Many challenges are faced by project managers during the process of resource allocation in an android application development company. Here the experience and the expertise of a project manager counts since many uncertainties follow once a project starts. How you minimize the risks, increase productivity, and get the work done is how experienced you are in handling various situations. Many times there are changes in client demands, trying to prepone the deadline, changes in the requirement, etc. Secondly changing the availability of resources is another concern. As project managers, they need to have solutions for various circumstances. If you have a project deadline coming up and few team members are unavailable, you are left with limited options. Either to get your remaining team members to fill in for them which means you’re cutting down on quality or else you have to hire a freelancer which would be a time-consuming process, having to make him/ her understand the project and carry on from where the work was left off. While allocating resources it’s better to have a checklist ready and have a more streamlined approach while working on the project. While assigning the resources, it’s better to know your team well and their capabilities. Secondly, there needs to be a balance between underutilization and overutilization of resources at an android application development company.

How are resources allocated?

Having understood what is resource allocation, its challenges, and a few useful tips, the next question is how resources are allocated for app development in Android.

Project and team knowledge: First off, the more information you have, the better. Define your scope of work for the project and put together an allocation strategy highlighting the requirements and the deliverables. This will further assist in assigning the right team members for the project and will give clarity on the roles, tasks, etc.

Uncertainties and back up plans: Be it personal or professional life, back up plans are important. If Plan A is not going as per strategy, it’s best to move to Plan B. There might be a sudden change in the scope of work or a timeline change, back up plans are something which will always help you sail through. In an android application development company, there are various apps that are being worked upon, therefore it’s necessary to be well-aware of the latest developments. If project managers can proactively assess the risks that might come up, it can be tackled with ease if the problem does arise.  

Track your project: It’s always better to be updated on the latest development of the project. It will give you an overview of where the project stands in terms of the timelines if the resources allocated are being used well, does a resource need to be re-allocated or is the resource being underutilized and can be shifted to another project. All these questions will help you navigate through the timelines and complete the project without any unnecessary hiccups.

Analyze the project upon completion: Lastly, take learnings from what could have been better after the completion of your project. Review the resources which were allocated, their strengths and weaknesses, utilization rate, delivery timelines, etc. The project manager and the android application development company will benefit immensely from the upcoming projects.


Summing it all up, the project is as good as the resources allocated and the allocation strategy. The project will run smoothly if the project manager keeps an eye out for sudden challenges and is experienced enough to have the resources allocated as per the scope of the project and the strength of the resources. With so many updates in the languages, frameworks, etc, Android application development companies have to stay updated with the trends and best practices.