Why choosing Android Application Development Company is an ideal option?

by ketan patel

No doubt, mobile applications have changed the way businesses operate these days. Due to the evolving customer expectations and increasing demand for smartphones, businesses are forced to have a mobile app. Today, customers prefer to browse on their mobile devices to collect any information, and mobile apps are added advantage for those companies who are majorly into the eCommerce business. 

Moreover, choosing the right platform to promote your mobile app in the market also plays a crucial role. As we know that Android and iOS are rivals, but Android is leading the smartphone sales, which is predicted to reach 81.1% by next year. Therefore, choosing Android for deploying your mobile app is an ideal choice.

Developing an Android app is not a cakewalk, so businesses prefer to hire an Android Application Development Company that can help them to accomplish the process with ease. The market for android application development companies is large, and selecting a reliable partner can be a challenging task. But no need to worry! We’ll be sharing some tips to choose the right Android application company as well as the benefits that you can reap from these companies.

How to choose the right Android app development company for your business?

  • Do your homework-

Do thorough research around the globe as it will help you shortlist top companies, and you can consult with them. This will help you choose the right firm that suits your business requirements.

  • Know your Android app goals-

Make sure you’re clear about your goals and thoughts before discussing your mobile app. You should know what you want to include your Android app, how it should be designed, what features you require, etc. 

  • Pick the right developer for your project-

Choose the developer who has the ability to go the extra mile and give you better suggestions as per the current trend in the market. These types of skilled developers maintain the uniqueness of the app and represent your brand efficiently.

  • Check the overall experience-

Go for the Android app development company that boasts unbeatable years of experience. Experience is the foremost thing that speaks about the brand’s challenges and solutions. The more the experience, the more the challenges a company has faced and overcome it.

  • Set a timeframe-

Companies provide an estimation of the development process, so make sure you decide a fixed time based on the estimation. Hence, you and the corresponding company is ready on the agreed timeframe.

  • Seamless communication-

Communication is key! Working collaboratively with the team of the development company will keep you up-to-date about the project. It also maintains transparency, which is the best thing for you as well as for the company as it establishes a trustable relationship between the two.

  • Consult with the company for increasing app profit-

Android app development companies are well-versed with the market trends, so you must consult with them concerning how you can make this app profitable to your business. Consultation with the experts and using your ideas can help you earn better ROI.

  • Choose quality over cost-

Countless service providers offer mobile app development services at a minimal cost, but it lacks quality. Make sure that you don’t compromise on quality just to save a few bucks because the competition is tough.

  • Check technical proficiency-

The developer’s team of the company should be proficient in their technical skills because developing an app and developing a website are two different things. So ask about the technologies they will use to develop your android app.

  • Establish long-term relationship-

It is better that you establish a long-term relationship because they will provide you support services whenever required making things easier and seamless for you.

How choosing Android App development can reap your business more benefits?

  1. Latest Android trend-

Android development companies have more profound insights into the industry-specific development trends as they implement it on different projects. The embracing of the latest trends is an integral part of the corporate culture, and companies cannot afford to lay back and continue with outdated methods. The most significant trend in the mobile app is the app design, which influences the interest and experience of visitors. 

For instance, visitors explore your website by navigating and searching for required information by scrolling down, and if things are not smooth, customers will click-off. In a similar way, analytical tools and heat maps help Android app Development Company to determine which buttons and links have the highest engagement to enhance the customer experience with trendy updates.

  1. Availability of Qualified Android developers-

You don’t have to be concerned about the android developers as these Android app development companies boast a large pool of qualified developers. They have highly experienced and qualified Android developers with vast industry experience in different domains. These companies not help you with Android developers, but also provide you with UI/UX specialist those are up-to-date with the latest trend in the Android market.

  1. Helps with Strategic Development-

These development companies are the strategic associate that helps you through the entire mobile app development process, which begins from strategizing, gathering requirements from clients, and UI/UX designers to accomplish the project competently. The extended team of android development company not only assists you through the entire development process but also provides tactical consulting to help you achieve your business goals.

  1. Efficient and reliable technical support-

One of the biggest advantages of employing an Android app development company is, they always have your back. They provide consistent technical support in case of bugs and issues in the app. This enables you to focus on what is essential for your business rather than technically resolving issues. Their team will update your app whenever a new version is introduced in the market, ensuring that you have a hassle-free time.

  1. Increases business security-

Custom Android applications built by top companies always provide businesses with improved security. Every app is built for that business specifically. These companies develop apps to minimize the risk coupled with mobility by reducing the exposure of the application with enterprise mobility. These developing companies continually work in finding a balance between usability and mitigating risk. They make sure any vendor or user outside the company will have no clue about the app architecture and concept at any cost.

As we know that mobile hacking apps are in trend, but they often attack the app with known vulnerabilities. Thus, business security is very high when you employ Android app development companies.

  1. Customizable UI-

The UI of every mobile app can make or break the app market. Therefore, when you choose Android development companies, they focus on the design of mobile UI, making it customizable. You can review the UI of the app and suggest the changes accordingly to the company. Their team offers quick customization to ensure that you stay one step ahead in the market.

  1. Care about your product-

Android development companies take care of your product and understand how important it is for you to have an innovative app. Thus, they make sure that you don’t regret choosing them over others by dedicatedly working on your requirements and asking for changes or feedback to provide you with the best Android apps that are rich in features.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, there are over 75% Android users in the market, so developing an Android app can prove to be a beneficial option. However, choosing the right Android Application Development Company is a crucial aspect for deploying groundbreaking Android app in the Google Play Store and earning better ROI.  I hope this article has given you the best insight to choose the appropriate android app development partner for your business.

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  1. What are the top advantages of Android application development?

Android is an open-source operating system with a considerable amount of users and streamlined mobile app development process. Here are the top benefits:

  • Low investment and high ROI
  • Open-source
  • Easy to integrate
  • Multiple sales channels
  • Easy adoption
  1. Why is Android better than iOS?

Most Android phones do better than iPhones in terms of hardware and software performance. There are innumerable factors that prove Android is the best option, which is as follows:

  • Open-source
  • Easy customization
  • Variety of widgets 
  • Android is very multitasking
  • Provides custom ROMs
  1. How is an Android app built?

Java is the official language of Android development and is typically supported by Android Studio. This allows native coding applications, which can be handy for developing gaming apps.  

How to create a web application using react js?

by ketan patel

With the advent of technologies, developing mobile-friendly web applications has become a common phenomenon. As we know, most of the people prefer mobile over desktop when it comes to exploring different companies. That’s the reason businesses seeking for a new web framework that can provide reliable and scalable web apps. This is where ReactJs come into play!

As per various research reports, it is estimated that there are 1,365+ developers and 94000+ websites that currently prefer ReactJs app development for their business. And this phenomenon is giving no sign of relaxing anytime soon!

If you’re planning to develop a website for your business or want to change the existing website, then look no further than ReactJs framework. It will not only help you enhance ROI, but also attract more visitors.

So what exactly is ReactJs?

ReactJs is a toolkit for creating user interfaces introduced by Facebook in the year 2011. To simply put across, React is a solution that helps developers to resolve issues faced when building user interfaces. It enables developers to create intricate user interfaces that have components that will change regularly over time without writing tricky JavaScript codes every time.

React majorly focuses on the front-end framework, which is why it is quite different in terms of functionality. Precisely, it is a user-interface library! No doubt, the framework includes similar aspects of front-end, but its primary goal is to organize HTML elements into components.

Why startups, businesses, and enterprises moving towards ReactJs for app development?

Here’s a list of reasons explaining why businesses prefer ReactJS framework for developing web applications:

  1. Virtual DOM-

Using virtual DOM is the best ever thing in this modern world. It allows you to create an in-memory data structure cache memory and list down the resolutions differences. All thanks to this extension! After that you can now update the presented browser DOM efficiently.


  1. Interactive interfaces-

ReactJs gives a chance to its users to manipulate the designing features, which is why key interfaces flow in a more relaxed and faster way. As per your own preferences, principles, and tastes, you can develop an interface by hiring top ReactJS App Development Company for your next project. This essentially operates in the following two ways:

  • Loop – Developers can use loop orders to develop representation views in the React frame. However, loop is offered in both Angular and React, it is much easier to use in the first.
  • Nest view- It allows the developers to control the nested elements within the ReactJS in easy way.
  1. Advanced performance-

When you hire ReactJS developers, they reduce the problem of lagging behind other apps that are developed using the same platform. It has the power to automatically update on-page apps that often do not require reloads for redrawing UI. No matter whether your target audience uses a tablet, mobile, or smartphone, they simply won’t face any difficulty in loading a large graphic web page.

  1. Easy-to-use-

The complexity level of using ReactJS development is one of the first things to mention. As compared to AngularJS, it is more straightforward. It was invented to streamline the process of development, programming, and administration of resources. But, you need to acquire knowledge of JSX and HTML that is declarative and strict coding style.

  1. Alternatives-

ReactJS can be used like a rock, which is capable of killing any obstacle. It is an alternative to numerous other libraries, which you boast within the coding process of your web resource. For instance, jQuery, Backbone, and Angular are such additions to JavaScript. All the functions available in these libraries are now available within the ReactJs extension.

  1. SEO friendly-

The biggest problem with Javascript frameworks is that it does not fit well with search engines. As a result, this reduces the overall search engine ranking, which negatively impacts your web pages or developed apps. But ReactJS can help you get rid of this problem. It gives you a chance to run the application on a server, while the already tinted virtual DOM could signify and come back to the browser as a standard web page.

  1. Flexible Development- 

When ReactJS was launched in the market, many businesses took it for granted. But many enjoyed the automatic upgrade in the maintenance and developmental process of ReactJS. It enables developers to overcome numerous limitations and prohibitions within a coding process while picking up the most seamless and comfortable ways to resolve specific problems and strategies to govern your front-end project.

  1. Quick access to developers-

As it is one of the most popular frameworks among the developer’s community, many newbie want to learn this programming language. Therefore, finding a ReactJS developer is quite easy; you can also opt for ReactJS application development companies.

Let’s get an idea about the top brands using React.js app development

You would be surprised to know how many companies in today’s competitive market use ReactJS for their business:

  • Netflix
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Atlassian
  • The New York Times
  • Khan Academy
  • Groupon

And the list goes on. But as you can see how many big giants are utilizing ReactJS for their business and thriving in the agile market. Due to obvious reasons and as we’ve mentioned, the reasons above for choosing ReactJS makes this framework the most preferred choice across the market.

Okay! So,how to build an app with ReactJS?

Step 1- Install the ReactJS project:

In the visual display unit, type the following command:

  • npm install –g create-react-app
  • create-react-app wa-react-app

After installing the project, start the application using the following command:

  • npm start

Step 2- Register a Service worker:

Services worker acts as alternative servers that take a seat between app and network. Utilizing service worker, you need to seize the network requests and serve the cached files. It lets your web page to function even if a system is offline. However, ReactJS is providing one registerWorker.js file inside src folder. Initially, create a blank service-worker.js file inside the public folder. Add the following code to it:

ReactJs App Development

ReactJs App Development

ReactJs App Development

After that, add the following code inside index.html to check whether the browser supports the service-workerjs file or not.

Once you add code, see your browser’s console panel and find the message like “service worker registration successful.” This means your browser supporting the service worker.

Step 3- Tell the browser it’s a web application-

Then, you need to add some code to inform the browser that this, not an ordinary web application; this is the web application. So add the following code inside <head> tag in the index.html file.

  • <meta name= “mobile-web-app-capable” content=”yes”>

The same goes for mobile devices and especially iOS devices.

  • <meta name= “apple-mobile-web-app-capable” content=”yes”>

Step 4: Create some bootstrap react components-

To begin, add the bootstrap to the project. You need to use CDN. So add the link inside the index.html file. Besides that, create one component folder inside the src folder.

  • <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/4.0.0/css/bootstrap.min.css” integrity=”sha384-Gn5384xqQ1aoWXA+058RXPxPg6fy4IWvTNh0E263XmFcJlSAwiGgFAW/dAiS6JXm” crossorigin=”anonymous”>

Now create one component called Navbar.js inside components folder.

ReactJs App Development

Now add the Navbar.js component inside the App.js file.

ReactJs App Development

Now create new component inside components folder called content.js

Create some bootstrap

Now also add this component inside the App.js file.

Bootstrap react components

So finally, you will create an essential component powered by the web application.

Step 5: Add splash icons-

You need to add a 512×512 image to show up the splash screen, and to achieve it update the manifest.json and add the image in the public folder.

Add splash icon

Step 6: Deploy the application in firebase-

Throughout the process, we are only missing on HTTP and caching that will be fixed later once the project is deployed. Update the doCache flag to correct in a service-worker.js file. Next, create a new project based in the firebase-console with the name React web application app. Run the following commands in a project directory:

  • npm install –g firebase –tools
  • firebase login
  • firebase init

After the initialization of the firebase, your firebase.json file should look like this.

 Deploy the application

Ensure your hosting object look as per the above image. Finally, build the production version of the application:

  • npm run build
  • Deploy the app in the firebase.
  • Firebase deploy
  • Then you can see the application live!


ReactJS is a revolutionary toolkit that enables giant companies to develop robust, scalable, and rich-in-feature web applications. It is allowing businesses to excel in the dynamic market with elegantly designed websites!

Thinking To Hiring The Reactjs App Development Company For Your Next Project?

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How to Reduce your Mobile Apps Size and Boost Downloads?

by ketan patel

Do you know with every 6 MB of increase in the size of mobile apps, the chances of app downloads are reducing by 1%? 

Yes, that’s true.

Well, if you are wondering for a reason, ask yourself about the first thing you check while downloading any android application in your smartphone. For me, that one factor is the size of an app. If you think that I got an inferior device, then let me tell you that my device is one with 4GB RAM and 64 GB of internal space with the flexibility of adding the storage, but I am still out of memory. And, while surfing for the mobile app on Play Store for utility, I prefer looking for an alternative, if I had to free up some space on my device.

I believe that’s the same story for the majority of you also. That’s why, by considering yourself as the end customer, you must keep the app size in mind. It can help you in a better to serve customers with your Android App Development service.

From android application development to delivering them to the end-users, your primary goal is to improve customer engagement, and that means more load, high-quality graphics, and fantastic content. The challenge is to get the reduced app size even with the same quality. I am sharing a few tools that can help you to make your APK leaner.

 1. Compress your high-quality graphics:

    • HD image is the ultimate requirement from users, and that is one of the huge contributors of APK size. However, nothing can be better than getting the same quality with the reduced image size. You can try several image compression tools like TinyPNG, OptiPNG, pngcrush, etc.
    • Once done with compressing images, you can move ahead with removing unwanted files and folders from your APK. Note that using such image compressing tools is the manual process, and it will take a bit more time. However, when you are looking for some less time-consuming tool, the content & graphics will get automatically compressed with Android Asset Packaging Tool (AAPT).
    • If you are using Android Studio and your project SDK version is 18 or above, you can try switching to WebP version for images. You can convert JPEG, PNG or BMP version of the pictures and that too without compromising with the quality.
    • If you are opting to draw images or to get the vector versions, you can try with Vector Drawable; you can add quality graphics to your apps and that too in the XML version. The best thing is, you won’t be losing the quality of graphics anyway.

  2. Take the assistance of ProGuard to remove unimportant classes & methods:

When designing an android app, there are so many classes and components you need in between. But, not each one of these classes, fields, attributes, and methods are of use at a later stage. However, they are going to eat up space on your device. So, you can use the tools like ProGuard to remove unused classes, fields, and attributes from the application code.

To get the best results, I would recommend you to use the proguard-android-optimize.txt file that performs optimization over your APK. If you are worried about the removal of some vital code during the class removal, you can access them from app/build/outputs/mapping/release/usage.txt file to obtain your prior APK version.

  3. Vanish all the Unreferenced resources via Gradle Console:

When you are accessing the libraries, you often get a list of available funds as well. This will eat up space in your device. With the help of Gradle Console, you can relieve some space by opting for resource shrinking.

However, even after the removal of unrequired resources, you can access the list for later reference from the app/build/outputs/mapping/release/resources.txt file. For better understanding, you can Gradle with a combination of Lint. Lint helps you in static scanning of resources based on your code and removes only the unwanted files.

   4. Research upon Libraries:

During android app development, don’t only look for the available libraries, instead invest some of your time in researching for the alternative libraries. This can help you further in understanding the long-term impact of the libraries you are using.

With well-researched ideas and third-party or inbuilt libraries, you can save your time of optimizing and reducing the app size at a later stage. Also, your research can save your time of eliminating resources; instead, you can access them as per your required features only.

  5. Create multiple APKs:

As a common practice, developers usually push a single APK in the market. And, that every version is provided with a large number of assets. But, breaking a vast APK into the chunks can solve your problem. That turned possible now with Android app bundles and even the newly launched features enable users to download the feature-wise content. You can use Application Binary Interfaces (ABIs) to separate your resource files from the code files; this can be a useful practice for your users.

  6. Allow app installation on external storage:

Not everyone is a tech brain, and that’s why many times, users aren’t aware of the reason for not getting the particular app installed. When RAM serves to loads of applications, if you allow the app download in the external storage, you can improve the count of app downloads. So, a notification can ask the user that they don’t have enough internal space and if your application is allowed in external storage (SD card).

How is Google helping you?

When Google Play Store is our go-to for all of the Android applications, they are also helping you in making your services better for the end customer. The launch of the Android app bundles last year marked Google’s efforts in helping you optimize your android application in a better way to approach users.

There were some value-adding and profit adding announcement In Google I/O 2019 about the new features Google can help you within this year. It includes dynamic features, built-in app updates, internal testing & enhanced security of app database and improved rating stats. The best thing you are going to like is the pre-registration feature. You can learn about it Innovations at I/O 2019.

I strongly believe that trying the above tactics can improve app installations at a significant rate. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with making your app user’s choice. If you want to discuss anything about Android application development for your business, feel free to connect with us.

Learn Android App Development Innovations at I/O 2019

by ketan patel

In today’s world, when every one of you wants to access every information in the blink of an eye; mobile applications are surely our go to. They not only enable easy access but also empower your businesses. Google Play Store has undoubtedly helped us for over a decade in building a fantastic community that connected customers with the serving businesses.

Do you know that the tech-adorer companies like us upload over 750,000 APKs and app bundles on Play Console in a month?

Yes, that’s true. And, with this huge count of app downloads, Google developers community work consistently & strive to offer the best experience. Like every year, in I/O 2019, Google Developer’s Community introduced new features of Google Play that can help you design, develop, and grow your business in surprising ways.

When compactness of the app is the ultimate customer requirement, Android App Bundle is helping through the journey. Though the App Bundle was introduced last year, it has significantly improved user experience. With over 80,000 apps and games in app bundles, 11% of installation upliftment was observed. Due to the zeal of the same benefits, we are excitingly sharing new features that you can try for your mobile apps before planning for mobile application development.

 1. Dynamic Features for customizable apps:

When you are downloading app initially, there are several features you don’t use, but they automatically get downloaded. This occupies a huge space in your mobile device. The Android app bundles enable uploading data as bundles, and dynamic features enable downloading the features if required. Such a new feature of active data usage has three feature delivery options:

      1. On-demand Delivery: In such a case, you install the elements only when needed, instead of getting them at the time of installation.
      1. Conditional Delivery: It enables your local and device conditions to rule and deliver the app content.
    1. Instant Delivery: Here, you enable the upload of the artifact and the supported data for that feature get installed automatically.

If you are trying to understand the importance of these features can be, let us share an example, current entertainment giant, Netflix has inbuilt customer support option, and by enabling it as an on-demand delivery feature, they reported 33% of reduction in their app size. Well, you can understand the benefits of the dynamic functionality this way.

 2.Update your apps without leaving the screen:

Unlike the majority of the scenarios, apps get automatically updated. At times, it can be free Wifi access that acts as a driving force on your app updates, built in-app update features enable two ways app updates:

      1. Immediate Flow: When you just opened the application, and there is the instant update requirement without which your app can’t work efficiently; is the instant update flow pattern. This pattern will never allow you to use the app while update downloads.
    1. Flexible Flow: Unlike immediate flow, flexible download pattern allows the user to use the app while it is getting updated in the background. With this way, you can develop your app initially in a manner to allow either of the update patterns timely as per the design of update launches.

 3.Leverage the benefits of flawless internal testing with enhanced security:

When testing data bundles is a tough task, internal app sharing can make it the matter of a few seconds only. Since, you can upload the information in the chunks, in the form of bundles, Google Play shares the download URL with the testers instantly, so getting version codes and signing keys is not a huge worry for you. With Android app bundle, you can get the app signing critical upgrades with every launch for all of the new installs. This way, your apps, and the data turn out to be greater strength.

 4. Improve your App rating and app interactions:

Like your website, your application with grow its user base with the time, and you fix hundreds of bugs in every update. We understand that you don’t want to look silly because of some 10-year-old errors and bugs. And, that’s why Google Play Store is now enabling recalculation of your app rating, based on your current version of the app.

Also, they have improved the user interaction pattern by allowing suggested replies for the user’s reviews. This keeps you from the trouble of typing it manually. However, you can customize your response or can write it from scratch, as per the user response, whenever needed.

5. Enhance your targeting experience:

Right from the developed algorithms to leveraging the trending technologies and improving them every time, Google aims at improving user experience, and so it did this time at GDC.

Now, Google play store allows the access of the businesses to custom listings with install state. You will get to know the details about your current users, those who haven’t used it since long and even about those who have uninstalled your app for some reasons. You can get such information and utilize it to grow your user base.

With Google’s new registration ideas, you can incentivize the players or the users to sign-up for your app notifications, even before the launch. If you are planning to dive in the gaming industry, such features can be fruitful for you. Such features will be custom listing pages for re-registration and pre-registration rewards; such features are easily accessible to all of the developer’s community.

It was all about the novel features that Google armed you, with this season of Google I/O 2019. However, if you want to explore every feature, more detail, you can dive with research. When you combine your creativity with these latest features, you can explore new horizons of android app development.

Don’t wait now; it’s the time to roll the dice!

5 Unique Ways to Boost Your App’s Download Count

by ketan patel

From ordering the food to playing your favorite games, from accessing content on desktops to sharing global classrooms from anywhere and from downloading songs and movies to streaming them anytime, you want; mobile applications have greatly revolutionized our interaction with each other and with the information.

The development in the technology has enhanced our craving of getting the things done, right at the moment it’s said or asked. So, gone were the days when we use to access desktop computers for everything, especially when you can access the majority of things from your mobile devices.

No doubt that our dependability on the technology and especially on the smartphones is grown too much. But, do you think getting a fully functional mobile app for your business is enough to drive profit to your company?

Well, to everyone’s surprise, the answer is NO!!!

You need to try a lot of tactics to let people discover your business app as a solution to their problems. And that’s for sure that it will be a fierce competition. Wondering, why?

When the apple store alone counts 1000 new apps every day, you can imagine what would be the count of the apps on the play store. That’s why you need to follow some novel and creative ideas to attract your potential app users.

Let me share five frequently used stunning ideas that you can try to boost the count of app downloads, once done with the mobile app development :

  • App Store Optimization:

Like SEO for websites, App Store Optimization (ASO) is the crucial factor that can improve the ranking of apps in the play store/app store. If you are worried about the technical prospects behind it, don’t worry. It’s more a generic and non-technical process to boost your app visibility. Here are specific practical tips you can try to improve the rate of app downloads:

      • App Name: It is always advised to keep your brand name small. However, when naming your mobile app, it’s not only about the brand name. You need to follow the app name conventions as well. When calling an app, avoid using special characters and symbols. Add URL-friendly characters to the application title; this makes it easier to search for users. The title of an app must not be more 50 characters for the Play Store, whereas, the count is 30 characters only for App Store.
    • Enrich your app content: After Android app development, you must care for adding justified and high-search volume keywords to the content of your smartphone application. The app content includes title, subtitle, as well as the app description. Unlike websites, you don’t have to add a lot of content, but here you need to be precise and accurate. Emphasize more on the first three lines; this will be the reason to fetch readers to go further to read the expanded description. It also improves the ranking of the app in the play store.
  • Add effective screens only:

While listing your app on the app store or the play store, you need to add some of the screenshots of your app. You may be thinking that’s the most natural thing, but every user doesn’t check all of those screenshots before downloading. And, that’s why don’t add all the screenshots, instead show some 2-3 best screens, at least in the first two images. Such compelling designs can attract customers to download your app.

  • Cross-platform compatibility:

When designing the effective apps is one of the ways to attract new customers and to grow more business, you have to take care of all the platforms on which your customers are available. If you design the cross-platform compatible apps, it will be surely a profitable deal for your business.

However, if you enable interoperability, it can be a better idea to gather the larger target. Along with the cross channel, if you allow the cross-device compatibility like accessing the same applications through multiple devices like tablet, smartphones as well as desktops; you can acquire more users.

  • Introduce your app with complementary services:

In today’s aggressive competition of technology, there are so numerous alternatives to a single problem. In the same way, there are so many apps like yours, so it is undoubtedly complicated for you to grow your business. So, even if you have a sound user base, you need to make people aware of your product.

At the same point, if you make your app free initially when you launch, it can be a profitable deal for you. It will add curiosity among users to download the app.

We know that getting complementary things isn’t easy, but believe me that people still get attracted to anything that comes free. Let’s trade your app for the email addresses. Yes, the email address is a huge marketing tool. Once collecting them for the free version of your app, you can use them to communicate about your users and educate them about the product features you are offering to them.

If you are confused what’s more it can bring, well that’s the consumer engagement. And, what can be more rewarding than real customers and authentic reviews.

  • Request your users to share their views:

Getting customer reviews may seem a straightforward idea, but believe us it is not that easy! You can’t restrict your customers to review your app anyway. So, even if your app got hundreds of downloads, you can’t be sure about getting even ten reviews.

But, the review is the real voice of users that the potential buyers consider good enough to trust. The android app algorithms can’t justify the need of the customer.  User reviews not only help people in downloading the app instead help you in understanding the loopholes of your app.

A positive response can be fruitful for your business. It encourages users to review the app and rate it. However, that’s not a legal practice to ping customers consistently. You can try to push notifications to ping customers to rate the app. It can be an adequate strategy to enhance user engagement.

So, it doesn’t matter how fancy app you design, if you don’t find results instantly, you need to try other tactics to acquire customers. However, promotional efforts can benefit your business and boost the rate of downloads.

From mobile app development to pushing it to the market to acquire success, WeDoWebApps can help you throughout your journey.

3 Important Factors for Android App Development That Can Boost Your ROI

by ketan patel

By 2019, there will be 2.7 billion smartphone users across the globe, as per Statista.

The credits to this ever-increasing count of mobile phones go to the Android technology that made it available across the masses and that too in the affordable range.

These days, when the majority of businesses are moving towards an android app development: probably you thought to get one for your business.

That’s an amazing idea!

But before diving in, let me remind you, as per Statista, by 2019, there are 2.6 million apps on Google Play Store alone. Normally, every Android user has at least 40 apps installed in their smart devices and on – an average they use only 9 of them.

When designing and development of an attractive and engaging app is one worry, getting the expected ROI in another. So, even if you get your enterprise app designed, you need to think about the ways to boost customer engagement.

Consider these 3 factors when looking for app development for your business:

1. Platform selection:

Though this sounds very generic, you must refer the stats for same. While exploring and analyzing your website visitors, you can get an idea of the platform that can be adequate for your business.

Android surely gonna be your answer, because of the growing user base. But, the queries like whether you should consider cross-platform development at this stage of your business or not can be solved by your analytics scores only. Ask yourself the goal of your application: if it’s branding or enhancing engagement or to support some products you’ve launched. You may talk to your marketing team, before going ahead.

Also, check for the profitability of different development methodologies. It could be native, mobile web development or hybrid app development. Selecting the right platform can help you solve half of the puzzle.

2. Reduce the size of your android apps:

Unlike laptops and desktops, mobile phones do have limited memories. Though these days, mobiles are getting the huge internal and external memory, the usability has also equally increased. The smaller and efficient is the app, greater will be the downloads. When you are looking ahead to offer rich quality content to your users, the app size automatically grows.

That’s a challenge!

Anyways, you don’t want to reduce your app downloads, just because of the warnings like this:

And, that’s why you must consider reducing your app size. You can follow the practices like:

    1. Breakdown your APK: Have you heard of “Always eat in chunks”. Well, that’s the same practice here. You can use certain software that can break your APK into smaller chunks. These chunks will separate your Java class files, compiled resources, and resource files. This entire data will be then divided into distinct directories.  
    2. Upload with Android app Bundles: New upload format of Android app bundle can help you minimize the app size. It is based on dynamic delivery, so your users will need the memory to install the code only. Once installed, the requirement of memory will grow as per the usage by the user. So, the functionalities are freshly served.

3. Optimize your android app for large-screen devices:

Designing a great UI/UX of the applications is one of the huge factors of the android app development. In the same process, app responsiveness for multiple devices is checked.

However, the trend of large screen devices enhanced the fan following of android technology. These days people love device mobility, so neither they want to stick to desktop computers/ laptops all day long, nor they can keep their work pending. In this scenario, large screen devices help a lot in multi-tasking. From work (making presentations, creating content, etc.) to entertainment (gaming, watching movies, etc.) large screen devices improves productivity and user engagement. Walking through the below practices, you can enrich dynamic responsive layouts of your android apps:

    1. Start from a large screen: Consider designing an image: when you draw a larger one you can always make its compact version. But, if you start small, the interface of the larger version will look very plain and not so tempting. When designing, start thinking from large screens like tablets. So, you won’t suffer because of the designing quality you took for small screen devices.
    2. Use extra space: Don’t add a lot of content on your screen, neither keep a lot of blank space. You need to maintain the between the content and the white space. However, it would be better to have extra space on your screen, so you can use it to add some field if you forgot earlier.
    3. Check for orientation: As a user, you mostly hold the mobile in a portrait mode, but when it comes to playing games or watching movies you prefer landscape mode. Think with the same way while optimizing your android apps. Allow users to leverage the benefits of a large screen.

At this stage, we believe you have already decided the end goal of your app. Wanna dive in the competition of this app world? You can always connect with us to discuss the factors that can add profitability to your business. If you are thinking about Android, IoS and Windows app development, you can always count on us. We are also an iOS app development company that can help you further in acquiring your smart device users.

Cheap Android App Development with WeDoWebApps

by ketan patel

There are plenty of app developers developing Android apps. However, because of the severe competition and difference in services, the rates also differ from each and everyone. In that race, WeDoWebApps has proven as one of the most effective solutions for serving IT requirements of our various clients. We are facilitating the services of Cheap Android App development for a long duration of time.

Here are some of the points we would like recommending to those who are seeking the services of application development.

How does WeDoWebApps offers the services of Cheap Android App Development?

We can provide you with many reasons for indicating our low rates of services. As a responsible app development company, we never compromise with the quality of the applications we make. But, there are certain things which makes us deliver the services at low rates. Here are some of them.

Google Certified Partner

WeDoWebApps is a Google Certified Partner for creating applications. Due to this, our developers are familiar with the standards as well as requirements of the all types of apps. This makes us deliver the topmost characteristics along with the better functionalities in the app. As a result, your app will get approval and a place on the Playstore which will make it easier for your target audience to download and install the app on their system.

Experienced Developers

With the experienced team of developers we are having, accomplishing any project is a simple task for us. Our well-skilled app developers are familiar with the app development environment. We are having a relevant experience of serving clients from various domains. Therefore, we are aware of consequences and requirements of each business. We will use this expertise for the better delivery of services and high-quality applications for you.

Less Development Time

In order to develop better applications, we consume very little time. Our versatile team consists of expert developers, efficient Quality Assurance testers as well as Analysts. As a result, they are having an on-hand experience in dealing with the requirements of all types of businesses. Hence, your Android application will be ready within no time.

Knowledgeable with the different tools and techniques

We take pride in our team which is having knowledge of all the necessary tools and techniques for the development of any project. With the vast experience we are having, we have developed information about every necessary tactics. Furthermore, we firmly believe in continuous innovation. We will utilize these innovative techniques while creating apps for you.

Client Centric App Development

Considering the bottomline, we always keep our client in the center of any project. We will continuously update you regarding the status of the project. Apart from that, we will note your feedback and make changes as per your recommendations. In this manner, we completely ensure that the project will be as per your needs and requirements.

Satisfied with our portfolio of Cheap Android App Development? Get a quick quote from our team right now!

Why is WeDoWebApps among leading App Development Companies?

by ketan patel

When getting the services from any organization, it is necessary determining its position in the market. WeDoWebApps is one such organization providing IT services which is a leading name among the App Development Companies in Australia. With the excellent services, we are providing to the various clients, here are some of the keynotes which have brought us to this position.

Have a glance at our key deliverables and let’s start discussing on your next project with us!

Why is WeDoWebApps among leading App Development Companies? – Top Reasons Explained

Our Experienced Team

We take pride in our experienced team of developers and technicians. Our team consists of well-skilled developers, efficient web designers as well as quick testers. As a result, they are familiar with the application development environment. You can throw up any challenging task at them and they will be delivering best results to you. With our wide experience in serving the clients of various domains. We are having an expertise and a good on-hand experience of working under different niches. Thus, you can trust us for fulfilling your any kind of IT related business solutions.

The originality of Mobile Apps

While developing the mobile applications we take care of their originality. Completely ensuring that your mobile app doesn’t appear like a replica of any other app. We integrate the latest and trending features in it. As a result, you will be getting the feel of oneness and your users will be easily able to identify your app from the millions available on the Google play store. In this manner, we establish the name of your application as a brand on the store. Hence, your app will become popular among the target users within no time.

High-End Services

All the app development services which we provide to our clients are of high-end. This will result in the delivery of application without any kind of glitches and errors. Additionally, our developers and designers are always ready of tackling your any kind of requirement. Due to this, you will be getting a whole personalized experience of app development. Hence, the application which we will create for you will be as per your requirement. Right beginning from the scratch, all the features and functions that you will wish will be integrated into it!

Innovative Approach

Featuring among the popular app development companies, we have made it sure that our team is always upkeep with the latest technologies. We are always in touch with the latest innovations going on in the application development. Utilizing all such latest innovations in your project, we make it sure that the Android application which we will develop for you will meet the requirements of your end users to the most!

Wishing for a quote from us? Get in touch with us to get a feel of developing a project with leading App Development Companies!

App Developers in Melbourne and App Developers in Sydney

by ketan patel

For all the people out there seeking the services of App Developers Melbourne and App Developers Sydney. WeDoWebApps is among the leading IT Companies of Australia which is facilitating the services of Android app development to various clients. There are plenty of reasons which has taken us to this position. However, our Android app developers play a significant role in it.

Here are some of the topmost qualities of our app developers which we are discussing here in brief.

Top 7 Qualities of App Developers Melbourne and App Developers Sydney of WeDoWebApps

1. Creative

It is necessary for an Android developer to be creative enough. If a developer is creative, then he will be able to deliver perfect mobile applications which will be unique from the rest available in the store. As a result, your app wouldn’t seemingly be a replica of any other business idea.

2. User Centric Approach

For a developer, it is necessary to follow the user-centric approach. We are creating the application for the people. Therefore, it is utmost essential that it meets the requirements of the end users. Hence, we create the complete UI/UX design of the app for the convenience of the users.

3. Effective use of Strategies

While developing the project, we make use of effective methodologies. Due to this, we will be delivering the perfect solution for your business. With our wide experience in the development, we have developed our expertise in various domains. As a result, we are able to tackle the solution of all the businesses and deliver optimum results for the same.

4. Technical Skills

Developers at WeDoWebApps are having on-hand experience in the field of app development. They are possessing excellent technical skills and experience of working with various technologies. With this knowledge, we are meeting any kind of requirements which you are expecting from us. This will result in the platform of your choice.

5. Experience

Our team of technicians and developers are having an enlarged experience in the field of development. With this much experience, they are familiar with the clientele requirements. Thus, they will easily understand your requirements and deliver the same to you.

6. Cross-Platform App Development

The Cross-Platform app development is a special quality of an app developer. This makes them create higher-end applications which will perform exceptionally well on all the platforms. As a result, there wouldn’t be any kind of requirement of creating apps for different platforms. You can create one app, which will function in a good manner on all the platforms.

7. Team Players

Our developers are good team players. They are capable of working in the team. Perhaps, this is the reason why we consume less time for the development of applications. We are having an excellent quality of meeting up the deadlines. Therefore, we will deliver the project to your right or prior to the time limit that we promised to you.

WeDoWebApps is having best App Developers Melbourne and App Developers Sydney! Get a quote from us right now.