Shopify Website Design

by ketan patel

Shopify is an excellent platform for the eCommerce website development. With an increase in the shops going online, there is also an increase in the number of shop owners who are wishing to start an online store. WeDoWebApps is an organization providing the services of Shopify Website Design to such clients wishing to enter the online world.

If you too are among those shop owners, who want to establish their client base all over the World. Then, the Shopify website design services of WeDoWebApps are must have for you!

Why should you drop your choice on WeDoWebApps for Shopify Website Design?

Effective Website Designing

While designing a website, there are many things the web designer has to look after. It includes the graphics of the website, the use of better themes, templates, color combinations and a lot more. It is utmost essential for the website, to appear as per the nature of the business. Perhaps, this is the reason why web designers at WeDoWebApps embark on the proper web designing. A website that appears well attract a greater number of users and a higher ROI. Hence, you have to check the design of your website properly.

Better Web Development

Having knowledge of all the necessary tools and techniques for website development, WeDoWebApps is creating an exceptional website for our worldwide clients. When our developers take a project on hand, they take care of your requirements from the project. Developing the project as per the clientele require is our prime goal. Keeping the sections and tabs as well as making it easier for the user to access the various functions. Our main aim is making the website easily accessible from the front end.

Perfect Customization of Themes

Choosing an appropriate theme is a prerequisite for an eCommerce website. In such websites, the developers require handling a lot of data including graphics, content and other such details regarding the products. As a result, an improper use of theme might make it difficult for the web pages to load properly. It might also result in a tedious webpage that wouldn’t properly display the products. With a wide variety of options available in the themes, it will be a simple task.

Order Management System

Managing the orders from their order till delivery requires accuracy. WeDoWebApps are providing the services of developing an efficient Order Management System. With the help of such OMS, tracking the product at its place it is reached in the delivery chain becomes extremely simple.

Innovative Developers

We take pride in our team of innovative developers who create excellent Shopify websites for the clients. They are always in touch with the changing technology. Apart from that, they are also keen on learning new things so as to continuously offer you with the best.

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Shopify Web Developers

by ketan patel

Website building seems to be a difficult task for the people who are newbies to it. At such point, it is obvious that there will be plenty of confusion prevailing in their mind regarding the creation of a website. WeDoWebApps is one stop solution for such clients, who are looking for excellent Shopify web developers for creating their website. Are you keen to know why we take so much pride in them?

How do Shopify Web Developers at WeDoWebApps provide solutions to all your problems?

Better Designing Features

Website designing is an important part of creating a website. With the well efficient web designers, we are having in our team, who will create an extremely pleasant appearing website for you. Using various tools and techniques for the effective web development, we make it sure that the features of the website are easily accessible for the users. In this manner, we create an extremely user-friendly website which is a pre-requisite for an eCommerce sector.

SEO-Friendly Platform

We always aim at creating an SEO-Friendly website for the customers. If the products are appearing on the first page of the search engines, then the possibilities are higher that it will sell quickly. Due to this, for increasing the sales of the products, we also provide the services of SEO of the website. Additionally, we also take care of the SEO considerations while designing the website. This will increase the sales of the products resulting in higher return on investment (ROI).

Budget Friendly Rates

While developing a project, we keep our rates at a competitive level of the market. With the proper market research and our wide experience in development, our Shopify web developers are available at affordable rates. You can also Hire Shopify developers from us if you want to enjoy a completely personalized experience while developing a website. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the rates, it will be within your budget!

Efficient Content Management System

Developers at WeDoWebApps will also develop an efficient content management system for the proper handling of your website. On an eCommerce website, the CMS is an important part so as to properly manage the product catalog, shopping cart, graphics, content, product descriptions and a lot more. This will make the website appear extremely elegant and user-friendly. The Shopify Web Developers of WeDoWebApps are familiar with your needs and develop the project accordingly.

Simple Store Management

Managing the store from the back end is perhaps a difficult task. But, with our wide experience in store development and management, we will take care of your products, their data and other such aspects. As a result, the website will appear good and to choose a single product out of the millions will be very much simple for the users. This increases the user interface to a greater extent.

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Shopify Web Designers

by ketan patel

With the extensive features it is providing, Shopify has emerged as the latest technology for the creation of an eCommerce platform. WeDoWebApps is among the leading agencies providing Shopify development services to their worldwide client base. Having a firm trust in our highly skilled Shopify Web Designers, we will be creating attractive eCommerce stores that will boost the sales of your products.

Wish to have a glance of the qualities of our developers? Kindly go through the sections given below!

Some top-notch qualities of Shopify Web Designers at WeDoWebApps

Higher Degree of Accountability

The Shopify web designers at WeDoWebApps are having a higher degree of accountability in whatever task they are working on. With their on-hand experience in web designing, they will provide you with the effective solutions pertaining to your web designing chores. This will result in an eCommerce platform as per your requirements and wishes. Furthermore, you can always feel free to suggest your necessary inputs to the development.

Client Centric Development

While developing the projects, we keep our client at the centre. Prior to the development procedure, we take care of your inputs, suggestions and requirements. Considering the same things while developing a project, we make it sure to deliver the Shopify website in the way you want. Additionally, we will report to you at various steps so as to take your necessary inputs and suggestions regarding the project. In this manner, we ensure you with the personalized experience of web development.

Ability to meet the deadlines

Perhaps, this is the best quality that any Shopify website development company offers. Understanding the fact, that many of your plannings will be attached with our delivery, we completely assure you that the project will be delivered to you right on time. Hence, there wouldn’t be any obstacle to your schedule of launchings, registration or to whatever commitments you have made trusting us!

Attractive Platforms

It is a pre-requisite for any eCommerce platform to appear attractive. Considering this, our Shopify web designers are well-equipped with all the necessary tools. Due to this, they will be designing attractive graphics for your business website. In this manner, your website will be appearing extremely attractive and pleasing to the customers. With such website, you will be able to boost your sales to a greater extent. This not only provides you with higher sales but also makes your business to grow gradually.

Less Loading Time

The bottom line, if the website takes more time to load, the users will fade away from it. We are familiar with this issue. Therefore, we avoid the use of heavy graphics, themes and templates. As a result, your Shopify website will be loading at a quicker pace. Hence, your users wouldn’t require waiting so as to buy any product from your website.

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Keys for Shopify Website Development

by ketan patel

Online Shopping is gaining widespread popularity since last few years. Shopify helps you develop an online store of your own if you are looking to selling your products online. This blog on, Keys for Shopify Website Development is a representation of how Shopify helps people to set up their own online store.

Shopify Website Development – The basics

In this section, all the details of Shopify Website Development are listed down in an orderly manner. Go through them and get an idea about to set up your own online store.

    1. What does it do: Shopify is a total e-commerce solution for those who want to set up their online store and sell their goods. Customizing the storefront, organizing products, track orders; accept payments, and a lot of other things are possible with just a few clicks. Shopify does it all for you and you don’t have to bother yourself with all the hard work.
    2. Getting started: All one requires to set up an online store is something to sell and a credit card to pay for the online store. Shopify gives a 14 day trial period when somebody signs up for opening their online store. Once that period is exhausted, a payment method will be required to pay for the services of Shopify.
    3. Getting a domain: When someone starts out their store with Shopify, they have two options as far the domain is concerned. First, they can register for a domain on Shopify itself. All they have to do is to Log in and buy one from the domain store. If they already have a domain with another provider, then it can be integrated to Shopify. The existing provider will have to point their domain or subdomain to Shopify’s server and it is done.
    4. Ease of using: One of the most appealing reasons that attract people to use Shopify is that it is extremely easy to use. It doesn’t matter what country they live in, they can use it from anywhere in the world and all kinds of currencies are expected. Shopify forums are a great place to share your tip and tricks to other users and also receive a few from them.
    5. Orders and Shipment: Shopify takes care of all your hard work and you just have to manage your store and customers. Once an order comes in, the store owner needs to ship it to the address using their own shipment provider or pick one from Shopify.

People tend to go for Online Shopping rather than the normal one because of the ease of doing everything. One can easily browse through thousands of categories and find the thing they are looking for. There are evidently more choices on an online store than a physical one.

Thus, with this comprehensive guide to Shopify Website Development, one can see why it is a good option to take the help of Shopify to start an online store. It relatively makes it easy for budding and new entrepreneurs to shape their dreams of online shopping.

Developing the Custom CMS System in PHP

by ketan patel

It is hard imagining any website without a content management system (CMS). The cms maintain the data on the website in a proper manner. Our present blog on, Developing the Custom CMS System in PHP is about custom cms development in PHP. Here we will describe the development procedure as well as certain benefits of the given platform.

Essential features of custom cms development in PHP

Below are some essential features which a business owner must check out while availing services of custom cms development.
Portable: The CMS system must be portable enough. A Developer should be easily able to develop the website with the available widgets, themes and plugin tools. It should be easier converting the data from one form to another.
Dynamic: The website for which they are developing the cms system should be dynamic. It should be easier making any kind of changes on the website with an ease. Besides that, the distribution of the content on the website must be done in a proper manner. Such that it becomes easier for the user to find things on the website.
Data Security: These days, Data Security is one of the most important parameters while creating any website. The business owners are more often worried about the misuse of their data. So, the developers must assure the data security while developing a custom cms system.
Admin Interface: The main duty of the admin is managing the themes, contents, users as well as other aspects of the website. But, the developer can create it in such a way that the tasks of the admin enhance.

How to carry out custom cms development in PHP?

While carrying out cms development in PHP, the developer has to consider some of the following points in mind:
First of all, while developing the cms the developer has to follow a file structure. Depending upon the number of folders, subfolders, files and different types of categories the business owner will decide a file structure and the developer will do it accordingly. This results in the proper redirecting of the requests from the browser.
In the next step, you have to define all the configurations for the web page. The PHP file will receive the requests and will prepare a responsive web page. Then the developer will create file extensions with the functions. In this way, he can assign a function to each of the folders.
There is also need of a security variable. It will restrict the access of file to any other user. This assures the security of the data. For registering the themes of the website for designing purpose, there is also a requirement of the template function. Besides that, for checking the form submission request the user will need a session variable.
In the present blog on, Developing the Custom CMS System in PHP we briefed you out about the custom cms development in PHP along with its essential requirements as well as development procedure of the system.

Getting Custom CMS Services

by ketan patel

In order for remaining in touch with users on regular basis, business owners need to regularly update them. Perhaps, a good way for maintaining user engagement is providing them with a rich content every time they visit their website. The present blog on, Getting custom cms services is a compilation of custom cms solutions. CMS basically relates to the proper management of database on a particular website.

Prerequisites of a CMS system

A CMS system must be easier to update. It should have a rich text environment for providing the content to the users in an attractive manner. The content should be arranged in such a way that pleases users of each and every kind.
It must be easier to work with the CMS. There are plenty of ways for carrying out custom cms solutions that will allow even a non technical person to easily work with it.

Platforms of CMS

A content management system generally uses three different types of tools or platforms. These are:

Drupal CMS Development

A popular cms solutions platform, Drupal offers the website owners not only with the content framework or website applications. But it also allows them for effectively growing their organization with vertical development. Moreover, it comes with a highly optimized SEO framework with which it can become popular easily.

Joomla CMS Development

An open source cms development platform. Joomla finds its application in apps and websites on various niches and platforms. The support system of Joomla is having a wide acceptance as well as it is extremely easier working with it. It is extremely easier customizing and maintaining the content with the help of Joomla.

WordPress CMS Development

WordPress is an extremely user convenient platform for CMS development. Business owner will get access to variety of plugins, themes as well as widgets in it. This makes it extremely easier to setup and customizes a page in WordPress. Even a person with a negligible technical knowledge can setup the page with WordPress.

Things to look for while custom cms solutions

Here is a list of features that a business owner must check out while getting services of cms:
User Friendly: The cms must be easier to access from the user’s side. There shouldn’t be any kind of ambiguity in the classification of the data on the web page. It will provide convenience to the user while accessing it.
Cost Effective: CMS is a day to day task. Higher rates might result in the reduction of service. Thus, it is essential that cms services are done at a convenient cost.
Audio Video Streaming: A web page must support both audios as well as videos. These are the kind of content that attracts the users the most.
Responsive: Content must be arranged on the web page in a manner that attracts the users and result in increase of traffic on the website.
In the present blog on, Getting custom cms services we have brief out about the introduction, benefits and development procedures of custom cms solutions. We hope that these guidelines will be helpful to you while availing services for custom cms.

Benefits of Customization in PHP

by ketan patel

As a result of several new applications relating to the Web and mobile
technology, the recent interventions ensure fulfilling the outdated core platforms as well as enterprise software with advanced structural frameworks, architectures and capabilities are imperative. All the modern organizations continuously turned inclined towards PHP framework in order to provide customization and integration capabilities with regards to a modern high-end user interface, critical application and website performance, credible functionalities, reliability in quality, and at the end, the commercial as well as individual support expected in the enterprise.

Laravel, Cake PHP, CodeIgniter, Yii, Cake PHP and Symfony are some frameworks gaining popularity among developers. All of the above frameworks are similar in supporting the PHP versions, Model-View-Controller (MVC), multiple databases as well as in terms of supporting templates. Interestingly, in addition to PHP flexibilities and custom PHP development, one of the main reasons for PHP development preferences is the time required for web application development. According to a survey, the reason for larger organizations opting applications written in PHP is a quick turn around of the PHP frameworks for delivering software, implementation of new features, customer satisfaction as per requirements. This takes the consideration of the fact that everyone in the business or every stakeholder gains profit when the process of delivering product or services is least with great efficiency score.

Compared to early years of PHP after its introduction and today, observing the PHP framework usage, it is valid to state that the mobile and web developing organizations have tremendously used the framework and gaining an overall expertise over it. All the applications and websites built with the custom PHP are critical in business applications and therefore, increased the productivity of the corporates and individuals by appreciating the Information Technology applications with the task. With this regards, custom CMS development in PHP has gained importance to an extent where every modern functionality requires integration capabilities, reliability, commercial support and modern User Interface.

With recent interventions on the internet, as per the requirements of the increasing business functional needs not only of the corporate clients having own backend admins to ensure the reliable working of the website, but also the individual users having a small or mid-sized business, the website frameworks as well as platforms keep on changing. With this regards, the recent utility of Content Management Systems (CMS), because of an easy manageability even by non-technical users, has increased and at present, nearly 60% of the applications and website are based on the PHP framework. Surprisingly, the demand for PHP custom development remains strongest on the track of future amends.

With shorter development cycles, PHP development and customization are as per the needs of Scalability, Performance, Cloud readiness, and security are the unique selling points (USP) of Custom PHP development.

Significant PSD to CMS Techniques

by ketan patel

As one of the best practices in developing a Content Management System (CMS) from scratch, it is constructive to prepare a strategic road-map prior. In case, the CMS is intended to be developed from PSD file (.psd extension), then the first step involves slicing of the images in a PSD file. Slicing means cutting out and dividing an image design file and integrating many such designs to create an overall design that that could be used as the layout of the web page.

The slicing of the images that are required to be integrated into the layout of a web page is done in an image editing software, which is Adobe Photoshop or any other comparable that most of the developers use. As per the designing requirements, a high-resolution design is achieved at the end of a design, that could be edited through any of the image editing software such as Microsoft paint. It is a valid point to consider that none of the other software provides an efficient design in terms of quality as well as time.

Many designers creatively design by utilizing software to create layered images and thus, overall an image that is multi-layered. It helps in developing front-end section of the a website by using multi-layered images designed images or files. It is to be observed that Adobe photoshop files are already divided into many components aiding in developing the front-end. PSD to CMS conversion is one of the best practices followed by many web development organizations and slicing images with an utmost efficiency collectively of the developer.

The main feature of consideration here relates with the features required to be sliced wholly as they can not be created dynamically, and similarly, features that are created dynamically are not required to be cut in full. Thus to deal with it the designers, as well as developers, decide the design and code according to their requirements of the sections they need to create dynamic designs and the sections they do not want to keep dynamic. Due to the robustness in functionalities, PSD to CMS conversion relates to one of the major domains of a content management system.

Thus in PSD to CMS conversion, there are two important considerations of the user interface. First is in terms of attractive layout and being user friendly and the second is about efficient coding making the website code functional.

Let WeDoWebApps take your Shopify Responsibility

by ketan patel

More than a hundred thousands of Shopify developers around the web, it makes difficult for anyone to chose suitable developer among them. WeDoWebApps gives you the reason to hire Shopify developers out of a many and make the top business results productive for every stakeholder related to the business.

Understanding the importance of business environment
Before any of the technical qualifications required for being a Shopify developer, the most needed quality is regarding vision and approach towards the business. Besides a number of developers, the upcoming race in the future shall decide the winner from an organization’s perspective will be its approach with which, the organization deals with its business, goals, internal environment management and resources to deal with the external environment and the market as well. WeDoWebApps shares a vision of growth with every aspect of its strategy, thus, it has become an organization preferred by most of the clients to hire Shopify developer.

Upper hand at technical abilities
The immense knowledge of technical staff related to every design, customizable themes, shipping and transactions options worldwide according to the country and gateway options, are a few of numerous reasons to hire Shopify developer from WeDoWebApps. At present, WeDoWebapps has completed Shopify project by clients successfully covering every potential task related to Shopify Website Development. WeDoWebApps have gained a better position in the market and grown irrespective of situations getting hard regarding business and market competence. So, there is no doubt one can have on capabilities of the organization when it comes to IT business sector.

Consistency in quality management
WeDoWebApps is not just an organization that develops websites and applications for its clients, but it has grown with understanding the importance consistency in performance of every services and product that has arrived out the Shopify workshop. This way, WeDoWebApps manages to go beyond the development domain and take every responsibility for the client to reach best figures regarding the consistent performance of the organization. The best possible content to reach out to people and assistance with dynamic SEO techniques to keep the reach of consistent figures are what WeDoWebApps provide to its customers when they hire Shopify developers. It is not because WeDoWebApps has an experience of scope regarding client’s expectation, it provides a valid reason to hire Shopify developer from WeDoWebApps, but it is its clients’ experiences working with the organization that supports the reason for its existence.