Tips for Building a Successful E-commerce Website

by ketan patel

These days, the world is driven by the internet and hence people are more interested in shopping online than exploring the stores. Therefore, it is important for businesses to sell their products and services online. For this purpose, you need to have a well-built e-commerce website. If you don’t have experience of building or designing websites, you will find the process scary. It is an easy task for expert e-commerce development services. However, for inexperienced people, it is never easy to launch a working website, especially an e-commerce website which facilitates the sales process. So, here are a few tips which will help you in building a website for your online store.

  1. Select the right platform- The first and the most important step is to choose the right platform for building the website. This platform is also called as the content management system. They are the engines which allow websites to run. Currently, There are three platforms which are popular among e-commerce development services; WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Among these three, WordPress is considered as the easiest solution with a streamlined interface and you can access numerous exclusive themes and plugins through it. Drupal and Joomla also have good features; however, you need to achieve expertise for using them. So, you must make a choice wisely.
  2. Choose a hosting provider- Many of the people get confused at this step, so must take your own time and understand the details. After selecting WordPress as a building platform, now you need to select a host, which will connect your website to the internet. You will find many options, but it is recommended to select a host that is specialized in e-commerce or host many e-commerce websites.
  3. Name the site- It is also a crucial step in the development process and hence you should not do the selection in hurry. If you don’t choose a correct and impressive name for your website, it will hamper your chances of getting success, while a perfect domain name increases the visibility of the site. Don’t choose a complex name and make sure you spell it correctly. It should be unique so that people remember it easily. The name should describe your niche effectively. Make a list of probable domain names and search for availability. If you find the one which is available, register it. You have to pay the fees for registering the domain name.
  4. Find a theme and create an outline- You can find many attractive e-commerce themes with WordPress. You can select the suitable one from free themes or you can go for some premium themes as they have a greater number of customization features. After selecting the theme, you must craft the outline before entering into the design phase. It not only helps you to know the estimated budget but also help you to decide if you can do it on yourself or need the help of e-commerce development services . The outline includes everything like content, design, structure, navigations and many other things.
  5. Designing- After crafting the outline, start designing the website accordingly. If you have followed each of the above-mentioned tips, the designing process will not be stressful. While designing the site, stick to simplicity and concentrate more on the functionality in order to make it user-friendly.

Development of an e-commerce website requires patience, hard work and desire to win new things. Although, it is a challenging thing to do, with disciplined efforts you can get success.

Ecommerce Agency in London

by ketan patel

When it comes to Ecommerce Agency London, WeDoWebApps features among the frontrunners facilitating exceptional services. With a team of skilled developers, efficient coders and creative designers, we create a platform which generates higher traffic. Here are some reasons indicating why we are the one-stop solution for every online retailer out there.

Choosing WeDoWebApps as an Ecommerce Agency London for your project development will get you…


Offering plenty of benefits to the online retailers, Magento is among the most popular Ecommerce development platforms. According to some researchers, at present Magento is empowering more than 2,50,000 Ecommerce websites. This indicates its versatility and ability to create the best Ecommerce website. It will provide you with the flexible solutions for the proper growth of the business.


Empowering the Online stores since 2014, Shopify at present is supporting more than 500,000 Merchants on its various websites. This indicates the level of trust these online retailers are having in them. Perhaps, the best part about Shopify which we would consider is its ease of access as well as the options it facilitates to them. With Shopify, you will also be able to sell your products through social media platforms. This ensures better ROI and higher sales.


Providing us with better security measures, WeDoWebApps creates attractive BigCommerce websites that are simple to operate. When developing a project on BigCommerce, there are plenty of options available with the online retailers to choose from. Because of this, designing a pleasantly appearing Ecommerce store becomes possible. Additionally, we also offer the services of redesigning your whole store from scratch if you are not satisfied with your current design.


The store building platform offering the best SEO characteristics, Volusion is having the inbuilt tools for getting your website a higher rank on search engines. Furthermore, the additional benefit you can gain is its support to currencies all across the globe. As a result, you will be selling your products to the whole world using the same website. At present, there are more than 1,80,000 online retailers who have levied upon their trust on Volusion.


WooCommerce is an open source platform making the customizations and modifications simpler in it. Moreover, it is extremely secure building a store on WooCommerce. This assures the security of the data which the user or the client will enter on the website. It is also having social integrity features which will connect your website to the social media platforms.


Providing support to more than 35,000 online stores, NopCommerce is a continuously growing platform for Ecommerce website development. As an Ecommerce Agency London, we are having well-efficient NopCommerce developers. Right starting from the module development, features integration, we take care of the client’s requirements while developing a project and deliver the same to them.

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Understanding the Concept of E-commerce Development Company

by ketan patel

Running a business towards success is not just about the idea of the hard pushes, instead, it requires the right strategy application at the right stage of development. e-commerce Development Company is one of these strategies that prove to be an effective standard for most of the organizations.

How can e-commerce Development Company enact towards business Development?

In simple terms, developing the E-commerce services for a defined company involves the use of online services for supporting either the functions of the company, or provide its knowledge to the audience. E-commerce websites provides the businesses an open medium for the consumers to access the benefits that they can have from the organization. In return, this becomes an easier way for the company to reach their customers.
Here are some of the points that will describe how a development company supports the growth a business.

  1. Expertise towards the right steps for venture: The greatest advantage of having the support via e-commerce development company is that the business venture prospects are completely handles by their market experts. Depending on the type of venture a business endorses, the right support is always exclaimed by the experts themselves.
  2. Delivering the right content to potential customers: It might be difficult for some businesses to explore the consumers directly. Thanks to E-commerce services enlisting the services of an organization, the customers tend to access the service themselves. In this manner, the company will save extra expenses for reaching out every consumer.
  3. Dedicated divisions to deliver projects within time sanctioned: The point clearly defines that the work of a development company composes of professionals who are dedicated to provide timely solutions to the company in the adjacent services. They intend to serve and maintain a longer relationship with the company so that both can endure the success together.
  4. Save productive time for company officials: Since the professionals are engaged in maintaining the online services, the burden is shaking off the company’s employees. There is no need to recruit special divisions and the employees can concentrate on other aspects of the business. This eventually saves valuable time of the company which proves to be profitable in the long term.
  5. The concept of E-commerce development: The online business industry has been booming for the past few years. It is a powerful tool in the development of almost any kind of business. E-commerce is an attractive concept for the entrepreneurs and many retailer leaders all over the world. Hence, developing your online business obtaining the help from the development company will help you in generating more revenue.

There are several more favourable points that may favour E-commerce support for any business. In order to boost brand capabilities in front of the market and create a defining position there, it is significant that experts in this field are sought for. Hence, these points clearly define the importance of the e-commerce Development Company the n growth of different businesses or organizations.

How to get e-commerce development services?

by ketan patel

In the era when it is expected that the reach of online businesses will go five times as of now. It becomes necessary for us, understanding How does e-commerce market actually works. The present blog on, How to get e-commerce development services? deals with the aspects one needs considering while getting such services.

What are the various available e-commerce development services?

There are plenty of versatilities existing when one is looking for availing the e-commerce development services. These are a list of some of the services which the online business owner must keep in mind while getting these services.

Easily Optimizable Website

The e-commerce website must be easily optimizable. No one is aware, from where the potential customer will come to the website. Thus, it is necessary that the e-commerce website gives the similar result across all platforms. Whether it is mobile, tablet or a desktop, the sitemap of the website must easily adjust itself.

Online Sales Report

It is also necessary delivering the online sales report to your potential customers. This informs them that which product is performing in a better manner and which isn’t. In this way, the online business owner can focus that which product needs more marketing and various other aspects for better performance of his online website.

Easily Management of Content

E-commerce website requires handling a large amount of data. Such as graphics of the products and services offered, the specifications, comparison tables and a lot more. Handling such a large amount of data requires a highly efficient content management system. Mishandling of data can cause ambiguity among visitors of the website.

Development of Shopping Cart

For the effective performance of the e-commerce website, it is necessary that it has ‘Easy to Shop’ options readily available. Due to this, the developer of the e-commerce website must be having sufficient knowledge for developing an easy to access shopping cart for the customers.

Cross Selling across platforms

Cross selling compatibility is among the prerequisites of the online business right now. It is a proven method for easily getting the potential customers for your online business. Hence, it is necessary for the online website to be compatible with various other platforms.

Promotional Offers

It is also necessary for the e-commerce websites providing promotional offers as well as discounts to their customers. This will attract the customers for getting the services from a particular website. There should also be some kind of discount offered on the services and products that will encourage them buying from the e-commerce website.


Management of the e-commerce website is an essential part. Right beginning from the orders, various kind of contents, the reports one has to submit to the customers, the sales of the website, newsletter and a lot more. There should be a dedicated team for each of this task for the effective functioning of the e-commerce website.
Our present blog on, How to get e-commerce development services? relates to necessary e-commerce development services that one must look out for while e-commerce website development.

Considerations for Developing E-Commerce Business

by ketan patel

In order to effectively progress in the market, it is necessary for a service provider to do the branding of their website in a proper manner. This is where the need of ecommerce development services arises. In our present article on Considerations for developing E-Commerce Business, we will brief you about the main things one need to consider as well as the benefits of the e-commerce services.

ECommerce Development Services – What to Look For?

Hereby is a quick look at the important points to be kept in mind while getting the services for your e-commerce business.
While working in the e-commerce, the consumers are worried the most about the security of their data. The online transactions require the customer to submit their data like Credit Card, Phone Number, Address, Communication Details etc. Thus, it is the necessary for the website owner so assure the security of data of their customer.
The first thing which any user will notice on your e-commerce website is the sitemap as well as its design. So it is necessary for the website owner to make it as attractive as possible. It is also necessary that all the required kind of data is easily available on the website.
The e-commerce website must be user-friendly. It must compress itself as per the platform which their customer is using. The website should be as simple as possible. As the complex website might create troubles for the user. For this, you must make the navigation of tabs as well as shopping carts easier to access.
Cross Selling
Cross selling relates to reaching out the customers using a different kind of platforms. An automated sitemap is one such facility which you can offer to the customers while ecommerce development services which will make the customers to easily access your e-commerce website.
Following are the things which are covered under the management considerations of the ecommerce development services.

  1. Newsletter Management: In order to enhance the performance of your e-commerce website you need to provide your consumers with an effective newsletter.
  2. Sales Management: The main reason to get ecommerce development services is to increase the sales of your products. Thus, it becomes necessary to provide to develop effective tools and techniques to reach out more amount of customer.
  3. Order Management: The website owner also has to develop an order management system so as to handle the orders and their supply to the customers in a proper manner.
  4. Content Management: In this management, you have to look after the content such as images, texts, audios etc. which you are going to use on your website.
  5. Report Management: For making the decision making procedure in an organization easier, it is necessary to provide the managers with the substantial information of the organization. This is covered under Report Management.

In the present article on, Considerations for developing E-Commerce Business we have briefed out some of the notable points to be kept in mind while getting the e-commerce services.

E-commerce Platform Development

by ketan patel

Back in the year, 1971, students studying in the institutes such as Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology experimented about selling Cannabis online. At that time, it was a new kind of dealing in that era. Not as a controversy, but, it was seen as “the seminal act of e-commerce”. It led to the development of e-commerce concept and starting from that day, e-commerce developed as one of the most preferred shopping platforms by people across the globe.

Electronic commerce, relates to trading facilitation for every stakeholder through an online network, which is commonly the internet. An e-commerce development service plays a significant role in trading. Of course, commerce is a vast area that needs greatest skills of business persons in addition to the immense experience. But, when it comes to the development of the platform, where e-commerce can be done, a great expertise in the development of software and application using several programming languages is required.

At present, an e-commerce development service needs to be capable of developing the e-commerce platform that can be accessed through any of the devices and through any of the software or applications. Commonly, an e-commerce development service prefers to have open source platform for the purpose.

Below are the trending open source e-commerce platforms.

  • WooCommerce & WP e-commerce: Both, WooCommerce and WP e-commerce are plugins that can convert a WordPress site into an e-commerce store. One need not to change a WordPress website entirely to have and customize into an e-commerce store. Due to the popularity of WordPress in the recent past and, the rise of e-commerce stores as new marketplace collectively led to the usage of both of the WordPress plugins.
  • Drupal Commerce: It is e-commerce app and built on Drupal CMS that allows the addition of third-party app extensions.
  • Magento: Magento is another free, one of the most popular sources, and entirely a different version of e-commerce itself.
  • PrestaShop: PrestaShop is written in PHP and based on designing the templates. It is also one of the most popular platforms among e-commerce development service for e-commerce.
  • OpenCart: Like PHP, OpenCart is also written in PHP and known for its maximum number of payment gateways integration.
  • Spree Commerce: As mentioned, it is among the open sources. This e-commerce solution is based on Ruby on Rails. It is translated into more than 30 languages.

Now, if we look at an e-commerce development service, there can be listed as many options for e-commerce development that started with a simple idea, open sources are fits into a category that provides trading solutions to merchants to fill their utmost needs.