The 30-Second Trick for Integrating Siri in the Third Party Apps

by ketan patel

As known beforehand, two apps run by themselves and cannot interact with one another on iOS. Other apps incorporate social apps, smart residence and many more. As a consequence, many mobile apps are going to take a hit and become sub servants of VPAs soon.

Sooner or later, the business may add SimpleThings connectivity. Undoubtedly, it is trying to leave a tiny room for users to be attracted by the Google Chrome browser, which has always been stunning. Besides the typical software announcements and releases, the Cupertino-based business is also predicted to earn a variety of Siri-based advertisements.

Things You Won’t Like About Integrating Siri in the Third-Party Apps and Things You Will

Apple is making the new Cycle Tracking app readily available to all iPhone users, too. And therefore you don’t need an Apple Watch if you wish to use the feature. It is not a search company. It might be a little late when it comes to letting in the third-party applications use voice recognition. It is trying to solve the issue and upgrading the framework too to make it as a flexible one. It showed us a possible future that will have an impact on the way we design. It revolutionized personal technology with the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984.

Siri, on the flip side, is a massive portion of the Apple Watch, offering up voice commands for lots of the smartwatch’s superior capabilities. As a consequence, Siri can understand speech and free form human issues in place of a particular control. Siri is an essential quality of CarPlay. Siri is also turning into a little bit of a mind reader. Employing a feature named QuickType, Siri will attempt to predict what you wish to say next. Siri will have the ability to search Finder for files created during a particular period in a specific subject. And you will be able to refine your search with follow-up questions. Aside from Siri being a voice technology, it’s likewise an all-round assistant, you could utilize to activate shortcuts by just tapping a button in place of a voice command.

Siri is quite powerful even if limited to some kinds of applications right now. Siri doesn’t dip into third-party apps, however, and that means. You’re on your own in regards to finding the Spotify playlist or Pandora station you’re searching. Siri maps a lot of things to inform me about the weather. You need to command, and Siri will produce the call for you. So now, you cannot only ask Siri to make calls utilizing third-party apps like the global. Roaming app-Ajura but also experience calling enjoy the native of your cell phone.

Critical Pieces of Integrating Siri in the Third-Party Apps

Alexa-enabled devices are generally using where folks spend the majority of their time, for example, the family room and kitchen. To start with, it isn’t looking suitable for new devices. Just make sure that the unit is running the most recent edition of iOS and plug that puppy into a compatible vehicle stereo. Ultimately, it’s the only Siri device that sits in 1 place all day, every day, and that means you know just where to speak.

From that point, users can merely speak whatever command they wish, without the necessity for a polite precursor. They don’t have to put the passcode to receive calls to unlock the screen. For instance, the user starts running. Users would also have the capacity to use the very same Siri features with the device they enjoy with their iPhone. Because of deep links, Android users will have the ability to start a conversation with a voice app and keep in an Android app.

Immaterial of the original method an app chooses to integrate with Cortana; she is always going to preserve and offer all context she has about the particular task available. After you have the Garmin app downloaded, a number of the apps have settings that could be customized. You are also going to be able to look for apps via Siri, dictation and scribble features. Allow it to be simpler to locate the Apple Watch apps you have to have in your life. Now you may use the enabled apps inside the Siri interface. Today you can improve your apps with voice commands to supply your users with bot-style interactions.

How to Reduce your Mobile Apps Size and Boost Downloads?

by ketan patel

Do you know with every 6 MB of increase in the size of mobile apps, the chances of app downloads are reducing by 1%? 

Yes, that’s true.

Well, if you are wondering for a reason, ask yourself about the first thing you check while downloading any android application in your smartphone. For me, that one factor is the size of an app. If you think that I got an inferior device, then let me tell you that my device is one with 4GB RAM and 64 GB of internal space with the flexibility of adding the storage, but I am still out of memory. And, while surfing for the mobile app on Play Store for utility, I prefer looking for an alternative, if I had to free up some space on my device.

I believe that’s the same story for the majority of you also. That’s why, by considering yourself as the end customer, you must keep the app size in mind. It can help you in a better to serve customers with your Android App Development service.

From android application development to delivering them to the end-users, your primary goal is to improve customer engagement, and that means more load, high-quality graphics, and fantastic content. The challenge is to get the reduced app size even with the same quality. I am sharing a few tools that can help you to make your APK leaner.

 1. Compress your high-quality graphics:

    • HD image is the ultimate requirement from users, and that is one of the huge contributors of APK size. However, nothing can be better than getting the same quality with the reduced image size. You can try several image compression tools like TinyPNG, OptiPNG, pngcrush, etc.
    • Once done with compressing images, you can move ahead with removing unwanted files and folders from your APK. Note that using such image compressing tools is the manual process, and it will take a bit more time. However, when you are looking for some less time-consuming tool, the content & graphics will get automatically compressed with Android Asset Packaging Tool (AAPT).
    • If you are using Android Studio and your project SDK version is 18 or above, you can try switching to WebP version for images. You can convert JPEG, PNG or BMP version of the pictures and that too without compromising with the quality.
    • If you are opting to draw images or to get the vector versions, you can try with Vector Drawable; you can add quality graphics to your apps and that too in the XML version. The best thing is, you won’t be losing the quality of graphics anyway.

  2. Take the assistance of ProGuard to remove unimportant classes & methods:

When designing an android app, there are so many classes and components you need in between. But, not each one of these classes, fields, attributes, and methods are of use at a later stage. However, they are going to eat up space on your device. So, you can use the tools like ProGuard to remove unused classes, fields, and attributes from the application code.

To get the best results, I would recommend you to use the proguard-android-optimize.txt file that performs optimization over your APK. If you are worried about the removal of some vital code during the class removal, you can access them from app/build/outputs/mapping/release/usage.txt file to obtain your prior APK version.

  3. Vanish all the Unreferenced resources via Gradle Console:

When you are accessing the libraries, you often get a list of available funds as well. This will eat up space in your device. With the help of Gradle Console, you can relieve some space by opting for resource shrinking.

However, even after the removal of unrequired resources, you can access the list for later reference from the app/build/outputs/mapping/release/resources.txt file. For better understanding, you can Gradle with a combination of Lint. Lint helps you in static scanning of resources based on your code and removes only the unwanted files.

   4. Research upon Libraries:

During android app development, don’t only look for the available libraries, instead invest some of your time in researching for the alternative libraries. This can help you further in understanding the long-term impact of the libraries you are using.

With well-researched ideas and third-party or inbuilt libraries, you can save your time of optimizing and reducing the app size at a later stage. Also, your research can save your time of eliminating resources; instead, you can access them as per your required features only.

  5. Create multiple APKs:

As a common practice, developers usually push a single APK in the market. And, that every version is provided with a large number of assets. But, breaking a vast APK into the chunks can solve your problem. That turned possible now with Android app bundles and even the newly launched features enable users to download the feature-wise content. You can use Application Binary Interfaces (ABIs) to separate your resource files from the code files; this can be a useful practice for your users.

  6. Allow app installation on external storage:

Not everyone is a tech brain, and that’s why many times, users aren’t aware of the reason for not getting the particular app installed. When RAM serves to loads of applications, if you allow the app download in the external storage, you can improve the count of app downloads. So, a notification can ask the user that they don’t have enough internal space and if your application is allowed in external storage (SD card).

How is Google helping you?

When Google Play Store is our go-to for all of the Android applications, they are also helping you in making your services better for the end customer. The launch of the Android app bundles last year marked Google’s efforts in helping you optimize your android application in a better way to approach users.

There were some value-adding and profit adding announcement In Google I/O 2019 about the new features Google can help you within this year. It includes dynamic features, built-in app updates, internal testing & enhanced security of app database and improved rating stats. The best thing you are going to like is the pre-registration feature. You can learn about it Innovations at I/O 2019.

I strongly believe that trying the above tactics can improve app installations at a significant rate. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with making your app user’s choice. If you want to discuss anything about Android application development for your business, feel free to connect with us.

Comparative Analysis of React Native and Angular

by ketan patel

One of the regular debate of the techno world is going in between React and Angular. Even when both are the front end development languages and introduced by tech giants, you will find the varying opinions of people about them.

Angular was released by Google in 2010 as Angular JS and later got re-introduced in the market in 2016 as Angular 2+. When choosing Angular, you’ve to code in Javascript and TypeScript, and it is portable to as Native Script.

Whereas, React JS was introduced by everyone’s beloved, Facebook, in 2013. Unlike Angular, ReactJS involves coding by adding the third party libraries and leverages its utility native app development. Both React JS and Angular are Javascript based languages and are close competitors of one another.

They surely have distinct scoring points in different cases. But, if you are looking forward to moving ahead with the project, let me share some of the differentiating points that you must consider before deciding :

   1. What is Language architecture?

Talking about the type of architecture, then both Angular and React, follow the component-based architecture. This clearly states that both of the frameworks involve cohesive ad reusable components. However, React uses Javascript framework whereas, Angular employes Typescript. This way, Angular found to be less error-prone and more compact.

     2. How quick can you accomplish project development?

Taking up the project depends on the development tenure. React leverages the functionality of distinct libraries for distinct features. Since maximum libraries are of third – parties, dependency and the research and installation time grows.

On the contrary note, Angular enables command line interface (CLI). This helps in easy code writing with the help of Typescript.

So, when looking for agile development with not so much precision, React can surely be your go-to option.

     3. How flexible is your coding language?

ReactJS offers the flexibility to choose the tools and the libraries that as per the requirement of your app. So, you can customize and select the libraries only that can be helpful for you, at first hand.

Earlier with Angular, there was a limited amount of freedom. But, the arrival of Angular 7 (latest version of Angular) you can embed codes in HTML based apps and you can use same Angular components within another framework. ReactJS still outweighs Angular in terms of flexibility and freedom of language.

     4. How does data binding work for Angular and React?

The term ‘Data Binding’ can be intriguing for you. But, it is a simple connection between the components of the code and changed values. Now, that’s for sure that not every place in your code will be static, especially when we are talking to about the native cross-platform apps.

React works on one-way data binding logic, here the UI elements will change only after the change in the model state. However, there will not be any vice-versa changing. On the contrary, Angular employs two-way data binding; i.e., when the model state changes the UI elements going to change and update automatically.

Angular can be more efficient to serve the small projects, but such variations can be disastrous for complex projects. If you have a simple and smaller project at your plate, Angular can be the right choice, but another way round can be more helpful for you.


  1. What is the Document Object Model (DOM) employed?

DOM is closely related to data binding structure. In Angular, change in a single component changes an entire tree and thus is said to have real DOM. Whereas, the react employes virtual DOM. In the virtual DOM, the change of a single component doesn’t affect other parts of the tree.

Talking about the speed of the Document Object Model (DOM), then Virtual DOM wins over the real DOM as virtual DOM is found to be faster than the real ones.


  1. How is the mobile experience in either of the frameworks?

ReactJS offers native UI experience; it enables you to customize your native code in Java, Kotlin or Objective C. On the other hand, Angular provides Ionic framework. It allows utilizing the UI components from the available library, and that’s why it offers a web experience, even when inside the app.

So, when you are seeking for an outstanding mobile experience for the mobile application, you must count on React.


  1. How easier will it be to keep my app updated with minimum efforts?

Angular makes it easier to keep your app updated as per the industry updates. Let me tell you the reason behind it.

AngularJS and even the latest version Angular 7 enables coding in Command Line Interface (CLI). With a few sets of commands, you can update your mobile app without any worries. The two-way binding enables easy updating all the libraries used inside.

For React, transitions with updates is a huge thing. React works with the third-party libraries, and thus, a developer needs to check with the individual libraries that whether they are compatible with the updates or not. This further enhances the developer’s efforts. In such a case, you can hire a react native developer to help you through this rigorous process.

In this case, Angular wins over the React.


There are specific pros and cons of every framework. However, each of them can be the right fit for your project in distinct cases. So, you need to judge upon the factors that are profitable for you as per the project requirement. Hopefully, the above factors can help you decide the framework you need to opt.

When frameworks regularly update, you need to stay tuned to adopt the changes as per the trends. The industry standards help you in optimizing your work process and streamline your business. For further discussions about mobile application development for your business, feel free to contact us.

App Development Company Melbourne and App Development Company Sydney

by ketan patel

While developing a mobile application, one shall also check out the negative aspects of an organization. However, it is quite clear that no one will tell their negatives openly. But, being a responsible App Development Company Melbourne and App Development Company Sydney, WeDoWebApps has taken care of some practices. Therefore, while developing an Android app we make it sure not to make any mistake.

Here are some of the things which you will never get from us. Have a look at them and get ready for the excellent Android app development services from us.

What does WeDoWebApps avoid being a responsible App Development Company Melbourne as well as App Development Company Sydney?

Crashing of Applications

Well, you should never expect crashing of applications from our end. Reason? Our developers put their complete efforts while developing a project for you. Apart from that, they take care of the complete product development lifecycle. Due to this, there wouldn’t be any kind of glitches or errors in the functioning of the application. As a result, it would also prevent the crashing of applications and your app will function smoothly across all the devices.


Our main aim is always delivering real and original applications to our clients. We strictly adhere ourselves from following the footsteps of any other mobile application. Believing in originality, our expert team of developers is having an in-depth knowledge of all the essential tools and techniques necessary for development. Therefore, the app which we will deliver to you will be original and will offer you with a unique feel while accessing it. You shouldn’t expect duplication from us. As a responsible company, we believe in originality of ideas and not duplications.

Not Utilizing Standard Input Elements

Even during the development of an application, we make use of standard input elements for development. The use of sub-graded or sub-quality elements often results in the development of a low-quality application. This isn’t the kind of work which we deliver. We believe in delivering high-quality work to our clients. Therefore, our team utilizes best practices, agile development methodologies, topmost strategies for the development of a project. Hence, we will never compromise with the quality and always deliver the best to you!

Not Testing your Mobile Applications

Handing over the application to you without testing it is not possible with WeDoWebApps. Once the project is accomplished, our expert team of Quality Assurance and Quality Control will thoroughly check your mobile app. Removing all the bugs existing into the system (if present), we make it sure that there aren’t any kind of issues in the functioning of the app. Hence, the app which we will deliver to you will be continuously providing better results irrespective of the platform it is accessed from.

How is our portfolio as an App Development Company Melbourne and App Development Company Sydney? Loved it? Get in touch with our team for a quick quote.

App Developers in Australia and App Developers in Gold Coast

by ketan patel

Many business owners are planning to take their business online. Perhaps, this is the reason why the demand for an App developer is increasing day by day. WeDoWebApps is one such organization having the best App Developers Australia and App Developers Gold Coast. If you are wishing to create an Android application, then we can be your trusted partner in the same.

Here are some of the reasons we will give to you for explaining what to look out for in the developers. An in-depth knowledge of all these points will get you the perfect services of Android app development.

Why shall you trust the App Developers Australia of WeDoWebApps?

Wide experience as App Developer

The developers at WeDoWebApps are having a wide experience of developing Android apps for the different business requirements. With our such expertise in development, we are having an on-hand experience of working under various niches. Additionally, our team constitutes technicians having over 5 years of experience in the IT domain. Due to this, they are able to tackle the perfect solution and deliver the best results as per the requirement of your business.

Following Complete Product Development Lifecycle

When creating the applications for you, we aim at following the complete product development lifecycle. In this manner, we don’t miss any step of creation. This reduces the possibility of missing any step, feature or function. As a result, the app which we will deliver to you will be having all the necessary features and functions integrated into them. This will let your application deliver the best type of results, functionalities and features to your end users. Hence, the application will become popular among the target audience and they will love accessing it!

Determining the qualities of best App Developers Gold Coast

Working under various niches

Our efficient app developers are having experience of working under various niches. We have developed apps for various types of business such as Social Networking, Sports, Health, Lifestyle, Travel, Blogging, Business Enterprises and a lot more. Due to this, we are familiar with the requirements of all the business. This makes us capable of delivering the perfect solution for all your business needs. Thus, you will be finding an extreme level of convenience while discussing your project with our expert team of consultants.

Effective use of tools

In order to develop your mobile application, we are making use of effective tools and techniques. With the use of such strategies and methodologies, we make it sure that the project which we will deliver to you is of greater qualities. As a result, it will meet up all of your requirements with an ease and your business will progress at a greater pace.

Are you seeking the best App Developer? WeDoWebApps is having App Developers Australia and App Developers Gold Coast which can meet up your all requirements

Mobile Development in London

by ketan patel

Looking for a Mobile App? WeDoWebApps features among the leading Mobile Development London companies because of the attractive and user-friendly apps we create for the business owners. Below enlisted are some of the best features and services, we provide to our diverse client base.

Why choose WeDoWebApps for Mobile Development London?

UI/UX Design

The mobile applications we create are having a better user interface. Hence, it will be very much simple for the users to access the various functions of the applications. Apart from that, we also take care while designing the mobile apps. Such apps will be having a better UX design. This enhances the user’s experience while using the app. Such features make the app extremely popular.

Easier Navigation

As a leading mobile development London companies, we load the app with plenty of features. However, we don’t compromise on the navigational aspects. Therefore, the navigations and tabs loaded in the apps will be easily accessible with the touch input. The users will be easily able to go through tabs and sections and avail whatever functions he wishes to.

Store Compatible Apps

While designing the mobile apps, we make it utmost sure that the applications are compatible with the standards of the Google Play store as well as Apple App store. As a result, the app will get listed in these stores very quickly. Getting listing on the store will make the app easily discoverable through the search engines. Additionally, it will also make it easier for the users to find your application from the store itself.

Rich Features

WeDoWebApps is well known for creating mobile applications with rich features. Integrating all the necessary features as per the notion of the business, we make it utmost sure that it doesn’t overload the app. A heavy size app generally slows down your device. Hence, we take a note of it while developing an app.

Cross-Platform App Development

With our cross-platform app development compatibilities, our efficient developers create beautiful and highly compatible apps. Such apps will be easily accessible irrespective of the device, platform or operating system it is accessed from. It will also shorten the development time that we’d spend on developing different apps for different platforms.

Want us to create an attractive app for you? Get our quote for Mobile development London right now!

Mobile App Development in London

by ketan patel

In this post, we will brief you about the Mobile App Development London, and what all services we are providing for the same. By definition, a mobile app is an application or a software which is basically built to run on a mobile device.

While many of these applications have been built for PC users as well, in the form of websites.

Things included in a Mobile App Development London from WeDoWebApps

Eye-Catchy Designing

This is something which usually comes after basic must-haves, but we made it list on the top. The point is, competition is high and if you wish to make a difference and get yourself recognized – you need to really work hard on the designing of the application.

User Interface and overall working

An interface is the application screen which you work on while running the app. It is important that a mobile app developer understand it’s importance and knows how to make it work for the users. The design should be creative as well as easy to understand.

Also if the right balance of creativity and clear-design is not maintained, then it could create a problem for you. Therefore, keep it simple yet make it stand out.   

Web Designing and Development also matters

Now, most of you guys may believe that Mobile App Development does not need any Web Development. It was a pretty different picture then, but things have changed now. To have a reliable and active website, could be a plus to your application. This helps in building trusts between people be it, investors or user.

Should be Unique yet Definite with the purpose

This is something which you must never skip on. Maintaining a unique identity is necessary, but also make sure that you are clear about your service and the ultimate goal.

How WeDoWebApps is working exceptionally for Mobile App Development London

It’s indeed challenging, so we are!

User Interface Design as well as UX design

Both the terms, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) differ a lot. UI is more about how the application looks whereas UX relates to ease of handling and the user accessibility on the app. Both the features equally requires your attention and working.

Be aware of all the latest technologies

We got an expert team at WeDoWebApps, who will make sure that you are updated with the latest ongoing support and other system upgrades.

Personalise the app in your way

Customizing your application in the way you want as per your need is important. Our team will help you out in making the app work in a clear way, in a way that it reflects your objectives. The design should match with the purpose, and along with the accurate design flow. Thereafter comes personalization which helps in making a special identity.

Online Support

We have got a 24*7 online support, where you can ask out any queries which you have relating to the mobile app development, and other related work. Write to us, to get in touch with us. We would love to help you out with your issues, help in making a better Digital World!

iPhone Application Development in London

by ketan patel

Before you proceed with the creation of an iPhone app, it is utmost necessary to be familiar with the development procedure. WeDoWebApps is providing exceptional services in iPhone Application Development London. Here is a glimpse of the iOS App development with us:

WeDoWebApps’s Services as iPhone Application Development London

Defining the Objective

Prior to the creation of the app, you have to define its purpose. The purpose depends on the notion of the business. We are having expertise in creating apps for various domains such as entertainment, sports, health and lifestyle, food, blogging and a lot more. All of these parameters decide the architecture and necessities of the app. Hence, all these parameters should be taken care of while creating an iOS app.

Developing a Prototype

The prototype of the app will give a proper idea to the developer as well as our clients regarding the functioning of an app. In order to avoid the last time changes, we develop a prototype first and take our client’s feedback on it. Recording his feedback on the app, we make the necessary changes and proceed with the app development.

Back-End Development

First of all, we carry out the back-end development. This includes the parameters such as coding, establishing a database and connecting the app to the server. Our team constitutes of skilled back-end developers who will help in creating a robust iOS app. We try to avoid all the glitches because any error while this phase can cause glitches and errors in the functioning of the application.

Front-End Development

The front-end development step decides the appearance of the application when the user is accessing it. Being a responsible service provider for iPhone application development London, WeDoWebApps efficiently designs the app’s architecture. As a result, the application becomes easier to access and the user will find it an ease to avail its various functions.

Integration of Features

We always crave to load the app with rich features. More the features, better will be the user’s experience while using it. Apart from the necessary features, we also integrate other features such as social media sharing, location, monitoring and a lot more. Additionally, we also integrate other features as per clientele requirement and nature of the business. The application which offers better features to the users becomes popular at a quicker pace.


The app deployment phase is the final step of our iPhone application development London company. At this step, we integrate all the necessary hardware, software and set it up so that the app offers seamless transition while accessing its various functions. We also check the functioning of the app at this stage and make it sure that there isn’t any kind of glitches in it. Once everything is set perfect, we handover the application to our esteemed client.

What are you waiting for? Wish to create an iOS App, Get a quote right now from WeDoWebApps

iPhone App Developers in London

by ketan patel

Creating an iPhone App might be the next step in boosting the performance of your business. With more than 700 Million people accessing the web from iPhone, one must focus well while developing an iOS app. The team of WeDoWebApps constitutes highly skilled iPhone App Developers London who creates better iPhone apps.

Below given are some of the top qualities of our iPhone developers. Have a look at them and get them with you for your next project.

Hire iPhone App Developers London from WeDoWebApps

Creative Problem Solving

Developers at WeDoWebApps are creative problems solver. As a result, they always find the better solutions for the application you wish to create. Before proceeding with the app development, our developers discuss the ideas of our clients and work accordingly on their projects. While developing an app, they tackle the issues prevailing in the app. This will result in the creation of app functioning properly across all the devices.


Having a relevant amount of experience is a beneficiary point for the iPhone App Developers London. Our team of developers is having a good and sufficient experience so as to prove their significance. They are well familiar with the application development environment and create flexible applications. You just have to explain them your requirements, they will create your dream app for you.

Additionally, the experience also familiarizes them with the proven methodologies and strategies. Hence, our developers will create apps in quick time.

Good Completion Rate

The completion rate of the app relates to the delivery aspects. We are having a good completion rate of the apps. Therefore, we deliver the project right on time at the time we promise. WeDoWebApps is having best iPhone App Developers London who is knowledgeable about each step of occurrence and they set the deadlines accordingly. As a result, we achieve the targets as set right on time.

Familiar with the Tools

When creating an iOS app, there is an option of plenty of apps, techniques and strategies available to choose from. Our efficient iOS developers are familiar with all such tools and techniques which might help in creating a robust mobile application. With the use and proper management of all such tools and techniques, we create apps as per your demand. We take pride in our developers who understand your motives and creates the app accordingly.

Cross-Platform App Development

Our iOS developers are also capable of creating cross-platform applications. Such apps are capable of functioning in a good manner across all the platforms. Due to this, you wouldn’t require creating applications for different platforms separately. The developers will create an app in a single development environment and it will function across all the platforms, devices and operating systems properly. You will fall in love with the apps we will craft for you!

Want to Hire iPhone App Developers? Get in touch with our team right now!