Introducing one of its kind blogging platform guestcanpost

by ketan patel

There is good news for all the blogging enthusiasts out there. We have noticed that many of our friends are into blogging. It is an obvious thing as Content Marketing is proven to be the best SEO strategy so far. Thus, even we thought to be the helping hand to the persons who are looking to contribute towards a growing, promising and a high potential blogging platform. WeDoWebApps is immensely proud to announce the launch of their new venture, yours truly “GuestCanPost”.

Guestcanpost is a blogging platform for everyone! By everyone, we depict those people who firmly believe in sharing knowledge and adding value to the people. Apart from that, there is another pre-requisite that the contributor shall be having Good English. We state one clear reason for this, there is no wisdom without proper literature.

If you can easily surpass these two checks, we welcome you onboard for contributing to our website.

What is GuestCanPost?

It is one of its own kind of blogging platform, which accepts contributions in all the major categories. We have onboard subject matter experts from different fields including, but not limited to, Information Technology, Health & Beauty, Business, Education, Automobile, Event & Entertainment, Medical Science and many more.

We are covering the following categories as of now. However, we feel free to add a few more categories. The world is continuously evolving and so is we. Due to this, we will feel highly obliged to receive contributions from subject matter experts from any field.

What do we do apart from blogging?

In this ever-changing world, we also understand the importance of Video Marketing. Instead of Google and other search engines, people are now using YouTube as their one-stop solution for every problem. Realizing the need of an hour, we are also into Video Marketing. Our YouTube channel is also one of its kind Video Marketing platform for all the enthusiasts who love to create videos for themselves or for their client.

In order to get successful, it is necessary to have a good platform for support. If you are the one who is seeking a good platform so as to showcase their talent, then GuestCanPost will serve as that platform for you.

How can I contribute?

Are you looking forward to contributing towards our platform? If the answer is yes, be ready for the registration procedure. It’s simple tough, but we are still on our toes to help you. Following are the steps for registration:

  1. Creating your Account

– Setting up an account on GuestCanPost is simple. First of all, you have to visit the My Accounts Tab. Here you will get an option to create your account.

  1. Enter your details

– Once, you will click on Register, it will ask for your details. We will expect that you carefully enter and remember all of your details because we may use these details for future communications.

  1. Activating your Account

– After adding all these details, you will get an account activation link on your registered mail id. By clicking on it, you will verify that you are the concerned person.

  1. Start Contributing

– As soon as the registration process is completed, you may proceed with writing and submitting your blog. Once you will submit the blog, it may take us up to 24 to 48 Hours for publishing the blog. (However, it depends on the volume of the blog we are currently handling. On some occasions, there might be some delay.)

Perks of Contributing to GuestCanPost?

If you are expecting any monetary affairs in return of the blogs, then apologize, we aren’t providing any remunerations to the writers. We have built up this platform especially for those people who firmly believe in sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise to the world. But, contributing to GuestCanPost can still be beneficial to you in many ways.

– You get an opportunity to showcase your talent before numerous people.

– DoFollow Links to your website in case your content is good.

– An effective way to reach out audience.

– Leveraging the power of Content Marketing.

If this finds good to you, then you shall proceed right now for contributing to GuestCanPost.

There is a lot more value addition you will get by contributing to our very own platform GuestCanPost. Thank you for reading through this blog. Now, it’s time to weave your own words and make people go crazy about what you will teach them. Team WeDoWebApps is awaiting your blog on GuestCanPost. See you there!

Link Building Strategies makes Search Engine more powerful

by ketan patel

SEO is Search Engine optimization. It’s nothing but a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics which is used to increase number of followers to a website by getting high ranking place in search engine. Search engines like google, Bing, Yahoo and many more.

There are several method in SEO

  • Link Building
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Title Tags
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Social Media
  • Information Architecture
  • Keyword Research
  • Page content

Beside all this Link building strategies is one most important section in SEO. Link building is a method to getting links from different website to your own to improve search engine ranking.

In present date link building is the method of obtaining links from higher authority, quality and relavant sites. So it’s helps to improve ranking in search engine.

Number of good quality links from highly qualified websites is a big factor in determining google page rank.

Good quality links which are very effective doesn’t mean building unlimited links but its meaning is that to get link from genuine, highly authorized websites. So these are the importance for better link building strategies.
– Maximum viewer will be able to see your blog in search result.
– High quality, genuine links means your website is considered as a very valuable resource. This thing can be easily done by writing high quality content.
– Its also help in getting indexed in search result.
– It’s also consider as one of important method in SEO.
– Helping you to getting traffic from other websites links.

To get all kind of SEO related plans and pricing please contact