Convert Telerik Mobile App to Android Mobile App

Convert Telerik Mobile App to Android Mobile App

15th, November 2017
  • Mobile App Development

Almost 70% of the people using smartphones are using the Android platform. On the other hand, with the retirement of Telerik, the users are migrating to the other platform. This comprehensive article on, Convert Telerik Mobile App to Android Mobile App is about the ways one can transfer the data from Telerik to Android mobile app platform.

Telerik to Android Mobile App Development – Easy Steps Explained

Here is the brief description of the procedure of converting the Telerik to Android mobile app platform. Creating a sample project with the native mobile app development is also very much more comfortable. One can try out various options while developing the App on this platform.

Installation of the UI for Android Beta

First of all, log in to the account with the login credentials available. You were setting the controls as per the requirement, run the Android beta. Create an app and start viewing the available charts on it. Selecting the suitable tables, set the one as per your requirement.

Activating the Android Example Application

Now, Download the Android Example application. Click on the Trial & Free option on the menu. Select the Trial option from it download the App on your system. Once the file is completely downloaded, now it is a turn of installing it on your system. Select the zip folder of your requirement and copy it on your clipboard. Deploying the root file of the App on the device, you are working on, set the chart.

Check the performance of the App

For installing the App, run the device and visit the SDK Folder. Paste the root file into a similar folder and run the command. Running the command will activate the application. Tap on the App for accessing it. Access and check the App thoroughly. They are going through each tab, navigating them and verify whether they are working correctly or not. Detect the bugs active within the system. Also, check the various sections of the tab and monitor its performance.

Selecting the Chart

Removing all the bugs and troubleshooting the App, it is now ready for performance. Select the suitable series of charts that you would need in the application. The options among table include Line, Bar, Pan, Area, Zoom and Pie. All these considerations set the appearance of the form.

A showcase of the Area Series

Tap on the options menu available in the App. This will guide you through the information about the screen. You can download bits and test the App on it. There are also various kinds of forums as well as documentation available for guiding the developer through the whole development procedure of the application.

Android features among the most used platforms across the world. This blog on, Convert Telerik Mobile App to Android Mobile Appwill guide you about the in-depth conversion procedure of the Telerik to Android app development platform.