Convert Telerik Mobile App to iOS Mobile App

Convert Telerik Mobile App to iOS Mobile App

14th, November 2017
  • Mobile App Development

The retirement of Telerik platform is a sudden blow to its clients. However, they have provided a period for migrating the apps to another platform. Our present compilation on, Convert Telerik Mobile App to Ionic Mobile App is an instructive guideline for migrating Telerik to Ionic Mobile App. Using these simple steps, it will be a lot simpler for the users to migrate in Hybrid Mobile App Development.

Telerik to Ionic Mobile App Conversion – Easy steps explained

The best part about the Ionic Mobile app is its elegant appearance. One can use a powerful user interface with the use of shorter codes. Here is an in-depth procedure for converting the Telerik to Ionic Mobile app.

Creating an App Builder

Installing the App builder on the device, start creating new projects with the help of commands. The sole purpose of using the app builder is enhancing the functionality of the app. It also provides with the various options for the active development of the apps.

Utilization of Simulators

There are a variety of simulators available as per the mobile development platform. Using the simulators, one can detect the performance of the Application on various devices. Perhaps, the best thing about the simulators is the integration of the debug tools.

Rendering the changes in Application

However, the Application of simulators is limited. One can’t detect the touch interactions using them. Here is when the companion applications come with the requirement. Downloading the companion app, connect the device and run the command. Deploying the forms on the device, test the performance of the companion app. For making the changes in the Application, one needs making changes in the code.

Testing with Cordova

While developing an ionic app one requires frequently testing it. For the testing, there is a Cordova script for making the testing procedure extremely simple. Adding the suitable attributes as well as elements in the function, one can carry out the effective tasting the Application.

Creating a Native Application

The companion applications are powerful in their Application. However, there is a limitation that one can’t test the ionic applications with them. Hence, there is a requirement of a native application for carrying out the proper testing procedure. Using the App Builder, one can develop the native Application with ease. Furthermore, it is also easy to determine the status of the Application using the Live Sync option.

Integration with Cordova Third-Party Plugins

After debugging the codes and building the Application, now there is a turn of integrating the Application with the third-party plugins. Cordova facilitates 15 such plugins for the same. However, the community itself can create additional plugins and combine it with the platform.

In the present blog on, Convert Telerik Mobile App to Ionic Mobile Appwe have given an overview of Telerik to Ionic mobile app conversion procedure. Considering all the essential requirements necessary for the development, this step by step procedure will provide clear guidelines for the active development of the app.