Convert Telerik Mobile App to Native Mobile App

Convert Telerik Mobile App to Native Mobile App

14th, November 2017
  • Mobile App Development

As the Telerik platform is withdrawing its support to the mobile applications, there is an urgent need of converting the Telerik app to some other form. Here is one such blog, Convert Telerik Mobile App to Native Mobile Appin which we are going to explain to you about the Telerik to Native app conversion. We provide native mobile app development.

Telerik to Native Mobile App Conversion – Easy Steps Explained

With the Telerik to Native Mobile app conversion, the user will get access to a lot of many exciting features. They are right beginning from the rich UI features until the best UX performance. Furthermore, the conversion procedure is also much more straightforward. The steps include:

Licensing the Platform

Comparing it with the other platforms, creating a project in Native is not free of cost. One needs registering the license before beginning with the conversion. Native Script is for the utilization in the commercial purpose. This is the sole reason why it is not available for free. However, one can find the native components in the trial version. But their scope is limited, which affects the conversion procedure.

Constituents of the App

First of all, one can find a Side Drawer with it. The purpose of the Side Drawer is providing content on the showcase before the main content. This adds up to the gracefulness of the application. Easy to customize, the side drawer also allows the user to set the material in the panels. It also allows the user to set the animation, show or hide the menu and also detecting or not detecting the location. Apart from that, with the various transition modes available, one can give an attractive appearance to the app.

Visualization of Data

Integrating the application with the mobile environment, Visualization of Data is an essential charting component. Providing users with highly optimizable charting solutions continuously delivers the best performance. It is keeping the speed as well as data storage at an optimal level. It requires less hardware for effectively designing the platform. This whole procedure depends on the native components which are available on the website.

Installation of the SDK Sample

For installing the SDK sample on the app, the user has to click on the console window. Going to the root directory, the user has to fit the native pro UI package on the device. It will install the Progress NativeScript Pro UI bundle on it. Writing up the suitable codes in the available section, the user can quickly establish the app on the device and access its various available components. The users can also choose multiple options available for setting up the customization of the app.

With this article on, Convert Telerik Mobile App to Native Mobile App, we have given a brief review of the conversion procedure of Telerik to Native app. Considering all the necessary aspects, we have explained the whole process in brief so that the users get a better idea about native mobile app development.