Convert Telerik Mobile App to React Native Mobile App

by ketan patel

Convert Telerik Mobile App to React Native Mobile App

On 10th November 2017, Telerik announced it’s retirement. Due to this, the users of Telerik has to migrate to the other platforms. This present post on, Convert Telerik Mobile App to React Native Mobile App elaborates us about the conversion procedure of Telerik to React Native. This procedure includes a lot of considerations and essential steps. Hence, creating a thorough understanding of this procedure is utmost necessary.

Telerik to React Native Mobile App – Easy steps explained

Here is a step by step procedure for converting the Telerik to React Native platform. This procedure includes simple steps for the effective creation of the app. However, React Native development requires a lot of skills and expertise over the knowledge of the various available tools and techniques. Therefore, one must avail the service of an experienced developer before beginning with the creation of the app.

Running the Commands

Give a name to the application and run the commands. There isn’t a requirement of any kind of native codes or installation of the system. Installing the nodes properly, it is extremely easy to install the command with the use of npm. The development server will initiate with it. Take a print out of the QR code.

Operating the Application

Connecting the mobile device to the desktop using the wireless. Install the Expo client application on the device. For opening the project on the device, scan the QR code with the help of the terminal. After that, one can start with the modification of the application. Whether it is iOS or Android, one can use both devices for the effective development.

Modification of the App

For modifying the application after running it and checking its performance. First of all, open the App.js in the suitable text editor and fill up the lines as per the requirement. For applying the changes, the application will reload. Once, the changes are done the application is ready for the usage.

Troubleshooting the Application

It is necessary to troubleshoot the app so that one can check that whether the application is operating in a proper manner or not. This procedure removes all the bugs, faults and issues existing in the application and fixes them. Hence, it will provide a highly efficient application that would provide the most compact performance.

Launch of the App

Once all the necessary changes in the application are made and it is fully loaded with all the necessary features, the application is ready to be launched. Choosing the platform for which you have created the application, you can launch it on the same.

In this blog on, Convert Telerik Mobile App to React Native Mobile App cross platforms app development company have given an overview of the building procedure for creating the React Native Mobile applications. Using this step by step procedure, it would be a lot simpler for any developer to migrate from Telerik to React Native platform.