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29 Dec, 2022 | Web Development Company

How to find the best web development companies for your project?

How to find the best web development companies for your project?
In today’s world, no business can survive without having an app or website with the required features, and companies need web development services! The problem arises when you don’t know how to pick the best web development firm from the many available options.  To make it easy for you, we have developed a list of criteria you should use as a checklist while choosing the custom web application development company for your next big project. After that, this article includes:
  • Platforms that can help you choose the best web development company
  • List of 5 best web development companies 
  • Frequently asked questions and their solutions 

What Should You Look For When Selecting The Best Web Development Company?  

Hiring a custom website development company can get very confusing if you need to know what to look for. Here is a checklist for you that can help. 

#1. Look for experience 

A web development company with diverse experience working in various projects, industries, and causes would be the right fit. A company with years of experience will automatically also have social proof of its credibility.  Also, if a company has previously worked in the same niche as yours, there are higher chances of them understanding what you expect. Domain expertise becomes very crucial.   

#2. Testimonials And Reviews 

Web development agencies must have an online presence. If you wish to work with a development or custom web design company without much online presence, ensure that they are trustworthy.  Check out the company's case studies, testimonials, and reviews left by previous clients on social media, Google, and forums. Check statistics like the client retention rate, projects completed, and the percentage of satisfied clients.  Read between the lines of the testimonials and try to find out what the pros and cons of a particular web development company are. 

#3. Technologies Incorporated 

Check what technology they incorporate into the process of web development. The technologies incorporated are crucial as they determine the total budget, the time needed, and the result. Make sure they use the technologies that are the right fit for your project.  For instance, if you want a native-looking cross-platform app, make sure it employs React Native. 

#4. Customer Support Services 

During the inquiry period, before hiring the developers, ensure you communicate with the company enough to find out how their customer support services are and what kind of user experience they provide. Streamlined communication with the company is essential for sharing updates and feedback during the process. An open feedback loop is vital for conveying the expectations of the project. 

#5. Keep The Budget In Mind 

And nothing works without money, right? So keep your budget in mind while interviewing different custom web development companies.  To give you a rough idea, UK and US-based developers charge about $100–$200 per hour. India-based developers provide comparatively affordable services but make sure you check the quality of the services wasn’t compromised. 

#6. Qualifications Of Web Developers 

Interview web developers thoroughly before hiring them and ensure they are well-versed with the technologies. Their qualifications, skills, and technical know-how can make or break your project.  Don’t just look for hard skills; also look for soft skills, like communication and punctuality. A developer doesn’t have to be the next orator, but they should be able to communicate the needed information. Moreover, web developers should understand the stages of website development. 

Now, what are the five stages of website development? They are: 

  1. Planning 
  2. Designing 
  3. Development
  4. Testing
  5. Launch and Maintenance

Platforms That Can Help You Choose The Best Web Development Company

Before you settle on one web application development service, always check what else is available in the market. List down the companies, compare them, and then make an informed choice. You can do this with the help of some reliable and trustworthy platforms, such as:

#1. Good Firms 

Good Firm is a platform where all the companies are listed according to their rates and categories. You can also check the reviews left by previous clients, the services offered, and other essential details about the web development company. 

#2. Clutch 

Clutch is a trusted and renowned name where the data of the best companies are stored. It is a godsend for those searching for IT services, as it saves a lot of time and gives you a gist of the information about all the companies at once. 

#3. AWWWards 

AWWWards is a platform that encourages the best talent that is out there in information technology. By looking at a company’s profile on AWWWards, you can know the technologies they incorporate into the process, the trends they follow, and what their website looks like. 

List of 5 best website development companies for your next project 

If, even after putting the above information into practice, you still need help finding the right web development company that provides the right types of web development services for you. Then trust us and pick one of these 5 companies we suggest, as they are the best.  Read also: Web Development & Developers Guide: Types, Tools, and Benefits


WEDOWEBAPPS LLC has been helping businesses digitize their businesses for over a decade now. They have completed over 700 mobile and web applications and retained 97% of their clients. Their team of dedicated developers provides services including
  • Web development 
  • Frontend development 
  • E-commerce development 
  • Backend development 
  • CMS development 
  • UI/UX development 
  • Internet Marketing 
Key features of WEDOWEBAPPS LLC:
  • Awarded as the Top app development company by many renowned sites such as Clutch, App Futura,, and many more 
  • Created Vibez, which is the biggest platform for the African entertainment industry
  • Free of cost maintenance and support after the launch 
Ready to use solutions that you can count on by WEDOWEBAPPS LLC:
  • Taxi Booking Application 
  • Online Food Ordering App Development 
  • Sports and Fitness Application
  • Video Streaming Application
The latest technology employed by WEDOWEBAPPS  LLC includes:
  • React Native
  • Object-C
  • Flutter 
  • HTML5
  • Java 
  • Kotlin 
  • Swift 
And the list is long.  Work portfolio includes successful apps like:
  • VQ Fitness
  • Chic Couture Online 
  • Tidy Designer
  • Access 24 
  • MDME 
  • Virtual House 
And many more.  If you’re looking for solutions for your next web development project, then book a free consultation call with WEDOWEBAPPS LLC.

#2. React Native Development Company 

As the name suggests, React Native Development Company creates web apps using React Native technology. They are known as total-stack for a reason; they will handle your project from ideation to launch. Their team of React gurus provides services such as:
  • Prototyping and Wireframing 
  • UI Development 
  • MVP Development 
  • Full Cycle App Development 
  • REST API Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration 
  • Support and Maintenance 
  • REST API Integration 
Work portfolio includes successful apps like:
  • Direct Towing 
  • Location Automation 
  • Boujee Connect 
And more.

#3. Mentormate

Mentormate doesn’t compromise on its website design services and provides end-to-end custom software solutions. They leverage modern approaches to web development by bringing front-end development, back-end development, and architecture together to meet the business needs of entrepreneurs like you. Over 21 years of experience serving over 420 clients, they have completed over 1500 projects. Services offered by Mentomate:
  • Development 
  • Digital Experience Platform 
  • Cloud and DevOps
  • Design 
  • Data and Analytics 
  • Support 
Work portfolio includes successful apps like:
  • CheqrPay 
  • Tennant Company 
  • RBC Wealth Management 
  • PocketWaters
  • Soundview 
  • Star Wars X Wing Squad Builder
And the list is long. 

#4. Algoworks

Algoworks helps you reinvent your business through digital transformation by engineering interactive and secure digital solutions across technologies. They are a Summit Salesforce Partner, a Microsoft Gold Partner, and an AWS Consulting Partner offering web and mobile app development services. Companies such as Clutch, Good Firms, Deloitte, and Web Awards have awarded them as the top app developer. Services offered by Algoworks:
  • Consulting
  • Custom apps
  • Salesforce 
  • UI/UX Design 
  • Testing
  • Solutions 
The latest technologies employed by Algoworks include:
  • React Native App Development 
  • Flutter App Development 
  • Python 
  • Mean Stack 
  • React JS
  • Vue JS
  • Amazon Web Services
Work portfolio includes successful apps like:
  • Case Manager App
  •  Field History Tracking App
  • Phone Location Tracker
  • Approval Manager App 
  • Opportunity Manager App 

#5. Boldare   

Starting in 2006, Boldare has a team of over 200 people working in 6 offices, including Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Warsaw. They have been featured in Clutch, AWWWards, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and many more renowned companies. Services offered by Boldare:
  • Digital Prototyping 
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development 
  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Design Development 
  • Full Cycle Product Development
  • Product Scaling
  • Product-Market Fit 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Digital Transformation 
  • Code Audit and UX Audit 
The latest technologies employed by Boldare include:
  • Java 
  • Spring
  • PHP
  • Symfony 
  • .NET
  • Python 
  • Django
  • JavaScript 
And the list is long.  Work portfolio includes successful apps like:
  • TeamAlert 
  • Sonnen 
  • BlaBlaCar 
  • Mowaamah 
  • TrueRate 
  • Spa-Monkeys
  • Virgin Radio 
  • Brass Willowo 
And the list is long. 

In conclusion 

Now that you are equipped with the needed information, we hope you choose the best web development company for your IT needs. Find the best developer team out there and make your businesses digital. Ensure you don’t compromise on pricing when hiring a developer's team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for while choosing the best web development company?

You should consider a few factors while selecting the web development company for your next project. Always ensure they have relevant experience, enough testimonials, a trained team of developers, project managers, UI/UX designers, and an efficient customer support system. Also, keep your budget in mind while looking for companies. 

Is web development worth it in 2022? Which is the best web development company?

Yes! Web development is not going anywhere soon. As long as the internet stays, web development will say. Finding a good web development company within your budget and providing top-notch services takes time and effort. However, between us, Wedowebapps, React Native Development Company, Mentormate, Algoworks, Boldare are some of the best companies in the market that provide the best web development services. 

Is web development worth it in 2023? What Platforms Should Be Used To Find The Best Web Development Company?

Yes. Web development is worth the extra effort because, in the internet’s age, the website is an essential digital asset. Don’t choose the first developer team you stumble upon. Do deep research on platforms such as Good Firms, Clutch, and AWWWards to find the best web development company that is available out there.

Written by Tarun

Tarun is a creative and passionate Full Stack Web Developer at WEDOWEBAPPS LLC. He not only performs his duties with a strong sense of dedication but also possesses excellent skills in working with diverse teams to make the project a success.