Magento Agency in London

Magento Agency in London

23rd, April 2018
  • Magento Custom Development

Magento is an extremely versatile platform for Ecommerce development. These days, when the whole world is getting online, having an online store will surely give a boost to sales. WeDoWebApps LLC offers the services of Magento development London which is well-efficient in the development of an Ecommerce store using Magento platform.

Perks of using Magento Ecommerce for your website

Advanced SEO

Carrying out the SEO of the website with the help of Magento is a simple procedure with Magento. It is a pre-requisite for every online store to rank higher on the various search engines. Magento consists of an inbuilt feature that will take your products on the first page of search engines. It offers us with the tasks such as URL optimization, Keyword optimization, adjusting the sitemap, alt attributes in the images, snippet editor and a lot more.

Availability of Extensions and Plugins

With Magento, there are plenty of options available with regards to adding extensions and plugins to the website. These tools extend the functionality of the given platform and allow users to carry out various tasks. In this manner, the site becomes user-friendly and will become popular in no time.


Magento follows a customer-centric approach. In this ever-changing world of consumer behaviour, Magento thrives on making a business a brand. If a brand succeeds in making the things possible for their user base, it is because of the support Magento facilitates to them.

Different Editions

While developing a project on Magento, there are two different editions available with the user. i.e. Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. The community edition is for the people who wish to explore a few features of Magento. On the other hand, the enterprise edition is complete access to all the features that Magento offers.

Simple Integration

Perhaps, the best part about Magento is its simple integration procedure. It is having a partnership with many software providers and third-party applications. Due to this, there is maximum availability of options for Payment Gateways, E-mail service providers, Social Media Platforms and a lot more.

Our Expertise as Magento Agency London

  • Developing a project with WeDoWebApps LLC is extremely simple. It begins with a discussion with our consultation team. They listen carefully to your requirements and ideas, give their feedback on it and input their suggestions. Furthermore, our team also explains the possibilities one can have with Magento.
  • Once we get the confirmation from your side, the development of the project start, we take care of the complete product development lifecycle and complete it as per the clientele requirement. Completing the project on time, and delivering within the deadline is our central significance.
  • After the delivery of the project, we as a Magento Agency London always continue the support to them. We inform about the technical upgradations, maintenance and inclusion of new tools. In this way, we keep your website updated with the latest features.