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10 Mar, 2022 | Mobile App Development

Pros and Cons of Android Application Development

Pros and Cons of Android Application Development

This is what the Android application development company is doing to us.

Almost every other day, there is a new android application developed and launched in the market. Android applications development services have given many kinds of apps like games, social media, health, groceries, food delivery, cosmetics, home service, salon, makeup, car service, banking, money lender services, documents, an e-commerce store for any small to large size business, etc. There are multiple options to choose from all the kind of apps. Android application development company has tied up with Google play store, where all these applications are available. Currently, around 3 million apps are available on the Google play store.

Our mobile screen time has increased so much that now, we have an app to tell us our daily screen time. It monitors the number of hours spent daily, weekly, monthly. It gives reports on whether it has decreased or increased. Such is our lives now.

The future of android application development is very bright. It is predicted that that billions of amount will be spent in next few years. A billion-dollar industry.

Like any other industry, android application development services also have pros and cons.

Pros are

  1. Android application development has made our lives simpler and easier. We can access it from anywhere in the world. We can talk to anybody from anywhere. We can order anything from any place in the world. We can check any news or information about anybody and anything. Everything is on our tips.
  2. Apps are available on all devices.
  3. It can be easily downloaded.
  4. Android apps have more variety than the Apple store.
  5. Most of them are free to use.
  6. Android application development is very easy and can be used on any platform.
  7. Programming language is very simple to use. It has only 2 languages - Java and Kotlin.
  8. Android applications can even be downloaded on Apple devices. It can run on any OS.
  9. A career in an android application development company is a good option as income is very good. A good package can be earned by building good apps. Skilled developers are always in demand.

Cons of android application development -

  1. We spend so much of our time on these applications.
  2. Dependency on these applications has increased.
  3. Android user purchasing habits have become worse. The subscription of these apps is very cheap, so people tend to buy them a lot.
  4. Android application development services hardly run the final QA test before launching it in the market.
  5. Quality of the apps is not good. They tend to have many security issues. It is full of bugs and errors.
  6. Android has an open-source nature, which has also become a curse. It is very prone to malware and is vulnerable too.
  7. Since Google takes less time to approve any app, which leads to patent rights issues, that means that there are apps with similar kinds of language or features or programs or even design.
  8. If one is not careful, then it can also share your confidential data easily and with anyone. Confidentiality of important documents, banking details, project details, personal details, pictures, videos, your location, etc. can be sourced by any individual.

Android application development has helped many countries and their cities to become smart cities. Wherever you go, you can find an internet connection. This makes people use their devices all the time.

One must move according to as per time. We read news online, talk to our family, friends, ordering things online. Our day starts with using these android applications and ends too. Our office work or business cannot operate smoothly without these android application development services. This is what an Android application development company is doing to us.

Android application development companies have made us addicted to their services. Whenever we are bored or don't want to do anything, we are on our devices. If people are idle for 10 mins that also they spend on these apps. Artificial intelligence has taken over human intelligence. Until 2007, when there was no smartphone and their applications, human intelligence persisted. Both human and phone's productivity was good. We were not dependent on Artificial intelligence completely. Software and applications are good but only till it becomes are habit. We can’t imagine leaving these habits.

Apple applications are expensive but safe and secure as well. The safety and security of apps are very important but still, users choose android because of its free apps, we tend to compromise the safety of their devices.

It is also true that these apps help us to stay connected with our family, irrespective of their location. It was not possible without technology. For safety reasons, we can share our location with our family, so that they know that where we are and how far the location is from our home. One doesn't have to worry about traveling anymore. People can book their travel by car, auto, trains, flight easily with their phones with the help of these apps developed android application development company.

The final verdict of the effect of the android application development services is that it is an essential part of our life. We cannot do any work without these applications. If we want to grow in our life then we have to be comfortable with technology. We cannot deny living without it as our life, career and everything depends on this. But this is also in our hands that where we want to draw a line. To what extent applications should be there in our lives.

During pandemic times and other difficult times, the services of an android application development company were a boon for us. We did not have to go anywhere to buy our essentials. With just a click, everything is delivered to our doorstep. Food, groceries, milk, books, furniture, etc. everything is home delivered because of these apps. Education is also now online. Online classes are easy to attend, yet when there are projects examinations to school functions are being conducted with the help of this android application development. There are very limited things for which we have to walk out of our home.

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Android application development company has proved to be helpful in a lot many ways. By making everything reachable and convenient for us. We have better information about the world, the latest trends, technology. We are aware of various things which have only empowered us and brought us together. One has many career options and can build things with proper knowledge and guidance. Devices on which these apps run are available at affordable prices. Depending on the budget, we can buy phones, laptops, tv with the kind of features we are looking for. Technology gets advanced from time to time but we should be careful about what to adapt and download and what not to download. Every app is not necessary to use. This only increases our addiction and we end spending more time on phones. By limiting our use of android applications, we can spend time on more important and valuable things. Things that matter more like our family, friends, and our health. These important factors are deteriorating because of our time spent on screen. This is also what the android application development company is doing to us. Making us far from our real lives.

Always keep in mind before using any android application, check its safety features. If the app is safe to use, then we should download and use it. We should always go through its policies, terms, and conditions, and whether we are giving any right to share our data with a third party or not. Generally, people don't go through these terms and conditions and permit unknown threats. Let these android application development services become a helpful company for us and not destroy our personal life at any level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the android application Development Company doing to us?

Android application Development Company is a software development company that specializes in creating mobile applications for the Android operating system. They design, develop and test mobile applications that can run on various Android devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

What services do Android application Development Companies offer?

Android application Development Companies offer a range of services including:

  • Developing custom Android applications
  • Designing and developing user interfaces (UI) and user experience (UX) for Android apps
  • Integrating third-party APIs, libraries, and services into Android applications
  • Testing and debugging Android applications
  • Maintaining and updating existing Android applications Providing consultation and support for Android app development

What are the benefits of hiring an Android application Development Company?

Some of the benefits of hiring an Android application Development Company include:

  • Access to experienced and skilled developers with expertise in Android app development
  • Customized Android app development tailored to your specific business needs Assistance in app store submission and approval processes
  • Time and cost-effective development of high-quality Android applications Ongoing maintenance and support for your Android applications

How much does it cost to hire an Android application Development Company?

The cost of hiring an Android application Development Company varies depending on the scope of the project, complexity of the application, and level of customization required. Factors such as the number of features, design requirements, and the amount of testing required will also impact the cost. It is best to consult with an Android application Development Company directly for a detailed estimate of the cost of your project.

Written by Jitendra

Jitendra is a React Native Developer at WEDOWEBAPPS LLC. With an ability to learn and apply, passion for coding and development, he has made his way from a trainee to Tech Lead. He is passionate about making the world a better place through code.