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PSD to HTML Conversion Conflicts

PSD to HTML Conversion Conflicts

Published : 26th, November 2022 Edited : 17th, May 2023
  • PSD to HTML developer

When it comes to developing a website, the whole process initiates with designing a .psd file in Photoshop software which is later on converted to HTML, though this technique was developed a way back and websites developing techniques have changed multiple times, PSD to HTML conversion is still significant till date. Though the technique of converting PSD to HTML is still the same but with some amends within the techniques. As two main factors that decide traffic on the site, users’ experience while operating the site preserves as crucial factor in deciding factors, while the same reason relates with more traffic on the site. Both are recurring factor to each other and thus, relative as well. It becomes utmost responsible task for a PSD designer as well as PSD to HTML developer.

If we look at the history of website development, in the recent past the website development technologies and frameworks have been updated multiple times. This way, the developers’ approach while developing the site has also changed significantly. In spite of this fact, the main aim of the website development, shifts from providing high-end functionalities and the layout of the website. Keeping the functionalities of the websites maximum and keeping the user experience with minimal steps is what the main challenge faced by the designer as well as the developers, irrespective of the platforms on which the websites are built. Also, PSD to HTML conversion always remain one of the initial step in every development, which is not technically tough, though there may me some of the challenging tasks for the developers in providing exactly the same functionality that the business logic may require in terms of layout and animation or mouse effects. The reason for this statement are explained in the following sections of the articles.

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Since the time PSD to HTML conversion has been adopted in developing the websites, the time has rolled over either ways and therefore, this technique is said to have both pros and cons. One of the main reasons for still developing the initial design with the Photoshop for providing layout design is image assets that are incorporated to the site to provide the modern and sleek design and layout. At the moment, the best websites have value added efforts in developing the websites, this includes highly customized sliders and animations to the site. Earlier, the PSD to HTML conversion used to be a straightforward process as the process of designing to developing the HTML code used to take least time and least options for resolutions. As one of the limitations of the PSD to HTML techniques with the demanding time and changing technologies, providing mobile responsiveness for several screen sized devices to the site in different browsers, adding to the multiple platforms criteria such as Android as well as iOS takes lots of customization even in small complex designs to a PSD to HTML developer.