PSD to Joomla and WordPress Conversion

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Converting a Photoshop Document (PSD) into the Content Management System (CMS) is an essential part of custom CMS development. The present blog is on PSD to Joomla and WordPress Conversion in which we are going to explain the procedure of converting the PSD in appropriate cms for the website.

PSD to Joomla Conversion

Converting a PSD to Joomla is a tough task. As in Joomla, one needs to take care of each and every element of their web page. First of all, the developers will analyze the project. Then, the business owner will have to decide all the menus that he wishes to include in the page.
Its main advantage is that the change in one part of web page won’t affect the website as a whole. Now, it is turn of establishing a Payment Gateway on the website. After that, they have to develop custom modules as well as plugins for developing the website effectively.
After getting the content on the website and arranging it properly. The developer must carry out maintenance and update system on it. In this way, he can arrange the data on the website in a proper manner.After perfectly arranging the data, install the plugins and module for creating an attractive web page.
After perfectly arranging the data, install the plugins and module for creating an attractive web page. For page ranking of the web page on search engines, carry out the SEO services. Your PSD will get a lot of viewers in this way.

PSD to WordPress Conversion

Converting a PSD to WordPress is extremely easier. As a single change made on WordPress affects the website as a whole. Moreover, in WordPress, the developer will get a lot of options to choose from. Such as different kinds of templates, plugins and modules for setting up your website effectively.
Firstly, the developer will analyze the project of the business owner. He will take its each and every detail in a precise manner before actually starting working on it. Later on, the PSD image will be cut down to the appropriate size for turning it into elements. Each of these elements will have their own purpose for making them interactive.
Now, the developer will arrange the data at their appropriate place and setup the web page accordingly. While setting up, utmost care should be taken so as to make the website convenient for the user.
At the end, the developer will run the website for checking whether it is working efficiently or not. Check out the bugs in the system if any. Get a running report as well as feedback from the business owner about the website and making changes as per his requirement.
In the present article on PSD to Joomla and WordPress conversion, we explained you about the key considerations to be kept while converting a photoshop document to a content management system’s platform. Hereby, we demonstrated the considerations of Joomla as well as WordPress platform.

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