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QA and Testing Services

- We assure delivering the acceptable confidence level meeting technical as well as functional requirements of products and services.
- We assure delivering the acceptable confidence level conforming business as well as budgetary requirements of products and services.
- We assure improving the efficiency in functional and managerial requirements keeping budget minimum and carrying out all the SQA activities.

Quality Assurance and Testing Offerings

Our QA Attributes

SQA Consulting Services

Determined to the deliver definitive coding structure in developing the products and services, our software quality assurance team understands the significance of the exact demand and provide throughout assistance prior, during and further the software development.

Independent Testing

With diversified testing methods and devices enabled with multiple platforms, the quality assurance team relates performing independent testing procedures ultimately abstaining hidden or technical defects of the software developed.

Test Automation

Utilizing the Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing procedure and Data driven testing, the quality assurance division is enabled controlling the test execution. The main goal is to achieve the actual outcomes matching to the presumed outcomes meeting extreme satisfaction.

Application Security Testing

Application security testing relates scouring all the possibilities and vulnerabilities in the products and services developed throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in order to address defects and causes in a timely manner.

Our QA Approach Factors

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