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12 Mar, 2022 | Mobile App Development

WhatsApp Winning Confidence of The Users: New Features Rollout

WhatsApp Winning Confidence of The Users: New Features Rollout
Over time, mobile phones and android apps seem to have become better friends of homo sapiens. Would you imagine one day without texting your friends, family, or any other acquaintances or leaving work and studying completely for a week? The mere thought of absconding from the world of mobile phones and digital devices is scary to a majority of people. A little child, a middle-aged person, or even a person in his senescence are all growing dependent on mobile phones. It might seem an incorrect scenario to many, but even that opinionated cohort is not ready to give up technology just like that.  Our lifestyles have become so that we can't give up on technology to survive satisfactorily. That's what we call evolution in human lives. To make it effortless for us, the techies work day and night to formulate and establish technologies that are in line with the customer's needs. This includes android app development, app development for iOS, different software inventions and implementation, and a lot of technical stuff.  app development WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is on such android and iOS applications that serves as an instant messaging platform that is in use by around 131 million users. It has become our go-to application each time we need to communicate either for long or short distances. Whatsapp is now another name for texting.  Thinking of texting and WhatsApp is the initial insight into our minds. You need to send someone birthday wishes, or you need a picture to transfer on the go, or is it the long-time lack of communication that's bothering you? - WhatsApp is the answer! Coherently, WhatsApp has taken care of our high-end demands and has taken its production a level up by introducing some very intriguing features for its valuable customers. WhatsApp recently launched a voice and video calling feature for its desktop version. Let's take a look at what these new additions have in them for us. 

What's in the new rollout?

WhatsApp has diligently worked towards the welfare of its end customers. It has been very generous of this android app development company to think of the users who need voice and video calling on their desktop version for a better experience and more effortless endeavor.   After the knockdown that pandemic gave us all, technology became all the more significant in each and everyone's life. What could we have done through manual maneuvers? Now everything is done through technology. This one came with a precedent upliftment of technological aids in the daily lives of the populace. Students, corporate workers, business workers, and almost everyone came down to using a technical device for their daily chores.  WhatsApp has been a vital companion throughout times of distress. Whether it's catching up with an old long-lost friend or receiving assignments from the teacher to taking up important business deals on the chats with colleagues and forming significant groups for communication before crucial online conferences, WhatsApp has been there for us. Now that the new features have been added to the desktop version, the distress of shifting to a mobile phone for calling a client has been taken away.

Following are the salient characteristics of the new features:

Mobile app development
  • The new features provide you with seamless connection time with family, work colleagues, and friends without having to jump from one device to another. Working for hours on the desktop or laptop is tiresome in itself. In between this hassle, if your work requires you to attend a call or two, the transition might add to the annoyance.
  • Mobile app development companies are at a great profit during these uncertain times. The profit comes with the burden of accumulating sources and innovative ideas to provide the customers with a seamless experience.
  • Now use the video calling feature in either landscape or portrait mode at your convenience. 
  • The android app development company said in an introductory statement about the new feature, “It appears in a resizable standalone window on your computer screen, and is set to be always on top. So never lose your video chat in a pile of browser tabs or open windows.” 
  • Well, the big screen doesn't mean losing out on your privacy. The ethics of WhatsApp remain the same when they use end-to-end encryption in each activity of the application. Your chats, video, or voice calls are secured with the coded technology, and WhatsApp can never read or discern your messages or talks. This rather is a significant feature that needs to be adopted by several mobile app development services.
  • People enjoying their anonymity on their mobile phones while using Whatsapp can now do their happy dance as their anonymity has been secured by WhatsApp web. The rollout of video and voice call dragged with it, the authorization disabling the read receipts on Whatsapp web too.
  • To disable the read receipts, reach the option in the following steps: 

WhatsApp settings>Account>Privacy.

  • Editing videos before sending them on WhatsApp web used to be a hectic task. To abate our discomfort, the mobile app development company has rolled out another feature that allows us to mute a video before sending it forward. This feature is available for use by Android systems only as of now. 
  • Face and finger locking and unlocking have become the new cool and have been in demand for quite a long time. With technological advances popping now and then, users have become used to the quick way up. No one currently holds the patience to type in a password or draw the pattern. Why would WhatsApp lag? It has added another intriguing feature that enables the user to link the finger and face locking and unlocking system for their web or desktop version. Before scanning the QR code for linking a WhatsApp account to a desktop one, the user needs to go through the face or finger unlocking mechanism for security purposes. 
  • Android app development services are now tossing the coin and inning over and over by settling down their users with advanced features for a seamless experience more frequently.  
With new features popping up more frequently and steadily, Mobile app development has become exciting and lucrative for these Mobile app development companies. Students working on laptops or desktops to attend classes on quarantine do not have to contend with cell phones to make or take calls from anyone on the other side. Corporate workers do not need to keep a constant check on their mobile phones while working tirelessly on desktop devices. Privacy is in check, security and safety are at the top priority of the Mobile app development services these days, and so, WhatsApp is winning confidence, yet again! If you are going to create a messenger app, then you should use WhatsApp as a reference. For developing a messenger application as fast and cost-effective, the best wager is to work with a dedicated development team. This would be a lot easier than hiring various individual roles. Let’s discuss how you can develop and generate money with your mobile messaging app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What new features has WhatsApp rolled out?

WhatsApp has rolled out a number of new features recently, including disappearing messages, view-once photos and videos, multi-device support, and voice and video calling on desktop.

What are view-once photos and videos?

View-once photos and videos is a feature that allows WhatsApp users to send photos and videos that can only be viewed once, after which they disappear.

Can I make voice and video calls on WhatsApp desktop?

Yes, with the new feature rollout, you can now make voice and video calls on WhatsApp desktop.

Written by Daniel

Daniel is an Android App Developer at WEDOWEBAPPS LLC. He has knowledge of Android App Development in various aspects of development. He is enthusiastic about the development and loves to write blogs on various aspects of development.

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