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WordPress Website Development

WordPress Website Development

Published : 04th, May 2022 Edited : 23rd, March 2023
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We are going to talk about WordPress Website Development and how you have to get started. It is one of the best web hosting platforms that are currently adopted by most of the firms. Establishing robust online support has become mandatory for a business. The reason behind this is the feasibility and ease of approach.

You can reach out to your potential customers and clients with proper website design and management.

What is CMS – Content Management System? Should I be bothered by it?

As simple as the full form goes, it is a feature of a website that allows you to make changes, report, distribute, and edit the content on the site.

Content Management System makes the website more advanced to the users. It mainly allows users to make a change or edit the content online. You could create reports or contribute to the site. This brings the website closer to the user and more interactive.

All the modern websites follow the CMS technique, and more than a 30% share of it is under WordPress already.

Step by Step Guide to WordPress Website Development Process

Before we get started with the WordPress account creation, there are some steps that you need to follow beforehand. This includes the selection of the platform on which you are going to work upon, followed by the domain name registration.

#1 Selection of the platform that you are going to work on.

There are different website building platforms available online, but among all of them, WordPress stands out. Even Joomla is the right choice, but looking at the performance and reviews, WordPress will remain the best.

This is the thing that will design the main framework of the website and its working. A significant benefit of using WordPress is, you need not require any coding skills to get things working. Joomla does need a bit of coding stuff, but WordPress makes it easy for you.

#2 Domain name

The second step we got is the Domain name selection. Choose an appropriate name for your websites like nameofyoursite.com, and a hosting service for connecting your website to the Internet. This one may take a while, so keep it slow and read all the details carefully.

#3 Real WordPress Website process begins here

Now, its time to connect the hosting with the WordPress account. For this, you need to first Login to your Hosting account. After that, go to the Control Panel option. There you will find WordPress, go for it. Select the particular domain which you want for your account, and proceed.

Then, you will get the Install Now button. Click on that right away. That’s it! Now, you could access your newly created WordPress website.

The process doesn’t end here. Instead, it all starts here! After the website is all set, there comes your theme selection and other work related to the plug-in installation and their working. We are into WordPress Website Development Services, too, so you could check out more info about this on our Home Page.