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Xamarin Mobile Application Development

Xamarin is a better way to make build, test and monitor mobile Application. Entire apps which is written in C# codebase, and can share same code for all platform like Windows , Android, iOS , Mac and many more. Through Xamarin Platform same codebase can be used for API's and data structures on all the platforms.

Apps built in Xamarin are standard and have native user interface controls. Applications are designed are according to tailored needs of end users and they are implemented accordingly. Best platform which give all services with just one code base.

Perks of using Xamarin Mobile Application Development

  • Business Apps
  • Same day support to new API'S - Xamarin always remain updated with all latest technologies of Google API's . So it's great advantage for apps.
  • Connect fast with existing libraries - More than 20,000 .Net libraries and components are included
  • Use your own choice of IDE - Xamarin is supported in Visual Studio in Mac and Windows Platform

Xamarin Test Cloud

You can find bugs before users find it.

Test your apps in more than 1000 devices using Test Cloud of Xamarin. You can run your app in all real time devices existing in the world. You can select device by filtering its manufacturer , popularity and operating system.

Designs are easily automated using Ruby and C#. A framework called calabash is created that can automate and can test any Android apps, iOS Apps or Windows Phone app. Perfect Implementation and continuous improvements can be possible with Xamarin Test Cloud.

Analyzing your app becomes very easy with Xamarin Test Cloud as it shows full frame screenshots and videos at every single step. You can receive your performance report and can remove all your bottlenecks using regression methods.

Our expert Xamarin Developers can shape your ideas into real time applications. Contact us today for the demo or any further inquiry regarding its development.

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