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15 Sep, 2022 | BigCommerce Development Services

Is BigCommerce Dropshipping Really Worth It?

Is BigCommerce Dropshipping Really Worth It?
In the era of digitalization, where almost every business is transferring themselves to digitalization, dropshipping has become intensively popular in recent years. As per Statista, in 2021, there are 2.14 billion people are expected to buy products online.  As the growth in the dropshipping domain is at peak, such businesses are quick to expand and thrive. If you are planning your business through dropshipping, you may come across numerous platforms that can help you to start your business as a drop shipper. Bigcommerce, Shopify are the most famous dropshipping platforms. However, Bigcommerce is more efficient and prominent to develop a dropshipping business.     Well, In this blog, We are going to discuss how you can create an online store and sell online through it with the help of Bigcommerce dropshipping. Get Bigcommerce development services to get more out of your business. So, Let's read ahead to get in-depth insight!

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the business model in which a person earns without investing in the stocks of the products. In dropshipping, the retailer does not have to buy the product from the supplier and sell or deliver it further to the customer. Retailers just take orders from the buyer and pass that order to the supplier, and the supplier supplies the product directly to the customer.  Here the retailer acts as an intermediator, who places an indirect relationship between the producer and consumer by selling the product without investing in them. Through the model of dropshipping, you can sell numerous things such as toys, furniture appliances, dresses, jewellery, and so on. Moreover, you can start dropshipping your own with very little budget. 

What is the work process of Bigcommerce Dropshipping

Bigcommerce is an eCommerce platform that provides remarkable dropshipping services since 2009. As if we compare it to other platforms, Bigcommerce is highly focused upon your comfort and ease. It facilitates you to create your online store where you can showcase your products at your convenience so you can target the audience with your ease. process of Bigcommerce Dropshipping Bigcommerce dropshipping is a highly commendable service in the domain of dropshipping especially. BigCommerce gives plenty of features to you for expanding your store. Along with that, It also provides a broad market to sell your products through dropshipping.  It makes it accessible for you to reach customers worldwide, according to the statistical data on the official website of BigCommerce. It has almost 4000+ customers till now.  For developing your online store, you approach a mobile app development company or can prefer to hire a BigCommerce store expert developer to avail benefit from BigCommerce development services with a touch of expertise.

How to set up the Dropshipping with the help of Bigcommerce  

Setting up the business through Bigcommerce is quite a technical task as well as a detailed one. Suppose you are thinking of transferring your offline shop to an online shop and planning to create your own Bigcommerce website. DropShipping business without technical knowledge and sufficient balance, you can hire a bigcommerce developer.. In that case, you can hire a certified BigCommerce developer who is an expert in settling up the dropshipping Store.

Advantages of Bigcommerce Dropshipping 

With Bigcommerce dropshipping, one can create a significant hype in their online business and can make a handsome amount of money through it. There are several underlying advantages of Bigcommerce dropshipping that are as follow : Read also: Is Your Extended Search Abates at BigCommerce? Everything You Need to Know About

An astonishing platform to build up the most interactive Website 

Bigcommerce facilitates you to build your website with a personalized touch with high quality shopping experience. Here you can get the tempting themes and graphics for your website. Moreover, you can create your eCommerce store much more interactive with Bigcommerce.  Promotes the growth of your business  Big Commerce also has a feature to promote the growth of your business and helps to increase the traffic of your website with best user experience. Like the other eCommerce platforms, it assists with enhanced traffic by providing search engine optimization services.  For marketing it, there is also a tempting feature of email marketing. With the help of email marketing, You can also retain your old customers to your website by sending them interactive emails for your product.

A platform where you can do shipping throughout the world 

  • With the help of Bigcommerce, you can get a wide market to sell your product. It allows you to sell your product and expand your business around the world, and along with that, It also provides shipping throughout the world, though many of the similar platforms do not provide this choice.
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Dropshipping Apps by Bigcommerce  

At the Bigcommerce app store, you may also find multiple apps that will fuel up your business to extreme heights. In addition, the apps may offer different tasks which can be accessible for your business, such as the merchandising and advertising of your business. Along with this, there is also a section that offers abundant options for dropshipping apps, from which, you can choose according to your convenience.  The two best Apps of the Bigcommerce apps are as follows :
  •  Ecomdash: This is the prominent app of the Bigcommerce app store that provides the service related to the successful delivery of a product to the customer. Furthermore, this app plays a vital role in maintaining the growth in the sales of the product enlisted on your website.
  • Print full App:
Print full App This app is widely preferable for the designers at the big commerce app. When the customer places an order to your site, they access it while printing the designs onto the product and then deliver that to the customer.

How to monitor the supplier's Fulfilment Effectiveness through BigCommerce Dropshipping business

The retailer must take care of the order and track its delivery process until it gets delivered to the customer. It is a crucial step that has to be followed as it plays an important role in maintaining the success of a retailer's business.  If there is any kind of trouble happening with the delivery of the ordered product, this will affect the image of the retailer as the consumer may give a negative review of the retailer. It will be considered the best if you monitor the supplier's fulfillment effectiveness and run a big scale business. It is highly recommendable to monitor the supplier's effectiveness.  To tackle this issue, Bigcommerce has come up with a solution in which tracking information of the order is presented to both the consumer and the retailer. To track your customer's order, you also have the option for a third-party app to integrate within your store, which helps you monitor the shipping and is accessible to manage the inventories and others.  Ecomdash can be an example of that third-party app, which can manage all these tasks for your app. 

Is Dropshipping worth it with Bigcommerce?

It is an avid truth that Bigcommerce is quite a wide platform for dropshipping. At Bigcommerce, you may come across enormous competitors in your field. There is intense competition for you at Bigcommerce. In other words, we can say that it will be a bit complex for you to establish your unique brand as most of the people are selling similar products that you are selling. Therefore, you may come across the challenge where most of your earnings will go to the supplier, and you might earn lower returns by selling the product. You may cross the challenge where the supplier may deliver a low-quality product, or your customer may return the product due to low satisfaction, and this will affect your image in front of the customers. Besides the challenges, there may be other challenges a retailer can face when going to start a dropshipping business. But that doesn't blur the impact of the BigCommerce platform if you run your business with proper techniques. One day, you will see significant hype in your business.

A Word from us! 

In this write-up, we have focused on opening your online store through Bigcommerce - dropshipping. So we hope you are cleared with your doubt about Bigcommerce dropshipping. Creating an online store through BigCommerce is a big tech task. This task needs expertise. If you are going to develop your online store, we suggest that you contact a reliable company to hire  Bigcommerce developer for settling up your store through BigCommerce with quality work.  We also provide BigCommerce development services. Well, You can also contact WEDOWEBAPPS LLC, an expert BigCommerce development company which offers high quality work and we also have years of experience. Let’s have a free consultation session.   We hope you are now confident enough to turn those dropshipping dreams into reality and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BigCommerce good for dropshipping?

Yes, BigCommerce is a great platform for dropshipping. It offers a range of features that are specifically designed for dropshipping businesses, such as easy integration with dropshipping apps and a streamlined order fulfillment process.

What platform is best for dropshipping?

There are several platforms that are great for dropshipping, but some of the most popular options include Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. The best platform for your business will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Which is easier to use Shopify or BigCommerce?

Both Shopify and BigCommerce are user-friendly platforms that are easy to use. However, Shopify is generally considered to be more beginner-friendly, while BigCommerce may be better suited for more advanced users.

Is BigCommerce good for small businesses?

Yes, BigCommerce is a great option for small businesses. It offers a range of features that can help small businesses create a professional and effective online store, including easy integration with third-party apps and a range of customizable templates.

Is dropshipping still profitable 2023?

Yes, dropshipping is still a profitable business model in 2023. While the market may be more competitive than it was in the past, there are still opportunities to succeed in the dropshipping industry with the right strategy and approach.

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