Extended Search Abates at BigCommerce - Everything Need to Know About
Is Your Extended Search Abates at BigCommerce? Everything You Need to Know About

Is Your Extended Search Abates at BigCommerce? Everything You Need to Know About

Published : 05th, April 2022 Edited : 30th, May 2023
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It’s been over a year since we first got the news of the lockdown in India. The same new “thing” happened gradually to the entire world. Everything in the whole world came to a halt. No business, no company, nothing was to open for a few days. The news has shaken the entire world. A tiny organism, invisible to the eyes, has taken the whole world by storm. Soon the outbreak transformed into an epidemic and continued to become something extremely massive, and the name changed to – “pandemic.” We can bet a huge mass of people were not familiar with the word “pandemic” until the COVID-19 outbreak took place.

Humongous changes withstood as a consequence of the pandemic. Until the first few weeks, the public was quite optimistic about the lockdown taking abate. Discerning the unprecedented and awful continuation of the lockdowns, people realized that this outbreak wasn’t analogous to some flu that announces its spell around every year. People have now come to know that COVID-19 wasn’t saying goodbye for a long, long time.

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This leads us to a different world altogether. Now the vegetable vendor wasn’t going to tell at his highest pitch to call out all the ladies of a colony. The milkman wasn’t going to screech his vehicle’s horn for almost a minute every day or knock at the doors since that could potentially transmit the virus. People locked in their homes were now practicing untouchability- something that took the pinnacle of Gandhi’s efforts to get abolished.

The same time took us to explore the digital world. The old uncle sitting on his balcony was now seen using his mobile phone a lot more often than usual. Students took to mobile phones and tablets, and laptops, shifting their focus from books. Groceries were now delivered in the big cardboard boxes instead of the cloth bags that made their way to our mothers’ shoulders every month. Even vegetables were now being provided at the doorstep with a quick doorbell resulting from the delivery boys’ panicky touch.

We all have taken bountiful advantage of online shopping websites. Be it Amazon, Grocery shopping websites and apps, veggies shopping sites, dairy products, cloth, shoes, etc. Almost everything has been delivered deliberately at our doorsteps in the past year. Revenue from these websites and apps definitely went up. Amazon, for instance, saw a remarkable increase of 37% in its earnings. Online shopping is highly convenient for its users. We often forget to mention the amount of effort for sin to develop and maintain an e-commerce website or application. Developers worldwide work their heads off day in and day out to create a reasonable, high fidelity, seamless e-commerce website so that the users encounter an effortless experience for shopping the essentials even in the abysmal times the one discovered very recently.

When it comes to developing an e-commerce website, the first name most of the developers preach is- BigCommerce. It’s the most preferred platform for e-commerce developments. Gradually, you will get an idea of how BigCommerce has diminished a developer’s search.
Let us first look at what BigCommerce is and how it came into existence.

What is BigCommerce?

Bigcommerce is a platform that enables the development of e-commerce websites. It comes in handy as it allows the developers to build the online stores in no time with minimal effort. BigCommerce development services are provided by several companies that furnish technical development services. Bigcommerce has a giant reach as it has been used in more than 150 countries to develop e-commerce websites. Going by the data on Wikipedia, BigCommerce is a technical development company that extensively provides eCommerce developments based on SaaS.

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BigCommerce allows the developer to do everything on his own. There are no to minimal restrictions. In a world where a minimalist lifestyle is preferred nowadays, the limitations while developing a website must be minimized to zero. A platform that enables the developer to design the website or online store providing the drag and drop function has got to be the top one in developers’ list. BigCommerce development services are extensively valuable to the customer. Several businesses are on the hunt for a good, convenient, and superior quality e-commerce development platform. BigCommerce puts an end to that hunt by empowering the BigCommerce developers with their incredible functionalities and services.


Initiated in 2009, the company now has over 600 employees and is flourishing each day due to BigCommerce development services’ high demands. With headquarters situated in Austin, Texas, the platform gives space for a bunch of features which include customer groups and segmentation, web hosting, Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), and many more.

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An online chatroom meeting hosted in 2003 led to the discussion of two Australians-Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper. This meeting further led to the invention of the company we now prominently recognize as BigCommerce. It wasn’t until 2009 that the ideologies and strategies took shape and led to this platform’s formation. 2009 marked a great significance in the history of BigCommerce development services. The two pioneers then launched the company in 2009 and established its first office in the United States. The company ran in bootstrap for a long time. It was 100% bootstrap till the year 2011.

BigCommerce isn’t limited to a particular online shopping platform. It can largely provide the developers with numerous industries. These industries can be fashion, electronics, health, grocery, dairy, jewelry, gifts, medical products, etc.

From SEO /SEM optimization to getting your products to the top seller websites, ranking your products at the top of the list, managing the tax and shipping of the products, a lot goes into the development of an e-commerce website. Here’s an easier way to get all of this without extra hassle. Down below, we have attempted to list a few reasons to choose BigCommerce development services over any other e-commerce development platform.

Why is BigCommerce a Big success?

Someone who wishes to build an online e-commerce store- either a business or even a developer, or an individual, would indulge in a certain amount of research before handing in the project to someone naive. And we suggest that you must take this step before opting for any of the technical development.s any business venture or any individual who is eyeing a technological development in the form of an online store, an application, a mobile app, a website, or even a web page, must go through as much information as possible. This not only helps you gain additional knowledge about how your technical stuff will work but also ascertains a certain amount of security.

Well, coming back to the BigCommerce development services, there are plenty of reasons why you should opt for the big name you might have come across all this while doing your research. BigCommerce has a lot to offer; what do you need? We have substantial justifications for our preference of BigCommerce as our go-to e-commerce development service.

  • SEO and more: data from Smart Insights implies that 81% of people look online for a product. Isn’t that pretty relatable? We all do, don’t we? A new product has come in the market, heard of something you are not familiar with, or looking for a new device for your convenience?

Bigcommerce SEO

– we take out our phone or computer and get down with all the searches in no time. BigCommerce provides business with no friction. The buyer doesn’t have to face any obstacles while buying an online e-commerce store. This characteristic ensures a great ranking of your online business, thereby accounting to paramount to your successful career. We all know the most significant thing in any online business is the site’s occurrence at the foremost position in the searches. Bigcommerce ensures your business venture has the security of getting on the top, leaving behind others.

Though numerous platforms provide SEO optimization, BigCommerce is one such platform that gives you security regarding SEO. BigCommerce has a big name in the SEO industry and has proven to be of value to its clients extensively. Others would provide you at most with optimization in sectors like meta description, headings, alt texts, page titles, etc. But with BigCommerce, it doesn’t end here. It provides an extensive range of SEO optimization services that we will talk about down below.

« Friendly Google URLs: search engine so not too friendly with the lengthy, haywire URLs. They seem to be amicable with the short, to-the-point URLs. Google, specifically, doesn’t entertain the extended URLs. With other platforms, the URLs that your store will develop might not be up to the mark and hence drag you backward in the process. With BigCommerce, however, you are free to choose your URL and make it time-bound that accelerates the performance in the upward direction.

« Accelerated Mobile Pages: the AMPs or accelerated mobile pages are the flaked-off versions of the standard web pages. Since it gets a bit lighter, deliberately, the speed also increases, and the web page becomes faster, more interesting, and clearer to read.

« Redirects now became easier to manage: for those who do not know, let us get you an idea of what is redirecting briefly. Whenever you make certain changes in the products or the pages of your online store, placing a redirect on the formal page is crucial. This helps the browser find the new page easily. BigCommerce enables you to generate these redirects automatically, unlike other platforms, which propel you to take the hassled path and create these redirects yourself.

BigCommerce is substantially the best platform for the quality SEO optimization that you need. You will need to comprehend the keywords game on an individual level because no platform has got the scope of doing all of the hard work itself.

« Customisation is a gift: testing produce creation on different platforms, we have found with subjective experience that BigCommerce is your best friend when it comes to uploading products on an e-commerce platform. BigCommerce has taken the customization game up a notch.

« Templates that you’ll love: well, not only the designs but the templates are also to die for because of the free access and easily editable inability. This means the ready-made templates are not the only choice you have. Several platforms provide free templates. BigCommerce, on the contrary, provides these free templates with accessibility to editing them as per your requirements. Editing the content of templates is in itself a big accomplishment.

Furthermore, the ease with which this editing is made possible on BigCommerce is commendable. The drag and drop interface allows the user to have the best experience while choosing templates for his or her e-commerce store. So, now you can build seamlessly the structure you envisioned of your commerce outlook.

« Bulk editing: we all have noticed the online shopping websites that possess an outline that is divided into several categories of products which gives them an edge over other websites because of the seamless organization of products. This helps businesses involve a humongous range of products that meet to categorize their products to provide their customers with an effortless experience.

  • BigCommerce doesn’t empty pockets: e-commerce development is not a cheap task. It costs huge lots of money to the big businesspersons out there. Getting an e-commerce platform that is off the ground and providing just the right features you desire can be a heavy endeavor in your pockets. To minimize this expenditure to a minimum, we suggest opting for BigCommerce anytime. It never gets heavy for your banks and gives you the apt amount of services that you aspire. A startup can itself be a hefty maneuver for an individual. The whole procedure including, the development, inventory, and management, further incorporating the staff salaries, can put you in a difficult position. On this, if you get to choose an e-commerce development service, you might lose what’s left. To ensure this doesn’t happen, BigCommerce development services are just the right services for you.

« Bigcommerce doesn’t charge any transaction fee on all plans.
« Event credit card fees are also lower than other platforms.
« Standard level provides extensive values.

  • Support and management at Bigcommerce are second to none: whenever there’s a glitch in the working of an app or a website, the only thing we all need is someone to come up and solve it as soon as possible. BigCommerce provides the kind of support system that you can turn to any time, anywhere. The majority of report types on BigCommerce are free and accessible by anyone. Though the expert level “E-commerce insights” package does come with an additional cost, all other standards report packages are free and highly useful for the time when you get stuck. Customer support is all around the clock at BigCommerce. The extensive support users get at BigCommerce is commendable with 24/7 services.
  • BigCommerce will take you to new heights: unlike any other platform that does not ensure a business’s growth, BigCommerce is the place where your business will thrive in no time. It considers the major and crucial aspects of a business and focuses on developing those areas better. BigCommerce provides you with a multicurrency option that expands your reach to a large mass. No worries if the customers leave their items in the shopping cart. BigCommerce has a three email follow-up system that facilitates a decrease in losses.

Concluding Words

With that, we would conclude the blog on the note that BigCommerce is actually a big platform for big earnings and big success. If you are looking for an e-commerce development service provider, do not miss out on BigCommerce at any cost. Additional benefits are also there on the list, such as functionalities, cookie consent rules, email support, etc. These are not going to end anytime soon. So, take the right decision and go for BigCommerce to witness an unprecedented windfall in your business.

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