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23 Sep, 2022 | ecommerce development services

Multi-Store in NopCommerce: The Definitive Guide

Multi-Store in NopCommerce: The Definitive Guide
In a highly competitive era, every business is struggling to keep ahead of their peers.Setting up your eCommerce store can be the right decision to draw customers and establish a business identity. To start your eCommerce journey, you can hire the best eCommerce development service provider. As per the official website,  nopCommerce has 12 years of experience in the eCommerce market.  If you are looking to expand your business to an eCommerce Multi-store, You can look upon NopCommerce Multi-store. Multi-store NopCommerce is the most amazing feature of nopCommerce. You may invest your money in it if you plan to create a digital platform for your business and step up in the eCommerce market.  To create your nopCommerce Multi-store, you can contact a nopCommerce development company for getting top-class nopCommerce development services. But first of all, you must know about the important aspects of nopCommerce. This blog will tell you about all the essential aspects of nopCommerce Multi-store you should be aware of. So you will know how to open a successful nopCommerce Multi-store. So, Let's read ahead to get in-depth insight!

What is NopCommerce Multi-store?

The Multi-store is a wonderful feature of nopCommerce, this facilitates you by allowing you to create and run multiple online stores. For this, you don't have to install nopCommerce multiple times. As it possible in the one-time installation of nopCommerce. You can run numerous stores on a single authentication system that is similar to all the stores. So be it a Jewellery store or a toy store or another, you can run all the stores you have with the same authentication pool.

The accessibility of nopCommerce Multi-store is discussed as follows :

  • You will be able to sell a single product in more than one store. Your customer will be able to get a single Id for login to multiple stores.
  • You can manage your multiple websites under a single administration.
  • You will have a single database and application, for starters.
  • Here your customer data and feedback are also shared; you can use it for marketing purposes in your multiple stores.
  • You can also create micro-stores for the promotional campaigns. You can manage other content and blogs of each store you have separately. There is also a feature to customize your page with limitless customizations. 

Know who will be benefited from the nopCommerce Multi-store 

The nopCommerce Multi-store feature is suitable for you if you are one of the following :

  • A businessman that operates with numerous brands.
  • A merchant who needs a separate store for B2B and B2C processes.
  • A retailer that exports their business products to several countries and does need different stores for different countries.
So If you are one of the above, then nopCommerce Multi-store is a good option for setting up your store with different entities. Though the entities in each store, such as categories, products, and so on are in a limited form, the customers are not in the limited form.  Read also: Best eCommerce Website Development Sydney with us

Process of setting up the store into the nopCommerce 

After knowing about the introduction of nopCommerce Multi-store, You must know the process to set up a Multi-store in nopCommerce. The process to set up your Multi-store which is as follows :
  • To get a kick start to set up your nopCommerce Multi-store, the first step is the technical installation of the stores. If you are not a developer, you can outsource people for installation tasks, and you can hire a nopCommerce development company to get appropriate nopCommerce development services.
  • After the technical development part, to set up your Multi-store, you first have to go to the admin panel present in your nopCommerce store.
  • Then, go to configuration, store, and click on add new option, which is on the top right corner. You can now set up multiple stores with this feature.
  • Fill out the details that are mentioned below that pop up after the add new option.
  • Store Name: Enter the desirable store name. The store's name is localized; that is, it can be in the language of the area that you live in, or it can be in the language of the area in which you want your website to be ranked. You can choose your desired store name.
  • Store URL: Enter the URL for your store. You have to have a domain or subdomain for the second website. 
  • SSL Enabled: You can tick the SSL option only if you have an SSL certificate for your particular domain. SSL certificate ensures the credibility of your website. Before ticking this option, you have to configure the SSL certificate to your website.
  • Host Value: This can be the list of HTTP_ HOST values for your store. For example, If the store website is https://abc Then the host value can be www. or
  • Default Language: Enter the default language that you are using on your website. It can be any language of your desire. You can also leave it unselected if the initial one that is found is to be used. 
  • Display Order: Here, you have to mention the display order for your store. You have to select the top of the list.
  • Information: In this column, you have to add the company name, address, phone number, and VAT similar to that of the SSL certificate. You can fill up the information and save it by clicking on the 'save' option. After all this, you will be able to add multiple. Finally, however, you are done with adding up 2 or 3 stores. Yet, the process is not fully over.
  • Link your second store domain to the website. You are free to link your store to the website from the control panel if you are not using the shared hosting. Suppose you will host your nopCommerce website on a server that is not using any third-party hosting.
  • Then you have to go to IIS, then after it goes to the right panel, then edit the site and then to bindings.
  • After it, the option of side bidding pops up, and then after it, click on add.
  • Then after that, you have to paste your domain address into the hostname column.
  • Your final binding is ready.
  • Now lastly, from the store domain, you have to edit the DNS records.
Now go to the domain provider's control panel; here, you have to change the name server if you are using a hosting provider. In case you are hosting your website on your own, and you have to add two records as follows:  Then, after all this, your Multi-store set-up is finally done. 

Entities that can be configured per store:

To be more precise with nopCommerce Multi-stores, You can set up numerous features or entities per store; some of these are discussed as follows :

1. Setting

The setting is the one you can configure in each store you have. You can use the 'settings' from the admin panel to make any changes or edit in a specific or all stores.

2. Product price 

You can see product price as per the store, and you can do so by the following process:
  • You first have to go to administration, then go-to products. 
  • You can choose the product to set up the price then choose the edit option.
  • Click on add new price tier option by scrolling down to the tier panel.
  • After clicking the new tier option, a window will open with a detailed tier price to edit the price. Now you can configure the price.

3. Plugins 

If we talk about the plugins, most of the plugins are available for the nopCommerce Multi-store. You can also configure the multiple plugins in each store you have. You can get your desirable nopCommerce plugins as the service of nopCommerce plugin development is available. You can go to the nopCommerce development company for this task.

Concluding Words: 

Wrapping up this post, we can say that the Multi-store feature of nopCommerce is one of the most amazing features among all other features of the store. Therefore, this blog focused on all aspects that are crucial to know about the nopCommerce Multi-store.  Setting up your nopCommerce Multi-store is not that easy task; we advise you to contact a reliable nopCommerce development company that can assist you while setting up your digital venture.  WEDOWEBAPPS LLC provides outstanding nopCommerce development services. So book a free consultation with our expert developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is multi-store in NopCommerce?

Multi-store in NopCommerce refers to the ability to create and manage multiple online stores within a single installation. This means that businesses can create multiple websites with different domains, designs, and products, all managed from a single back-end.

What are the benefits of creating a multi-store in NopCommerce?

Creating a multi-store in NopCommerce offers several benefits for businesses, including: Cost-effectiveness: Businesses can save money by creating multiple stores within a single installation, as they only need to pay for one hosting account and one installation. Increased efficiency: Businesses can manage multiple stores from a single back-end, reducing the time and effort required to manage multiple websites. Better customer experience: Businesses can create different stores for different target markets, with customized designs and products, providing a better customer experience. Scalability: Multi-store in NopCommerce is scalable, allowing businesses to add new stores and products as their business grows.

How can WEDOWEBAPPS LLC help me create a multi-store in NopCommerce?

WEDOWEBAPPS LLC is a full-service NopCommerce development company that can help you create a multi-store in NopCommerce. Our team of experienced developers can help you with: Multi-store setup and configuration: We can help you set up and configure multiple stores within a single installation. Store design and customization: We can help you customize the design and layout of each store to suit your brand and target market. Product management: We can help you manage products across multiple stores, ensuring consistency and accuracy. Multi-store maintenance and support: We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure your multi-store runs smoothly.

Can I use different payment gateways for each store in NopCommerce?

Yes, you can use different payment gateways for each store in NopCommerce. This means that businesses can customize the payment options for each store, depending on their target market and payment preferences.

How can I manage orders across multiple stores in NopCommerce?

Managing orders across multiple stores in NopCommerce is easy. Businesses can view and manage all orders from a single back-end, with the ability to filter by store or order status. This means that businesses can efficiently manage orders across multiple stores, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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