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What Makes Magento Better Than Other Ecommerce Platforms?

What Makes Magento Better Than Other Ecommerce Platforms?

Published : 22nd, October 2022 Edited : 09th, May 2023
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Ecommerce is here to stay! In fact, Ecommerce is the future of trade. 

It’s time to make peace with the fact that ecommerce is not going anywhere. Unlike the seasonal trends, ecommerce introduced tremendous changes in commerce and will continue doing the same. Even people have the belief that ecommerce will ruin the traditional market completely! 

On the other hand, some people consider technology as an aid to the practice of traditional commerce and leveraging its benefits to scale their business globally.

Every day more and more businesses are coming online, and customers are coming on board due to the wide variety of goods that they get. The spread of pandemic has contributed even more to this.

Why Is Magento Everyone’s Favorite? 

Your ecommerce store is a virtual brick and mortar store for you to market and sell your offerings. You might own a service-based business or product based, but you want the best possible solution to get you an online store, and Magento grabs top rank in the same. Here are the reasons that make Magento the most preferable ecommerce shopping cart software. 

Stability & Compatibility 

Even when Magento is open-source software, it is stable enough to hold with the updates. Be it the security updates or the software updates, the community cares checking for the effect of implementation on the third-party plugins that offer integration along with the Magento store. 

There are free themes as well as paid themes available for your ecommerce store, you can count on the ones that implement your business idea at its best. All Magento themes are designed to be responsive across all platforms and show well across different screen sizes. This minimizes the worries of Magento developers for web optimization and enhances the user experience on any device they like to explore your website from. 


Most if not all businesses have different seasons in which they sell heavily. You might be getting 100 orders/hour, and you know it’s the season, so you start implementing your marketing strategies, and you see in the coming week that you get 1000 orders/hour. The demand can increase anytime, and your ecommerce platform must be ready for it. Not every customer will be crazy enough to try buying again if your website fails for the first time unless you turn to a renowned brand. Scalability comes handy with Magento, as it is capable of handling more than 80, 000 orders per hour. You can imagine how profitable Magento Development can be for your ecommerce business. 


You think of the functionality you feel like adding, and Magento developers can implement the same for you. From the basic to advanced filters, hundreds of attributes you like to highlight at your store to ease every customer’s journey and offer as much as product information as possible can be updated. It’s your store, and it’s your choice whether you like to add a hundred products, thousand or ten thousand, Magento is ready to have your products managed across categories. You can have that mega menu on your store for easy navigation through different product categories. Magento supports multi-language and multi-currency features that let you sell in different countries and offer a seamless experience in every demography. 


Magento is determined to offer the top-notch security for your ecommerce store. Though it’s open-source, the updates whenever they are implemented will never impact the other plugins you have installed to support your business. Earlier, the security of your store was taken care of by the Enhanced Magento Security Scan tool, which is soon going to be replaced by the new Magento Quality Patch tool. The latest policy updates are scheduled for Quarter 1 of 2021, which is intended to ease the implementation and planning of your Magento store. The latest & actively supported Magento version, Magento 2.3.6 is slated with the security line changes and quality updates latest in October 2020. Now, Magento will be releasing quarterly security patches for stringent security updates. 

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Can I develop my Magento store on my own? 

Now that’s where you will be stuck and bump your head on the wall for zillions of times to get into the codes. Magento is a shopping cart software exclusively designed for developers to ease the development of ecommerce stores. To take your business to the next level & add the wealth of features, you will need constant support. Whether you want an online store or native mobile app, ecommerce development services can design either of them as per your choice.
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