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25 Feb, 2022 | Internet Marketing

9 App Marketing Strategies That Business Should Consider For Their Business In 2020!

9 App Marketing Strategies That Business Should Consider For Their Business In 2020!
Marketing is one of the significant aspects of any business; therefore, it is not an exception to the app business. Goods that are marketed well are sold well. And everyone is well informed of that, and conventional marketing is something everyone is aware of, but what about digital marketing or app marketing? We are here to help you with the best app marketing strategy:
  • Competitor analysis-
We should accept the reality that we sometimes take motivations or strive to do better things than our competitors. We do a competitor analysis, and it’s better to do it and have the report to know what exactly our competitors have that we don’t. And how can we be better than them? What is their app marketing strategy? Once we have keys and other useful information about them, we will understand precisely the opportunities which they have not yet explored and which we can. Things that work globally!
  • Do a research work on your target audience-
For every business, it’s essential to understand who their target audience is. Depending on these target audiences, you would be able to do several things to determine your marketing strategies. But on what factors should you define your target audience?
  • Age
  • Geography
  • Interest
  • Political views
  • Gender
Once you have the audience specified, it should assist you in creating strategies for branding or advertising.
  • Develop a landing page according to the app-
A landing page is compelling, and it should present the customer with a summary of what the app is all about and its essential features. Also, it’s suggested to insert the screenshots and download links into the landing page.
  • Create referral programs for your users-
We should be honest about one thing; many of us would have received the referral program message and might have sent those messages to other people to get some Freebies. And its human intellect to be cheering on things which they get free! So this is a sought and tested approach to drive more traffic, so put this to good use. Execute highly effective referral programs that are beneficial for both the user & the new user.
  • App store optimization-
App store optimization is a very complicated thing to do, but its also a precious something. Around 50% of people who explore an app on the iOS or Google Play store require a better user experience with quick load time. More so, users seek for right information without wasting their time, and so you should be top of your app navigation. Could you keep it simple yet elegant?
  • Get reviews for your app-
Every techie user checks for reviews of the app before downloading it into their smart device. The android app store is flooded with apps. And intentionally or unintentionally, you end up installing the app, which displays odd full-screen ads that makes it very uncomfortable. So being you as an app owner, approach this issue. Well, the easy answer is getting the review. People believe in the reviews of the user. Thus, timely ask users to add reviews of the app to the play store or app store. But make sure you don’t annoy your customers while asking for reviews.
  • Design camps to enhance app installs-
This seems to be the toughest part of all. We recommend using the target audiences’ data and creating the Facebook Ad campaign, which primarily focuses on the app installs. Run various advertisement exercises to accomplish more click-through ratios. You could probably use Facebook & Instagram paid stories as well, to run through the app installs. Likely, use the landing page to encourage users and empower them to download the app. You could develop the specific landing pages as well, to offer particular joining advantages to the users, and run a separate ad campaign.
  • Work on SEO for the landing page-
SEO or search engine optimization is the most critical and crucial aspect when it comes to digital marketing. And SEO needs more time and patience. It’s not only that anything you do wrong, maybe your biggest mistake, but it will also take ample time to resolve that. Imagine you picked the wrong keyword, and if you understand the same, all your efforts to bring that keyword in top rank would be trashed. And you have to start from 0 that nobody wants to do it. So ensure you work hard on SEO and get everything done right.
  • Manage bad reviews and satisfy your customers-
It’s a well-known fact that there would be a criticism of the app. There would be people who would not prefer your app. It’s fine to have those users, and they are precious to us who can provide honest reviews and feedbacks. People would leave reviews in the situation of a bad experience that includes the app crashes, the issue with inadequate to do certain things in the app, problems with some severe flows in the app, or some external effects, such as wrong delivery of food by your food delivery app. It would help if you tried to approach those issues in a better way and post the resolution as a response to that comment.

Final words

With the help of the strategies mentioned above, you can develop a better marketing strategy for your mobile app development and earn better ROI. So if you’re looking for reliable app development companies that can help you with development as well as app marketing strategy, then drop us an email, and we will get back to you within 24 business hours. Contact us now to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can businesses use social media to promote their app?

Businesses can use social media to promote their app by sharing app updates and features, offering exclusive content to followers, running social media ads, and partnering with influencers.

What are some strategies for using email marketing to promote an app

Strategies for using email marketing to promote an app include building an email list of app users and potential users, creating targeted email campaigns with app features and updates, and offering exclusive promotions to email subscribers.

How can businesses use content marketing to promote their app?

Businesses can use content marketing to promote their app by creating blog posts, videos, and other content that provide value to their target audience and feature their app as a solution to a problem.

How can businesses use app store ads to promote their app?

Businesses can use app store ads to promote their app by creating ads that appear at the top of search results or in related app pages, targeting relevant audiences based on search terms and demographics.

What are some strategies for using app updates to promote an app?

Strategies for using app updates to promote an app include releasing regular updates with new features and improvements, highlighting these updates in app store listings, and sending push notifications to users to encourage them to update the app.

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