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10 Jun, 2022 | Internet Marketing

5 Unique Ways to Boost Your App’s Download Count

5 Unique Ways to Boost Your App’s Download Count
From ordering the food to playing your favorite games, from accessing content on desktops to sharing global classrooms from anywhere and from downloading songs and movies to streaming them anytime, you want; mobile applications have greatly revolutionized our interaction with each other and with the information. The development in technology has enhanced our craving for getting the things done, right at the moment it's said or asked. So, gone were the days when we use to access desktop computers for everything, especially when you can access the majority of things from your mobile devices. No doubt that our dependability on the technology and especially on the smartphones is grown too much. But, do you think getting a fully functional mobile app for your business is enough to drive profit to your company? Well, to everyone's surprise, the answer is NO!!! It would help if you tried a lot of tactics to let people discover your business app as a solution to their problems. And that's for sure that it will be a fierce competition. Wondering, why? When the apple store alone counts 1000 new apps every day, you can imagine what would be the count of the apps on the play store. That's why you need to follow some novel and creative ideas to attract your potential app users. Let me share five frequently used stunning ideas that you can try to boost the count of app downloads, once done with the mobile app development :

App Store Optimization:

Like SEO for websites, App Store Optimization (ASO) is the crucial factor that can improve the ranking of apps in the play store/app store. If you are worried about the technical prospects behind it, don't worry. It's more a generic and non-technical process to boost your app visibility. Here are specific practical tips you can try to improve the rate of app downloads: App Name: It is always advised to keep your brand name small. However, when naming your mobile app, it's not only about the brand name. You need to follow the app name conventions as well. When calling an app, avoid using special characters and symbols. Add URL-friendly characters to the application title; this makes it easier to search for users. The title of an app must not be more 50 characters for the Play Store, whereas, the count is 30 characters only for App Store. Enrich your app content: After Android app development, you must care for adding justified and high-search volume keywords to the content of your smartphone application. The app content includes title, subtitle, as well as the app description. Unlike websites, you don't have to add a lot of content, but here you need to be precise and accurate. Emphasize more on the first three lines; this will be the reason to fetch readers to go further to read the expanded description. It also improves the ranking of the app in the play store. Add effective screens only: While listing your app on the app store or the play store, you need to add some of the screenshots of your app. You may be thinking that's the most natural thing, but every user doesn't check all of those screenshots before downloading. And, that's why don't add all the screenshots, instead show some 2-3 best screens, at least in the first two images. Such compelling designs can attract customers to download your app.

Cross-platform compatibility:

When designing useful apps is one of the ways to attract new customers and to grow more business, you have to take care of all the platforms on which your customers are available. If you design the cross-platform compatible apps, it will be surely a profitable deal for your business. However, if you enable interoperability, it can be a better idea to gather the larger target. Along with the cross channel, if you allow the cross-device compatibility like accessing the same applications through multiple devices like tablet, smartphones as well as desktops; you can acquire more users.

Introduce your app with complimentary services:

In today's aggressive competition of technology, there are so numerous alternatives to a single problem. In the same way, there are so many apps like yours, so it isn't straightforward for you to grow your business. So, even if you have a sound user base, you need to make people aware of your product. At the same point, if you make your app free initially when you launch, it can be a profitable deal for you. It will add curiosity among users to download the app. We know that getting equal things isn't easy, but believe me that people still get attracted to anything that comes free. Let's trade your app for the email addresses. Yes, the email address is a huge marketing tool. Once collecting them for the free version of your app, you can use them to communicate about your users and educate them about the product features you are offering to them. If you are confused what's more it can bring, well that's the consumer engagement. And, what can be more rewarding than real customers and authentic reviews.

Request your users to share their views:

Getting customer reviews may seem a straightforward idea, but believe us it is not that easy! You can't restrict your customers to review your app anyway. So, even if your app got hundreds of downloads, you can't be sure about getting even ten reviews. But, the review is the real voice of users that the potential buyers consider good enough to trust. The android app algorithms can't justify the need of the customer. User reviews not only help people in downloading the app instead help you in understanding the loopholes of your app. A positive response can be fruitful for your business. It encourages users to review the app and rate it. However, that's not a legal practice to ping customers consistently. You can try to push notifications to ping customers to rate the app. It can be an adequate strategy to enhance user engagement. So, it doesn't matter how fancy app you design, if you don't find results instantly, you need to try other tactics to acquire customers. However, promotional efforts can benefit your business and boost the rate of downloads. From mobile app development to pushing it to the market to acquire success, WeDoWebApps LLC can help you throughout your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some unique ways to boost an app download count?

Some unique ways to boost an app's download count include creating a referral program, partnering with influencers, leveraging social media platforms, offering limited-time promotions or discounts, and utilizing app store optimization strategies.

What are some tips for partnering with influencers to promote my app?

When partnering with influencers, it is important to choose influencer who has a relevant audience and aligns with your brand values. You can offers them incentives such as free access to your app or monetary compensation for promoting your app to their followers.

How can I leverage social media platforms to promote my app?

By developing targeted ad campaigns, interacting with users through user-generated content and comments and working with social media influencers to promote your app, you can make the most of social media platforms.

What are some limited-time promotions or discounts that I can offer to boost downloads?

You can offer limited-time discounts or promotions such as free trial periods, referral discounts, or limited time sales on in-app purchases or premium features.

What is app store optimization (ASO) and how can it help boost app downloads?

ASO is the process of optimizing your app's metadata (title, keywords, description, and images) to improve its visibility in app store search results. By optimizing your app's meta data with relevant keywords and descriptions, you can increase the app appearing in search results and therefore increase the chances of users downloading your app.

Written by Jitendra

Jitendra is a React Native Developer at WEDOWEBAPPS LLC. With an ability to learn and apply, passion for coding and development, he has made his way from a trainee to Tech Lead. He is passionate about making the world a better place through code.