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3 Feb, 2022 | Custom Web Development Company

Node JS - The Best Choice for Web Application Development

Node JS – The Best Choice for Web Application Development
Wondering why NodeJS web development is becoming the number one choice for web and mobile app development? There are several reasons behind the hype of the NodeJS web app development. NodeJS is getting famous these days because it simplifies web development to a level extent and gives a lot of options and features to NodeJS web developers.  It's a great option for businesses that want to commit to a real-time application and runtime environment that works across platforms. One of the reasons why developers are turning to Node.js for web application development is that it comes with a slew of exciting capabilities, like the ability to integrate network tools and web servers thanks to JavaScript. For a newcomer, diving into product development using Node.js can be too technical, making him or her unsure of their ability to create a successful web application. However, this does not imply that it is difficult. It's become a perfect alternative for web development businesses because of how simple it is to get the job done by integrating two-way client-server interaction. Node.js has a lot to offer in terms of burden-sharing between different providers and client requests. Choose Node.js if you wish to effortlessly produce dynamic content and read/write files on servers to modify data.


Because of Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine, which helps execute JavaScript code on the worker side, Node.js isn't a system or a library; it's a runtime environment. It works with a single event-based circle to create all non-obstructing apps. Ryan Dahl was the first to deploy the idea in 2009. Node.js allows for continuous two-way flawless communication between the customer and the worker. It transfers accountability from the customer to the professional organisation. If your firm requires a custom-made solution with a wide range of current features, Node.js will be more cost-effective than alternative options.

Top Reasons to Consider Node.js Web Development for your Business

1. Enables Easy Sharing 

By exposing the Node Package Manager, or NPM, which is powered by Node.js, easy sharing is enabled. The nearly 50,000 bundles in the storeroom assist designers in making necessary preparations before beginning a project. This makes it simple for developers to exchange, refresh, and even reuse code. Web development companies make use of it by utilizing the dynamic bundle manager, which is a ready-to-use tool for designers.

2. Simplified Hosting

With a growing number of open-source NodeJS development companies opting for this platform, the platform is expanding its capabilities and increasing the rate at which new features are introduced. This is extremely beneficial to companies that provide Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services, which reduce businesses to a single order. This could be one of the reasons why Heroku chooses Node.js.

3. Increased Productivity and Efficiency 

NodeJS is among the fastest programming platforms available. It requires fewer lines of code when compared to Java. Users can utilise the framework for static file serving, important routing activities, and middleware communications because of its rapid I/O performance. Enterprises can use Node.js to combine frontend and backend teams into a single team, improving the productivity of web app development processes.

4. Larger Community

An active and expanding community readily supports Node.js. Because of its popularity, it undoubtedly has a big number of web developers who contribute to the platform's continuous improvement. In GitHub, developers have access to a plethora of ready-to-use solutions and code. The community is always changing, and its members are doing everything they can to deliver competent and dependable answers.

5. Long-term Support

Node.js will be actively supported for the following 18 months after each major release, starting from the moment it reaches LTS (long term support). There will be no new features incorporated into the existing version at this time, but the team will handle all bug repairs and security upgrades. Around 62 percent of developers think the web app and Node will be supported in the long run. For developers, js is an excellent choice for maintaining an application.

6. Data Streaming

Any successful product development would necessitate excellent I/O management. This becomes difficult when Web frameworks consider HTTP0 queries and responses as entire data items. Node.Js comes to the rescue because it is adept at handling such I/O processes, allowing users to simultaneously transcode and upload media files. Reading and writing streams to Websockets makes it much easier to handle HTTP requests.

7. Fast Pace

Node.js converts JavaScript into rather a fast machine code using Google's V8 engine. As a result, it has the ability to accelerate any framework. Companies that engage professional Node.js engineers can create web apps that are quick and flexible and can handle several concurrent connections. With Node.js applications, PayPal was able to reduce response time by 35% and process twice as many queries per second.

8. Event-driven platform using a single thread

Because node.js is single-threaded, it can easily handle the tremendous traffic. When developing real-time applications, it's vital to manage a large number of concurrent connections without slowing down the process. It provides developers with all of the tools they need to create high-performance web apps in less time.

9. It is Cost-Effective

Web app development with Node.js does not necessitate a large financial commitment. According to surveys, companies that use Node.js web development require less computational power to host their websites. Because Node.js is speedier than other development frameworks, it can save 56 per cent on development costs.

10. NodeJS known for Creating Real-time Web Applications

Node.js is advantageous for developers that wish to make their tasks easier when developing real-time apps such as chat and gaming apps. The real-time web app is great for web apps that require a non-blocking and event-based server, and Node.js provides the finest solution.

11. Taking advantage of the popularity

The forums are up and running, making it easier for Node.js developers to handle issues in threads. Finding a solution is not difficult, especially given how responsive the community is and how eager it is to assist in any way it can. Node.js offers a library for practically everything and is simple to get started with. It also has a lot of resources to learn from.

12. It allows the use of a single codebase 

Node. js allows developers to write code for both the client-side and server-side of a web development project using a single codebase or scripting language. This is one of the challenges that a web development firm faces. Some frameworks require different languages on both the client and server sides. Either the businesses need to locate developers who are experts in multiple codebases or they need to find two different types of developers for a single project.

13. It can be used as a proxy server

This is just another advantage of Node.js. It can be used for various intermediate administrations as well as comparing response times. To use Node.js as a proxy server, you only need 20 lines of code. You can also use it to stream data from a variety of trustworthy sources.

14. It ensures developer’s availability.

JavaScript is all-encompassing when it comes to web application development. It operates on computers using Electron, on mobile devices using React Native, PhoneGap, Cordova, and so on, and on the server using Node.js. This allows front-end and back-end web development firms to take use of the available experts who are proficient in JS. In the long run, finding maintenance programmers will be easy.

So, Is NodeJS the Right Choice for Your Web Application Development?

Node.js may be the finest choice if you're seeking a powerful platform to build scalable, efficient, and speedier online apps. Whether you're programming drones or robots, constructing complex real-time web apps, or creating an IoT-based system, this tech stack can help. With the passage of time, an increasing number of businesses have begun to use Node.js, with excellent results. WeDoWebApps is a leading NodeJS Development services company that seeks to transform business goals and values into fantastic NodeJS web app development solutions utilising our unique ideas and deep industry knowledge as one of the best Node.js development companies. Hire dedicated NodeJS developers for amazing business solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some benefits of using Node.js for real-time application development?

Benefits of using Node.js for real-time application development include improved performance and speed, enhanced user experience, and simplified code management. It also allows for easy integration with other technologies and platforms, making it an ideal choice for building real-time chat applications, multiplayer games, and other interactive applications.

How can WeDoWebApps help businesses with their Node.js API development needs?

WeDoWebApps can help businesses with their Node.js API development needs by providing customized development solutions, integrations with third-party tools and platforms, and ongoing maintenance and support. They have expertise in building scalable and high-performance APIs that meet the needs of the client's target audience.

What are some benefits of using Node.js for API development?

Benefits of using Node.js for API development include faster development and deployment, improved scalability, and simplified code management. It also allows for easy integration with other technologies and platforms, making it an ideal choice for building microservices and web services.

What are some benefits of using Node.js for serverless application development?

Benefits of using Node.js for serverless application development include reduced infrastructure costs, improved scalability and flexibility, and faster time-to-market. It also allows for easier management and deployment of applications and reduces the need for dedicated server management.

What are some considerations for optimizing Node.js web application security?

Considerations for optimizing Node.js web application security include following standard security protocols such as SSL encryption and two-factor authentication, conducting regular security audits and penetration testing, and implementing strong data protection and privacy policies. It's also important to use secure coding practices and to regularly update and patch the application to address any vulnerabilities.

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