Examples of Top Websites That Built Using AngularJS Framework
Examples of Top Websites Built Using AngularJS Framework

Examples of Top Websites Built Using AngularJS Framework

Published : 08th, February 2022 Edited : 30th, May 2023
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Angular is one of the most popular front-end development frameworks for creating websites and apps. For their distinctive apps and websites, many leading businesses rely on Angular’s tried and true best practices. Because the features and performance of this JavaScript framework have pleased them. A team from Google contributed this feature-rich framework to the JavaScript library in 2010. It is presently supported by Google as well as the community of AngularJS experts and businesses.

The AngularJS web development framework is a TypeScript-based open-source framework. Developers started using Angular in the MEAN tech stack (MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular, and Node.JS) to create mind-blowing apps and websites, and it grew in popularity. As a result, Angular was thrust into the limelight, attracting the attention of a slew of tech titans. Angular is now being used by a number of significant corporations to meet their business needs. And in this article, we’ll look at the top organisations that use Angular to build websites and applications. But before that let us Why AngularJS. 

Why Angular?

Angular is highly recommended as a full frontend technology with components that enable people to write easy-to-use, readable, and maintainable code. On the other side, AngularJS is a front-end Javascript framework. It’s generally used to create single-page web application processes (SPAs).

So, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of using AngularJS for web and app development.

– Intensive Documentation

– Conducive Ecosystem of Third-Party Components

– Backed by Google

– Component-based Architecture

– Command-Line Interface (CLI)

– Angular Material 

– Ahead-of-time Compiler

– Angular Elements

– Dependency Injection

– Ivy Renderer

Famous Websites Built Using AngularJs

1. PayPal

PayPal – One of the most trusted and verified online payment gateways people use all round the globe. The Angular framework was used to create sophisticated security features for the company’s online money transaction app. Because the website and application are designed with the AngularJS framework, they have shown to be excellent in managing real-time transactions.

PayPal allows even those who are unfamiliar with internet payment methods to easily send money. It’s a completely safe, secure, and user-friendly online money transfer service. Additionally, checkout.js, an angular tool, allows you to finish your online money transfer in just a few steps.

PayPal also ensures that no third-party verification or receipt viewing is required on their payment site, as is the case with other online payment apps.

2. Gmail

Now, if you’re still not convinced that Angular is good enough for web and mobile app development, consider this: the Gmail services were created with Angular. So, what are Gmail’s features once more? – Many other web programmes strive for a simple user interface and an unbroken experience, but Gmail appears to be the best at it.

While I mention that Gmail is used by over 1.5 billion people, it merely adds to the list of reasons why you should choose the Angular JS web development framework when working on a large user-oriented development project.

The Angular framework was created by a group of Google employees, and the corporation is now leveraging its formidable technology to enhance its products. It’s vital to remember that Gmail is a single-page application. This website, unlike other multi-page web apps, presents all types of data on the front end. This allows you to cache all of your data when you’re offline, as well as take advantage of some other fantastic SPA features. The UX of this single-page web app was greatly enhanced thanks to Angular.

3. Upwork

It is widely regarded as the world’s largest and most popular freelancing and business marketplace. For all recruiting needs, Upwork links freelancers, agencies, and independent workers with businesses of all sizes.

Upwork’s service offers a user-friendly interface, exceptional functionality, and data security for all users. As the popularity of freelancing grows, so does the popularity of Upwork.

The Upwork platform uses AngularJS in its tech stack to provide a responsive single-page experience to its more than 20 million active users. The framework’s seamless navigation provides amazing solutions for intuitive navigation and filtering that can be deployed on any website.

Upwork, like every other Angular website, thrives by delivering excellent page performance and a rich user experience.

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4. The Guardian

The Guardian was founded about 200 years ago as a British newspaper. This brand’s extensive history is practically identical to its website. Over the many years of its existence, this ideal of journalistic notions has influenced many other firms and determined the route of ethical reporting. Their e-paper is now the main source of authentic information for people all over the world, for fact-checking and keeping up with the world’s speed. 

It’s worth noting that their e-paper offers a number of interesting features that appeal to the site’s millions of users. The Angular framework effectively ensures that the user experience remains highly pleasant without compromising the navigation’s intricacy.

5. Weather.com

Weather.com is a website that provides weather forecasts. It’s one of those angular websites that all the big firms use, and the best part is that it’s integrated with numerous geo-locations. You might be thinking what’s so special about some predictive weather forecasts. Weather isn’t only limited to that; their website features daily live broadcasts, headlines, factoids, and other amusing information.

With a basic and uncomplicated architecture of various blocks, this weather forecasting platform provides a wide range of weather-related information. Aerial pictures in ultra-HD videos are also available, as well as other news. This angularjs web app has featured safety warnings and daily news updates on the Coronavirus in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

6. Forbes

Forbes, the world’s largest subscription-based magazine, hit a record of 173.5 million page views in April 2020 by stretching its boundaries. This publishing house uses AngularJS in its front end to provide a faster page load time and a more responsive user experience. The angular architecture enables the stories and articles to self-update within seconds after being published for viewing by subscribers. 

Forbes, one of the world’s largest media firms, has set clear precedence by using Angular. They are correct in doing so, as Angular can manage all types of publication demands in the twenty-first century.

7. IBM

IBM is a New York-based multinational technology business with a global reputation. The company’s technological advancements are properly complemented by its excellent customer service. The company philosophy assures that the company is committed to providing excellent customer service as well as the welfare and progress of its customers. It has continued to give consultancy and hosting services for the past 27 years. Their use of Angular demonstrates how powerful the framework can be. Along with Angular, the credibility of IBM as one of the top technical corporations is also provided in this equation.


If you are looking for Angular JS web development services, the Angular framework is an excellent alternative for a variety of programming solutions. It will help you with front-end development tasks whether you want to design a simple messaging app, a web store, an eCommerce platform, or a news app.

Your Angular website will be able to do the following:

  • Handle heavy loads and exhibit required performance: As you can see by looking at the Angular examples we’ve provided, they all get a lot of traffic on a monthly basis.
  • Be useful in the creation of SPAs or PWAs: Follow the latest Angular app trends to create the greatest Angular apps for your audience.
  • Make the development process go more smoothly: A strong community, thorough documentation, useful functionality, and a plethora of third-party services for quick and easy development can help you power your business with a user-friendly, customer-focused app.

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