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Playing with WordPress Codex and Resources

Playing with WordPress Codex and Resources

Published : 02nd, December 2022 Edited : 01st, June 2023
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The reason that WordPress is getting popular among a web designer, developer and a WordPress development company is the accessibility of resources available online and the fact that anyone can rely on the funds. The resources are beneficial and should be bookmarked irrespective of the size of the developer.

In this article, we look at Codex.

Codex is online documentation, or it can be regarded as the online wiki and is located on WordPress describes it as an “encyclopedia of WordPress knowledge” for a WordPress development company. It can be visited through the below link.

As it is a wiki-based website, therefore, anyone can edit, make changes and add original content to it. Serving as a base for many articles and tutorials at the, Codex has been extremely useful at a collective level and, is available in many languages for providing better support. If the desired style is not readily available, then it can be translated into the one on visiting the below link.

While using the Codex, the most common method is to search the Codex by using the search box in the header. It works on the same criteria of keyword, and thus, the relevant article can be found using the Codex. One can also navigate through the quick index for an easy reference and go through the lesson of the desired need. Additionally, the glossary terms are another useful tool for a WordPress development company employee.

Reference of functions

The Codex has all the WordPress functions described, and this is what makes it most popular. With each Codex article or tutorial, a reference page is linked and helps in services. One of the biggest challenges of providing different services for different APIs is also taken care of by Codex, as with each Functional Reference page, the corresponding WordPress API function is also available. It makes it easy for a WordPress development company. Also, since it is an ongoing project and Codex is still in the phase of development, there might be some of the topics, where function reference is not available. While all the official function reference can be browsed through the below link.

It seems perfect to develop a WordPress website using the Codex, but it has been into a controversy over the accuracy level of the articles. The articles were reported to plague the freshness of the Codex articles. It is a community project and depends not on a particular individual or a WordPress development company. Still, it needs an approach to widen the scope of the Codex and WordPress, and this is how WEDOWEBAPPS LLC is a significant contributor to the Codex.