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25 Feb, 2022 | Mobile App Development

React Native Developers Hiring Guide for 2020

React Native Developers Hiring Guide for 2020
We all know how hard it has become to find the perfect react native developer. While tech giants like Instagram and Airbnb have developed their mobile applications with the help of React Native, it is gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Even it won’t be too wrong to consider, that for mobile app development, React Native is becoming the industry standard.

React Native: A Brief Introduction

If you want to hire react native app developers, you need to understand how react native can be deemed beneficial for your development. Back in January 2015, React Native as created by Facebook. The whole idea behind it was, they create a reliable framework based on JavaScript instead of using HTML. Further adding, with every single year, the community around React Native is gradually increasing, all thanks goes to the flexible and easy to use a framework. Some of the salient features of using React Native includes:
  • React Native can be easily used to develop an app for both Android and iOS-based devices.
  • It provides excellent sustainability with cross-platform functionality.
  • React uses JavaScript as its core programming language.
  • The developers can avail the benefits of React, which is s JavaScript library to create user interfaces.
  • With an easy to navigate UI, React Native makes the entire user experience seamless.
  • React Native can make your apps lighter while proving faster performance.
  • It helps to use lesser resources as compared to that of any other native apps.
  • With the automated code update feature, you can always release faster app updates.
  • Any developer can tweak around with React Native and create a mobile app out of it.

Hard Skills Considered before Hiring React Native Developers

Down below are some of the mandatory hard skills that every React Native programmer should be aware of. Before you get started with your recruitment process, make sure that you understand the skills that are to be required for the programmer. 1) Good Stronghold on JavaScript While being a React Native app development company, you need to opt for employees who have in-depth knowledge of JavaScript. The JavaScript can always help the developer to create better app logics, building components, and services. 2) Understanding ES6 While you are looking to hire for React Native developers, make sure that they have profound knowledge on what exactly is ES6. You can also test their skills on how they can convert ES6 code into an ES5 one. Further adding, you can also evaluate your programmer while asking the features of ES6 for JavaScript. 3) Knowing the Native iOS and Android Development Commands Apart from being a React Native Developer, one needs to work on native tools to get the job done. Under such instances, it shall be far better if the individual is well versed with all the native Android and iOS developments. 4) Having Backend Skills No matter how much a programmer is versed with the front-end skills, it shall be of no use if the entire backbone of the app is not strong enough. Due to these reasons, always look for the hunt of programmers who has the backend skills to get their program done. 5) Debugging Resolving bugs is yet another reason, you should be vigilant enough to ask for React Native Programmers who are well equipped with their debugging skills.

Soft Skills Considered before Hiring React Native Developers

It is quite understandable if you want to hire a React Native developer, there are specific hard skills that the programmer needs to possess. But, apart from that, having a certain degree of soft power can help your company to continue with the development process seamlessly. Down below are some of the soft skills that every programmer should require: 1) Strong Communication Skill Make sure to understand that by hiring a developer with strong communication skills, you can always add value to your company and the project they are directly involved. Communication skills are still required to convey the message better and making sure that everyone is on the same page. 2) Making the Code Clear to Understand While someone might be a genius when it comes to writing code, but that the time of debugging, they can’t even understand their lines. This is certainly not how one should approach coding. That is precisely why you need to hire someone obvious and concise with the lines of code they write. 3) Adaptability     Your React Native developer must know their way around, how to interact with different hardware and software. Being someone in the technological industry, it is widespread to expect, yet the majority of them always stick to their personal preferences. And if your developer doesn’t know how to use particular software, they should always be humble enough to learn about such. 4) Dedicated Work Approach Dedication is yet another essential aspect when it comes to a React Native developer. Unless you have the eagerness to learn and grow yourself, you shall stay in the same positions for the years to come. It is only through the dedicated work approach that your developer can add value to themselves and your company. 5) Fostering Teamwork While the majority of the developers prefer to work alone, there are certain instances where they will need to work as a team. During such cases, it is essential to understand that you need to hire someone who can foster such teamwork. Follow our guide to hiring the best React Native developers and leverage our React Native development services for your next project.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion to the above-discussed article, our idea was to describe all the aspects one needs to look for to hire react developers. With each passing year, react native is becoming more of a go-to-framework for the majority of the development companies. To smoothen the development phase, React Native offers a variety of easy to access libraries and plugins. So, once you have gained a clear overview of what to look for such developers, you can quickly get the employees you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key factors to consider when hiring a React Native developer?

Key factors to consider when hiring a React Native developer include their experience with mobile app development, their ability to collaborate and communicate with team members, their problem-solving skills, and their familiarity with industry best practices.

Where can I find React Native developers for hire?

You can find React Native developers for hire on freelance websites, job boards, and professional networking sites like LinkedIn. You can also reach out to local mobile app development companies or agencies for recommendations.

What are some important soft skills to look for in a React Native developer?

Soft skills to look for in a React Native developer include communication skills, problem-solving skills, ability to work collaboratively with a team, and adaptability to changing project requirements and priorities.

How important is experience with native app development for a React Native developer?

While experience with native app development can be helpful for a React Native developer, it is not always required. React Native is designed to allow developers to create native mobile applications using JavaScript, so a strong understanding of JavaScript and React can often be more important.

How important is testing in React Native development?

Testing is crucial in React Native development, as it helps to identify and fix bugs and ensure that the app works properly across multiple platforms. A good React Native developer should have experience with testing frameworks such as Jest and Enzyme.

Written by Jitendra

Jitendra is a React Native Developer at WEDOWEBAPPS LLC. With an ability to learn and apply, passion for coding and development, he has made his way from a trainee to Tech Lead. He is passionate about making the world a better place through code.

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