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Are you seeking customized SEM services? You are on the right page. We at WeDoWebApps offer complete SEM solutions to generate leads and traffic for your website or social media sites. We use a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, and you can absolutely rely on our cost-effective services. Whether you want to show up more frequently on a search engine, generate more traffic, increase followers on social platforms, have augmented sales or gross revenue, we are here to serve the purpose of SEM. As soon as you contact us, we analyze the market scenario and start working towards our aimed results.

Our search engine marketing analysts know market-driven strategic plans and can offer full circle assistance. Whether it is link building, lead generation, or page views, we research and work according to your business niche. Regardless of industry verticals or business sizes, we work tirelessly to get where you want to be with our proven methodologies. So, if you are wondering about being a small business or a multinational company, let us assure you the ROI – return on investment while you collaborate with us. We are a solid team of dreamers and go-getters; when we say we can do this for you, take our word; we mean it.

Google Analytics Counseling

Small and sensitive details, but we consider it the best thing about SEM.

Pay Per Click

We offer PPC services for accelerating traffic, sales, and hence the business revenue.


When we talk about SEM, we mean we include SEO and SMM to encourage traffic leads and sales.

PPC management

PPC – pay per click is a type of internet marketing where advertisers make a payment each time someone clicks their ad. We run PPC campaigns as it is the seamless way to buy visits rather than earning them organically. It consists of a variety of platforms, from search engines like Google and Bing to social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. It is a powerful way of advertising, and hence, it is as substantial as to bring traffic to your website. The whole internet is trying to figure out ad revenues by increasing the possibilities of conversions.

SEO and social media take time to produce desired returns even though the results are impeccable. But, if you are looking for immediate results, PPC is the best choice you should make. Here, you get real and trustworthy leads rather than the unknown leads you get on social platforms. Many times businesses remain unrecognized despite using advertising tools and various marketing methods. Go PPC and obtain search engine marketing advertising to receive remarkable outcomes. Pay per click method of digital marketing is a smart approach to potential customers; we do our best to get you there.

    • Analysis and planing
    • Advertisement campaign launch
    • Bringing potential customers
    • Monitoring performance
    • Using proven methodology
    • Getting qualified leads

Hire Search Engine Marketing Specialist

When we work as SEM specialists, as a team, repeating the business flow is our motto. SEM services are bound to provide you revenue generation by promoting your business, enticing new visitors, turning visitors into leads and leads into sales. So, if you want your business to keep expanding, you must contemplate search engine marketing services from us. We have sufficient experience and expertise to take your business a step ahead, one step at a time. You can rely on us for your business growth regardless of your business size.

Ready To Use Solutions You Can Count On

Taxi Booking Application Development Company
Taxi Booking Application Development Company

Let's accelerate your taxi business. We have a tendency to bring the facility of technology to attach your cabs to many travelers.

Online Food Ordering App Development Company
Online Food Ordering App Development Company

Connect foodies with nearby restaurants with an on-demand food delivery app development solution that offers you a competitive advantage.

Sports and Fitness Application Development Company
Sports and Fitness Application Development Company

Being healthy and fit is always essential to lead a happy and delightful life. Mobility has completely changed the traditional way of fitness and sports activity.

Video Streaming Application Development
Video Streaming Application Development

If an image worth a thousand words, at that point, a video merits a million. The streaming app is a customized media experience. From On-Demand Video Streaming to Live Streaming, we are specialists in building powerful video streaming applications.

Industries We Serve


We empower healthcare administration with our full-fledged mobile applications.


Draw your potential customers to your business with an online food chain facility application.


Go on next-level to expand your sports business using leveraging mobile app solutions.


Elevate learning experience with our highly compatible education app that makes learning fun.


Make most of it by using an app to enhance the entertainment experience from sound to HD videos.


When your customers’ comfort matters the most, we offer an app that works in your favor.


We are here to assist you with the safest transaction, secure banking, and smooth financial solutions.


Boost your local business to be global. Find unique solutions for your E-commerce and retail business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start with SEM for my company?

SEM is all about small details and the smart execution of result-driven strategies. If you want to start with SEM, you either need to expertise the subject or need experts like us. We do our homework before starting the services, and our experience comes in handy to bring the desired outcomes.

Why should I avail of SEM services?

Online marketing is a rapidly growing platform; also, SEM is far more affordable and accurate than a conservative way of marketing. It has proven results of building brand names, influential online sales, and augmented traffic. If you are not using SEM strategies, you are way behind your competitors. So, if you want to move forward and improve your online presence, you must avail our SEM services.

How SEM and SEO are different?

SEM is Search Engine Marketing, but, SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO and PPC – pay per click; both are parts of SEM. SEO helps to improve ranking on a search engine. Whereas with the help of SEM and PPC, you can have assured marketing leads and paid visitors. It increases brand awareness and generates leads for turning visitors into sales.

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