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Strategies to Improve Your eCommerce Website’s Customer Experience

Strategies to Improve Your eCommerce Website’s Customer Experience

Published : 18th, August 2022 Edited : 19th, June 2023
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Repeat Sales is something that can help you accelerate your business to a great extent. What is the one thing that keeps your customers out of the reach of your eCommerce store? Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and other marketing strategies can get you customers to some level, but what after someone visits your website? What if your website is not aligned correctly or is easy to navigate? What if your website has bulky colors that distract your customers from the primary motive, i.e., shopping? All these marketing techniques can get you one-time sales. 

Getting repeat sales and referrals is something that only a good customer experience can give you. You think people are attracted to discounts and bonuses, but they are not. Customers focus on excellent customer experience more than discounts and other advantages. Approximately more than 85% of the buyers are willing to pay more for the customer experience. This is where an eCommerce development company comes into the picture. They can build websites that offer an excellent user experience to the customers visiting your website. 

In the following few sections, we will discuss what customer experience is, how to improve your eCommerce customer experience, and also the brands that offer astounding customer experience. 

What is Customer Experience?

Let us clear the customer experience by taking an example. Whenever you visit your favorite retail outlet, you are always greeted by a friendly salesperson who helps you pick the best products based on your requirements. They listen to your budget and needs and solve any queries you may have during the purchasing process. In the end, you buy your desired product and leave the store happily. This is an offline customer experience. 

Online customer experience is the means by which a website communicates with its customers efficiently at every step of the process during the buyer’s journey. As the eCommerce stores continue to increase on the web, you may need new and effective ways to attract customers to your website and provide them with a good customer experience. 

Why Does eCommerce Customer Experience Matter?

Well, enhanced customer experience is the way to retain your previous customers, keep your existing customers, meanwhile getting new customers. A good eCommerce experience leads to more happy customers, and more satisfied customers turn your brand into a highly demanded one. 

When you have more happy customers, you can cut down the investments you are making to reach new customers. Instead of preaching new customers, focus on providing a good customer experience to your existing customers. Then, your current happy customers would be right there to get you referrals. 

Tips to Improve Your eCommerce Customer Experience

Do you need a compatible eCommerce website to grow your business? Definitely yes. But does it only need a compatible website? The answer here is no. Just having a compatible website is not enough to grow your customer base. Several eCommerce websites are compatible with almost all browsers, but every website does not offer a good customer experience. To get a website that provides a good customer experience, you need to hire eCommerce developers from an expert custom eCommerce development company. Here are a few tips that will Sureshot help improve your website’s customer experience.

1. Optimize for Mobile 

One factor that should never be neglected when developing an eCommerce website is Mobile Optimization. According to a survey currently revisioned by SaleCycle, 65% of visits and 53% of the sales are made by mobile devices. Huge number, right? Looking at the statistics, it is clear that whenever you plan to develop an eCommerce website to build your online presence, Mobile optimization is the very first thing that should be taken care of.

2. User-friendly Websites

The biggest concern of an eCommerce store is its website. Your business website can either do your business or ruin it completely. Customer Experience is essential, and it should be evident in all practices. The very first point of contact with your customers will be through your website, and that really matters – the first impression. Therefore, always remember to build a website that has a minimal color palette, easy navigation. In all, your website should be user-friendly. 

3. Build Beautiful Product Pages

Product pages are the drivers of an eCommerce website. The place where you display the details and the images of your product. That is where the customers either buy your product/service or leave the website and return. However, many businesses make mistakes in developing product pages. An excellent user experience has a lot to do with the product pages. So, how does your product page look? Is it beautiful enough to compete in the market? If not, then you must go for custom eCommerce development for your business. 

4. Social Media Community

Being an eCommerce brand, you need to build a solid social media presence. You regularly need to engage with your customers in order to make them aware of your brand. This can only be done using Social Media. Creating and sharing engaging content is the strategy for increased growth and making the customers feel that you are alive and a valuable part of your brand. This builds a fantastic community where you can promote your products to the target audience. 

5. Simplify the Buying Process

The facts prove that the brands with simpler purchasing processes are more likely to win quality and potential sales. Therefore, while developing your eCommerce store, remember that the most important perk of buying products online is the more straightforward buying process. With this, your customers get the feasibility to sit at home and shop rather than going to the stores for shopping. Convenient, isn’t it? Therefore, to win a good quality sale, ensure availing of custom eCommerce development services that can help you with developing a website with an efficient and straightforward purchasing process. 

6. Engage with Your Customers across All channels

Apply a multi-channel strategy for improving the customer experience on your website. Multi-channel strategy? What actually is a multi-channel approach? Apart from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you should engage with your customers on as many other channels and platforms as possible. This is known as a multi-channel strategy. This is an essential strategy that helps you develop relationships and engage with your customers across multiple channels. 

7. Provide Excellent Customer Support

When you hear the word customer experience, the first thing that appears in your mind is customer support. Well, that is an essential part of improving your eCommerce website’s customer experience. Your customer support personnel are the first point of contact when a customer raises any query. Therefore, it is essential to hand over the customer support to an experienced person. The person who has direct communication with your customers should be well-versed in communicating with the customer. This helps in improving the customer experience and keep your existing customers stuck to your brand. 

Well, this was all about the tips to improve customer experience on your eCommerce website. Now, let us discuss the companies that are crushing customer experience. Below are a few companies that offer the best customer experience to their clients.

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3 Brands Crushing Customer Experience

1. Uber

Uber is one of the best companies that offer the best customer experience. This is because the people at Uber have identified the pain points customers faced while booking a cab one by one. Identifying the pain points, they have worked on each of the points to eliminate those issues. 

2. Netflix

Netflix is yet another company that is winning the hearts of people with its fantastic customer experience. In 2011, Netflix had approx 21.5 million paid subscribers, and within the second quarter of 2021, Netflix reached approximately 73.95 million paid subscribers in the US and Canada. This is all because of the astounding customer experience Netflix offers to its customers.

3. JetBlue

Not an example of an Online website but a perfect example of customer experience. Airline companies are often cursed for the terrible customer experience. Yet this is an inspiring story of an Airline company named JetBlue. A “People Officer from JetBlue can be seen handing over the water bottles and donuts to the passengers waiting in line at the check-in counter. This is all to make the customer feel good about their services—a true and a fantastic example of a good customer experience. 

Need More Sales? Take a Close Look at the above tips and offer the best customer experience to your clients. No wonder the website visitors yawn and leave. It is in your hands to make your customer stick to your website and leave only after purchasing. To achieve this, your eCommerce website must offer the best user experience to your customers. Hire savvy executives from the best custom eCommerce Development Company that offers excellent eCommerce development services in order to make your website customer-friendly. WeDoWebApps LLC is leading in custom eCommerce development and can help you impress your customer to a great extent. Contact us, and we will respond to your query as soon as possible.