Grow your E-Commerce business with best Woocommerce Development Services

Grow your E-Commerce business with best Woocommerce Development Services

25th, February 2021
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Woocommerce, as a part of WordPress, has been the top priority choice for the business people who are willing to start their retail business online. The Woocommerce development services offer plenty of features and functionalities, in addition to a variety of themes, plugins, and other resources. In addition to these advantages, some of the technical pros include the easy implementation of the external or 3rd party APIs and the powerful extension of the web development platform for future updates.

A woo-commerce development company will offer you a wide range of designing and developing solutions at affordable rates that provide tailor-made solutions to the business people to set up their businesses online.


Woocommerce development

Following the statistics, there are more than 5 million downloads of the Woocommerce platform, and it has built a dominant position in the e-commerce development market.

Secure and easy checkout options, efficient gateways integrated to enable online payments, powerful widgets, implementation of Google Analytics tool, etc. These are some of the functionalities of an e-commerce platform that are already covered when you opt for Woocommerce development services.

Business owners can have full control over their e-commerce platform with the help of readily available and paid resources.

Woocommerce development companies offer the services such as the conversion of provided PSD files to the Woocommerce web pages, migrating the hosting services, development of Plugins for Woocommerce, upgrading the already existing Woocommerce platforms, integration of third-party libraries and external plugin support, maintenance of the platform that is available 24×7, deployment of error-free codes designed as per the standards mentioned by the W3C and finally the agile model-driven workflow for developing the Woocommerce platform for businesses.

Benefits of using the Woocommerce Development Services


Woocommerce development services

Let us discuss the pros of opting for a Woocommerce platform to develop an e-commerce site for your retail business.

  • Free of cost:

Woocommerce, a plugin of WordPress, is available openly for the developers as a free platform to develop e-commerce platforms. This is incredibly beneficial for the start-up companies that are just launched in the online retail market. 

According to the reports, more than 25% of the total websites on the internet are developed using the WordPress framework. Hence, it proves that most of the e-commerce platforms designed on WordPress use WooCommerce CMS, and thus it becomes the most recommended platform for e-commerce applications.

The time and cost of developing the e-commerce application are negligible compared to all other frameworks, even though the web application to be built is much complicated or extensive.

  • Customization of themes become easy:

It is being observed that once you launch the website, it becomes hard for you to customize it. Hence, if you want to change your design or theme, it becomes a tedious task. But in the case of Woocommerce development, you can easily make the changes and reset the previous designs. You can change the current design using either paid or freely available themes to make your E-commerce platform attractive to its users. 

  • Fully-fledged with features:

They are starting from displaying products on the listing to placing the order, sending the merchant’s notifications, accepting online payments, etc. All the functionalities are included in the Woocommerce application. 

Be it a physical thing or an online readable version of a book or software, and anything can be sold on the platform. However, the platform does not get overloaded with the features all at a time, making it simple and modular.

Hence, one can interpret the time taken by the webpage to load relatively lesser when compared with other platforms. Let us list down some of the features of the Woocommerce platform as follows:

⇒ No restrictions on customization of designs

⇒ Blogging features available in the platform itself

⇒ Categorization of a product can be done easily

⇒Manageable attributes and relevant tags

⇒ Manage the product reviews as well as ratings

⇒ Filters on the products can be applied easily

⇒ Multilingual platform with easy conversions of currency overseas.

⇒ No limit on the number of products supported on the listing for a business.


  • You are the sole owner of your Woocommerce market:

In some instances, the products are being sold in the market using third-party sellers, who can be defined as affiliates. The business owners and the affiliates abide by specific rules and regulations and agree to the product sale. Hence, when you have developed your online store with Woocommerce, you don’t need to worry about any agreement or rules and regulations for selling the product with the affiliates. Hence, the deal is sealed directly between you and your customer.

  • Secure platform:


Secure platform, one of the security expert tools, is collaborated in the WooCommerce platforms that ensure its customers the safest experience while shopping online. You may find frequent security upgrades on the platform, and implementing these upgrades is as easy as a single click. All you need is to be punctual in installing these security updates to create your online store a reliable place to shop.

  • All the extensions are developed in-house:

As per the recent market, there are about 400 extensions that are officially available on the Vocomers platform, either for analytics, online payment, marketing, shipping, business account keeping, and more.

These all types of extensions are developed and maintained by the technical team of Woocommerce itself. Moreover, a large number of third-party extensions are supported by the platform, and hence one can easily integrate them into their online shop.

Also, even if the extensions available are paid ones, it won’t cost you much more than 20 or 30 USD, while the other web development firms might charge you a ransom of hundreds or thousands of dollars for each extension.

The most significant advantage of using these extensions is that they can be integrated easily on the existing website.

  • Strong support for SEO techniques:

Seo techniques

As we all know that WordPress is fully-fledged with the advanced applications of search engine optimization techniques, and so is Woocommerce. This makes your products easily searchable on the internet as you don’t need to work hard to make your every product search engine optimized. 

There is an interface available on Woocommerce, which allows the business people to enter their product details along with the relevant information about the SEO techniques to be applied. The built-in SEO support, but the external SEO plugins are also supported on Woocommerce, which helps optimize every web page and the posts updated regularly.

  • Useful information retrieved from analytics:


Information retrieved from analytics

One can launch a business product at a rocket’s speed if their action plan for selling the product is highly efficient. This action plan can be defined from the previous analytical information, such as total sales, frequently purchased products, often viewed products, customer information, buying patterns, etc.  

All the analytics mentioned above can be interpreted using a pie chart to simply build-in tools available in the Woocommerce platform. Even if you want more in-depth analytical data for your online store, you can easily activate Google Analytics in the platform.

  • More considerable community support available:

As the e-commerce application developers prioritize undertaking any project in Woocommerce, the number of developers worldwide has increased. This led to a larger community of developers and more support available if there is an issue in the maintenance and execution of the e-commerce applications.

  • Scalable and lower at a price:

Depending on the size of the e-commerce application, the website can be designed, developed, tested, and launched in a few days only compared to the other platforms that usually take a few months to execute. This makes the development process faster, and hence the business owner needs not to pay extra charges to the developer. Also, the platform available is open source, and therefore, there is no hidden charge while installing the platform to develop and deploy the application. Also, one can add the features, add-ons, etc., to the existing application easily without any extra hustle of redeveloping the application.

So, these were some of the advantages of why one should opt for Woocommerce Development Services. Now, in the next section, let us see what a WooCommerce Development Company has to offer.

Services provided by a Woocommerce Development Company:

These were some of the essential services provided by a Woocommerce development company. If you are a business owner, and looking for Woocommerce development services, we are here for you!

A Woocommerce development company provides the following services to the business people willing to start their retail business of selling goods online:

  • Customized applications development:

The company’s business executives and analyzers counsel the business owner about his requirement of features and functionalities and pass on the same to the development team that will create the web application as per the criteria mentioned in the business owner, from scratch.

  • Integrating design themes:

The client’s design themes (business owner) can be integrated easily with the application under development. Hence, the functionalities can also be enhanced in accordance with the selected theme.

  • UI/UX designing:

Suppose the client has opted for the custom designs. In that case, the UI/UX teams will design the application with continuous input from the client, get his approval, and start the further development process.

  • Developing the Woocommerce Plugins:

Suppose a client already has its Woocommerce website, and he wants to add specific functionalities to the same website. In that case, the Woocommerce Development company also provides services to develop those plugins and integrate them with the same website.

Apart from the services mentioned above, a Woocommerce development company also holds expertise in the below-listed services like:

  • Creation of responsive web pages
  • Upgrading the existing Woocommerce website
  • Security of the website
  • Maintenance and support to the clients
  • The migrating website from one host to another
  • Implementing PWA on the Woocommerce website.

These were some of the basic services provided by a Woocommerce development company. If you are a business owner, and looking for woocommerce development services, then we are here for you!