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Top Services in Shopify Development And The Best Companies Offering Them!

Top Services in Shopify Development And The Best Companies Offering Them!

Published : 06th, March 2023 Edited : 31st, May 2023
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Shopify is the most sought-after platform for eCommerce businesses. It offers them a chance to go online with their products and facilitate their brick-and-mortar store with its easy-to-use interface. In addition, merchants get to customize and design intuitive storefronts for their businesses. 

Over 4.4 million eCommerce websites operating on the internet today are built with Shopify. The platform offers numerous features to make your store stand out. 

The best part about using the platform is that you don’t need prior coding knowledge. Though this sounds great to merchants as they think they will not require developers to get their store up online and running, it is only sometimes true. As a merchant, you can build your store on Shopify or maintain it only when basic tweaks are needed.

It will require expert hands if you are looking for an online store with a few functionalities and customizations. This is where Shopify development services come into the picture. A professional Shopify programmer will make your store good-looking, superfast, and extraordinary. 

Agencies offer multiple services to have the varied needs of merchants covered. Before going through the best Shopify development service providers, let us first have an idea of the different types of Shopify store development services.  

Common Types of Shopify Development Services

When you plan to develop an online store on Shopify, you will know that you may need different services. Below we list a few types for you to understand better. 

1. Development and Customization of Shopify Theme 

Custom theme development and design services are the most sought after Shopify website development services. However, to provide a good and positive shopping experience, you will need a neat website that can easily be navigated. 

Shopify offers a repository of free and paid themes, but you may find them generic for your storefront. It might be one of the reasons behind an impressive boost of 201% in the use of Shopify from March 2020 to January 2022. 

The themes can be customized, too, with the help of some tweaks in the codes, but you may need something else. Shopify theme development services will help you develop a custom theme that aligns with your brand and products. 

Furthermore, as your business grows, you must customize the developed theme to scale and fulfill your growing needs. 

Professionals are aware of the necessary aspects of your online store, and so they take care of everything from start to finish and afterward. 

2. Migration To Shopify 

When developing an eCommerce store, the market is flooded with platform options that offer flexibility to start your store. Several merchants already own a store and decided to migrate to Shopify because of its advantages. You need expert help. 

Shopify eCommerce development services cover migration services. The platform has 2.1 million daily active users, and several business owners are switching to Shopify. 

Experts will transform the entire setup of your online store from the previous platform to Shopify. They make the process hassle-free and also take care of the data during the transfer. Then, the Shopify eCommerce website development company will discuss your requirements, and after consulting, they will start the process. 

During the migration process, they will also ensure that all your SEO efforts are carried to Shopify. Experience is required to carry out the process seamlessly and ensure all specific needs are catered to. 

3. PSD To Shopify, Theme Conversion

When it comes to the development of your online store, images and design are often available in PSD format. Images in this format are no doubt of high quality, but at the same time, they can make a website heavy. That said, this affects the load time to a great extent. 

More load time of websites is not acceptable, and visitors often abandon one that takes more than 2-3 secs to load. Hence, it becomes necessary for merchants to use images of the right size, format, and resolution. 

Furthermore, Shopify web development services help in the theme conversion of PSD to Shopify so that high-performing stores are built. 

Generally, Photoshop is used to create a design for the Shopify theme. Next, the Photoshop design (PSD) needs to be converted into a functional Shopify webpage. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Shopify optimization setting is a must-have. 

Shopify web design services will help you get a functional store up and running. 

The experts of such a company will keep the look and feel of the webpage the same, and they will make it functional for your visitors to shop easily. 

4. Updates and Maintenance of the Shopify Store 

A Shopify development company’s task continues after your online store’s configuration and setup. Maintenance of your store is critical so that you have it running smoothly throughout. The shopping experience defines the success of an eCommerce store it offers its customers. 

To ensure a seamless user experience, merchants must regularly check for updates and maintain their stores. Shopify store maintenance services will help you get such aspects sorted. 

The increase in website traffic or the product listing may result in a dip in the store’s performance, and the experts take care of such aspects. 

Dealing with technical issues and ensuring a bug-free website is not something you can manage. Expert help will fuel the maintenance of your online store and enable you to focus on growing your business. 

With the growth of your business, your website will need scalability and upgrade as well. This is where Shopify store upgrade services become essential. 

Shopify store services are best-taken care of by professionals so that you can concentrate on your business. Hire dedicated services to have an error-free and high-performing store on the web. 

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5. Store Setup And Customization on Shopify 

Shopify offers an intuitive online editor to set up a basic online store quickly. In addition, the platform has templates available for merchants like you so that you can integrate all the basic required functions integrated. However, more than the basic customization, flexibility is required to meet all your needs. 

As an online store owner, you should ensure that it is professional, clean, and loads quickly. With the help of store development and customization services, you can get a store built that delivers next-level user experience. 

Besides, Shopify store development services also help reduce cart abandonment rates and enhance conversions. Furthermore, businesses saw an increase of almost 50% in their sales after building their stores on Shopify. 

With professional development Shopify services, you can get as many features and functionalities integrated as you want.  

6. Shopify Third-Party Integration Services

Undoubtedly, Shopify is one of the robust eCommerce platforms offering numerous features to merchants. One of the significant features of the platform is that it is highly versatile and offers seamless integration with any system or service. 

Sometimes, your store may need integration with third-party services for enhanced store management, better efficiency of your business, improved marketing, etc. 

You will need third-party integration services if you want to integrate a custom service with your Shopify store. Shopify’s management services help integrate ERP tools or even CRM with your Shopify store to help you obtain the maximum benefits. 

Best Companies Offering Shopify Development Services 

Now that we know the different types of Shopify development services that you can avail of for your online store, the problematic part awaits. Choosing the right Shopify development company for the services is a task, and you need to ensure to make the best choice. 

To help our readers make an informed choice, we have done the tricky part and, after considering several factors, have shortlisted the best Shopify development partners for businesses of all scales. 

WeDoWebApps is Know As The Best Shopify eCommerce Development Companies

WeDoWebApps has been a Shopify partner for several years and has been offering expert Shopify services to businesses across the globe. In addition, we have experience providing top-tier Shopify store design and development services for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants.

We are a full-service Shopify website development company, offering reliable services to help you get your store online. Our team comprises talented and dedicated people with varied expertise in different fields who understand the importance of quality in their work, and this is how to manage to deliver outstanding results. 

They also offer consultation services for merchants needing help with how and where to start. So if you are looking for a trustworthy and experienced Shopify web development company, we have your needs covered. 

The Next Best Shopify Development Company Is React Native Development Company 

React Native Development Company has been a team of certified developers offering eCommerce development services for years. They are a popular name in the Shopify development industry and help optimize business processes for their clients. If you are looking to get new features developed for your Shopify store, they are the people you can reach out to. 

The team at React Native Development Company offers a smooth and seamless shopping experience by building online stores with complex functionalities. They serve the specific needs of businesses of all scales, whether small, medium, or large, and help them by building stores from scratch.

Shopify development services

They are a full-service Shopify eCommerce development company, offering various services for various needs. 

They offer all types of Shopify development services at much more affordable rates. Their team of professional development is always after developing innovative solutions to help the business of their clients succeed. 

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If you are looking for Shopify development services, you now know there are several different kinds of services that you can opt for. Since the Shopify development services are numerous, and they have different features, the needs vary from business to business. Know your needs, and then you can make an informed choice. 

Besides prioritizing your needs, you should define your budget before looking for the appropriate match to build your store. Pick a trusted partner for your business, and you can get started with achieving success with Shopify development services. To hire Dedicated Shopify developers contact us now.