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WordPress being the hot favorite platform

WordPress being the hot favorite platform

Published : 06th, October 2022 Edited : 28th, July 2023
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When it comes to developing a business website, product development to relates to potential solutions, WordPress is the most preferred platform by non-technical administrators of the site as well as the developing personnel.

WordPress is an open-source content management system and occupies the internet by nearly 35%. During the development of a website, one needs to keep the business logic and the concerned user workflow in mind. Sites are common to every business. The online presence is considered an essential criterion for business productivity and is a symbol of being genuine. Also, since the last 20 years, the economy and the market condition have changed drastically, making the business survival more competitive. Every small business, institution, government organization, a non-profit organization, etc., are available over the internet for quick and easy reference. Secondly, the internet leads to fast access making the users completing their task done quickly. It has resulted in humanity growth having a gathered pace.

Robust Design

Considerably, WordPress is a solution to all the ideas collectively. The reason for its popularity is developing intricate backend designs with utmost simplified manner. One can easily code the backend in any language and integrate it to the frontend of the website or application. If we talk about integrating an online software tool to the website, one can customize the platform integrating the frontend fields to the site. Therefore, the software strictly follows website business logic by the generic software tools implemented for general purposes.

WordPress plugins and Extensions

Being an open-source platform, WordPress platform allows third parties to develop plugins as well as extensions that can be directly installed to the platform to perform differentiated functions. Notably, third parties can release the WordPress plugins and expansions at the marketplace portal. If any developer needs to provide the functionality the plugin has, then he can download the suitable plugin from the entrance and install to the site. According to the features and functionalities complexity, the plugins are available for free as well as at some reasonable costs.

E-Commerce Functionalities

As mentioned in the above sections, the online presence for small businesses has drastically increased in recent years. The e-commerce concept is one of the main reasons for giving birth to a massive number of websites. WordPress officially developed WooCommerce plugins that allow e-commerce functionalities to a WordPress website upon installation. Similar to the other plugins developed for the WordPress platform, WooCommerce plugin also is a general plugin and provide generic features. Since the business requirements might change, one needs to customize the WooCommerce plugin as well. As the moment, there are several plugins developed by the third parties according to the original requirements, and the plugins were released in the marketplace.

Far all the above reasons, WordPress is a platform that has incredibly used for developing the websites fulfilling every business requirement. Due to its flexibility, the platform can be customized according to the exact business logic. To attain the complete workflow, one can easily find the customizable plugins at the marketplace leading to a swift WordPress development being an attribute of Competitive WordPress Development Company.