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11 Jan, 2022 | Shopify Website Development

Before Hiring Shopify Developer? Ask These Questions

Before Hiring Shopify Developer? Ask These Questions
The advent of digitisation has opened an array of opportunities for the eCommerce platforms to expand their potential of online stores. There are several eCommerce platforms that offer a wide range of benefits to retailers who desire to move their business online. Shopify is one such platform.  Shopify is one of the pioneer eCommerce platforms with loads of features for Shopify Website Development. Shopify Development Services include Shopify store set up, migration, backend management, theme development, and customisations. If you want to start your business online, you can go for Shopify web development. A business website is something that needs customisation in order to differentiate itself from all the other eComm. websites available in the market.  Shopify, being the leading eCommerce development platform, has numerous benefits, including no technical hassle. It is easy to set up, secure, reliable, offers 24/7 customer support, is highly customisable, and, most importantly, mobile responsive. So, if Shopify is your choice for eCommerce store development, you won't make the wrong decision. 

Shopify Development is like a Midwest Tornado

While writing this article, I remember the times when WordPress development took off other technologies. All of a sudden, everyone started claiming themselves to be WordPress Developers. The WordPress logo was plastered all over the internet, on every IT firm and design firm. But I can assure you that the number of genuine WordPress experts — those with years of expertise and a thorough understanding of the software – did not treble overnight.  Since 2015, our team has been involved in Shopify Web Development. Now that Shopify is the eCommerce winner for online shopping, we've started to see glimmers of the same WordPress case happening in the Shopify community. The storm chasers are on their way! All you need to do is Hire Shopify Developers, a group of specialists who will know how to deal with these project issues. To distinguish between the descent, better, and most excellent Shopify web developers available, you'll need to compile a list of key questions to ask potential Shopify developers. Here is a list of questions to help you in your search for a Shopify developer.

Ask These Questions While You Hire Shopify Developers 

One of the most common factors bothering online entrepreneurs in their Shopify Website Development journey is to Hire Shopify development experts. The most common difficulty they face is, "What questions to ask while hiring Shopify web developers?" Considering this difficulty of yours, we have created a list of questions that you should ask your potential Shopify developers before hiring. 

1. What is Your Experience in Shopify Development?

This question might sound very common to you, but the answer to it sets the tone for the rest of the conversation. This will assist you in identifying the Shopify developer's capability and quality. Because custom Shopify website development differs from traditional one, it's critical to question your potential developer how many years of Shopify development expertise they have and how many Shopify projects they've completed to date. Look for someone with at least 4-5 years of specialised Shopify store development experience. Inquiring about the developer's most recent project is the greatest way to evaluate if they are fit for your project. Allow them to clarify their role in the project and inquire whether they have previously worked on a project similar to yours. As a result, you'll be able to tell how up-to-date they are on the current trends and technology, as well as whether or not they have previously worked on anything noteworthy. In other words, make sure everybody you recruit has spent years researching and developing on Shopify since your eCommerce firm deserves only the most experienced and skilled professionals.

2. Do You Have the Knowledge of SEO?

Nowadays, knowing basic SEO is an essential skill for any developer. This rule applies to Shopify developers as well. If a Shopify developer is experienced with SEO, they will be able to create an SEO-friendly eCommerce store that the target audience can locate quickly. Furthermore, by implementing both tech and content SEO strategies, the Shopify store will be able to draw organic traffic, which will bring satisfaction to your client and a great user experience to your client's target audience.

3. Are You Experienced with Mobile Development?

Mobile development is a very critical deal! You're making a tremendous mistake if you have your business on the internet and not thinking about mobile. Isn't it true that all of the finest Shopify themes are responsive for a reason? As of 2016, mobile devices account for more than half of all internet traffic. And the problem is just going to grow worse. And, because you purchased a high-quality theme, your Shopify eCommerce website will be mobile-responsive and look great on any technology or device platform. But... When you add apps and code snippets to a site or change its style, you may need to make some additional adjustments to keep the mobile user experience (UX) looking great. You'd be shocked how often we've been called in to fix the mobile side of work done by someone else. A Shopify development expert with experience will know what to search for and how to avoid mobile UX difficulties. And, if something does go wrong on mobile, they'll be able to fix it as part of the package.

4. What is Your Experience with MyStore Themes?

There are hundreds of Shopify themes available, and each one provides users with a unique set of functionality. However, Shopify themes aren't all the same, and their markup varies significantly. Therefore, before you Hire Shopify Developer, ask them whether they have previously worked on your theme or one comparable to it. Asking if the developer has worked on your theme before can help them complete the project more swiftly and efficiently. Above all, a Shopify development expert will always start with this question. If they haven't, make sure you question them. Any previous experience with your store's theme will undoubtedly improve your developer's chances of bringing you swift and excellent outcomes. You can also inquire if they can create a custom Shopify theme for you.

5. What is the Most Recent eCommerce Project You've Delivered?

Finally, ask them to demonstrate their abilities. Allow them to speak about a project on which they worked and are really proud to have been a part. Allow them to speak about their role in the project. You may infer what kind of Shopify developer the candidate is based on whether they've worked on anything particularly unique, sophisticated, or enormous, or whether they haven't had the opportunity to do so yet.

6. How Will you Create a Unique Shopify Store?

There are a lot of Shopify based eCommerce stores out there, and many of them are offering things that are similar to yours. However, to be successful and survive in the market, you must stand out from your competitors. To put it another way, if you want to be a leader in your sector, you'll need branding, a unique selling proposition, and impressive design features. Depending on the complexity of your project, you can ask your developer what specific functionality or features you should add to your business to make it stand out. In this case, an expert Shopify developer should be able to help you out. Based on their ideas, you can tell how well they grasp your business and project scope.

7. What are the Major Communication and Project Management Tools you Have Used?

Encourage them to discuss the tools they used to organise their projects, tasks, and teamwork. You certainly have your favourite tools, but this question will help you figure out how fond they are of your organisation. Delegating responsibilities is a complex undertaking, and you must first determine whether they have used or are willing to use the tools in their daily operations. 

8. Are You Experienced in Performing Data Migration and Integration?

You might need to migrate your existing website’s essential data to a new one. Data integration and migration are two of the essential tasks of any eCommerce platform, including Shopify. As a result, we believe a Shopify development expert must know how to do it. 

What is the Need to Hire Shopify Developers 

Shopify Web Apps Development is highly in demand these days. The retail business in the present day no longer resembles the business that existed before. The eCommerce business is now gaining more popularity making the brick-and-mortar stores less popular. This is the scene after the pandemic outbreak. However, even before this pandemic, online sales demonstrated potential growth.  According to the survey done by Statista, online sales worldwide is expected to hit $6.5 billion by the end of 2023. This is a huge number, right? So, with the increase in demand for eCommerce stores, the need for Shopify developers is proportionally increasing. Hiring a Shopify Development Company or a Shopify web developer will help you create a Shopify store that can help you thrive in the market. 

Looking to Hire Shopify Web Apps Developer? These Questions are Crucial

Down the line, merely every industry has started shifting from a brick-and-mortar store to the digital world to grow their business and earn profits. Having the right development team on your side to manage all of the problems that come your way is crucial to having a successful Shopify store. Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms; therefore, there is always a significant need for Shopify developers. It is not simple to hire a Shopify developer. These are just a few simple questions to ask your potential individual or organisation to ensure that whoever will be working on your project is a highly experienced Shopify expert. Of course, before making a final decision, you should ask as many questions as you need to clear up any doubts. By asking the appropriate questions, you can tell the difference between the good, better, and greatest Shopify developers and put an end to your search. We are a pioneer Shopify Development Company that has developed hundreds of Shopify projects and been awarded as the World's Leading Shopify Web Apps Development Company. If you have a vision and want it to get developed and thrive in the real world, you've landed on the right page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shopify developer?

A Shopify developer is a professional who specializes in developing custom solutions and integrations for Shopify stores.

What are some common tasks a Shopify developer might do?

A Shopify developer might do tasks such as creating custom Shopify themes, developing custom Shopify apps, integrating third-party tools and services, customizing checkout flows, and optimizing site performance.

What programming languages are used to develop for Shopify?

Shopify uses a templating language called Liquid for front-end development. For back-end development, Shopify supports a number of programming languages including Ruby, Python, PHP, and JavaScript.

What is a Shopify app?

A Shopify app is a software program that extends the functionality of a Shopify store. Apps can be created by third-party developers and are available in the Shopify App Store.

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