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How Shopify Web App Development can Increase your profit!

How Shopify Web App Development can Increase your profit!

Published : 11th, April 2022 Edited : 30th, May 2023
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When there is a need of adding vibrant features or extra customization stores the quickest and easiest solution that we get is the integration of web apps. Shopify’s custom website development has grown a huge market in the last 3 years and currently have 10000+ registered application available for customers to choose from across various categories and domains. 

At WEDOWEBAPPS, our expert team of Shopify custom app developers has built apps on different platforms in the education sector, eCommerce sector, and finance sector using PHP, HTML, Python, Ruby, and more. If you need to add product filters or need a product customizer to add extra value to your store or you want to apply for a personal loan directly with a finance company, we have solutions to all kinds of needs. We analyze the requirements and reach the best solution base on the customer’s needs and requirements. 

There is even an alternative solution and business opportunity for earning an income out of custom apps listing it to their Shopify stores publicly. There are certain norms and procedures that needed to follow in compliance with Shopify in order to get applications approved on their store for sale. There is serious testing alike apple from their internal team to cross-check and validate if the code structure of the apps is satisfied and fulfills their standards. In case there are any revisions or corrections required from the developer side, they do send back stating those   

Shopify custom website

Benefits of Shopify App Development

  • Apps that are life by Shopify can be easily downloaded and installed from their official store.
  • Shopify platform has an inbuilt analytic feature within their admin to showcase the track record of app performance
  • Custom apps are scalable and standalone which can be used on any no. of stores built on Shopify
  • Apps also provide easy customization and tailored solution for enhancements based on customer needs and requirements.

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How much pricing involves in developing a custom web app in Shopify?

Pricing totally depends upon the requirements, features, and functionality that are been added for developing the app. Also, the graphical user interface plays a vital role in the development process. Overall the amount of time will be as much as creating a custom module and integrating with the existing store and preparing for a standalone release. For a detailed quote on the development do reach us of

Review and Submission Process

Once the application is ready to roll out in the market the next step is to submit the app for approval. The Shopify Custom Web Application Development Company team make a test to check the core functionalities, authentication, and API standards with the demo store to make sure it works perfectly without any crashing or issues. This entire process of testing takes around a week of time and in between if they found anything which is not suitable or not appropriate they send the status back with the needful steps and the developer needs to work on those fixes and get the app ready to submit back. Once the entire process of testing is completed, the customer gets a green signal from the team to go live in the store.