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30 Dec, 2022 | Mobile App Development

How android app development is going in modern era

How android app development is going in modern era

As time elapsed, the world is becoming smaller and compact. Who was known in the '90s that the communication gape would reduce and would be in palms-on people? I clearly remember the time when the more and source of communication were so limited that people were facing lots of problems, communication within the same town was like to travel from one city to another, but thanks to technology and I.T. revolution which has taken this would into there hand and provided with such a marvellous gift.

People are becoming techno-savvy and making good use of technology. It's just a decade ago the smartphone where introduce, and you can visualize the jump the technology has made. Initially, Apple has entered the IOS, and the world was gone mad with the new device and operating system. The popularity was tremendous but yet limited due to complex structure and pricey feature only limited edition of people were able to use it. But within a short time, the giant company Google introduce a free and open-source system Android which changed the world again. Ordinary people after that able to use all features of a smartphone and have various options to select from with new devices.

Slowly the market of app development started growing, and within a few years, there were thousands of apps introduced in Google Market place, offering various options and generous to choose from. Google Android was the first to start the feature of adding free apps to users, and that was the main key point of there success. At the current date, there are 80% of apps in the Google marketplace free of use, and any user can download easily from the store. This revolution also gave birth and boost to Android app development, and the demand of Android developer increased gradually. Being an open-source platform, the source and APIs for learning this platform were naturally available. After all, it was the product of Google, so there was no limitation to find any solution to the issue within the platform. As the day passed new apps with high-end features and unity were introduced.

As it was an open-source platform, Google is also smart enough and found a way to earn from this freebie platform by entering a paid marketing in-app store. Just like Youtube being a freebie is a top-rated platform for users and Google of course to earn revenues, same way Google Play store became the 2nd platform for a company which was generating good revenues in-spite of open source.

First, the scenario was 70% of the market cap was with Apple due to their popularity but now that percentage has been reducing, and Google has taken it up to 60% market cap and taken the lead. Android app development is a vast market for users and developers, too, as there are lots of opportunities which developer can build without any limitations. For the right developer, Sky is the limit. WeDoWebApps LLC is a company offering services into Mobile app development and offer end to end services to their end clients with ongoing maintenance and support.

The plus point for a developer who is interested in making their career in Android Development is they can easily find materials, articles, videos and all possible material which is essential for any learner or expert to get deep into this field and get something out of it. It is a boom to the software industry. I am sure that in coming years probably in next 4 – 5 years I am very much confident that the speed which the company is moving it will undoubtedly take the lead the rivals. No other company in the coming future is capable of getting the point or competing for this revolution and taking over. As a company, Google has a perfect hold in the I.T. and web market, and therefore, the Android is undoubtedly a blessing to regular users. They are not feeling to pay hefty prices on devices and downloading paid apps but are looking to the user the same features with less cost enabled devices and free apps. This way, I am very much sure in the next decade, the Android app market will grow more and more introducing new features and making the life of ordinary human being very compatible and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is artificial intelligence being used in Android app development?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used in Android app development to create more personalized user experiences, improve app performance, and automate repetitive tasks. Examples of AI-powered apps include virtual assistants, chatbots, and image recognition apps.

What is augmented reality (AR)?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes digital elements, such as images or text, onto the real world. AR is being used in Android app development to create immersive user experiences in gaming, education, and retail applications.

What is virtual reality (VR)?

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that creates a simulated environment that users can interact with. VR is being used in Android app development to create immersive experiences in gaming, entertainment, and educational applications.

What are some challenges facing Android app developers?

Some challenges facing Android app developers include the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem, which means that apps must be tested across a variety of devices and versions of the operating system, as well as the need to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies and user expectations.

How is Android app development likely to evolve in the future?

Android app development is likely to continue evolving in response to emerging technologies and changing user demands. Developers will need to stay up to date with the latest tools and techniques, and focus on creating apps that offer personalized, secure, and engaging user experiences.

Written by Peggy

Peggy is a Sales Manager at WEDOWEBAPPS LLC. She is a hardworking and dedicated person, loves to explore, and always has big hunger for new knowledge. Her visionary leadership and brand unique sales marketing strategies have produced fruitful results for the company.

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