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12 Jul, 2022 | Android App Development

Healthcare Android App Development: Top features, frameworks, and ideas in 2021

Healthcare Android App Development: Top features, frameworks, and ideas in 2021
Imagine a world with no android devices. We could have never even imagined that we would be able to monitor or detect our health condition with just a single android app. Android App Development in the Healthcare industry has its own importance. The fact that an application can be present in your smartphones for the whole day without even noticing its presence. It shows the path to android app development services to build healthcare solutions, with mobile applications at the core. Without a mobile app, there would have been no digital healthcare monitoring systems that doctors and even patients can use. Imagining a world without Smartphones is stressful, right? Patients and even doctors are getting benefited from advanced medical android apps. Due to their different requirements, both the parties use mobile apps in distinctive ways according to their needs. While for a patient who is always cautious about their health conditions, android apps can provide a dashboard for dedicated daily reports and improvements in their health. Whereas for a doctor, healthcare apps can be a source to record a patient's data and health conditions. They even get the advantage of scheduling specific meetings with medical representatives. Additionally, as people are getting healthcare apps on their android devices, thereby increasing the demand for such healthcare mobile app solutions. Android App Development Companies are showing the increased requirements for their services. Digitalization has made an advancement in every industry, and healthcare is no exception. Android App development is a great way to change the lives of doctors and patients with a wide range of advancements that android apps are bringing to the medical industry.

Healthcare apps can:

  • Gather Health data Efficiently
  • Provide Remote care on time 
  • Minimize medical mistakes
  • Bring down the spendings for hospitals and patients
  • Improve communication between physicians and patients
  • Provide enhanced customer loyalty 
  • Offer time-saving features for medical staff
If you've read till here, you're most likely looking to create your own Healthcare android app. Well, you have come to the right place since this article covers all features, ideas, and android app development frameworks for Healthcare Apps in 2021. 

Stellar Android App Ideas 2021 and their Features for Healthcare Industry

Stellar Android App Ideas 2021 If you are looking to stick to Healthcare Android App Development startup in 2021, we've covered some of the best Healthcare Android App Ideas 2021 along with their features to kick start your business. You can choose any android app idea from this article, and your startup will give promising results for sure. 

1. App For Women's Medical Services

A healthcare android application that is committed to women's medical care. Interesting idea, right? Women sometimes are not comfortable talking to doctors about their medical issues. Hence, to make your application unique, you can add a conversation window where they can examine their well-being-related different problems. Additionally, you can likewise furnish a section that will suggest to them the lady doctors worldwide according to the symptoms, and the patients can discuss their problems. 

Must-have features for a Femtech Android Application include:

  • Ask For Details Page.
  • Serial Reminders
  • Symptoms Tracker
  • Online Consultation
  • Menstruation Tracking

2. A Medication Reminder App

Imagine an android application that reminds you of every time you need to take medicine. It would be so easy, right? Since people these days have such busy schedules that they even forget to take their medications on the endorsed time. If you want to launch a healthcare-based app, consider developing an android app that assists patients with an alarm about when to take their medications. 

Some features that a medication reminder app necessarily needs to have are:

  • Digital Scheduling
  • Prescription Renewal
  • Smart Reminders
  • Synchronization across different devices
  • Tracker for health parameters

3. Doctors on Demand Application

It is a real challenge to find a reliable doctor if you are living in an unknown place. Doctors on Demand application is a blessing in disguise for the patients and the doctors as well. This application allows patients to book a doctor's appointment nearby in a minimal time frame. If not this, it also allows patients to access the doctors via virtual video calls.  The on-demand doctors' application automates the entire process of scheduling an appointment with the doctors in your region. Furthermore, it helps to filter doctors according to the area, reviews, and your personal information. Hence, patients and doctors both benefit from this android application.

Features of an On-Demand Doctors Application includes:

  • Smart Search option by locality, reviews, and specialty
  • Instant Doctor Appointment Booking
  • Booking History
  • Schedule/Reschedule Slots
  • Find nearby doctors

4. e-Prescription Application

With so many diseases like Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, etc., that last for a lifetime, some people have regular medicine refill needs. In such cases, an application that allows them to generate an ePrescription and send it across directly to the pharmacy may be handy.  Hence, with these kinds of android applications, patients can avail of medicines without any delay or waiting for hours to have a doctor-authorized prescription. Moreover, this type of application helps set up a comfortable environment where doctors, pharmacies, and patients can work together in complete alignment.

ePrescription application's must-have features:

  • Patient's Profile
  • Pharmacy Store Information
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Push Notifications
  • FDA-approved medicine database.

5. Diet Tracking Application

This millenary generation is very, very conscious about their diet. It might sound flashy, but it's true. People these days do not wish to compromise with their diet no matter what.  In such cases, applications like Diet Tracking Application may help them remain in shape. A diet track application records the daily intake of food, counts the number of calories consumed per day, and suggests exercises to maintain their weight. An android app development idea that is in trend and can help your business fly.  Above mentioned android app ideas and their features are all in trend, but now let's come to some technical parts. How to develop these applications? What are the frameworks that can be utilized for creating these Healthcare Android Applications? Read more about 3 Leading On-Demand Food Delivery Platforms Healthcare Android Applications are gaining immense popularity across the world. A survey company stated: the global healthcare market in 2018 was valued at $28.320 billion, and by the year 2023, it is valued at $102.35 billion. Mobile App Development Companies in Android keep adding new features to the healthcare mobile apps and come up with patient-friendly and feature-rich apps using advanced android development frameworks. These apps are cooperated with HIPAA and are capable of meeting all the goals of the healthcare service organizations. Below are the Top 5 Android App Development Frameworks that can be best utilized for Healthcare Development.

Top 5 Frameworks Used for Healthcare Android App Development

Top 5 Frameworks Used for Healthcare Android App Development

1. Flutter - Powered by Google

Flutter is powered by Google and is the most used Cross-Platform App Development Framework in modern times. Developers can build native mobile apps using their rich libraries and great widgets. This is a robust framework maintained by Google and the talented Community of developers to keep it updated.  Various reasons why Flutter is the first choice of developers, some of which are:
  • Same UI and Business Login in every Platform
  • Lesser Code Development Time
  • Offers Similar Performance as of Native Mobile Apps
  • Provides Custom and Animated UI of Any Complexity 
  • Contributes to Efficiency and Productivity

2. Ionic - HTML5-based Framework

Ionic is a shining framework that can be used for Healthcare Android App Development. This is a choice of many developers to build hybrid, interactive, and progressive apps for the android platform. Moreover, as an open-source platform, it ensures cost-effective development. Hire our dedicated PWA developers for your upcoming project.

Here are some of the critical features of the Ionic Framework: 

  • Platform Independent Framework
  • Helps in Creating engaging Designs
  • Extended Technology yet Native experience
  • Provides a default user-interface
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

3. Xamarin - .NET Based framework

Xamarin has a strong developer community globally and helps to create high-performing and productive code. Furthermore, with a versatile backend infrastructure, it offers a robust ecosystem. Due to this rich programming language with diagnostic tools and libraries, Healthcare apps based on Xamarin are more secure, reliable, and robust.

Features of Xamarin Framework:

  • It has a Google emulator manager and storyboard files
  • Helps build stunning cross-platform user-interface
  • It is open-source and free
  • Active Community of developers, as a result, stays updated with new features
  • Xamarin loves Azure as it provides scalable and versatile backend

4. React Native - Facebook Powered Framework

This is also a type of framework that follows the "Write Once Run Everywhere" strategy. This Facebook-powered Development Framework has an easy integration and enables developers to build feature-rich native applications. Written in JavaScript, it allows developers to create an interactive and creative User-Interface. Several React-Native-based Healthcare applications have raised millions of dollars in fundraising. It would be fair to state that React native can help develop high-end apps for medical services providers cost-effectively. 

Here's why React Native is among the Top 5 Healthcare Android App development Frameworks:

  • Minimized Development Time & Cost
  • Reusable Dynamic Platform Components
  • Easier Cross-Platform User-experience
  • Hot Reloading Feature
  • Easy Third-Party Integrations

5. PhoneGap - Adobe Supported Development Framework

PhoneGap is supported by Adobe which is a widely accepted open-source Framework that enables developers to build feature-rich Healthcare android applications. Not only Android, but it is also reliable with several other development platforms like iOS, Tizen, and Bada. In addition, this framework is cost-effective and offers better accessibility to APIs for making the most of the smartphone's inbuilt features.  The PhoneGap Development Community is also thriving rapidly and helps developers integrate customized features. Also, the Platform offers robust backend support, thereby making the development process faster.

Features of Adobe Supported Framework - PhoneGap

  • Uniform Applications across all Platforms
  • Each app provides a Native experience
  • Backed by Apache, Powered by Apache Cordova
  • Offer Easy work Plugins
  • Has Robust Backend system

Last Words

With advancements in technology, the healthcare industry is also molding the world towards a better future. However, 2020 has been challenging for the healthcare industry, and in 2021, people are increasingly becoming conscious about their health and diet. Therefore, the medical sector should adopt more productive and contactless methods for healthcare services. Read more about New Trends In Mobile App Development WeDoWebApps LLC is a trusted Healthcare App Development Company worldwide, and we've been delivering award-winning fitness and healthcare solutions to clients across the globe. Our team of expert app development professionals have vast experience in the industry and offer you a range of healthcare android apps development services from healthcare app development to admin panel, device management, appointment scheduling apps, and many more. In addition, our Medical care development services are compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, 1996) regulations. Hire our Healthcare Development experts; they can work at flexible engagement models as per your business needs and timezones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some important features to consider when developing a healthcare Android app?

Some important features to consider when developing a healthcare Android app include: HIPAA compliance and data security Electronic health records (EHR) integration Telemedicine and remote consultations Medication management and reminders Health and wellness tracking Emergency assistance and first aid information In-app messaging and communication with healthcare providers

What are some popular frameworks for healthcare Android app development?

Some popular frameworks for healthcare Android app development include: Flutter: a cross-platform framework for building high-performance, visually appealing apps React Native: a popular framework for building native mobile apps using JavaScript Xamarin: a framework for building apps using .NET and C# Kotlin: a programming language designed for building Android apps Android Jetpack: a collection of libraries and tools for building Android apps quickly and efficiently

What are some innovative ideas for healthcare Android app development in 2023?

Some innovative ideas for healthcare Android app development in 2023 include: AI-powered symptom checker and diagnosis tool Virtual reality therapy for mental health treatment Wearable device integration for continuous health monitoring Mobile health clinics for remote and underserved areas Gamification of health and wellness activities Blockchain-powered medical record sharing and management Augmented reality for surgical training and education

How can healthcare Android apps improve patient care and outcomes?

Healthcare Android apps can improve patient care and outcomes by providing easy access to healthcare resources, improving communication between patients and healthcare providers, and promoting patient engagement and self-management. By leveraging the latest technologies and features, healthcare Android apps can help patients make informed decisions about their health and improve overall health outcomes.

What should I consider when developing a healthcare Android app?

When developing a healthcare Android app, it's important to consider factors such as: HIPAA compliance and data security Target audience and user experience Functionality and features App design and aesthetics Monetization strategy App store optimization (ASO) Compatibility with various Android devices and versions

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