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14 Apr, 2022 | Android App Development

10+ Trending App Ideas to Start in 2021: Steal Them Before Anyone Else Does

10+ Trending App Ideas to Start in 2021: Steal Them Before Anyone Else Does


Want to develop an android mobile application? What do you think, what you will need? Expertise in the technology that you want to build the application on? Is it the development procedure to streamline and manage the process to build that application? Will it be the budget and the deadline to develop the application? Of course, yes, these are the factors a developer needs to take into consideration. Above all these, this critical factor is considered without which the concept of android app development does not emerge at all an idea to build the application! Are you facing difficulties in keeping the accounts for your grocery shop? Or are you facing problems transferring funds from your account to other accounts or bill payments? No worries at all! Just build an android app that accomplishes these tasks and makes your daily activities easier. This is where the concept of application development comes in! It is actually said that necessity is the mother of invention. If you need some automation to ease your work, you build that thing. The same is true for mobile application development. All you need is the idea or the requirement, and then start the android app development! There are certain android app development companies that hold expertise in implementing their unique ideas and carrying on Android app development, launching the application on Google Play and then earning through it. These companies also make a business out of these developed applications by attracting relevant clients. Hence, we can say it all starts with a creative idea for developing the application! Selecting an idea out of the countless ideas emerging out of a human mind is the most challenging task to accomplish. What features to keep, what is the feasibility of the application development process, etc., are some of the factors that need to be worked upon. This might directly affect the growth of any android application development company. Of course, many people's minds are flooded with the ideas to create certain types of applications. What stops them from implementing these ideas into the application is the uncertainty or the lack of confidence in their idea to be successfully launched and the fear of loss in the investments done to implement that idea. Generating a good idea is not something like a god-gifted talent, which very few people possess. It is a random process which any layman can undergo. Yes, the implementation of the same idea would require skills for android app development, designing the application, and so on. But, again, without a compelling idea, no application can be built successfully. As the blueprint is for any newly constructed building, an idea is to an application. In this blog, we will discuss how to figure out which type of application one can build to boost their businesses up, and some of the application concepts from which a developer can take the reference for new application development that can contain the advanced or updated version, having the features and functionalities not included in existing applications. new application development If you are into android app development, explore the resources that you already have with you before deciding to implement your idea, and check whether you can build an app using the existing resources or not. Conduct a widespread survey in the industry and analyze the success of the similar types of applications already launched in the industry. Approach the industries in which you feel your application will fit correctly and expand your vision. This is how a successful application is developed in an android application development company. Suppose you are not a developer and have a unique idea that can be much in demand once implemented. In that case, you can contact a good android application development company and white-label your idea with them.

Prior to android app development things one should consider:

Being an Android application development company owner, no one is well-versed with the company's working pattern better than you. You have seen the company grow and its position in the market 1 or 3 years ago and today. Many things might have changed, staff, expertise, way of project development, etc. And all these might have undergone your guidance solely. Hence, when you plan to develop a new application based on a unique idea, it is recommended that you have a look at your company's growth, how it has become the first choice of its client, how it has gained expertise in the field of android app development, what are the resources available, and what are some of the perks of the company that makes it unique. Not only this, observe the strength and weakness of your company's employees so that you can get an idea about the challenges and opportunities you will get while implementing your idea into an android app. Talking about your company's characteristics, see to it whether your company is physically located or it is an online outsourcing business that virtually connects you with your clients. This also can make a massive impact on the android app development process. One of the advantages of having a physical location of your company is that you can interact with your clients directly. You can also get an idea of their interest in the project from their way of expressing, body gestures, etc., and judge whether the project they are offering is worth undertaking. You can initiate a formal conversation and sometimes end up in a friendly conversation too. From these gestures, you can quickly know your client, which you fail to do in the case of virtual businesses. Another advantage of having your business or a company physically located is that you can quickly analyze the local market, which helps the company's growth immensely. If your company succeeds in fulfilling the local clients' requirements, it will lead your company to build long-term relationships with them, and hence the power to retain in the market also increases. Hence, the overall growth of the company is confirmed and hence the expansion. On the other hand, virtual companies involved in outsourcing businesses only have access to a globalized network of clients. They are least bothered about finding the local demand and fulfilling the exact needs when they get the overseas client's exposure. These companies mark their online presence through their business websites, android applications, blogs, videos, etc. These companies are open to all types of overseas clients. They need to prepare a strategy for effective lead generation for their businesses, effective techniques to get the customer information, build data repositories to store their data, etc. Hence, as part of a virtual business requirement, they will try to build an application for maintaining a massive list of emails so that they can stay in touch with the customers and leads through newsletters, promotions, etc. You can send them questionnaires for surveying, special offers, discounts on some fests, etc., and stay in effective connection with the potential clients. The strategies defined by these virtual companies are mainly focused on growing the number of leads for the company day by day, establishing promotional offers and deals for customers, partnering with the affiliates to expand the scope of reaching the target audience, along with maintaining relations with the third-party consultancies that provide the customers to the virtual companies. Read also: Top mobile app ideas that startups should consider in the year 2020! These virtual businesses that do not have any fixed location can move with their so-called offices anywhere and anytime they like. Hence, they follow their personal preferences and set up the office environment wherever they like, and get the maximum potential customers. Talking about the systems they have developed to stay in touch with their potential clients, these are generally built on cloud-based or similar technologies to access these data from any location they want. Hence, even if the business location changes, the contacts with the leads and customers do not change at all, resulting in a long-term relationship with them. Hence, to successfully carry out a virtual business, only two things would be required- a solid online presence and a solid network to connect with customers. So this was all about observing the location and physical characteristics like looks, size, etc., for an android application development company. After this analysis, have a closer look at the strength of the employees working in the company. That is the expertise of the employees of your company. The working pattern and the company's employees' efficiency will directly affect your company's performance, goals, and perception. Analyze what expertise and efficiency every employee of your company hold. This will directly affect the android app development process and how it will be carried out in mentioned timeline and resources. In this process of analyzing your employees and having a formal interaction with them regarding the android app development process, you might find that each employee will have differing views and points to develop the application successfully. Hence, as a result, you might find out that no two employees will have the same ideas and point of view to develop a single android application. Above all these, keep in mind that your employees are the most significant assets for your company. You may have experts for iOS app development, android app development, web application development, etc., in your company. Hence, amalgamating these resources into one app development process will significantly impact the application's success. Also, by discussing your ideas with these people, you might find the missing part of your idea's puzzle and develop a fully-fledged application. Consider these employees as the stakeholders of the company. They will provide their valuable inputs in the android app development process and provide their feedback at every phase of development.  It comes under a prime duty, as a business owner, to focus on the feedback provided by the developers and other employees of the company, as they would express it by taking the role of a layman who uses the application in day-to-day life. So, please focus on the feedback provided and the changes suggested by your company's employees and start working on it accordingly. When you incorporate the changes suggested by them in the application, you provide your employees with a feeling that the app development project is being undertaken across the company with the employee's inputs at the smallest position. Also, you can rest assured that the implementation of your idea has involved and focused on every possible aspect a successful application is expected to have. In addition to the aspects mentioned above, your company's niche also plays an essential role in developing the application based on your idea. For example, suppose your company develops e-commerce applications. In that case, it can develop an application based on the e-commerce theme quickly, but implementing an idea of a whole new niche can be a challenging task to accomplish. After all these prolonged analyses, let us get to our real stuff. That is, implementing the ideas into a successful android application. Analyze your mission first. What you want to build, why you want to build, who will be benefited from your application, which will be using it, and so on. Set your content of requirements at the initial phase. If possible, be ready with the business model describing how this application will help your company generate profitable revenues. Along with this, do not forget a feasibility check on the requirements mentioned for the application to know whether they can be implemented with the use of available resources or you need to invest some amount in getting more resources in your bucket. Also, keep a note in mind that whatever you will develop and whatever features and functionalities you will add in the application will be examined to the highly minute part by the layman users in the market. They would also give relevant feedback as a mixture of both positive and negative reviews. You must promote the app developed by your company with greater consistency and proving it to be authentic continuously, through various online and social media platforms like blogs, youtube videos, online ads, etc. You can prompt your clients to purchase your application by promoting the same through emails, cold calling, offer them a special discount on the deals, offering add-on functionalities in addition to the functionalities added in the application, etc. All of the mentioned tactics will go in vain if you even slightly move from your promised words.  Suppose a single customer finds that he has not been provided with the features and functionalities mentioned at the time of sealing the deal. In that case, this may bring down your rapport, and hence that client will not only take his preferences elsewhere in others' business but also carry a couple of your clients along with him. Hence, the graph of your company's growth might observe a downfall. Now, you have successfully considered the essential factors that affect the success of your newly launched application- such as the location of your company, the resources your company has, the strength of your employees, their expertise and way of working, their feedback, niche of your company, promotion of the application to attract the customers, and so on. Do not even mistakenly miss out on the most crucial part of your company's analysis- that is, the company's pinpoints where you have to work the hardest to overcome them and succeed in launching the android application fruitfully in the market. Examine the points where you need to work the most and set those tasks as the highest priority. This analysis will help you recover from the pain points of the application and give you a clear picture of the bull's eye your app will be targeting. One such example of the company's pain point is having a full-fledged website, an effective online presence. If the company does not have a website that can interact with the users, it might lose some customers from varying locations. This might happen due to the large amount to be paid for developing such websites and companies not able to afford them. So, they might leave behind this option for developing a website and focus on social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, which can be comparatively less costly. But, depending only on social media platforms may attract a few clients and not more. Hence, lack of online presence effectively can be a pain point for a business, and they need to work immediately on that part. Taking an example of a specific salon academy, as they lagged behind the budget to develop a complete fledge on-demand web application for their salon, they ended up collaborating with an android application development company, through which they launched a more straightforward application on which they added the functionality to fill up the application form and confirm the same for the academy through the app itself. With this, they have developed their academy, and hence the growth seen in the progress was up to 25%. Hence, this is the usefulness of online presence. Some of the other areas to be considered apart from the ones mentioned above can be the client's and users' support, if the application involves delivering goods from one location to another, then tracking the shipment, collaborating with the logistic company, and controlling it, etc. Taking customer support into consideration, if the company does not have enough staff to maintain the continuous services, they can prepare a "How to use the application" video and float it on social media so that if the user has any issue, they can watch the video and try solving the error themselves without bothering the support team. Apart from this, providing a detailed document mentioning the step-by-step process to use the application can also help the layman users solve minor issues. To float these guidance materials for users, social media platforms can play an important role.

Now, when you have made a thorough analysis of the aspects that affect the success of your application in the market, let us point out, or rather summarize, what questions you should ask yourselves before generating an idea for android app development:

  1. My company being physically located- built on bricks and mortar, or virtually present, or continuously mobile, does it offer the relevant solutions based on these types?
  2. The customers are interested in connecting with which of the systems my company has implemented?
  3. What are the characteristics of the employees working in my company?
  4. Does my company need to collaborate with other companies with varying niches to develop this application, or can the employees work independently to find a unique solution?
  5. Are my employees allowed to get involved in the app development process?
  6. Am I frequently asking my employees to provide their valuable feedback on what they think should be added or removed from the application while the development process is going on?
  7. Do I focus on the feedback received, whether positive or negative, and act upon it accordingly?
  8. What are the goals of my company after launching this application?
  9. Is my company capable of holding what it has promised to deliver?
  10. Will the application developed be up to the mark as I had expected?
  11. On what pain points the company needs to work the hardest?
  12. Is my company ready to work on it?
  13. What would be the measures taken to overcome those pain points?
 Okay, so this was all about the thinking process of an android application development company owner. Now let us see how we should analyze the same thing from a customer's perspective in the next section

Consider what your customers think:

The most crucial task a company has to accomplish daily is to maintain healthy relationships with its customers. They are the central stakeholders of the applications the company is developing. Hence, you need to be aware of what your customers expect from you and the need for the current market scenario. Not only their needs and appraisals, but you should also focus on their complaints and try to enact on those. mobile application This is only possible if you stay in continuous conversation with your customers. Try to focus on their behavior when they interact with you. Know which platform they are targeting to launch their mobile application- be it Android or iOS. One of the essential aspects of knowing your customers is to watch their activities about how they are interacting with you. Are they approaching you through the customer service chatbot on your website? Or are they in contact with you through some professional network? Or social media, email communication, or telephonic communication? Or even via personal relations with the employees of your company? Just get to know the way they have approached you. Similarly, analyze from which reference they are using your mobile application? Are most of your customers installing the mobile application through its ads appearing in other platforms or applications? How many times has your application been searched on Google Play? These questions need attention as you will get the source from where users are installing your application. This will give you a highlight for promoting your app on a particular platform effectively, Once you get the path from where you are connected with your customers, start communicating with them. You can initiate the conversation through a message, an informal call, sending an invitation to the customer in any of your office events, etc., and try to know their views and thoughts about your company and the support provided by the same.  To survey their thoughts on a product or application they have dealt with you, and one method is to send questionnaires regarding their feedback and complaints through emails. An even better recommendation is to assign a business development executive to that customer for taking regular follow-ups. Also, add a web page on your website that enables the visitors to drop suggestions if they like and act upon them. From these reviews and suggestions, you will know what step to take next in the app development process. Talking about the storage of all this information, you can create a database for the same and assign each table for each customer to accommodate the unstructured data that might be received sometimes. If you have not focused on this database part yet, start building the database to help future app development projects in several ways. Most importantly, it will help point out the missing part of the puzzle when an application is being developed, looking at the customer's point of view. Sometimes it may happen that whatever services a website is offering, the application built for that website will also offer the same set of services. Then why is the application needed? The reason is customer satisfaction. Take an example of a banking website. You can easily manage your transactions and access your account for details like balance available, the latest installment to be paid, and so on. Also, the application offered by the bank holds the same features and functionalities. But then what is the need for a website or an application? Talking about the website, most businesses mark their online presence through a website only. Most of the clients search for the website of the business they would be dealing with. Hence, this is the reason for launching a dynamic website- to attract more clients. Talking about the mobile application, most of the clients who are already in partnership with the business, or might be stakeholders, don't prefer to navigate web pages and then log in to the website and then carry out their tasks. They prefer a platform that can be placed on the fingertips and can be opened anytime and anywhere they want to carry out their work. Hence, for this, mobile applications are the best solution. One can directly convert a web application into a mobile application. These services are provided by the majority of android app development companies nowadays, dying to the release of advanced frameworks to make these conversions easier. Hence, the main point of discussion is the convenience you provide to your customers. Moreover, it is convenient, but a customer can remain more engaged with your company once he is satisfied with the android app development services provided. For example, the movie's rates and timings and its tickets at a specific cinema hall may change daily. So, developing an app for the cinema hall from which the customer can book the tickets, make a payment, check the later schedule, etc. and in addition to this, get a notification of the available discount that day or the price of the tickets that day can increase the customer engagement with that cinema hall. The user will always prefer to watch a movie there only.

Summarizing the above discussion, before giving the go-ahead to the application to be implemented, here is a list of questionnaires you need to ask yourself in terms of customer point of view:

  • What are the steps taken by my company and me to maintain healthier relationships with clients?
  • What are the methods adopted by the customers to reach out to my products? What is the path they follow?
  • Which part of my business is the customers most interested in? Why are they showing interest in that part only and not in the other parts?
  • Do I know everything about my customers?
  • What are the points about my business that the customers like or unlike?
  • What type of information are my customers getting from my company?
  • What is the frequency of communication of the company people and customers? And for what purpose is the communication going on?
  • Does my company have a database that holds every minute detail of my customers?
  • If my customers have a Prime subscription in my application, is their profile maintained separately on the app?
After analyzing the points mentioned above, let us now focus on the main factors you need to consider while continuing with android app development concerning defining a business plan in the next section.

Keenly observe the Business Plan for your application:

To get success, you need an effective plan to carry through the journey. The same is the case with applications getting successful. If your business plan is effective, your app would also be retained in the market, in addition to the lump sum revenue generated out of the same. This plan acts as a foundation stone for the android application development company, based on which you can define every module of the app idea. These modules, altogether, will form an ultimate business-oriented android application, according to the current market scenario. Business Plan for your application

Some of the points to remember while deciding the business plan can be as follows:

  • Define a short-term goal and define the long-term goals based on the outcomes of these multiple short-term goals.
  • Strategies for upgrading the application following the changing market scenario.
  • Long-term vision and mission of the business, keeping in mind the market scenario, company growth, and customer satisfaction.
Hence, define your business plan by merging the points mentioned above and start with the android app development for the end-users. One such effective method for defining an effective business plan is to analyze the strategies defined in the past. As an android application development company, we believe this is not the initial project to be undertaken. You have at least the knowledge of how to create a business plan for a successful android application. Take a reference from the past decisions taken. At the same time, android app development, for defining the current business strategy and you may find many present-day solutions that include the latest trends and technologies for the app development process. Hence, use the strategies finalized for defining the short-term goals, and ultimately it will help achieve the long-term goals. Also, make use of the latest technologies and frameworks available for a successful android app development. Also, analyze the design themes, features and functionalities, support and maintenance, and periodic updates to be provided in the android application to engage more users with it. This way, one can achieve the goals defined at the organization level through an android application.

Summarizing the above discussion, let us see what questions you need to ask yourself based on defining a business plan for your company:

  • Have I defined my short-term and long-term goals?
  • Are the goals defined at the initial phase of my company being accomplished?
  • Can I reach the goals defined for my company using modern-day technology?
  • Which part of my business will be the highest profited one if this app successfully generates considerable revenue?
  • Does the developed app include functionality that allows its users to ask about their queries and issues and easily reach us?
So far, we have discussed the factors affecting the thought process to implement our ideas into an android app, like the company's location, interaction with the customers, the employees' expertise, business plan, etc. Now let us see how marketing strategies can help the company and the successful launch of the application in the next section.

Observing your business marketing strategies:

The only part of a company that will work tremendously on generating revenues for the company is its marketing department. Using newer resources and practical strategies will try to generate the maximum income for the company. All the other components of managing a company, viz. advertising of a product, managing the sales team, promoting an existing product, business plans generating higher profits, partnerships, and collaborations with other companies, etc., are controlled by the decisions taken through the marketing department. business marketing strategies Implementing your idea in the form of a mobile application requires thorough observation of your company's marketing team and a closer look at the modules that can be added into the app that improve the customer experience with the application. Marketing is considered one of the most challenging tasks for a company, as you cannot rely on the single strategy that was fixed a long time ago to promote your business. With the changes in the market scenario, one needs to adapt to the changes and redefine their promotion strategies. Hence, if, say in the language of developers, for people working in marketing departments, there is nothing like a constant variable, as each variable is declared at run time. For starting the android app development process, consult with the marketing team about its budget and spending compared to the revenue generated. Brainstorm on the spending that can be cut off to accommodate the investment required while developing the android app

Some of the areas where the spending is considerable, and one can control them are:

  • Pamphlets for promotions- these are the printed flyers designed for promoting a business product. By reducing the number of copies printed per year, one can save some funds from the spending.
  • Loyalty cards for business subscriptions- these are for those customers who might have upgraded themselves to loyal customers. Including these loyalty subscriptions in the app can reduce the charges of printing these cards.
  • Convert your marketing strategies into online ones by including the app's relevant functionalities, which can save the cost of physical marketing and reach a larger audience than the physical strategies.
  • Remember one thing- reduce spending on marketing strategies, but do not let it affect your target audience. Give a cut on the spending effectively. Hence, getting a better ROI is still possible if you spend less.
  • Summarizing the above discussion, let us see the questionnaire to be listed out while implementing the app idea, keeping the marketing strategies in mind:
  • Are all departments open to give suggestions for promotional strategies for an app to the marketing department?
  • What are the modules and parts of my business that I can add as a unique functionality in the android application?
  • Is my app idea capable of generating a new source of revenue for my company?
  • Is my app capable of accomplishing the company goals, if not all, at least some of them?
In the next section, we shall see how observing the industry would help plan for implementing the idea for android app development.

Observing at the industry your company is active in:

The industry, whether any niche you pick, is constantly demanding new trends and technologies. Be it a machine or software, and trends are going to change day by day. Hence, it comes under your primary duty to cope with the ever-changing market demand as a business owner. It might be possible that whatever platform you used a year ago to develop an android app might not be effective in the present day. Hence, if you are planning for mobile app development, make sure it is developed as per the needs of the current market, and if possible, is capable of surviving in the market even if the trend changes. Coping up with the latest trends and technologies is now easy as there are abundant resources available on the internet, such as tutorials, blogs, simulation tools, etc. For generating ideas that can be developed as per the market scenario, one can refer to the following listed platforms on the internet:
  • SpringWise
  • Inc
  • TrendWatching
  • AllTop
  • GoogleTrends
  • YouTube Trends
  • Entrepreneur, and many more.
Instead of following some of the ideas provided by these websites, it is recommended that you set Google Alerts on, which can help you analyze the usage of the trend introduced in the market, and you can act upon it accordingly.

Observe which Ideas your Competitors are implementing:

Never underestimate your competitors is indeed a true saying. To maintain a healthy competition with your company and the efforts taken to survive in the market, your competitors will always try to come up with something better that is by the latest trend to outshine your business in the market. Hence, take this challenge as an opportunity. How? It is simple. Observe what kind of android application your rival company is planning to launch? Carry out adequate research on what can be added to that app to increase its demand, especially with the company's Android app development process. This will give you a chance to build something better than the application launched by the competitor. Hence, you can outshine their business by adding more features and functionalities to the idea of app development and launch your application. No android application development company misses this part of the analysis. The proof of this point is the multiple suggestions for a single android application that is listed down in a fraction of a second while you search for an application on Google Play. These all applications have at least one unique functionality from the other. You can observe that different companies develop these. Based on the services they offer, there are reviews and ratings provided by the customer, determining an application's success. This type of process is called the reactive process to grow your business, where you wait for the action from your competitor, put your brains into it and then react with a better solution for the users, hence succeeding in the same. Now, what if you are on the verge of concluding the android app development process, and your competitor launches an application? Will you build a whole new application from scratch? No, it isn't possible as it will take more time and funds, and who knows, till then your competitor comes up with other stuff. Hence, this process will go on endlessly. One solution to this problem is performing the reverse engineering process on the app you have built and analyzing whether you can update it by adding some advanced features and functionalities. If yes, do it right away. Ensure you do not copy everything your rival company has added but build your app that overcomes the rival company's functionalities. Hence, the concept of generating app development ideas isn't merely about a unique idea. You can also build an updated version of the application that fills the gap between the customer demands and what has been provided to them.

Let us see the list of questions to consider while taking a dig at the rival companies' android app development. Here are they:

  • What are the strategies used by your rival?
  • What are the strategies that bring them the ultimate success?
  • Which are the strategies that have failed to make profits?
  • What part are your rival companies missing that can lead them to success?
  • Have you observed any flaw in your rival's strategies? What are they?
  • Based on your rival companies' analysis, is your android application development company capable of building such apps on its own?
Hence, the long discussion about the factors to consider while implementing the application development idea has ended. But you might have a question, what if I don't get any unique ideas? Or whatever idea comes up in my mind is already implemented? You don't need to have a unique idea for successful android app development. You can reference some of the commonly used applications and build an updated version by yourself. In the next section, some of these applications are described.

Ideas for mobile application development:

Ideas for mobile application development Do you want to create an application but not be able to get a unique idea of yours? Then do not worry. Carry one of the following application ideas to a good android application development company. They would be happy to help you with the advanced version of the app you have referred to. Also, try to figure out what is missing in the current version, if any of the application is existing and loved by people in the present day, and try to find the solution to that missing pinpoints and accommodate your app idea.

These apps are as follows:

1. Fitness Buddy:

This app helps track the workout sessions, heartbeats per minute, etc., and is categorized as an application for tracking the growth in personal health. Fitness Buddy apps It starts the user's health by getting information from him about his ideal level of fitness. Also, if there are any past injuries, health issues for a long, etc., data are collected from the user. Also, it will keep track of the number of days the user can work out and for how long in a day. For women, tracking menstrual cycles and suggesting the relevant exercise during those days can be provided. Also, it suggests the user about the amount of water and proteins required by the body in a day and tracks the intake of those daily. Diet plans, exercises, etc., are suggested by the app according to the information entered by the users who have activated the subscription plans, which is one of the sources of revenues for the application.

2. Translating the language from voice input:

This android app development idea will help the people who do not understand the language being communicated at the other end of the conversation. The users will be able to speak in their native language on one side. The translator, being the mediator, translates the language spoken by the 1st user to the language understood by the user on the other side of the conversation. Translating the language from voice input You can design the application like a user X can select the language to be transmitted, whereas user Y can select the language to be converted in and received. In this way, the translator will know which language is to be converted and which is the output language. Hence, when a user wants to speak, he can press the start button, and when he finishes his words, he can push the stop button. Now the translator takes the words spoken by him as an input and outputs the words in the other users' language. Similarly, the other user can press the start and stop button to convey his message, and the translator will pass the message.

3. Tracking the shipment and delivery application:

Most people find it difficult to track the parcel's shipment they have sent or about to receive. Web applications that are helpful to track the same but are not updated on a real-time basis. Hence, there is a great demand for an android application that tracks the shipment based on the location it has currently reached by enabling GPS on it, and the data can be updated on a real-time basis. Tracking the shipment and delivery application Also, android app development companies these days are planning to develop an aggregator app that provides a single user dashboard or a single login for tracking the shipment from any provider possible. For example, if you have shopped from Flipkart or Amazon, you don't need to login into their accounts separately; instead, you can get the shipment information from the latest developed app itself.

4. Recipe Finder application:

Unlike the simple recipe ideas providing applications, this app will let you enter the ingredients you want to use in a recipe and then give you the link of the best recipes possible by crawling across the internet that takes the ingredients you mentioned in the application. One can also apply the filters like time to cook, reviews and ratings received, etc. Recipe Finder application Not only this, you can add extra functionality in the application that searches the nearest restaurant in your locality, which offers you the dishes you want to relish and lists them on the application.

5. Emotions based on your food:

This is a unique idea to implement the saying that you become what you eat. This app will take your current mood as input and suggest the relevant dishes accordingly. Emotions based on your food This can be done by providing the user with a simple questionnaire, which he fills in, and based on the output patterns stored in the database, the relevant output for a dish name can be provided to the user. Also, you can list out the names of the restaurants offering that dish near your location.

6. An app to guide on starting a conversation:

Sometimes it becomes hard to start a conversation with some people, as they might be strangers or a casual friend meeting after so long, and so on. People generally have a question about what to say after exchanging formal Hello and How are you with them. So this app can guide those people in starting the conversation by taking a few inputs from the user to give a relevant output. An app to guide on starting a conversation You may ask a user like- what is the relation of a person with you? Whether he might be a stranger, friend, relative, or subordinate? The other question can be about the conversation you want to have- that is informal or formal. Hence, by taking this input, the app can come to know about your mood and the person you will talk to and provide the relevant output.

7. Guiding app for your garden:

A garden in your surroundings can heal many negativities of life. Still, if you lack this scene, you can have peace of mind by creating your garden virtually. The app will start with allotting its users a piece of land to show their creativity in gardening skills. Guiding app for your garden Then they can be provided with a list of tools and resources that can be utilized to create a garden. Difficulty levels can be set and based on clearance of each difficulty level, and the user can be provided with the rewards and advanced tools for gardening. Also, they can sell the flowers to the simulated local gardener in the application and apply their business minds for the same.

8. A career guidance app:

This app can help the new developers and freshers in any field find their job and a platform for counseling about what skills they need to acquire to become a successful professional and survive in the competition. A career guidance app For example, you can create the profiles of these users, and they can search for the success stories, struggles, and journeys of the experts in their field; based on that, they can get motivated to upgrade their skills, etc. This app can also ask users to input their qualifications, goals, expertise, etc. It can suggest the relevant upgrades in the skills by some certified courses, industrial training, etc. This will help the fresher explore new trends in his field and be a successful professional in the same field.

9. Book reader and translator:

This app will specifically be helpful to visually impaired users who have a keen interest in reading books and exploring new things but are not able to. Hence, for such users, the application developed by your android application development company will be helpful as the application can have the feature of text to speech. Hence, the user can listen to the book read by the application. Book reader and translator Similarly, if any user wants to read a book in a language unknown to him, this app can translate the same book for its users to enjoy their reading sessions. This app can also have the functionality to search a book by its author, name, or publishing house. The user can download the readable copy on this app, and then the relevant functionalities like the text to speech and translation into other languages can be implemented.

10. Battery performance optimizer:

Most people have only one complaint about their smartphones- the battery is draining out quickly! This happens because, most of the time, we usually open an app and simply close it but fail to close it from the task manager. Hence, this can cause more memory and battery usage of the device due to the background processes going on. Battery performance optimizer This app will enable its users to get the records about which app utilizes how much percentage of battery and how it can be reduced. It can also recommend the power saver mode, hence optimizing the battery performance for a couple of hours more.

11. Perfect gift finder:

This application acts as a guide to find a gift for a friend. The users, who have installed this application, will be required to create their profile on the same. While creating the profile, their likes, dislikes, etc., will be asked. You can say a type of social media profile. Now, if your friend is already registered on the application, you can simply enter his name on "Whom do you want to gift?" Perfect gift finder app The application will find the profile of that person, and based on his activities, will suggest a wonderful gift for him.

12. Videos and news apps:

Most people will think why the idea for developing the videos and news applications is still in trend. We already have many leading applications like Youtube and Inshorts, both available for Android and iOS. Videos and news apps According to the latest knowledge and statistics, the applications that aggregate the videos from all over the internet, from all websites or applications, and then displaying the top videos on the charts every day are few. Hence, the user can have access to the videos of all platforms from a single application. Similarly, one can plan the app development for the news aggregator app.

13. File sharing based on the proximity of devices:

This is also indeed a good idea that can sound effectively successful for an android application development company. Various applications use Bluetooth or wi-fi to connect with the nearby devices and connect to these devices to share the files and other media with them. File sharing based on the proximity of devices This looks like a familiar idea indeed, but one can focus on the speed of the data transfer, several steps to be carried out for a successful data transfer, etc., which needs many improvements in the currently utilized similar apps. Read more about New Trends In Mobile App Development

Let's Wrapping Up

Have you checked all your mobile app ideas? How many application ideas excite you the most? Which application idea do you want to run in 2021? Do you have other thoughts in mind? WEDOWEBAPPS turn that idea into reality. These were some of the ideas that you can implement through a good android application development company and generate considerable revenue out of it for your business! So what are you waiting for? Let us start with our app development process now! Get in touch with our mobile app development company for converting mobile app ideas into fully functional mobile apps and know more about our app development processes! We would be happy to assist!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find new app ideas?

Finding new app ideas can be a challenging task, but there are several strategies that can help. One approach is to identify problems or pain points that people face in their daily lives, and consider how an app could solve them. This could involve observing common frustrations or inefficiencies that people experience, such as long wait times, difficulty finding information, or lack of organization. From there, brainstorm potential app solutions that could alleviate these pain points and enhance users' experiences.

What kind of apps are in demand 2023?

As of 2023, there is high demand for several types of mobile apps such as E-commerce apps, Health and wellness apps, On-demand services apps, Educational apps, Gaming apps and so on.

What kind of apps are profitable?

There are several types of mobile apps that have the potential to be profitable such as Gaming apps, Social networking apps, fitness apps, entertainment apps, lifestyle apps and more.

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